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  • The mission statement of the Podcast is to introduce photographers from Canada. Not just the well known, but the everyday hobbyist through to the professional who have a passion for photography and want to share their knowledge. Including; getting to know who they are, what they care about, discuss some past work, what they’re currently doing, and what they wished they would have known in the beginning.

  • Avoir un Modest Style c'est être élégante, féminine, pudique et avoir un Dressing Conscient. Mais comment trouver son style, gérer sa garde-robe et son shopping ? Ce podcast parle de style vestimentaire Modest mais aussi d'affirmation de soi, de prendre sa place, tout en étant belle et stylée et surtout en restant soi-même !

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  • Evoke, entice and enhance your senses with the gift of fragrances. Aroma surrounds us. Here on the Perfume Fetish Podcast we talk about everything and everyone but most importantly the world of scents. Join me as I dive into how fragrances excite my senses.

    I am obsessed with smelling good.

    Whisper to me what fragrance excites you.
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  • A podcast produced by Tomorrow London, T Talks is a project created to highlight the emerging and innovative talent in the fashion industry. A perfect blend of business and design, this 360° approach allows audiences access to the duality that goes into building the brands of tomorrow.

    From challenges to victories, T Talks offers raw, unfiltered conversations with brand founders and directors on creative processes, building successful teams, adhering to global audiences, curating meaningful collaborations and partnerships, establishing sales targets, learning to manage digital outputs, wholesale and retail, staying true to their roots and doing so, while growing on a personal level and continuing to foster their talent.

  • Some people are naturally creative and can easily design fashion accessories like bags.
    But sometimes, people do it as a mere hobby instead of a full blown business that will continually rake in money for them in a business.
    If you're one such persons, you need to hear this.
    You can create a very successful business from your bag making skills in many different ways.

  • The Lyvv Podcast brings you conversations that are going to delve deep into the beauty and creative industry as a whole . In each episode seasoned professionals & business owners from different industries including CEOs , makeup artists , wellness gurus , hairstylists , skincare experts , fashion moguls and so on will share their insights , experiences and business advice.

  • Fresh Out the Box is the infotainment source for sneaker enthusiasts by sneaker enthusiasts that keep you in the know. We examine interesting trends and discuss brands as well some of their more exciting products. You can also find a humble retelling of key points in sneaker history as well as passionate discussions with sneaker aficionados & sneaker professionals about the ever-evolving state of sneaker culture.

  • The podcast for regular makeup artists that want to do good work and make good money.

  • Tim Blackett, Tik-Tokker and Author of Grandview Drive, interviews his greatest literary heroes and some of his best friends about the process of writing, the act of creating art, and about being alive.

  • Canada's art pulse. ArtBeat shines a spotlight on Canada's art scene, bringing the stories of Canadian artists from diverse disciplines into focus. Host Katie Marks guides listeners through intimate conversations with creators, revealing the passion, struggles, and triumphs behind their art. From traditional painters to sculptors, ArtBeat is a celebration of artistic diversity and creativity across Canada. Tune in on Spotify or your favorite podcast platform to delve into the rich narratives shaping Canadian art. #ArtBeatPodcast: Discover, connect, and be inspired.

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses fan Melissa guides her romantasy novice husband, Ryan, through the ACOTAR universe as a new reader. Experience the Mass-verse through the eyes of someone new to the world Sarah J. Maas builds in this fun and charming show.

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  • Kai mukkammal kisson ko chhaan kar bani ek adhuri kahani

  • Au départ, Ariane Boulet et Clémence Dumas-Côté interpellent des inconnues à venir marcher avec elles. Ainsi se trament trois parcours sonores.
    Ne sachant rien de leur vie, elles allument un micro en faisant le pari que chacune a la possibilité d'être le personnage principal d'une histoire. Une question les taraude : qu'est-ce qui nous meut lorsqu'on rencontre quelqu'un pour la première fois ?

    Mues est un théâtre de l'écoute du monde réel, des sensations qui émergent à son contact. Poésie, sons, paysages et mouvement intérieur : en tendant l’oreille, on est tissé.es avec la voix humaine.

  • Dive into the Thrilling Adventures of Tarzan with Old-Time Radio!Calling all jungle explorers and pulp fiction fans! ๏ธThe Tarzan Old Radio Show transports you back to the golden age of radio, where the Lord of the Jungle swings into action every episode. Relive the classic tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs, brought to life with evocative sound effects, thrilling storylines, and the iconic jungle cry.Each episode features:
    Pulse-pounding adventures: Join Tarzan as he battles poachers, rescues damsels in distress, and protects his animal friends.Nostalgic charm: Experience the magic of old-time radio with its unique sound design and storytelling style.Historical context: Learn about the cultural phenomenon of Tarzan and his enduring appeal.Whether you're a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, the Tarzan Old Radio Show is the perfect escape into a world of excitement and danger.

    Keywords: Tarzan, old-time radio, adventure, pulp fiction, Edgar Rice Burroughs, jungle, nostalgia, podcast, historical

  • Based on Two Planks and a Passion’s award-winning fireside theatre production that premiered in 2018, Animal Farm, The Podcast is a vivid re-telling of the classic fairy tale which continues to resonate with the same power as it did when it was first published in 1945.

    The two episode series will also feature an in-depth interview with political theorist Matthew Benjamin Cole!

    Two Planks and a Passion Theatre’s podcast production of Animal Farm- is a musical adaptation of
    George Orwell’s classic novel with Music and Lyrics by Allen Cole and Book and Lyrics by Ken Schwartz

  • Northerned is a podcast that explores the unique and diverse culture of the Inuit people in Nunavik and the wider North. Hosted by Beatrice Deer, a musician and artist from the region, the show delves into the vibrant art, music, and lifestyle of the Inuit people. Each episode will feature interviews with new and old friends from the region, highlighting their art, projects, and perspectives on life in the North. Beatrice will also share stories from her own life, including her new baby, and discuss her thinking and values. In addition to showcasing Inuit culture, the show will also tackle important issues such as healthy lifestyle choices and suicide prevention awareness. And, of course, there will be plenty of dumb jokes along the way.

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  • Hear Me Out puts the audience back in the stalls (or, closer still, the rehearsal room), inviting theatre-loving audiences to re-connect with theatre-makers in a unique celebration of language and performance. Hosted by Lucy Eaton, it's the insider chat that audiences would love to have. The format is simple: Lucy asks 'What is your favourite speech?' From the brilliance of the language to the personal anecdotes behind the choice, itโ€™s part Desert Island Discs, part literary analysis and part post-show chat in the theatre bar. Guests include: Denise Gough, Patricia Hodge and Adrian Lester.

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  • Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons: Unraveling Mysteries and Reuniting FamiliesIn the golden age of radio, where crackling tunes and dramatic voices filled the airwaves, one man stood out as a beacon of hope for the desperate: Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons.From 1937 to 1955, Mr. Keene, played by the likes of Bennett Kilpack, Arthur Hughes, and Phil Clarke, captivated audiences with his unwavering dedication to finding missing loved ones. No case was too small, no mystery too baffling for this keen-eyed investigator.

    What made Mr. Keene special?
    A Touch of Humanity: Unlike the hard-boiled detectives of the era, Mr. Keene possessed a gentle compassion. He treated each case with empathy, understanding the emotional toll of having someone vanish.Sharp Mind, Keen Instinct: Beyond his kind heart, Mr. Keene was a brilliant detective. He meticulously pieced together clues, interviewed witnesses with wit and charm, and always kept his eye on the prize:reuniting families.A Network of Contacts: Mr. Keene had informants in every corner, from grizzled cab drivers to high-society dames. This vast network provided him with invaluable tips and insights, leading him closer to the missing persons.A Thrilling Adventure Every Week: Each episode of Mr. Keene offered a new puzzle to solve, a new adventure to embark on. Listeners tuned in every Thursday night, eager to follow Mr. Keene as he tracked down runaway teens, exposed hidden identities, and even unraveled the occasional murder mystery.More than just a detective, Mr. Keene was a symbol of hope. He represented the unwavering belief that even in the darkest of times, families could be reunited, and the lost could be found.