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  • Join Tristin & Michael Colter for transparent conversations about marriage, family & relationships. Discussing perspectives that are thought about but not talked about.
    For more info visit www.fusedmarriages.com

  • #FinaxWomen sprevádza ženy na ich ceste k finančnej pohode. Získajte aj vy nevyhnutné základy osobných financií a investovania. Nadobudnite istotu pri finančných rozhodnutiach a získajte podporu komunity #SlovenkyInvestuju

  • Autism is a thoughtfully structured podcast series designed to deepen understanding, raise awareness, and foster acceptance of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Across its episodes, the series explores various facets of autism, from basic definitions and personal stories to the challenges and successes experienced by individuals with autism in education, the workplace, and daily life. It includes interviews with individuals on the spectrum, their families, educators, employers, and experts in the field, offering a rich, multi-perspective insight into the lives of those affected by autism. The podcast also delves into the latest research, advocacy efforts, and ways listeners can get involved in supporting the autism community. Each episode aims to educate the audience on the diversity within the autism spectrum and the importance of inclusive practices and acceptance in society, making Autism an essential listen for anyone looking to understand autism beyond the stereotypes.

  • Podcast, ktorý je založený školským parlamentom Spojenej školy Ľ. Podjavorinskej 22, v Prešove. V tomto podcaste budeme spovedať učiteľov a majstrov, ktorí nám porozprávajú príbehy z učenia <3

  • Whether you are a college professor, corporate trainer, K12 instructor, or HR professional, digital education, remote work and eLearning are affecting you. Join virtual learning scholar & design expert, Dr. Timothy M. Stafford, Program Director for the MS program in Instructional Design and Technology at St. Thomas University as he tackles some of the issues with designing facilitating and assessing instruction in digital spaces, along with some special "rockstar” guests along the way. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thevirtualinstructor/support

  • Záleží na tvojom zdraví, snoch, prosperite, vzťahoch a tvojích potrebách. Pozývam ťa do akcie, ktorá prináša zmenu. Som tu, aby som si posvietila na tvoje strachy a povzbudila ťa konať, aj keď sa možno bojíš, hanbíš, alebo sa ti nechce. Lebo naozaj záleží na tom, aby si žila svoj plný potenciál - ODVÁŽNE, PRAVDIVO, LÁSKAVO.

  • Vysoká škola života je podcast odhalující skrytá zákoutí našich myslí, různé přirozené vzorce chování (každého z nás), schémata vztahů mezi lidmi i neviditelná pravidla hýbající naší společností. Snaží se vést k většímu pochopení nás samotných, našich interakcí s ostatními i naší společnosti jako celku.

  • This podcast helps people learn Spanish in a natural way. In each episode, Melissa, a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, talks slowly and clearly in Spanish about a different topic, such as travel, culture, family, etc. In this way, you can practice your Spanish listening skills while also learning new words and phrases. You can also access the transcript for each episode in English and Spanish on our Patreon page.

  • Podcast právnika Ondreja Halamu o práve a nehnuteľnostiach. Viac na ondrejhalama.sk

  • Jasná správa, podcast o Dobrom lídershipe z dielne expertklubu. Prinášajú zakladateľky a koučky Ivana Havranová a Lucia Kazdová. Vypočujte si pravidelné rozhovory o vedení seba a druhých, o tom ako sa dá využívať koučovací prístup vo vedení ľudí. Jasné, konkrétne a príbehové rozhovory o základných princípoch lídershipu, ktoré overil sám život.

    Ivka a Lucia sa rozhodli vzdelávať, inšpirovať a sprevádzať 1000 lídrov každý rok na ich ceste k dobrému lídershipu. Veria tomu, že ak majú lídri jasno vo vedení seba a iných, zanechávajú stopy dobra a spolupráce medzi ľuďmi.

  • Learning and speaking a second is a skill that anyone who acquires the skill is set for profitable journey in every spheres of life. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/oyeraph/support

  • Aprendamos kichwa
    Alli shamushka mashikukuna, kayman ñukanchik yuyayta rimanapash llamkaypash kichwamanta kawsaymanta wiñachinchik.
    Shunkumanta yupaychapani.

    Welcome to our podcast about Kichwa culture, environmental science and Quechua.
    Aprendizaje de la cultura y del idioma kichwa unificado del Ecuador y su relación con la pedagogía de la madre Tierra AllpaMama
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    Visitanos en www.ingenieriadelamadretierra.com

    Contacta nuestras clases privadas y grupales:
    +593 983152042, telegram, whatsapp
    [email protected]

  • Inspire and Be Inspired! Motivational Speeches to Fire Up Your Self-Confidence!This podcast is filled with motivating words from some of the most influential leaders, thinkers and change-makers to light your inner fire. Their stories, struggles and insights will guide you to become successful and achieve great things in your life.Speakers: Les Brown, Kobe Bryant, Ray Lewis, David Goggins, Bo Jackson, Connor McDavid, Usain Bolt, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Conor McGregor, Michael Phelps, Venus Williams, Babe Ruth and more amazing & great people.More Life Lessons at www.PepTalkRadio.com

  • // Find Your Spark & Pursue Your Passion While Raising Littles //

    Hey Mama,

    Welcome to The Made To Be Podcast

    Do you feel like you’ve totally let go of who you are outside of being a mom? Does it seem like you’re living without any sense of purpose or fulfillment beyond your role as a mother? Do you absolutely love being a mom, but feel like you’ve neglected every other part of you, and ignored or maybe even forgotten the gifts, talents, and interests that make you who you are?

    Do you wish you could stop feeling guilty for wanting to pursue your dreams and goals in the midst of motherhood?

    In this podcast, you’ll learn how to reject toxic mom culture and break the cycle of martyr motherhood, and claim the truth that who you are outside of being a mom matters too.

    My mission is to equip you to get unstuck, take action, and help you reignite the fire of your passions, interests, and goals so you can step into your dreams with faith and confidence. We’ll dive deep into the topics of faith-based identity, mindset, and personal growth strategies, giving you the tools to overcome limiting beliefs, fear of failure, perfectionism, and other obstacles that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Each week, you’ll walk away with practical tips to help you grow in self-awareness and empower you to become the fully expressed woman you were always meant to be.

    If you’re ready to say yes to your calling and reject the lie that you have to choose between raising a family or pursuing your God-given passions – you’re in the right place.

    Hi, I’m Mary Smith, mom of 4, and certified life coach. Even though I always knew being a mom would be my greatest calling, what I didn’t know was how easy it would be to fall into living out a narrative of motherhood that I didn’t actually choose for myself. I struggled with the idea that I had to let go of the pursuit of anything outside of being a good mom. I was fighting this inner battle of desiring to rediscover what I loved to do beyond my role as a mom but ultimately believing that having goals and dreams outside of motherhood was selfish.

    And so for years, I tried to live out my motherhood the way I thought I should and as a result headed deep into a struggle with losing sight of who I was as I faded further and further into the background, fell into comparison traps, and battled with self-doubt.

    I finally realized that if I was going to find true freedom, peace, and joy, I had to stop allowing the world to tell me who I should be and instead let God tell me who I am and what HIS dreams are for my life…and pursue them unapologetically. With four daughters of my own, this is something I am SO passionate about modeling and while it’s been a journey that has had its ups and downs, twists and turns, and detours, it’s one I am truly grateful for. And now, I get to help you do the same.

    If you’re ready to let go of the shame, stories, and shoulds keeping you boxed in and unfulfilled and trade it for a life where you lean in to what lights you up, reclaim your self-worth, and chase your dreams – this podcast is for you.

    I am so excited that you’re here. It’s time to take that first step, hit subscribe, and tune in — it’s time to become who you’re made to be.

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    [email protected]

  • I am here to have fun and talk about various topics in English as a non-native speaker. I hope you enjoy it.:)

  • Mental Magic is a podcast where we take a deeper dive into mental health, answer the common questions people ask, and do our part to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mentalmagic/support

  • Zločin ženstvo je podcast, ktorý ponúka podporu, porozumenie a motiváciu. V každej epizóde sa rozoberajú rôzne problémy a výzvy, ktorým čelia mladé ženy v dnešnej dobe. Či už ide o osobné príbehy, skúsenosti a rady, ako sa vyrovnať s tlakom spoločnosti, náročnou kariérou, rodinnými očakávaniami, vzťahmi, sebavedomím a sebaláskou.
    Podcast je určený pre všetky ženy, ktoré hľadajú inšpiráciu a podporu. Zločin ženstvo je podcast, ktorý vám ukáže, že nie ste samy a že byť ženou je úžasné.