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  • It’s time for YOU to feel your best! Each week Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Meg Mill will bring you simple actionable tips and mindset shifts that will EMPOWER you to live your best life! We will also have discussions with inspiring guests who will bust MYTHS of conventional thought and empower you to FEEL your best. Even small changes can have a HUGE impact on the way you feel. Give yourself permission to BELIEVE you can live a life where you are comfortable and in love with your body!

  • The Acknowledge Dogs Podcast is the one place to find everything dog training: dog trainer insights into behavior problems, training, obedience, science, and theory with professional dog trainers, behaviorists, authors, scientists, and animal lovers. Learn how to train your dog, understand their minds, and acknowledge their needs through relationship building; and much, much more!

  • Be the owner your dog deserves.
    Zen of Dog Ownership is an educational podcast created and curated exclusively for dog owners who want to know more about their dogs and how to be the best owner they can be.
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  • The Writing Glitch: Hack Dysgraphia No Pencil Required is brought to you by Dotterer Educational Consulting. Our Founder and Owner, Cheri Dotterer, is the host.

    Build clarity, community, and competency to help students thrive and grow leaders that transcend a lifetime, regardless of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia, using sensory-motor processing and neuroscience-based instructional interventions. No Pencil Required!

    We interview teachers, therapists, and parents about how they have seen a transformation in children having these disabilities and co-morbid conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They share how they help students grow and prosper.

    We believe that together, we can grow 110 million leaders by building skills, applying knowledge, and transcending futures, Join us to hack dysgraphia. No Pencil Required.

    Each episode contains one intervention to help you support students with writing challenges the next day you are in your classroom. These interventions are explicit, systematic, cumulative, and multisensory. They are designed to support ALL students through targeted, daily visual-perceptual, visual-motor, and memory interventions. These interventions benefit all students and harm none.

    All students have access to writing regardless of their status in the classroom. The interventions were created to take up to 30 seconds to 2 minutes of your classroom time. Strategic lesson planning increases classroom engagement.

    All interventions can be adapted for students with physical disabilities because they support the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and well-being of all students. In addition, these interventions impact all subject matter classrooms. Whether you are teaching English language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, music, or art, these interventions will benefit your classroom atmosphere across ALL grade levels.

    You have put your blood, sweat, and tears into investing in your education and children. Don’t let a misunderstanding about this disability stop you from providing best practices.

    In case you don’t know me. I’m Cheri Dotterer, 2022 Dysgraphia Expert of the Year. This honor was bestowed on me by Global Health and Pharma Magazine. In 2023, they awarded my company the Best Dysgraphia Professional Development Program.

    It took challenges at home and on the job to wake me up to the impact dysgraphia has on all students. Struggling my entire life with communication issues, I was mistaken that only students with learning disabilities could have dysgraphia.

    My thoughts shifted when my gifted daughter asked for help with spelling. My son struggles with handwriting. Then, a parent asked me why her child could read and have trouble writing. Finding answers became the drive that gets me out of bed in the morning.

    It’s a big shock when you discover how pervasive writing difficulties are and how little people know about how to help–even OTs. I used to think I was the only OT who struggled with understanding dysgraphia. It turns out many have questions.

    Occupational, physical, and speech therapists are not trained to teach. Teachers are.

    Occupational, speech, and physical therapists are trained in neuroscience. Teachers are not.

    Let this podcast be your first line of defense to help your students transcend their learning disabilities. Show your school district how much you genuinely care about all of your students by sharing it with your colleagues.

    After each episode, I challenge you to share your key takeaway from the podcast in our FREE yet private community. Share your student wins. Get support on the challenges.

    Join The Writing Glitch Community. https://app.thewritingglitch.com/
    Connect with Cheri at www.cheridotterer.com or [email protected]

  • Join Perinatal Social Worker Gemma Smith as she creates space for raw and relatable discussion about the often polarising transition to motherhood. In each episode you'll hear from inspiring guests, have a laugh and learn about key perinatal mental health concepts to help you confidently and authentically do 'Postpartum like a boss' by learning to navigate your motherhood journey in a way that truly feels best for you.

  • Discover tools and techniques with the help of life coaches, therapists and experts in these short episodes. Titles include Feel Grounded, Feel Understood, Feel Powerful, Feel Proud and Feel Sexual. Scroll through to find the one that feels right for you today.
    A mini-podcast to help you to live with greater ease, balance and joy.

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  • Welcome to The Details with Adam Froerer and Cecil Walker! This is a podcast where we examine the intersection between Solution Focused Brief Therapy and current topics going on in the world. And we do this because we genuinely want the world to be a better place. So enjoy, and come examine the details with us!

  • Since the late 19th century, politics and economics have been split from each other, pretended and positioned as separate and unassuming forces. This could not be further from the truth. Before the dawn of Adam Smith, the grandfather of modern day economics, there was but one holistic concept, the Political Economy.

    Come join Max and Jorrel, modern day Political Economists, as they do their best to converse and discuss political theory, history, economics, and more in the lenses of contemporary and classic political theorists and economists.

  • Welcome to the Kiki Kirby podcast. This is our space where we will have conversations with heart-centered people where you will find yourself inspired to love, grow, and learn to take action in your life, health, and work daily. You have permission to have fun. You are allowed to play. You are allowed to be happy and you are allowed to be joyful and you are allowed to be calm.

    I help centered individuals find their way through coaching heart-centered professionals and entrepreneurs to slow down, to find inner peace, to grow their mindset through teaching you tools, strategies, or techniques to slow down, to find calmness amongst your chaos, gain clarity through your procrastination and to focus on your wellbeing.

  • Welcome to the About Story podcast where we talk about…story!

    Join author and filmmaker Nathan Johnson, and guests, as they dive into stories that shape the books, films, and TV shows you love. Through meaningful conversations with successful storytellers, unwrap the elements of story to better build your own.

    New episodes every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month!

  • We talk about everything from interview tactics, mindset tips, sticking to projects and more. We want to remove as much doubt from the ecosystem as possible and make you the most efficient, happy and practical developer you can be.

  • Barking from the Wooftops is a podcast covering all areas of animal behaviour. We bring on guests from all over the world who are experts in their respective areas. We talk to dog trainers, behaviourists, Ph.D. experts, Ethologists etc. We discuss cutting-edge behaviour modification techniques and advancements in the field. All with the world’s leading experts.

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  • A podcast all about the Microsoft application OneNote and ways to put it to use for personal and professional productivity.

  • Beginner gardening tips and solutions . Great garden planning ideas from flower farmer Kelly Lehman. Gardening flowers has never been so fun! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kellylehman/support

  • Welcome to 'The Tiny House Ideas Podcast', hosted by Harry Alvarez-Garmon. If you love minimalism, sustainable living, personal development and everything in between, then this is the podcast for you!

  • Welcome to RISE UP WISE UP podcast in this podcast you are getting the real raw and uncut version of a strong women motivating you in all areas in life sharing great tools and tips on different areas in life how you can RISE UP AND WISE UP in all areas in life through my lessons from my life or me sharing others that might relate to you that will be great take aways to help you on your life's journey!

  • A perfect place for daily motivational topics. Positive Motivational Podcast driven topic is Financial Literacy alone with daily motivation, inspiration to engage into a positive lifestyle. If you love engaging in these type of topics then Positive Motivational Podcast is the perfect podcast for you. Come join Positive Motivational Mindset Podcast today. Its a pleasure and honor to have you join.

  • (Life at 30) is about the how tos and what nots of a "young" woman who trekked through life like a tourist. Sharing her struggles and successes, words of wisdom, if any, stories of shame and fun, and lessons learned from pain.

  • Journalist and presenter Harriet Robinson meets inspirational people whose actions are influencing big environmental shifts.
    Wannabe Greener aims to make the eco movement accessible for everyone, encouraging positive action through small achievable changes that benefit ourselves, as well as the environment.
    Honing in on a single topic each episode, these fun, yet in-depth, discussions break down eco myths and offer advice and tips for those wanting to follow in their footsteps.


  • Welcome to the Beginner Guitarist Podcast. We share tips, tricks, solutions, and methods to become the player you've always dreamed of.