Konst – Kanada – Nya podcasts

  • Lonely TTRPG is a show where I play and review solo TTRPGs.

    Each week, we play another solo TTRPG from across the indie community.

    So join us as we roll, draw, and journal our way through some fantastic games.

    This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

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    Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

  • Chapter and Multiverse is a brand-new actual play podcast, using multiple game systems of different genres to explore the city of Chapter. Every new campaign is set in the same city, but in a different alternate universe. โ€‹


    One season, Chapter may be a medieval fantasy town complete with monarchs, magic and monsters, but another season, it may be a gritty futuristic metropolis where corporations control everyoneโ€™s daily lives. Along the way the Eternal Tavern Keeper guides the listeners, and the characters, in their journeys through Chapter and beyond.โ€‹


    Same city. Different universes. Infinite stories.

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  • My mental landscape while studying abroad :-)

  • A series of short imaginative stories written and voiced by Andrew Kaufman and introduced by a computer.

  • Book reading for kids age 4-6 years old, read by Lu - 7 year old and Lo - 4 year old :)

  • Classic tales from the likes of Hans Christian Andersen, The Grimm Brothers, Arabian Nights, etc. Stories that have something in them for every age. And other stories from the public domain, personal experiences, and thinkers' illuminations of all kinds. [email protected]

  • The hidden stories that happened in your own backyard.
    Podcast for Andrew MacLean‘s weekly history column running in newspapers across The Canadian Maritimes.
    website: backyardhistory.ca
    email: [email protected]
    facebook: @backyard.history1

  • C'est quoi le raptor?
    Le sauropodcast des dinosaures et autres bรฉbites prรฉhistoriques!

  • L’Âge de Bière est un podcast de dégustation de bières de toutes sortes. Micro et Macro-brasseries, bonnes et mauvaises bières sont goûtées pour vous par trois Hommes des Tavernes qui apprécient la bière avec passion, sans prétentions! Nous donnons nos opinions et discutons dans une ambiance fraternelle et conviviale!

  • Spill the Greens is powered by Mucci Farms, an industry leader and innovative greenhouse fruit and vegetable company based in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. Although we've been growing fresh, flavourful produce for over 60 years, there is still a wide information and education gap about greenhouse farming. With so many #TeamMucci experts and professionals right under our roof, we wanted to use podcasting as an opportunity to have long form conversations about our company, and the wider produce industry. This show will cover topics such as growing, logistics, supply, innovation and tech, sustainability, food safety, marketing, health and wellness and much more! To find out more about us, visit www.muccifarms.com

  • The IRAQAFELLA show is an exploration of identity, mental health and the arts. Focusing primarily on Diaspora creatives, host Yassin 'Narcy' Alsalman will be carrying conversations around the art and the heart. Tune in weekly for special guests and monthly for a solo adventure through everything going on in the universe. NO POLITICIANS ALLOWED.

  • A podcast where we talk tea with tea enthusiasts, over a cup of tea!

  • Stoked /stลkt/ adj. slang 1 being in a euphoric or elated state aka. Surfer‘s high. Perma-stoked /หˆpษ™rmษ™, stลkt/ adj. slang 1 permanently stoked. The stoke is your birthright. It cannot be bought, sold, or bartered with. It is a right of passage for all who surf or embrace life. It is the vision at the end of the quest. Once ignited, it can never be extinguished.

    Tune into the Permastoked podcast as Co-Founder & CEO of Freshwater Surf Goods, Derik Hyatt, interviews your favourite surfers and stand up paddleboarders from across the Great Lakes, Canada, the United States and beyond! Take a peak into their lives and find out what keeps them stoked. Other Permastoked guests include: activists, artists, ecologists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, filmmakers, healers, musicians, philanthropists, photographers, seekers, yogis and much more! Learn from these field experts and enthusiasts while also being inspired by their undying passion, insights and rad tales.

  • You deserve to thrive in your creative journey and you don't have to settle and be another clueless creative doing this all alone. And that’s what the Clueless Creatives is all about. It’s a community - banding together, eager to learn, to listen, and to live out their creative dream. Together we'll pull back the curtain on my personal creative journey, we chat business, mindset and motivation, have some laughs, and together, well... we'll figure this whole thing out.

  • À 91 ans, Pauline commence à perdre la mémoire. Camille, 22 ans, termine sa formation de comédienne et attend les contrats qui ne viennent pas. Grand-mère et petite-fille ont une chose à s’offrir : du temps.
    Poussée par une intuition, Camille décide d’enregistrer Pauline.
    De 2016 à 2020, elles apprivoisent ensemble le deuil à venir, sans se douter qu’une pandémie les guette.
    De ce documentaire poétique, une question jaillit : comment raconter une mort ordinaire?

  • Join John Ota, architectural writer, designer, historic preservationist on a journey to explore all things Japanese! This podcast was created to provide information and connect with Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre members and the public during the Spring and Summer of 2021 to provide hope, information and entertainment during the lock-down months.

  • Creative and cultural industries are relevant players in most economies' markets. Who are the main key stakeholders in creative and cultural industries eco-systems (globally)? What actors and interests are prioritized, and which sub-sectors deserve more attention? What role does international law and development play in mobilizing new constructive outlooks in these sectors? This limited edition podcast will delve into these dynamics.

  • A podcast where we look at the origins of some interesting myths, mythical creatures, legends, stories, monsters, and more. Let's reconstruct age-old stories together.

  • Webcomics: They're comics, on the web! Screen Tones is a podcast about all things webcomic, by a group of webcomic creators. We discuss everything, including starting and finishing a webcomic or webtoon, ways to develop your writing and art, and how to have a fun and sustainable time along the way.

  • Music and Diva enthusiasts Adrian and Kristin explore the careers of musical divas each episode through their discographies. Find more of Kristin here: needlecracklepop.wordpress.com Find more of Adrian here: adriansounds.com