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  • Ο Ηλίας και η Δήμητρα μοιράζονται σκέψεις μετά το καθιερωμένο εβδομαδιαίο movie date night τους.

  • About the Show: Conversations with creative guests, broadly, but not strictly about one of three possible subjects:

    I LOVED THIS! - In which the guest gets to gush about a story they are absolutely in love with.Author's Commentary - In which the guest author talks about deleted scenes, changed characters and other alterations they've mad to one (or more) of their stories.Studying the Scares - In which the guest picks a moment from a work of horror (or, perhaps, the entire work, if they just can't narrow it down) so we can talk about what makes it so effective and memorable, as well as the influence it has had on them.

    Theme Music: "Mysterious Blues Guitar Logo" by Remstunes - used with Envato License

    Lead-in Music: "Everything You Know is a Myth" by Crypt-of-Insomnia - used with Envato License

    Cut-in Music: "Mystery Clock Suspense" by Crypt-of-Insomnia - used with Envato License

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  • Everybody Wants This is a fashion podcast that provides a glimpse behind the cigarette smoke and mirrors. Through interviews with fashion professionals, it addresses themes of dreams versus reality, work/life balance and industry injustices. But it’s also about that special quality of fashion that keeps enticing people. 

    The show was created by me, Anastasia Vartanian, as part of my fashion journalism final degree project at Central Saint Martins. I also run Instagram and TikTok accounts under the tongue-in-cheek name @fatannawintour. 

    Like many Gen Z and millennial fashion fans, I grew up on fashion films like Devil Wears Prada - from which this podcast gets its name. Despite media representations of an all-consuming work lifestyle and cutthroat colleagues, the powerful allure of the industry’s creativity, drama and romance persisted. But the more I learned, the more the gloss began to chip. There’s beauty in fashion, but the thick layer of glamour obscures a dark side. That’s why, when Miranda Priestly says, “Everybody wants this,” I aim to find out: do they?

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  • Tout ce qui se dit la nuit peut enfin s'écouter le jour !

    Dans l'apérikiff Podcast, un jeudi sur 2, Patrick Chanfray, humoriste, découvre un.e artiste par ses nuits mais pas que...

    Idée originale : Patrick Chanfray

    Production : Madame Black Bow Productions

    Mix : Julien Rochard

    DA : Splendiose

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  • Talk PODCAST est une émission visant à médiatiser les actions, les observations, et les créations des diverses communautés engagées s’impliquant à nos côtés.  Notre volonté est d’inclure le public au cœur du projet Talk C.E.C (https://talk-gallery.com/c-e-c/), et de cultiver un lien privilégié grâce à ces échanges.
    Les Podcasts sont étroitement liés à la vie du lieu : l’ancienne manufacture de porcelaine Demeuldre est aujourd’hui un Pôle Créatif  Européen pluridisciplinaire pour l’environnement  accueillant les artistes, et visant à sensibiliser le public à des thématiques via l’Art et la Culture. 
    Artistes, institutions, entreprises, ONG, associations sont invités à prendre la parole et à s’exprimer sous la forme d’une conversation, les auditeurs sont invités à réagir en commentant et en partageant les podcasts !

    Follow us : Facebook Talk CEC (https://www.facebook.com/Talk.cec) // Instagram Talk CEC (https://www.instagram.com/talk.cec/)
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  • Sit down with BJ KICKS, host of Comics Are Dope on YouTube, as we talk comics with some of your favorite creators and online personalities.

  • بودكاست فقيه وهو بودكاست دردشة حول مواضيع علمية، ثقافية، اجتماعية، قصص نجاح ومواقف طريفة يمكن أخذ دروس مفيدة منها. بتقديم سليمان مازن فقيه في حلقات مسجلة مع أطباء من مختلف التخصصات الطبيّة في مجموعة فقيه

  • Two Dudes Review Books is here for people who wish to improve their productivity, well-being, and relationships through reading and reflective practice. Dylan, a teacher and veteran of the US Navy, joins forces with Jason, a manager in the manufacturing industry and ICF-certified coach. Together, they break down the major lessons of high-, medium-, and even low-profile books about self-improvement. They hope that they can improve the world just a bit by improving themselves just a bit, and invite you to join in the discussion.

  • A Podcast for lovers of Goa Trance. We are bringing in-depth interviews with artists, label people and organizers from the golden age of the 90’s to the modern era, collecting stories of legendary parties, inspirational psychedelic experiences and all the tricks of creating the magical tunes we love. You want to know about the origins of psychedelic festival culture? How was your favorite album recorded? The secret sauce of the biggest dancefloor hits? We are here to ask the movers and shakers of the scene to find out.
    The two hosts of the show are both avid collectors and passionate fans of the original Goa sound. Psymon Peter has been behind the decks as a DJ for 2 decades and Tibes has made his mark on the scene as an organizer. In each episode they bring you a selection of the most relevant tunes from the best artists in the genre and share why those tracks are so special. Join in for a journey through space, time and sound!

  • This podcast consists of topics that will be discussed from a black girl’s perspective as well as giving positive content to my melanin sisters.💕

  • Welkom bij EYECONIC, de podcast die de wereld van brillen en optiek verkent, gehost door Gythe, zaakvoerster van De BrilBoutique. Elke aflevering duiken we diep in de fascinerende wereld van optische innovaties, stijl en design. Van de laatste modetrends in eyewear tot diepgaande gesprekken met oogzorgspecialisten en brildragers, EYECONIC brengt je de verhalen achter de brillen.

  • Glad We Had This Chat is your one-stop shop for all things beauty, skincare and beyond – hosted by the award-winning skincare expert, Caroline Hirons.

    Described as “arguably the most important figure in British beauty”, Caroline is a Number 1 bestselling author, founder of Skin Rocks and has amassed a huge loyal following with over 160million views to her eponymous blog.

    Each week Caroline delves into her contacts book and brings you brilliant chats with brilliant guests, from A-listers to the most sought-after industry experts.

    You’ll hear the interview each Monday, and every Wednesday, Caroline and her guests will be answering YOUR questions! You can send them to us at [email protected]

    Frank, honest and funny, you’ll be left thinking I'm Glad They Had That Chat.

    https://www.youtube.com/@CarolineHirons01 (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzKg_t3tPv8Aa_7JL2xXZA)

  • That Book is about those books you've always heard of but have no idea what their deal is. Hosted by Hannah Weaver and Michael Goldsmith, readers with high expectations and low standards.

  • Povestim un pic despre cei care ne construiesc copilăriile pline de imaginație și magie: scriitorii și ilustratorii de cărți pentru copii.

  • Bienvenue sur Café Crème, un podcast du master Création éditoriale multisupports de la Sorbonne. Ici, on parle des livres et des films qu'on aime et on s'interroge sur la place de la littérature dans nos vies.

  • سلام به #پادکست_هزار_قاب خوش اومدید. توی این پادکست، می خوایم بریم به سراغ آثار هنری. می خوایم با همدیگه با آثار مختلف هنری، از نقاشی و مجسمه گرفته تا معماری و... و سبک های مختلف هنری آشنا بشیم. اما پادکست هزار قاب به عنوان یه #پادکست_هنری صرفا به سراغ هنر نمیره. چون هنر، به نظرم، در کنار موجودیت خودش، یجورایی یه واسط حساب میشه. در حقیقت، اثر هنری، به خوبی می تونه از زمان خودش، پیام هایی رو به ما بده. درباره اقتصاد، درباره جامعه، درباره سیاست و خیلی ویژگی های دیگه از زمان خودش رو به ما نشون میده. اما این تنها کارکردش نیست. بلکه کارکرد جادویی هنر، به نظر من، تکراره. می خوام بگم وقتی یه اثر هنری متعلق یه مثلا دویست سال پیش رو نگاه می کنیم، در کنار برداشتمون از همون دویست سال پیش، یه برداشت شخصی و معاصر هم ازش داریم و این، جادوی هنر برام به حساب میاد.

    حالا توی پادکست هزار قاب، می خوایم یه سفر تاریخی و معاصر رو با هم شروع کنیم و... کسی چه میدونه، شاید هزار تا قاب رو با هم زندگی کردیم

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  • On discute Mode, Beauté, Relations et Entrepreneuriat !

    Des rencontres et des conversations random, avec des leçons et des réflexions qui nous permettent de "glow up" pour enfin être libres de créer notre propre empire !