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  • Kendall Rae is a true-crime content creator on YouTube who has used her platform to spread awareness for victims and their families. Now she is bringing episodes of her YouTube true-crime series to podcast format, to hopefully create even more awareness around the cases she covers. Kendall's approach to true-crime content is empathetic and always approached with victims in mind first. Join Kendall in her journey to spread awareness and bring justice to those who need it most!

  • The Continuous Action, a five-part podcast exploring the labor of democracy, will work to pin down what ourโ€ฏtroubled republic demands of us, ordinary citizens, right now. Join Walt Shaub, former director of the Office of Government Ethics, and Virginia Heffernan, journalist and host of Trumpcast, as they talk with analysts, activists, government leaders and philanthropists to break down some of the biggest issues our democracy faces โ€” and to identify some paths forward. The podcast is broken into five episodes on the following topics: defending voting rights, pursuing truth in government, addressing government surveillance, reining in the executive branch, and getting the government we deserve. 

    The inspiration for the title โ€œThe Continuous Actionโ€ comes from the admonition by John Lewis that โ€œfreedom is not a state; it is an act.โ€ Speaking of our duty as citizens, he proclaimed: โ€œFreedom is the continuous action we all must take, and each generation must do its part to create an even more fair, more just society.โ€ 


    The Continuous Action is sponsored by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), hosted by Walt Shaub and Virginia Heffernan, and produced by Myron Kaplan. Stay tuned on the latest from POGO: pogo.org/subscribe

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  • Plongez avec nous dans un univers de vagues, de vent et de bêtise humaine où les histoires finissent généralement au fond de l'eau.

    Les Naufragées, le meilleur podcast québécois sur les naufrages !

  • Pourquoi et comment le Collège a-t-il été fondé? Quelles ont été ses actions au fil des décennies? Quels enjeux de santé publique ont marqué son histoire?

    Dans ce balado animé par Bernard Derome et Denis Goulet, auteur et spécialiste en histoire de la médecine, découvrez le récit enlevant des 175 années du CMQ. De sa création aux enjeux d'aujourd'hui en passant par une révolution médicale, explorez les détails de l'histoire de cette institution méconnue qui sert toute la population québécoise depuis 1847.

    Vous êtes curieux d'en savoir plus sur l'histoire de l'ordre professionnel dont la mission est de vous protéger en offrant une médecine de qualité? Le balado compte 9 épisodes diffusés au début de chaque mois sur toutes les plateformes. Abonnez-vous!

  • Qui est Joseph-Armand Bombardier? Est-il plus que l'inventeur de la motoneige Ski-Doo? Dans cette série de 4 épisodes, découvrez son histoire en explorant sa vie, ses inventions, l'expension de sa compagnie à travers le monde et l'impact qu'il y a eu sur sa communauté. Découvrez comment ce garagiste de Valcourt dans les Cantons-de-l'Est est devenu un entrepreneur connu mondialement grâce à son ingéniosité.

  • The hidden stories that happened in your own backyard.
    Podcast for Andrew MacLean‘s weekly history column running in newspapers across The Canadian Maritimes.
    website: backyardhistory.ca
    email: backyardhistorypodcast@gmail.com
    facebook: @backyard.history1

  • Sur la Terre des Hommes est le podcast d'Histoire au Québec. Animé par Jérémie Rivard et Jonathan le Prof, SLTDH parcourt les époques de notre Histoire et vulgarise les plus grands évènements et personnages marquants qui la composent. Vous pourrez aussi profiter d'une analyse de l'actualité qui vous explique les grands enjeux contemporains. Bienvenue Sur la Terre des Hommes!

  • Blood on the Prairie is a historical true crime podcast unravelling the century-old mystery of Grande Prairie's "Murder of Six," Alberta’s largest unsolved mass murder.

  • ’Smoke Filled Rooms’ is a political true-crime podcast focusing on history’s most infamous leaders, governments, policies, and discontents. Join us in exploring the darkest corners of the political sphere and unearthing the grizzly details of history’s greatest tradgedies.

    Hosted by Gregory J. Zink

  • The Jewish Story is a Jewish History podcast for the 21st Century. In it, we use the latest in archaeology, linguistics, and historical methods to sculpt a history of the Jewish people, from the exodus out of Egypt until the present!

    Theme tune courtesy of Crowander via the Free Music Archive

  • A Little Bit Ritchie shares the past 100 years of the Ritchie Community League. We aspire to challenge and reassess notions of place, community, and public space, bridging a gap in historical knowledge of our neighbourhood. By sharing lesser-known stories to nourish our community’s spirit of belonging, unity, and respect.

    We hope to reflect on the history of Ritchie to kindle a brighter future. This podcast is brought to you by Erin Fraser, Seghan MacDonald, Linnea Bell, Lydia Neufeld, and Elyse Colville.

  • En retraçant des histoires des tout premiers colons noirs jusqu’aux Canadiens récemment arrivés, Fort et libre capture quelques-unes des histoires cruciales de Canadiens noirs qui ont prospéré et contribué à l’édification de ce pays.

  • Tracing stories from the earliest Black settlers to recently arrived Canadians, Strong and Free captures just a few of the crucial stories of Black Canadians thriving and contributing to building this country.

    Listen to Strong and Free, a six-part podcast from Historica Canada, produced by Media Girlfriends. Because Black history is Canadian history.

  • Phénomènes inexpliqués, étranges, mystérieux. Des enquêtes de fond, des témoignages exclusifs. Des conclusions surprenantes. Bienvenue dans l'univers paranormal de Christian Page.

    Montage et mixage: Pierre Gervais

  • A bi-weekly podcast where hosts Stephanie and Kayla discuss trials and tales of witches throughout the centuries. Each episode will shed light on a new story bringing attention to the thousands of people who have been persecuted as a witch. Grab a tea, light a candle, and join us with our historic tales of woe!

  •  Deadly Disasters is a new podcast adapted from the acclaimed television series Disasters of the Century. From acts of God, to unavoidable accidents, to catastrophes caused by human error, Deadly Disasters immerses listeners in the sounds and stories of some of the most tragic disasters in modern history.

    Produced and Engineered in Dolby Atmos, Deadly Disasters' immersive sound-design brings history's worst disasters to vivid life in never-before-heard ways. Ever wonder what it would sound like to be on a plane as it crashes into the Atlantic, or under an avalanche as it tears through the Rocky Mountains, or in a packed nightclub as it's engulfed in flames? Over six half-hour episodes, Deadly Disasters plunges listeners into the middle of the action, as though they were there as the tragedies took place.

    Hosted by Survivorman Les Stroud, and told through eye-witness interviews, expert testimonials, and meticulous historical research, Deadly Disasters opens an ear to the past like no one has done before.

    Host: Les Stroud
    Producers: Ajeeth Parkal & Miklos Perlus for Storrios
    Supervising Producer: Robert Laughlin for Distribution 360 Inc
    Executive Producer:  Ron Goetz for Partners in Motion


  • From the Crime Stories control room, the MURDER TIME podcast series shares stories of high-profile murder.  Betsy Winchester hosts each episode, illuminating story points and introducing interviews from the the Crime Stories vault.  These interviews include the victim’s family members, investigating detectives, forensic specialists and criminal prosecutors.  
    From the reporting of a murder, to the twists and turns of the investigation, to the incarceration of the perpetrator, each MURDER TIME presents a gripping story – and a unique listening experience.


    Narrator: Betsy Winchester for Partners in Motion 
    Writer: Simon Dekker for Partners in Motion
    Musical Director:  Fred Vogels for Partners in Motion
    Creative Producer: Simon Dekker for Partners in Motion
    Technical Producer: Joseph P. Watts for Partners in Motion
    Supervising Producer: Robert Laughlin for Distribution 360 Inc
    Executive Producer:  Ron Goetz for Partners in Motion


  • Welcome to the podcast, join me as I delve in the mysteries of the world, famous and unsolved murders and historical events and mythology through out the world...
    Join me, lets get into the heart of the matter.

  • In Rigged, we’ll rummage through the bag of tricks used by PR to shape the world you live in. Over the last century, these tricks have rigged the media, the government… society, really...with sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes profoundly serious effects on our democracy. This is a podcast about that war for hearts and minds right here on US soil.