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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Allworld Online is a reader-driven web serial created and read by science fiction and fantasy author Lindsey Sparks. ALLWORLD ONLINE is an endless and abundant virtual world, programmed with playable and interactive versions of almost every video game, movie, TV show, and book ever created. SEASON 1 (Pride & Prejudice) The virtual world of Austentopia is every Jane Austen fan’s dream...until it becomes a nightmare.

  • Actor/meditation teacher Jeff Kober shares a daily dose of spiritual reflection laced with humor and occasional profanity on the Embracing Bliss podcast. From darkness to light, just a little each day, consciousness can be changed. Embracing Bliss shows us how.

  • Lucy Aylen, founder of Globally renowned fashion label Never Fully Dressed brings the brand’s personality to life via their brand new podcast showing they are ‘more than a fashion brand’.Artwork by @kittyandrex

  • In my new podcast, Iโ€™m sitting down with fascinating people from all walks of life - business icons, entrepreneurs, artisans, old friends and new friends. They all have one thing in common: they inspire and intrigue me. And I think they will inspire and intrigue you!
    Tune in each week for these intimate, in-depth, probing conversations. Youโ€™ll learn something new in every episode.

  • Each week Jane Webster and Wendy Harrop use a love letter as a springboard for soulful and rich conversation. What is a love letter? It is a letter, a text, a poem, a direct message, a drawing, a voice message, a watercolor, a recipe, a cup of tea, a smile, a home-baked meal delivered. It's anything that connects us and makes us feel all those messy emotions, that without life would be pretty beige.“What is most personal is most universal.” ~ Carl R. RogersWhat connects them to the letter will undoubtedly connect you as well.

  • This mindfulness podcast series incorporates ASMR elements to help reduce your stress, relieve your anxiety, and lull you to sleep. We begin every episode with a short, mindfulness meditation breathing exercise to get you relaxed and centered. Then we dive into a short story to encourage your mind to begin a restful sleep. So, settle into bed, tuck in the covers, and snuggle up as your host, Cari Favole, reads you a bedtime story. Cari Favole has a Certificate of Accreditation as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Practitioner from The Priority Academy, instructed by Graham Nicholls, and is a professional freelance voice over actress. "Stories to Fall Asleep To" is the second season of "Reading with Cari”.

  • You know what's hot? Coming out. Tiktok's gay gossip girl Kales_0 is joined by her co-host Mel to talk coming out, celesbian drama, and the unhinged truth of being LGBTQ.Watch the video on youtube and check out our socials https://linktr.ee/kales_0

  • Right from its famous opening scene which begins, “Thunder and lightning. Enter Three Witches” The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare holds the reader fast in a stirring, monumental experience that plumbs the depths of the human soul and reveals its most morbid secrets.

    The play is set in medieval Scotland. It is based partly on historical facts and recounts the tale of Macbeth, who was a king in Scotland, according to The Holinshead Chronicles, a book published in 1577. This book was extensively used by contemporary playwrights like Shakespeare and Marlowe as inspiration for their themes, characters and events. Though Shakespeare did use some of the material found in Holinshead, the final product is entirely his own and he fleshed-out and created most of the principal characters himself in a play that is considered his darkest, most ominous and most powerful tragedy.

    The Tragedy of Macbeth is also one that explores the nature of the supernatural in our lives. The play begins with Macbeth and Banquo, two army generals in the employ of their king, Duncan, returning victorious from two different wars. As they cross a dark and lonely heath, they encounter three women who predict that Macbeth will be named Thane of Cawdor and one day reign as King of Scotland and that Banquo will beget an illustrious line of noble descendants who will one day rule the land, though Banquo himself will never reign. The two men are skeptical, but their disbelief begins to vanish when messengers arrive with the news that Macbeth has been elevated to the rank of Thane of Cawdor! This sets off a train of devastating events. Macbeth's ambitious and evil wife, Lady Macbeth, is willing to go to any lengths to achieve her ends. Plots, treason, murder, ghosts, war and suicide follow, in a terrible mélange.

    Macbeth is Shakespeare's shortest tragedy. It deals with issues that are relevant even today. The overarching greed for power at any cost, the breakdown of morality, corruption and unbridled ambition, cruelty and its effect on the soul, omens and portents, superstitions and violence are some of the dark themes explored.

    Since it was first performed in the 1600s, Macbeth has remained one of the most widely enacted plays in the world, been translated into hundreds of world languages, given contemporary twists, adapted for film, television, studied in schools and universities and been the subject of psychological, sociological and political research.

    Ultimately, it remains one of the most remarkable portrayals of the shadowy and unlit spaces of the human heart.

  • The lady nerds of The Bluestocking Circle discuss books, movies, television, and more, with an emphasis on fantasy, science fiction, and nostalgia. Join The Bluestocking Circle at thebluestockingcircle.com.

  • Nina-Marie Scalera is an accomplished New York City bartender with a heavy pour and an even heavier personality. She loves wining and dining around the city’s popular spots and hidden gems giving takes on service, experience and ambiance. Listen along to what this cheeky bartender sees from her side of the bar as she makes her parents proud by slinging drinks instead of using her college degree.

  • Every episode, we pair a bottle of wine with the latest book we've read. Then, of course, we talk about it.

  • If you want to gain knowledge and insights into how to run a trade business, this podcast is for YOU!

    We kick off with our first Audiobook - Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up.

    The purpose of Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up is straightforward: to provide you with the exact steps to build a profitable trade business by addressing the problems you’re facing — keeping up with technology, charging the right hourly rate, managing your cash flow, marketing, customer retention, and chasing debt. Written by Andy and Angela Smith, fellow trade business owners and co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie, this must-have book captures trade-specific strategies that work.

    With chapters released weekly, you'll be able to get your business back on track and build the trade business your deserve.

  • Everybody eats, but who gets to define what good food is? Join food writer Jess Ho on a journey through their pantry to dissect how Australian palates came to be. Meet expert eaters, farmers, researchers and chefs fighting to have their voice recognised - through the ingredients they champion, the aisles they stock, the prices they charge and the people they hire. People who dare to think differently and are all curious about the same question: what is good taste anyway?

  • American Song is a podcast that traces the origins and development of American - and ultimately world-wide - forms of modern musical entertainment. Over time, we will trace every major genre from its origins through the current day.American Song looks at the development of our music through the lens of social, political, and economic changes that were occurring in each case, and we'll feature the most important musicians in each genre.Every episode is chock-full of the music we love and where possible, we include archival interviews so you can hear about, in the actual words and voices of these great musicians and singers, the motives and passions that drove their creativity.

  • Brewing Up Creativity, hosted by award-winning graphic designer Danielle LaBonté, is a creatively inspiring podcast series that revolves around talking to creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and mentors around the world to promote creativity and create an engaging and inspiring community. Discussion topics vary from discovering passions, creative exploration and journeys, freelancing, running a creative business/studio, talent discovery, creative inspiration, and much more. Find us online at: @brewingupcreativity#brewingupcreativity

  • A podcast built for lovers of craft beer. Hosted by "Wort Wrangler" (a brewer chasing the comedy career dream). This podcast is devoted to all things craft beer, craft beer industry, brewing, some hits of pop culture and news while projected in the most entertaining way possible.

  • Author Laura Hurwitz reads you a story, continued week to week.

  • Untamed is a podcast dedicated to empowering lash artists while showing how much fun it is to be a lash nerd. Each week hosts Cheryl and AnneMarie share their passion for lashes. They discuss challenges, best practices, and what the future holds for the lash industry.

  • From the Walrus and Carpenter bookstore in Pocatello ID, two self-published yokels discuss literature, life, philosophy. Conversations are stimulated by a different book or author.

  • A podcast dedicated to opening theater doors through conversations with artists all around the world.