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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Welcome to the official NAKID podcast ‘LET'S GET NAKID‘! Founder of NAKID and host Dustin Hollywood is joined by Austin native and host Mr. Dunivan every week to have raw conversations on a range of topics with special guests ranging from artists and brands to entrepreneurs, musicians, designers, and coders, crypto/blockchain experts and so much more! We bring you the guests in the industries that matter to you who are pushing the limits of what they do and having some fun while we do it!

  • Steven Spierer Show
    Steven Spierer discussing Legal and Personal advice.

  • Relax to wonderful End User License Agreement and Terms of Services for popular software read to you. Sleep ASMR

  • Join the Design Explorers for a journey into the world of design for travel, and hear the stories behind the creative work from Agoda's design team. Each episode features our candid thoughts, insights, and experiences in product design at our global digital travel platform, where you can book hotels, vacation rentals, and flights worldwide. We're passionate about design and travel, and how they positively affect each other to inspire great work and unforgettable journeys. Check in to Design Explorers and you'll understand why!

  • Jeff Antoniuk is your personal guide through the confusing and sometimes contradictory landscape of learning the art of Jazz Improvisation. His approach to teaching jazz has been developed over the past 25+ years by helping thousands of aspiring adult students pursue their passion and gain confidence in the process. He has one goal in mind - to help you become a better jazz improviser.Learn more at www.JazzWire.net

  • Human-Centered Design, the theory, the practice, what does it all mean. Join Dr. Dani Chesson, and Designer Peter Allan to explore topics related to the theory and practice of human-centered design.

  • Making money isn’t usually the top priority for big vision creators — making a difference is.

    But without financial power, the diverse and unique solutions that you bring to the world as a creative entrepreneur aren’t able to see the light of day. And you are left burned out and exhausted.

    This show is designed for the big vision creators — artists, designers, freelancers, and purple-haired, punk rock weirdos — to answer the question: “If you had your taxes, retirement, and investing on lock, how big of an impact could you make on the world with your creative work?”

    Your host, Hannah Cole, is both an artist and a tax expert, and the founder of Sunlight Tax. In each episode, she and her guests will explore the connection between financial power and creative success, uncovering the unique money mindset and financial management shifts that help creators like you have a bigger impact with your work. From what you need to know about self-employment taxes and bookkeeping, to unlocking your vision, you'll have everything you need to become more successful — and have a bigger impact — in your creative career.

    Hannah has supported thousands of creatives with accessible tax and business setup skills through her signature program, Money Bootcamp. You can learn more at sunlighttax.com and connect on Instagram at @sunlighttax.

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  • Have you ever heard the terms "digital ownership, web3, and NFTs? Whether you are into it or not, this show isn't about those things. It's simply the stories of how people came to them and what they're doing with them now. Welcome to Odds and Ends, a discovery of the people that make up this incredible, eclectic community. Online, I go by Classic_Craig and my co-host is BitFloorsGhost. You can find us on Twitter and in Discord all the time, but we wanted to take things from behind those digital doors and into your listening queue because of the amazing things you might not know about the people hanging out here! We won't only talk about the internet, so join us on this journey and you'll get to know some amazing people!

  • Join Will Ruch, employer branding expert, and other human resources and marketing pros as they share their stories, ideas and advice on building your workplace brand. Gain actionable tips from industry leaders on finding and retaining talent, your most valuable resource.

  • Take a behind the scenes look into the world of Sir Henry' s Haunted Trail! We talk about past events, upcoming attractions and all of our future endeavors. Hear the stories that make Sir Henry's Haunted Trail what it is and discover the team that creates it.

  • Weekly Episodes of The Whisky Influencer Series: The Good Guy Drinks Whisky

  • Master Brewer Dan Carey shares his cellar notes, musings on beer, and his own brewing and brewery adventures. Other guests include chatty folks from his Brewery Team.

  • The Creative Gap Podcast is for Filmmakers, Entrepreneurs & Creatives. Our goal is to provide conversations around rarely-discussed topics, including Personal Finance, Mental Health, Business, Investments, Relationships, Freelance Life and so much more. Hear from weekly guests on all podcasting platforms.

  • Single-serving actual play from the weird and wonderful world of collaborative storytelling.

  • A Locked Tomb reread podcast where we simultaneously unpack wtf is going on in Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth. We unapologetically obsess over Gideon, Harrow, and every other beloved and dreadful character. This podcast is FILLED with spoliers - both from Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth. First time readers: come back once you've finished both books!

  • A podcast dedicated to all things Harry Potter Fan Fiction. We are starting with Alexandra Quick series, a series that puts a unique perspective on the wizarding world in America. New episodes drop every Sunday.

  • Welcome to The Tony Howell Podcast: Conversations with Changemakers, where you’ll find enlightening one-on-one conversations with artists and thought leaders who are changing the world (and the world wide web) with their work.
    The theme of this podcast revolves around the central question: How can you use your work to change the world?
    Guests who have shared their wisdom include award-winning artists like Susan Stroman, Ken Davenport, Sierra Boggess, Telly Leung, Roma Torre, Marie Forleo, Nathan Lee Graham, and Lea Salonga.
    The leading business coach and digital designer for artists in NYC, on occasion Tony may share his original strategies and formulas to help honor your past, present your present, and design our future.

  • A bi-weekly show where we talk about the intersection of two passions: food and photography. Every other Wednesday, food photographer, Mica McCook sits down to chat with the best food photographers, food stylists, art directors, and PR peeps in the industry so that you feast on only the best tips and strategies in the business.

  • This is a podcast dedicated to telling what really happens in the modern winery. We're here for the everyday garage winemaker, to those who have just graduated to the seasoned veteran. We start with the basics and move in to some of the more detailed in depth enology subjects. We always strive to be as factual as possible, but sometimes we'll miss something. We also will tell our story and our journey, and from time to time we'll have others on to tell their journey in the wine world.