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  • Folktales, myths, legends & lore from around the world! Featuring guest storytellers, herbalists, folklorists & friends…as well as the odd seasonal musing, thrown in for good measure.

  • Zanoni, a timeless Rosicrucian brother, cannot fall in love without losing his power of immortality; but he does fall in love with Viola Pisani, a promising young opera singer from Naples, the daughter of Pisani, a misunderstood Italian violinist. An English gentleman named Glyndon loves Viola as well, but is indecisive about proposing marriage, and then renounces his love in order to pursue occult study. The story develops in the days of the French Revolution in 1789. Zanoni has lived since the Chaldean civilization. His master Mejnor warns him against a love affair but Zanoni does not heed. He finally marries Viola and they have a child. As Zanoni experiences an increase in humanity, he begins to lose his gift of immortality.( Summary by Wikipedia )

  • Thoughts on Illustration is a podcast about Showing Up and Growing Up as a commercial artist. Join award-winning illustrator and top teacher, Mr. Tom Froese, as he shares valuable tips, insights, and reflections from his own experience as an illustrator. Tom wants to encourage his fellow creatives and help them get further on by sharing in a transparent, accessible way. If you are passionate about unlocking professional and personal creative fulfillment, I invite you to follow along as I do the same!

  • Yksi vieras, kaksi hostia, kolme ruokatarinaa. Perunateatterissa Teresa Välimäki ja Kirre Rainos puhuttavat vieraitaan elämän tärkeimmästä asiasta - ruoasta ja kaikesta siihen liittyvästä.

    Jos ei näistä eväistä synny hyvää podcastia, ei sitten mistään.

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  • TARGET Podcastissa puhutaan taiteesta ja elämästä. Podcast avaa TARGETin taiteellisen työn lähtökohtia ja käytäntöä esittävän taiteen ja tanssielokuvan rajapinnoilla. Ensimmäinen tuotantokausi pohjautuu somessa julkaistuun TARGET 2020 teossarjaan ja toinen tuotantokausi syksyllä 2022 julkaistavaan viisiosaiseen tanssivideosarjaan WE NEED ART. TARGETin löydät Instagramista @targethelsinki sekä Facebookista ja Vimeosta.

  • Tässä podcastissa työntekemisen kokemusasiantuntijat suoraan viihdemaailman huipulta kertovat suhteestaan työntekoon, tarinoita siitä, kun suksi luistaa hienosti ja muistelevat niitä kertoja, kun ajettiin pää edellä pöpelikköön.
    Jos kysymys ”Onko viihteen tekeminen edes työtä?” on mielestäsi relevantti, kuuntele tämä podcast.

  • Sähköautoileva vuoroviikkoisä tarinoi ruoanlaitosta ja kotiviljelystä, samalla kun hakee lapset koulusta ja käy ruokakaupassa.

  • Warlord of Mars is a Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel, the third of his famous Barsoom series. John Carter continues his quest to be reunited with his wife, the princess Dejah Thoris, and discovers more fantastic creatures and ancient mysterious Martian races. (Summary from Wikipedia)

  • John Carter's son, Carthoris, falls in love with his father's true friend, Thuvia of Ptarth, but she has been promised to another and is kidnapped by a third! Carthoris, suspected of the crime, spends the entire novel in efforts to rescue her and restore her to her fiancé. The adventures introduce to us a philosophical system or fringe science that challenges our conception of the nature of reality itself. (Summary by Thomas Copeland)

  • In this second volume of the Barsoom series, John Carter returns to Mars to learn that his heroic effort to salvage the atmosphere plant saved the planet's inhabitants, but he finds himself in the land of the dead. Luck restores his friends and even his son to him, and with them he escapes his imprisonment after unmasking (but not deposing) the cruel "goddess" Issus. He finds the Martians unready, however, to fling off their ancient religion and face the frightful truth of what "eternal peace" awaits those who make the voluntary pilgrimage to the Valley Dor. Worse, his wife's father and grandfather have failed to return from searching for him, and his wife in despair has taken the fatal pilgrimage down the River Iss. In their absence his worst enemy has seized power, and since John Carter has committed the unforgivable crime of returning from the land of the dead, all agree—for different reasons and with different intentions—that he must return to it. (Summary by T. A. Copeland)

  • Аудиорассказы из мира интернет-фольклора.

    Копипаста, или паста - это история, рождённая на просторах интернета.

    История, которая никогда не будет опубликована крупным издательством, и вряд ли попадёт в топы аудиокниг.

    История, которая давно могла утерять всякую связь со своим автором.

    История, которая может быть комичной, страшной, фантастичной, по-свойски уютной и даже поучительной. История, которых тысячи.

    И лучшие из них я буду рассказывать для вас каждый понедельник.


  • Gobookmart presents you book Review podcast. On this channel we will talk about books / novels. We will cover. How good the story is? Is it worth reading? Who will like reading the book and who should skip the book? And the end of every book review you will come to know that what you should expect while reading the particular novel. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gobookmart-review/support

  • Carina Gardner unravels the everyday joys and dilemmas of design, making, and business. This inside scoop into fabric design, paper design, die cut design, and crafting will help bring more creativity and joy in your life. Carina Gardner has a Ph.D. in Design and was the Creative Director of Cartabella Paper Co. and MiniLou. She has designed everything from dishware to bracelets under her brand. She currently designs fabric and die cutting files while teaching other designers how to create meaningful design work while making a residual income online.

  • 2 friends talk about art history and other life stuff. This will probably include a lot of swearing and may not be 100% accurate! Guests join on occasion. All opinions are our own (let's be real, we have a lot of them). Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/iminoredinarthistorypod/support

  • Join us as we sit down with the finest literary minds of Finland to discuss the qualities and quirks of Finnish literature and other literary topics!

  • Kaikki tekevät designia, joko tiedostaen tai tiedostamatta. Tässä podcastissa etsimme reseptejä parempaan designiin keskustellen ja uteliaasti kysellen. Oletko aloittava tai kaiken kokenut suunnittelija, designista kiinnostunut tai muuten vain utelias? Tule mukaan! Päämääränä parempaa designia kaikille. Tätä podcastia tekevät Tapsa, Ilkka ja Jarno. Julkaisemme uusia jaksoja pari kertaa kuukaudessa. Kysele, haasta ja kommentoi! Luemme kaikki palautteet. Tavoitat meidät Facebookista: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087476917619

  • All that we are at this very moment is a culmination of the stories and experiences of those before us.   Sit back and listen to the beautiful stories that shape us, our families and our communities.

    Welcome to The Story & Experience Podcast series. 

  • The Green Country is an audio-fiction fantasy podcast set in a backwater forest kingdom. Each month, new stories are released which feature the denizens, locations, creatures, and legends of The Green Country. The world we’ll explore in these tales is a strange, sprawling, overgrown place full of odd characters and happenings. Accompanying these stories are detailed illustrations which you’ll find at www.thegreen.country. Stay tuned for new stories each week! Thanks for listening!

  • Actress Nancy Carroll and critic Sarah Crompton offer an insider's view of theatre from different sides of the curtain. It's a frank conversation between friends that aims to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes of both their professions. There's a bit of history, and a lot of stories, some serious, some funny and all revealing some truths about what happens on stage and off.

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