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  • Welcome to the dental implant podcast, with your host, Pav Khaira. Your source of knowledge for all things relating to dental implants

  • Dear Gabby is a weekly show where #1 New York Times bestselling author and international speaker, Gabby Bernstein, offers up real-time coaching, straight talk and BIG LOVE. Episodes include unscripted Q&A sessions where she coaches listeners through life-changing transformations, plus free-flowing conversations about personal growth and spirituality with unique and inspiring guests.

  • It’s No Secret is a podcast for Kiwis who want their money questions answered.

    Are you wondering when is the right time to get on the property ladder, whether you should invest with family or how to talk to your significant other about investing and budgeting? If yes, you’re in the right place. Our hosts Cat Emerson and Christine Jensen will answer these questions and more.

    They’ll take you through the ins and outs of all things finance, money, property, investing and building wealth so you can move towards achieving financial freedom. Whether it’s learning about budgeting, what to do with your savings or whether you should be investing in the share markets, we’ve got you covered.

    Each Tuesday we’ll release one short episode that answers a specific money question. No long ramblings and no financial jargon. Investing hacks, budgeting tips and financial freedom included.

    You’ll be left feeling inspired, relieved and ready to take the next step in your financial journey.

    Happy listening!

    Submit a money question or get in touch at www.itsnosecret.co.nz

  • Welcome to The Autism & Sensory Parenting Podcast! Join our host, Candice Curtis, an Occupational Therapist, Autism & sensory specialist, and a parent of an Autistic child as we chat about all things Autism and sensory, including developmental activities, strategies, and how to make it all happen in your day while still keeping your sanity!

  • You know when you can’t sleep at night so you Google everything about deep sea diving? Things I Learned Last Night is that, but in a podcast.

  • This podcast is about three girls who are ‘bye lingual’ and ‘try lingual’. We are gonna talk about stupid stuffs in English (mainly), Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese.

  • Sach and Jax answer life's biggest (and smallest) questions every week. Get the best advice from two people with no training whatsoever. What could possibly go wrong? Send your questions through @helpmerhondapodcast on Facebook and Instagram

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  • A beginners podcast on Kabbalah. Do you find yourself asking questions like “What’s the meaning of life?” or “Why do I exist?”. This podcast has the possibility to help you start the biggest change in your life.

    Lots of content added weekly from multiple Bnei Baruch English department members.

  • Theological Discussion for Christ's Church

    The Pactum is shorthand for the Latin Pactum Salutis. The Pactum Salutis is the trinitarian covenant made before the foundation of the world spoken of in texts such as Ephesians 1 and John 17. It is also known as the covenant of redemption. According to the pactum salutis, the triune God who works all things after the counsel of His will commits to save elect sinners. Since the pactum salutis is the basis for all of God’s work in human history, we find The Pactum a fitting banner for our conversations of all things theological.

  • Business books you’re too busy to read - but need to know about. Get the best and most useful bits from business writing covering everything from leadership, to culture, to the future of work and strategy. We speed read a book, talk to the author and share five things each time to adopt or try to make work better.

  • Make Cake Sell Cake is the podcast especially for cake makers who want to grow their cake business.

    With 14 years in the cake industry every week Shelly will be giving you actionable business tips and advice so that you can get real results and start making a profit from your cake business.

    Whether you are a hobby baker just starting out or an established baker looking to level up you have come to the right place.

    Here I will be completely open and honest with all the highs and the lows that go into running a successful cake business.

    Your host is Shelly Shulman - Shelly launched La Belle Cake Company in 2006 as she tried to rediscover her identity after becoming a mum. Award-winning success and a legion of celebrity commissions followed from the likes of Take That, Amy Childs and Sam Faiers to name but a few.

    Specialising in providing celebration cakes that exceed expectations, the Bedfordshire-based business has gone from strength to strength. It’s meant that Shelly’s husband Daniel has been able to leave his job in IT to work alongside her. This year, they will be celebrating 22 years of marriage and know the importance of team work and listening to each other.

    Highlights of Michelle’s business so far include creating a 75-foot long cake to celebrate Luton Airport’s 75thanniversary, baking for Gordon Ramsay (as featured on Channel 4’s Hotel GB), and for the die-hard Take That fan, knowing that her cake was going to be eaten by her favourite singers Gary Barlow and Mark Owen.

    In June 2018, Michelle became the UK’s first ever cake coach helping other cake-makers to focus on improving their business skills. Through online training and one to one sessions, she has seen impressive results, with her clients regularly increasing their revenue and know-how.

    Michelle lives in Leighton Buzzard with her husband Daniel and their two daughters Fiona and Kelsie.

  • Ever wondered why you might need a financial adviser, what a financial adviser does, or what real financial advice actually looks like? 'Why Advice?' looks behind the curtain of financial advice in Australia from values & evidence based perspective, while also taking a look at topical financial news and events. 


    This podcast is for informational purposes only and the information contained is of a general nature and may not be relevant to your particular circumstances. The circumstances of each investor are different, and you should seek advice from a professional financial adviser who can consider if particular strategies and products are right for you. In all instances where information is based on historical performance, it is important to understand this is not a reliable indicator of future performance. You should not rely on any material on this podcast to make investment decisions and should seek professional advice.

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  • Definition: Unapologetically ⠀

    Adverb: “In a manner that does not acknowledge or express regret”⠀

    Unapologetically Blak is a project that has been developed by two Australian Indigenous women to offer an insight into the personal lives and distinctive sisterhood that Blak Australia exists within. ⠀

    This project has been created for an array of ages, genders and backgrounds. Transcending the colonial constructs of division, placing Indigenous voices at the front and centre of sticky conversations to show Australia a new narrative of Blak experiences in contemporary society.

    Join us as Ginny and AJ embark on this journey of transparency, truth and strength. Discussing topics that have been placed into the too hard basket; laughing, crying and yarning along the way

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  • Want to learn to fly a helicopter? In this album Royal Berkshire Ambulance pilots show two complete beginners the ropes. Normally, Marie and Tracey dispatch air ambulances, now they find out how to fly one. The five video tracks offer a hands-on explanation of the science and engineering behind helicopter flight. They show how rotors help this tonne of metal take off, change direction and gain speed. They explain the difference between traditional and cutting edge military technology, and demonstrate what happens in an emergency landing. This material forms part of the course S207 The physical world.

  • The podcast that shares research and ideas related to the research project 'Writing the New World: Indigenous texts 1900-1975' - led by Alice Te Punga Somerville and supported by the Marsden Fund. The podcast is co-produced and hosted by Wanda Ieremia-Allan. Sixteen Indigenous researchers have worked with Alice on this journey of connecting with the massive, multilingual and rich legacy of writing in the Pacific region. This podcast celebrates what can happen when we connect across generations, archives, disciplines, institutions, communities, experiences, and perspectives.

  • 5D Ascension of Consciousness for Leaders, Light-Workers, Coaches, Healers, Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs and Empaths! Operate from your soul's highest purpose and potential. Hosted by Emily Anne Brant, formerly known as Essentially Emm.

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  • Kris and Heather Keefer bring you the straight business on their personal approach to family, life and honesty in relationships!

  • Everything you need to find energetic balance to your grind and align yourself with you best life and beyond!

  • If you are on a mission to find honest answers about life, Beautiful Ghosts is for you.

    This human and existential project started with our decision to start recording and publishing our conversations to show that only by being vulnerable with others we are able to build and experience safe connections.

    Why Beautiful Ghosts? Because we create our own fears, our own ghosts…and what else can Ghosts be but beautiful beings waiting to be discovered to be dissolved in their own unveiling.

    Beautiful Ghosts is a meeting point, a space where you and life are guests.