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  • Ляля Кандаурова — автор популярных лекций и книг о классической музыке, лауреатка премии "Просветитель". Денис Бояринов больше 20 лет пишет о современной российской и зарубежной музыке — в диапазоне от андеграундной электроники до феноменов поп и рок-мейнстрима. "Полчаса музыки" — их "семейный" подкаст о новой и старой музыке, не поделенной на жанры: "Немалая часть нашей семейной жизни посвящена музыке — ее совместному прослушиванию, обдумыванию и обсуждению. Постоянно открывая что-то новое друг для друга, мы решили завести легкий разговорный подкаст, чтобы делиться своими музыкальными находками с вами". В каждом выпуске — истории о музыкантах прошлого и настоящего, забытые сокровища и горячие новинки, экспертиза и личный взгляд на самую разную музыку — от старинной до электронной.

    Телеграм канал Ляли Кандауровой: https://t.me/akifiniki

    Почта для связи: [email protected]

  • This in-depth biography chronicles the meteoric rise of K-pop sensation TWICE, from their multinational origins on the 2015 reality show "Sixteen" to their current status as one of the most successful and influential girl groups in history. It explores their debut and early hits like "OOH-AHH하게" and "CHEER UP," breakthrough albums and eras like "TT," "Signal," and "What is Love?," their artistic evolution and maturity on projects like "Feel Special" and "Formula of Love," their global impact and endless accolades, advocacy efforts, and undeniable legacy as K-pop trailblazers. With captivating details on their music, visuals, live performances and unwavering popularity, it paints a comprehensive portrait of TWICE's incredible journey as 21st century pop icons.

  • What do these things all have in common?

    The Elephant Man, The Producers, Vanilla Sky, Academy Awards, Viral Hits, Famous Actors, Untold Stories, Hollywood secrets, may the Schwartz be with you, life lessons, business lessons, special forces, world travel and impossible adventures?

    You guessed it... The WrapBook Podcast with Jonathan Sanger, Academy award winning Hollywood producer, and Daniel Brea. Award winning media producer and entertainment entrepreneur.

    Join us for hard to believe stories, exciting conversations and golden nuggets you never knew about some of your favorite films and media projects. In this joint venture of classic big Hollywood and new online media, exciting new discoveries are made, secrets revealed and topics discussed that will keep every film & media fan and professional laughing, thinking and saying "wow...I never knew THAT!".

    So wether you're an avid fan of films and television, an aspiring or established actor, filmmaker or entrepreneur... You should not miss a single episode of The WrapBook Podcast.
    It's just as entertaining as it is surprising and educational.

    See you inside! And PLEASE share this with a friend who needs a break from life!
    And of course, if you could leave us a comment and review about your favorite moment - that would be swell too.

  • Your ausländer ride home, talking art in Berlin with Arthur Laidlaw & Alise Careva

  • This episode discusses why the D-Day paratroopers were unable to complete their entire mission. It also discusses, some of what was accomplished by these men as well.

  • Agave Talk is you number source for everything agave!

    Follow us to hear reviews, showcases, interviews, news, and to learn all about agave spirits such as but not limited to tequila and mezcal.

  • The editors of the Book Worms Horror Zine, James DeFeo, and Regina Saint Claire, offer tips on creativity. Whether you are a writer, musician, fine artist, or just someone wanting to introduce more creativity into your life, this podcast is for you. So join Regina in her haunted library and James in his Office of Demonology to push your creativity to the next level.

  • Je vous propose de découvrir mon livre "Danger Zone" témoignage d'un professionnel de la gestion de crise.
    Si cette lecture vous inspire n'hésitez pas à vous procurer le livre sur toutes les plateformes de vente.
    Je reverse l'intégralité de mes droits d'auteur au profit des blessés, veuves et orphelins de guerre.

    N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous souhaitez me faire intervenir ou pour des dédicaces.

    Et si le livre vous plait, n’hésitez pas à écrire un commentaire sur les plateformes de vente en ligne !

    Pour découvrir plus d'information sur l'ouvrage visitez www.dangerzonethebook.com

  • Tune in for insights, reflections and diversions about the business of writing and being published.

    Join Lynn Michell, author of fiction and non-fiction and proprietor of Linen Press, in conversation with Derek Thompson, serial author and occasional gag writer, as they chat about what it means to write and to be a writer, and the state of the publishing industry. With occasional reference to biscuits.

    Lynn: https://www.linen-press.com/authors/lynn-michell/
    Derek: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Derek-Thompson/e/B0034ORY08

  • On this fortnightly podcast, you will hear exclusive interviews with globally-renowned comedians, storytellers and performers! These interviews will act as a fantastic resource for aspiring comedians, and stand-up fans alike.Angel Comedy puts on live comedy every night of the week in Islington, London. See what's on at https://www.angelcomedy.co.uk.Instagram @angelcomedy.Twitter @angelcomedy.The Bill Murray Pub @billmurraypub

    There will be an extended cut, as well as exclusive episodes on our Patreon page: patreon.com/angelcomedy. Enjoy!

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • In the process is inviting the listener into the creative journey a musician may be facing when involved i music related project, we are 5 hosts all enrolled at Jyske Musikkonservatorium in Aalborg connecting us to a big network of aspiring artist.

  • Come along for a culinary thrill as Foods That Matter transports the epicures, the foodies, and the gastronauts to different corners of the world through stories of adventure with food archeologist John Robert Sutton, also known as 'The Indiana Jones of Food.'
    John has invited us to continue unlocking the secrets to the globe's most extraordinary cuisines, as he's been doing throughout his travel in over 120 countries. While he pushes on enriching top grocery stores and Michelin-starred chefs with the finest ingredients and powering them with the most unique and sustainable products, John is bringing us along with him to where these rare foods can be found.
    Listen and gain insider knowledge on trending foods, deep insights into food culture, and a comprehensive understanding of what you're eating, including food origins. Plus, learn how to discover these culinary treasures on your own.

  • Parallel to its ongoing research colloquium, the ICI Berlin organizes public events on a wide range of topics. Its core project draws input from and is reflected in an accompanying lecture series.

  • Welcome! This is a book review channel where I try to give spoiler-free summaries, lessons, and deep-dive opinions on books that I've read to get out of my reading slump. 🕯

    This is dedicated to book lovers whose TBR is piling up and are having a hard time to finish a title. I'm Jili and join me in my reading journey! Cheers to grabbing a book instead of our phones, and scrolling through pages, instead our digital screens, except when it's an ebook. 📚

    Lend me your thoughts or recommend me a title: [email protected] or instagram.com/outthereadingslump/

  • When iconic director, actor, critic and historian Peter Bogdanovich was getting his start in the movie business, he had the opportunity to interview some of the greatest directors of the Golden Age of Hollywood, including Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Howard Hawks, and John Ford. In the process, he accumulated a treasure trove of conversations with masters of cinema. Near the end of his own storied career, and what would turn out to be the end of his life, Bogdanovich decided to take his career full circle and began to interview his favorite contemporary directors about their heroes from the past. Bogdanovich passed away before this project could be completed. His ex-wife Louise Stratten stepped in to serve as narrator and co-host, with three-time Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro filling in as host for the final three episodes.
    One Handshake Away is a collection of unprecedented longform conversations with some of the most acclaimed directors working today. Quentin Tarantino, Ken Burns, Greta Gerwig and others pay homage to the influence of the directorial legends of the past, bringing listeners One Handshake Away from the icons of Hollywood's past and present. 

  • (Re)Start - это подкаст для тех, кому только предстоит принять сложное решение, которое может стать началом новой главы жизни, где еще ничего неизвестно, от тех, кто это уже сделал и готов рассказать свою историю.

    Но всегда стоит помнить, что пока выбор еще не сделан - возможно все!