Historia – Kanada – Nya podcasts

  • Four podcast episodes focusing on ideas around archiving practices used by South Asians to collect, preserve and reconstruct family and community histories. Join host Alisha Sawhney on a journalistic inquiry into the South Asian diaspora, featuring interviews and stories from a range of brown female voices.

  • This podcast discusses Africa’s modern history through the lens of nationalism, independence movements and decolonization and post colonialism.

  • Survivors of St. Joseph's Residential School in Thunder Bay, Ontario open up about their personal experiences at the school known locally as the "boarding school". To learn more about the SOAR Project, visit: http://www.tbpl.ca/soarproject

    This project is being funded by Canada Heritage for Commemorating the History and Legacy of Residential Schools

  • Host Henry Standage explores the heroic rise, grim decline, and eventual triumph of Canada’s men's national team, through the lens of some of the most respected soccer voices in the country.

  • Unboxing Queer History is a podcast from Gerber/Hart Library and Archives, one of the largest LGBTQ libraries & archives in the world.

    Each of the 8 episodes in Unboxing Queer History focuses on a different story from the LGBTQ history inside of Gerber/Hart’s collections and archives. The episodes range from discussions of the importance of a LGBTQ circulating library to Chicago drag history and include interviews with community leaders, volunteers, researchers, and local historians.

    Unboxing Queer History is created by Ari Mejia, Jen Dentel, and Erin Bell. Produced by Ari Mejia with Hannah Viti. Artwork by Mere Montgomery & theme music by Danny Robles! And special thanks to Jules Gordon for co-producing the episode on People Like Us books and Alyssa Edes for producing the episode on Lorrainne Sade Baskerville!

    Special thanks to RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System) for the "My Library Is... " grant that funded this project!

  • Alliés, des visionnaires forgent une institution financière. Elle donne le CHOIX d’agir pour plus de justice sociale et climatique. Une influence déterminante. Une richesse collective. Vanessa Destiné vous invite à découvrir les hommes et les femmes derrière le Banquier des rêves. De la culture en partage à la lutte aux inégalités jusqu’au déclic climatique.

    Une production de la Caisse d’économie solidaire, conçue et réalisée par Magnéto.

    Disponible sur toutes les applications balado, abonnez-vous.

  • In this podcast, we hope to continue the service of bringing the works of West African Islamic scholars to English-speaking audiences and exploring the ways in which these scholars and their writings speak to our lived realities, and inspire us to become the Muslims that Allah the Exalted created us to be, reminding the world of the amazing wonders of Islamic knowledge that He placed in the hearts of these saintly Black people, and irrigating our communities with the blessed waters of the Divine, and engaging with special guests and the fruits they bear from this flood.

  • Interviews with scholars of Canada about their new books

  • A bi-weekly discussion that critically engages with the literature, culture, and people that helped inform Canada's unique history. Hosted by two English Literature graduate students Patrick & Mackenzy. Named best podcast of all time by their mothers!

  • Dans ce documentaire historique captivant, la journaliste Marie-Julie Gagnon, aidée par l’historien Gaston Gagnon, mettent en lumière l’un des industriels québécois les plus marquants du tournant du XXe siècle, aujourd’hui inexplicablement oublié. Julien-Édouard-Alfred Dubuc (1871-1947) a pourtant bâti un empire industriel colossal et exercé une carrière politique qui ont laissé une empreinte majeure sur le Saguenay.

    Au moyen d’enquêtes de terrain, de témoignages, d’explorations d’écrits privés, les animateurs retracent le parcours de vie de celui que l’on surnommait « le roi de la pulpe ».

  • A weekly quest by Niamh to guide Em and the listeners through the Icelandic sagas fae loves so much, as we all sit in the dark and feel mortal and small.

  • روایتگر بُعدهای جدیدی از اتفاقات جذاب و تاثیر گذار در جهان

  • A podcast about everything that happens after the funeral- death, decomposition, and the macabre. We’re digging deep into places and stories you’ve never heard of before- unexplained corpse preservation, alternative burials, grave robbers, cemetery folklore, and everything in between. And there may or may not be a little wine involved…

  • Don't Whistle at Night is based on a series of true stories researched by the Kenhte:ke Paranormal Society across the many haunted locations throughout Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Some research includes paranormal investigation, eyewitness testimony, historical documentation, and the help of mediums. The tales of hoofed fiddle players, deer women, the flying head and evil spirits are proven to be real, along with witchcraft and other occult activity. Discretion is advised as this program deals with mature subject matter such as blood sacrifice and demonic worship.

  • Welcome to Exile, a podcast about Jewish lives under the shadow of fascism. Narrated by award-winning screen and stage actor, Mandy Patinkin. Untold stories and firsthand accounts drawn from intimate letters, diaries and interviews found in the Leo Baeck Institute’s vast archive. Each episode, a story of beauty and danger that brings history to life. Because the past is always present.

    Starting November 1, episodes are released weekly every Tuesday.

    The Leo Baeck Institute, New York | Berlin is a research library and archive focused on the history of German-speaking Jews.

    Antica Productions produces award-winning non-fiction podcasts, films and series which inform and inspire audiences around the world.

  • Assis Devant est un podcast socio-historique qui nous fait découvrir des histoires canadiennes incroyables, mais peu connues. Comme point de départ de chaque épisode - une image captée par notre équipe.

  • Join celebrated Métis artist Leah Dorion as she takes us on a fascinating tour through the rich history of the Métis people of Saskatchewan, including their Michif language, and many cultural traditions based on their centuries of life in Canada's west and north.

  • Who built the modern world? The answer to that question might surprise you. (Or maybe not...) There's a long list of global innovators and trailblazers who’ve been erased from history books because of who they were; women, people of color, LGBTQ+ and more. Each week They Did That tells one of these people's stories and how their life’s work has changed our lives for the better. Hosted by Takara Small. A Somethin’ Else & Sony Music Entertainment production. Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at sonymusic.com/podcasts

  • Fugitifs! met en vedette 13 esclaves en fuite au 18e siècle au Québec. C’est une manière de les réhumaniser et de souligner leur résistance à l’esclavage. Découvrez les illustrations et du contenu bonifié en visitant: www.fugitifs.ca

    Écrit et animé par Aly Ndiaye alias Webster

    Réalisation, conception sonore, prise son, montage et mixage : Magnéto

    Produit en collaboration avec la Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ)

  • We all see the historical markers in the great state of Michigan so what do they mean and what significance did Michigan play in US history.

    This is the website: https://michiganhiddenhistory.wordpress.com/