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  • More than eight years before the novel opens, Anne Elliot, then a lovely, thoughtful, warm-hearted 19 year old, accepted a proposal of marriage from the handsome young naval officer Frederick Wentworth. He was clever, confident, and ambitious, but poor and with no particular family connections to recommend him. Sir Walter, Anne's fatuous, snobbish father and her equally self-involved older sister Elizabeth were dissatisfied with her choice, maintaining that he was no match for an Elliot of Kellynch Hall, the family estate. Her older friend and mentor, Lady Russell, acting in place of Anne's late mother, persuaded her to break the engagement. Now 27 and still unmarried, Anne re-encounters her former love when his sister and brother-in-law, the Crofts, take out a lease on Kellynch. Wentworth is now a captain and wealthy from maritime victories in the Napoleonic wars. However, he has not forgiven Anne for rejecting him. While publicly declaring that he is ready to marry any suitable young woman who catches his fancy, he privately resolves that he is ready to become attached to any appealing young woman except for Anne Elliot.

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  • Welcome to "Get a Heck Yes" with Carissa Woo. Carissa has been a Los Angeles wedding photographer for over a decade. She's traveled the world, built her team, and seen it all! Carissa Woo Photography won best wedding photographer by California Wedding Day 2 years in a row. She now coaches wedding photographers hit 10K a month and builds a thriving business.

    In this podcast, Carissa will deep dive into how top wedding creatives get that heck yes from their dream clients. She is not holding back on the struggles of the business and how to push through the noise. Some healthy hustle, mindset shifts, up-leveling your money story, time hacks because she's a mom of 2, a little bit of woo woo, and most important, self-love and confidence are just a few of the many things we will talk about.

    See you all soon

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    Coaching IG: @Carissawoo
    Photography IG: @carissawoophotography

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  • Suvremena prozna produkcija hrvatskih autora narativno-igrane dramaturgije, u formi serijala.
    U fokusu radio romana poznata su imena domaće književne scene: Kristian Novak, Julijana Adamović, Damir Karakaš, Ivana Šojat, Kristina Gavran, Renato Baretić, Luka Bekavac i dr.

  • GRUNND Podcast is about all things narrative, game development and other avenues of art and thereabouts.

  • Join Robby, Carter, and Wendy as they explore the vast world of drinking! As long as it's behind the bar we will be trying it! Cover Art By Wendy Lopez (@wendywithaw) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tapheads/support

  • Emisija namijenjena djeci u dobi od pet do petnaest godina koja radiofonijskim sredstvima u izvedbi profesionalnih glumaca predstavlja djela suvremenih hrvatskih književnika za djecu i mlade, dramatizacije poznatih klasika dječje književnosti te važne lektirne naslove.

  • Podcast o običnim ljudima s neobičnim pričama. Oni su baš poput vas, idu u školu, bave se sportom, rade, posvećeni su obitelji i prijateljima, imaju hobije, nemaju puno vremena… Međusobno se razlikuju, no jedno ih povezuje: oni čitaju i čitanje im je važno. Imaju tisuće različitih razloga za čitanje. Svaki je duboko intiman i jednako vrijedan i spremni su ih podijeliti s vama.

  • The Birmingham Literature Festival Podcast - Welcome to the very first Birmingham Literature Festival podcast, bringing writers and readers together to discuss some of 2020’s best books. Each Thursday we’ll be releasing new episodes of the podcast, including wonderful discussions about writing, poetry, big ideas and social issues. Join us each week for exciting and inspiring conversations with new, and familiar, writers from the Midlands and beyond.

  • Italian Art Pods is a podcast channel run by Erika and Beatrice – two Italian native speakers who are passionate about Italian art and literature.
    The aim of this podcast is to bring Italian art and literature to you using the beautiful Italian language. There’s no better way to spread the culture of a country than to use its own language, its nuances and melody.

    This Podcast is for those who are learning Italian and for those who are Italian or already speak Italian. If you are learning Italian, you can become a member and receive exclusive content to support your learning whilst listening to the episodes.

    You can visit the website at www.italianartpods.com to become a member, subscribe to the newsletter, get in touch or make a donation if you are enjoying the show. This channel is currently self-funding so donations are very appreciated.

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  • A podcast exploring the intersection of philosophy and literature.

  • Welcome to the Fearful Artist podcast, where we discuss what art is to you, how to reach your artistic goals and endeavors and what's holding you back from being the best artist you can be.

  • Join Andie and Ahnna as they re-discover Middle-earth together by comparing the Lord of the Rings books to their various adaptations, starting with Peter Jackson's epic film trilogy.

  • An ancient and cruel religion, The Purpose, deifies children for their deformities—a beautiful girl with three arms, a brave boy with one eye... the exceptional list goes on. Painted and costumed, they are worshiped on stage. Shy and exposed, they are ridiculed in the streets, often by the same faces. Glorious or repulsive? Gods or freaks? How deep will the identity divide be dredged, and to which side will the truth finally tip? Out of the city, through strange forests and dark dreams, we follow six young friends as they chase their answer. Lightning-lit and pulling moon into mountain, it awaits them at the top of the world.
    AREH (a full-length novel presented here in audiobook form) is written by me, Jeffrey Kinsey, and narrated by the popular voice actor, Michael Crouch.
    Learn more about my writing, artwork, and music at jeffreykinsey.com

  • Business of Home's editor in chief Kaitlin Petersen talks to interior designers about nurturing creativity, finding a firm’s financial footing, setting goals and discovering their own version of success as a result.

  • On the Grid is a podcast featuring Matt McInerney, Andy Mangold & Dan Auer thinking out loud about design weekly.

  • Siamo alle soglie della seconda guerra mondiale. In una sala da ballo, a San Lorenzo, un quartiere popolare della capitale, due giovani si conoscono e si legano profondamente, danzando al ritmo di un tango. Siamo in pieno ventennio fascista; i ricordi di infanzia del protagonista ritornano alle sue estati nella colonia romagnola per i figli degli italiani all'estero, trascorse sulle rive di Cattolica, e all'interno di imponenti costruzioni futuriste, dove campeggia nei corridoi il volto del Duce. Lo spettro della guerra si fa incombente e sospende il legame tra i due innamorati, costringendo Ludovico a partire per il fronte. Ludovico non torna, ma la vita continua, e il suo ricordo rimane, grazie al bambino che la sua amata porta in grembo, a cui verrà messo il nome del padre. Esistono due mondi, intensamente intrecciati tra loro: quello scandito dall'orologio e dall'alternarsi delle stagioni, in cui Ludovico e Viviana vivono separati, e quello fatto di pensieri e presenze immateriali, in cui i due sono indissolubili e vicini per tutta la vita. Riusciranno mai ad incontrarsi?