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  • Mostly hinged coverage of conspiracies, corruption, cryptids, supernatural activity, and prophecies that might be coming true. Critics call us, "A bit more stable than Alex Jones."
    Live on Wednesdays, 7 PM EST everywhere. ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿธ

  • Join Nice Guy Ty, as he analyzes various events and topics, while providing his witty and insightful perspective. In each episode, Ty talks history with his friends and highlights social theories that will change the way you view history! Grab a drink and join the talk! We look forward to having you!

  • There's a heap happening here in Aotearoa New Zealand! From the serious to the light hearted, join me, Dan Armstrong as we discuss what's shaping our little country in the South Pacific.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • American history, bite-sized.

    These are the stories that may have slipped through the cracks - the odd detours that have shaped our history and culture in small, but sometimes significant, ways.

  • Once the fastest growing independent media in the world before being stifled by big tech, we now post on most independent platforms. We produce content prolifically.
    News, interviews, documentaries, confrontation and updates.
    Headed by Josh Sigurdson.

  • Women vs Everything is a women's history podcast focusing on individuals who overcame adversity in the face of oppression. Each episode Jess and Grace discuss a different badass woman from any period in history, exploring her life, achievements, and legacy as well as the historical and cultural contexts of the time and how they might have impacted the way women have and still do move through the world.

    We try to approach things in a light-hearted way to bridge the gap between education and entertainment. Talking about the darker parts of life can be a bit of a mind f*** so it's really good to bring laughter alongside such topics.

    As intersectional feminists we aim to share stories of all women including women with disabilities, women of colour, queer women, trans women, indigenous women and women who sex work. Because all women means all women.

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    Twitter: @WvEverythingPod
    Insta: @womenvseverything

  • Are you obsessed with mythology and the ancient world? Does seeing Medusa in movies make you smile? Do you tell yourself โ€œJust one more page!โ€ at 3am when reading a novel based on an ancient myth? Do you drink tea (or any hot beverage of choice)? Then your friendly neighborhood Ancient Historians have got you covered.

    Join Megan and Lexie (with tea and snacks of course!) as they read and watch books, films, and T.V. shows set in the ancient world and dissect every aspect of them. This dynamic duo will try to cover everything from popular films, like the Brad Pitt Troy, to up and coming books like Wrath Goddess Sing. Whether youโ€™ve read them, seen them, or never even heard of them, join us every week as we spill the tea on a ton of ancient stories! 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Formby Merseyside. Climate Change, Bins at the beach, National Trust woodland Plan - are just a few of the latest Formby interviews with the experts. Other topics covered in our 70 podcast include : bivalves, the Red Squirrels, the Pink Footed Geese that fly over, the Pinewoods - explaining the different types of tree, when and why they were planted. The God Stone - What was that for? For update of what’s happening in Formby see Instagram absoluteformby

  • The Nazareth to Nicaea vodcast discusses the historical Jesus, the Christ of Faith, and everything in between. We look at the many texts and traditions, the stories and artifacts, the heroes and heretics of the christological controversies. We cover the debates, the doubts, and the dissenters about all things related to Jesus and the early church.

  • A fascinating look at where history collides with The Bible with no religious bias.

  • We are delighted to introduce The Pre-Raphaelite Podcast. Featuring guest speakers, roundtable discussions as well as interviews with artists and poets, we shall bring quality Pre-Raphaelite content directly to you. Available now on all major streaming platforms. Please visit The Pre-Raphaelite Society online: www.pre-raphaelitesociety.org

  • Go on a whimsical journey with author Mike Bird as he delves into his authoritative text and places the New Testament in the context of the culture in which it arose.

  • From the most haunted buildings to ghostly landscapes, and breathtaking UFO encounters... Join host Angus King as he relays spine-chilling stories of paranormal occurrences in Aoteraoa, New Zealand - as reported by witnesses.

  • A podcast about Maori Legends and history

  • Whether you're single by choice, by chance, or by circumstance, we show you how to celebrate being a single woman. Being single isn't a bad thing, no matter what your grandmother keeps telling you. Don't wait around for a spouse, live your current life to its fullest.


  • A podcast hosted by Luke Marshall where we search for the truth amongst the wilderness of mirrors...

  • On November 28, 1979, an Air New Zealand jet took off from Auckland Airport on a sightseeing trip to Antarctica. There were 257 people on board. Hours later everyone was dead. Somehow, the plane had flown directly into the Erebus volcano. This was a disaster that shattered a country’s psyche. In the decades since, grief gave way to blame, anger and recrimination. Who was responsible for so many deaths? Was there a cover-up? How could a plane just fly into a mountain? To mark the 40th anniversary of the disaster, Michael Wright and Katy Gosset explore why New Zealand’s deadliest disaster was also its most controversial; why a nation was incapable of moving on; and how it was captured by one famous phrase: ‘an orchestrated litany of lies’. White Silence will be released daily from November 8, 2019.

  • Introducing Tales of Wool & Craft, a podcast dedicated to the multi-faceted, ever-changing world of wool and woolen craftsโ€”from sheep to skein, and everything in between! Episodes will feature interviews with people from all levels of the wool industryโ€”sheep farmers, dye house workers, and knitwear designers, to name a few. Stories are vast and varied, with a special focus on rare sheep breeds, the people trying to preserve them, and the rich history and traditions surrounding them.

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