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  • "Si no lo puedo tocar, no lo puedo recordar" Esto se lo escucho a mi mujer que es mucho más lista que yo. En una sola frase ha condensado algo que llevo observando en los últimos años: nos aferramos a los objetos porque no queremos que desaparezcan. Nuestra vida está siendo subida a la nube. Las canciones subversivas que escuché en mi adolescencia ahora pertenece a una plataforma ultracapitalista. Los álbumes de fotos de nuestras vacaciones en la Manga del Mar Menor, se han reconvertido en una Story de Instagram.

    Por eso es hora de hablar sobre aquello que podemos tocar, aquello que nos rodea, lo tangible. Cosas con las que vivimos en nuestro día a día y que, detrás de ellas, esconden historias. Historias que trataremos de contar en este pódcast. Porque no son solo cosas, son material narrativo.

    Jorge Corrales.

  • #De12a2 es radio de cerca, directa, sencilla y con su puntito.
    Un programa para la mañana de los sábados –o para cualquier momento del día y de la semana, con su podcast- con mucho que contar y compartir.
    Variedad de temas tratados de manera fresca y entretenida: Internet, cultura en muy diversas formas y expresiones, planes, música, …Todo, reunido bajo la dirección y conducción de Paco Cremades, voz clásica e inconfundible de la radio española, con más de 25 años de trayectoria profesional, acompañado por colaboradores especializados y entusiastas que en un tono divertido te llevan de la mano de un espacio a otro.
    En la primera hora encontrarás un gran cajón de contenidos que enganchan como la sección Social Media sobre redes sociales, consejos para todos en el uso de Internet, la Salud Visual con Óptica Císcar, la gastronomía en Café y Cova, y la creatividad y vida sostenible con las chicas de Valencia Creaktiva.
    La segunda hora de programa es eminentemente musical. Empezamos con el ritual de un buen cocktail y la dosis adecuada de música en un concepto completamente nuevo como es nuestro Musicocktail. Y continuamos con La Música de su Vida, Las 5 de…, la ocasión para conocer con calma y un plus de complicidad las cinco canciones que han marcado la vida de un invitado, siempre un apasionado de la música y muy relacionado con ella. Artistas, periodistas, managers, …comparten sus recuerdos en un espacio íntimo y fascinante.
    En directo todos los sábados por la mañana #De12a2 en Gestiona Radio Valencia, 107.1 FM, a través de TuneIn y de la web gestionaradiovalencia.com

  • This novel tells about the daily activity that is occurred in March family’s house. A family consists of Mrs. March and her four daughters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Her father, Mr. March fights in the civil war that is occurred around the year 1860. Meg as the eldest and the most beautiful woman among them all and she wants to become a housewife. Jo is a tomboy character and she has a dream to become a famous writer. Beth is a soft girl and she loves to play music. She hopes she could be a great musician. Meanwhile, Amy is a spoiled girl who wants to be a great painter. They are very lucky because they have a mother like a Mrs. March. She has a soft heart nature and she is wise. Although she must take care her four the children alone, she never complained. Alcott story begin with the four March girls sitting in their living room, lamenting their poverty. The girls decide that each of them will bering a gift for their mother, Marmee, instead of having a gift for themselves on Christmas. Marmee comes home with a letter from Mr. March. The letter inspires the girl to struggle againts their burdens more cheerfully and not to complain about their poverty. On Chistmas the girls then give Marmee her gifts and perform a play, operatic tragedy. One day, Meg and Jo attend a New Year’s Party at home of Meg’s wealthy friend, Sally Gardiner. At the party, Jo meets Laurie, the grandson of old Mr. Laurence. Mr. Laurence is the best friends of Mr. March. The girls have various adventures. Meg and find work outside the home to help support the family. Meg spends her days teaching small children as a governess. Jo spends time reading and caring for her Aunt March and wishes that she could read all the books in her Aunt’s library. At some point, Laurie invites Jo and Meg to watch the Seven Castle of the Diamond Lake. Jo refused to let Amy go with her to theater. Upon arriving home Jo learns that Amy burns Jo’s manuscript which her feel so hurt and crushed that she cannot ever forgive Amy. In her anger, she nearly lets Amy drown while ice skating. Because of Marmee, finally Jo can forgive her liltle sister. Then story resolves around Pretty Meg who attends Annie Moffat’s party. However, Meg is ashamed that her family is poor and that she cannot afford a new dress like the others girls. While at the party, she hears that people think she intends to marry Laurie just for his money. One day, the family received a telegram saying that Mr. March is sick in the hospital in Washington, D.C. Marmee goes to treat him and Jo sells her hair to help financing the trip. While Mrs. March on Washington, the baby of Hummel family is very ill which results in Baby’s death of scarlet fever. Beth returns and is confined to bed, Amy is sent to Aunt March’s house because of the fear of her contracting the fever. Beth are dying on the brink of death until Marmee returns. Finally, the fever breaks. Later, the story tells about Mr. Brooke who will get a job. Then he asks Meg to marry him. Jo is very upset at the prospect of loosing her sister, but Marmee tries to comfort her. On Christmas Day, Mr. March returns home. The girls are happy to see him and finally the March family is complete.

  • Resumen por escenas de LDB de Valle Inclán para selectividad.

  • Joe and Lauren are wonderful friends who have a lot in common: one common interest being books. Each week, they will each review a book they recently read, from new releases to old classics and everything in between, from thrillers to romantic comedies, history to true crime, biographies to…..other biographies. So listen and read along!

  • ¡Holaaa lectoras📚! Bienvenidas a nuestro podcast Just One More Chapter, un espacio donde los protagonistas serán los libros. Queremos hacer de este un espacio en el que podamos hablar de literatura juvenil de una manera cercana e informal. Trataremos temas como nuestras lecturas favoritas, novedades, personajes, temáticas, tropes, etc. ¡No os lo perdáis!
    Instagram: @jonemorechapter
    TikTok: @jonemorechapter

  • La quinta di copertina di un libro non esiste. 
    Esistono la trama e le informazioni sull’autore, ma noi - avidi lettori - in genere vogliamo saperne di piú!
    Com'è nata l’idea del romanzo? Quali sono i modelli che hanno ispirato l'autore? I personaggi hanno qualche legame con la realtá?
    Un luogo senza tempo e senza spazio dove trovare risposta alle troppe domande rimaste inevase.
    Un posto intimo e nascosto dove scoprire i segreti e i retroscena di un libro, in un dialogo sincero con l’autore.

    Quinta di copertina: il diario segreto di chi scrive, nel talk podcast di Francesca Silvia Loiacono, firmato Podcastory.

  • Um podcast de Cultura, política e entretenimento
    Aqui você vai achar os assuntos que mais movimentaram a sua semana e muito mais.
    Aqui você conseguirá as melhores dicas de como consumir arte sem sair de casa, e aquela sugestão de filme que você vai adorar
    Vem com agente aperta o play e bora conversar

  • Poesías, cuentos y relatos musicalizados Sobre amor, aroma y sabor. Autoría de Paty Rubio

  • Hablamos y opinamos, de la obra literaria, que fue escrita durante el siglo de oro; "Don gil de las calzas verdes". Nos gustó? La recomendamos?. Todo esto y más junto a Yanira Zeballos e Ignacia Reyes.

  • Have you ever wondered what inspired a piece of art that moved you? Or what pushed an artist to pursue their career? Muse deconstructs the flames that have sparked creative innovation through in-depth conversations with musicians, authors, and artistic creators of the like.


  • Break down the 4th Wall with Paul James Rooney and guest hosts. Discuss everything in the world dance and theatre. From training, life on tour, body issues, performance mishaps and much more.

  • RawPods are conversations & poetry recitations to support Rawanee’s efforts in #CommunityCreativity and focus on literary and artistic preservation, and innovation.Rawanee aims to revive & nurture a love for thought, poetry, prose and all forms of storytelling. Our community’s voice is rooted, authentic and progressive. Connect with us: WEBSITE & EMAIL: Rawanee.com [email protected] SOCIAL:Instagram.com/Rawanee.creativesTwitter.com/RawaneeCreativeFacebook.com/Rawanee.creatives#Poetry #Literature #Thought #Art #Design #Storytelling #urdu #english

  • Espacio para difundir, desarrollar, promover y discutir el arte audiovisual y cinematográfico nacional e internacional. Compartiendo de forma amena y relajada las noticias, acontecimientos, propuestas, convocatorias y actividades del cine.

  • What can music do that words can’t? What can be expressed in language better than in sound? In this series, Maurice Walters (author and educationalist) and Christopher Sparkhall (Compser and Musical Director) take a thematic look across history and examine the ways in which words and music have been employed by humanity to approach some of the most complex and emotive concepts of existence.

  • Radio Popular - Herri Irratia te lleva a casa el apasionante mundo de la ópera, la zarzuela, el teatro musical y mucho más, en La traviata con Margarita Lorenzo de Reizabal.

    Los miércoles por la tarde (nuestra maestra) Margarita Lorenzo de Reizabal te conducirá de la mano por los vericuetos de los escenarios líricos para descubrir los secretos de las óperas y zarzuelas, los mejores libretos, las arias más espectaculares y todo lo que debes saber sobre los personajes, las mejores voces del pasado y actuales, los coros de ópera y los compositores.

    Si te gusta la lírica, La traviata es tu programa de cabecera. Si crees que la ópera no va contigo, descubre la magia del teatro musical con La traviata y contágiate de la pasión por la lírica.

    Los martes a las 20:00 tienes una cita con el mundo de la ópera y la zarzuela en Radio Popular - Herri Irratia con Margarita Lorenzo de Reizabal en La traviata. ¡Pasión por la lírica!

  • Bienvenidos al podcast de Molinos de Letras, un programa conducido por Joel Almaguer que versa sobre Literatura y Música y los senderos que unen a estas dos maravillosas artes.

    Una producción de Sala Prisma Podcast y Radio Concierto México