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  • An insightful podcast reaching all topics of physics while diving into the philosophical connections that build up our perception of the world around us.

  • Solving national security challenges means turning to scientific and technological excellence. Tune in for stories from across Los Alamos National Laboratory that explore the many fascinating ways we’re working to do just that.

  • Les différentes saisons de ce podcast concernent les relations humaines et l'éducation. D'autres thématiques "surprises" sont prévues. Vous aurez le plaisir d'écouter également l'émission "Ce Que J'aurais Aimé Savoir" en plusieurs épisodes, et peut-être en plusieurs saisons, sait-on jamais!

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    Evenya Kodjo alias The iRick dont les créations musicales sont utilisées dans ce podcast.

  • We are delighted to announce the new PGR and ECR led podcast ‘Insecure: A Security Podcast’ funded by the Centre for Global Security Challenges (CGSC). The creation of the channel marks an exciting development in the collaborative research culture of the CGSC and POLIS at the University of Leeds, providing a new platform to discuss the centre members’ cutting-edge research and disseminate it to a diverse audience. Each episode will engage with one of the CGSC’s core research themes whilst engaging with the range of scholarship taking place within the CGSC and relevant current events. Listeners will be encouraged to engage with upcoming podcast topics by submitting their questions to us and the speakers on Twitter @InsecurePod. The podcast is hosted by Marine Guéguin (@GueguinMarine), a postgraduate researcher in POLIS, and Dr Harrison Swinhoe (@HarrySwinhoe), with the goal of advancing the CGSC’s innovative research by strengthening the centre’s existing research culture and fostering new academic relationships between postgraduates, early career researchers and more established academics. Guests on the channel will have the chance to showcase their work to a diverse audience whilst critically engaging with the implications of work for both policy and future research. Follow ‘Insecure: A Security Podcast’ on Twitter ( and contact us via email at [email protected]

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  • Why flowers? Why do they exist, how do we live around them, thanks to them, or with them? In the fields, in florists' stores or in the intimacy of our homes, flowers bridge the gap between our urban world and nature, and give rise to poetry and respect for all living things. 


    In the Kenzo Parfums "Flowers" podcast, we meet the actors and actresses of the flower world. Each in their own field, they work to build an imaginary flower that is as realistic as it is poetic, and to inspire the respect that flowers deserve. We discover their work, in France and abroad, with Masami-Charlotte Lavault, a committed flower grower, Flower by Kenzo ambassador since 2022 and founder of 'Plein air', a flower farm in the heart of Paris.

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  • Original audio drama with spectacular soundscapes, based on the Greco-Roman myths behind the constellations. Written and directed by Bibi Jacob, these moving and sometimes humorous tales, brim with tragedy, injustice, and violence.

  • С вами первый социологический подкаст и его ведущие Никита Снегирев и Никита Гричин. В позитивной обстановке травим социологические байки, рассказываем про общество и тренды, идеи, мифы и устройство повседневности. Иначе говоря, отправляемся в увлекательное путешествие в поисках Леса за деревьями.

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  • The Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) is a radically interdisciplinary research programme that views inequality as both a fundamental challenge to human well-being and as an impediment to achieving the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda.

    In this podcast, we aim to explore and illuminate all aspects of global inequality and to investigate the possible ways of addressing these inequalities.

  • Tune in to The EASY Organic Gardener with Sheri Frey for expert advice on organic gardening and natural pest control!

    Since 1979 Sheri has been co-owner and vice president of ARBICO Organics. ARBICO Organics produces and markets organic and natural products for home, business, garden, lawn, farm and pets. Products include beneficial insects and organisms, fertilizers and soil amendments, weed and disease controls, composting supplies, insecticides, critter controls, horse care, traps, lures, pheromones, botanicals and more.

    ARBICO Organics specializes in Low Input Sustainable Agricultural Techniques emphasizing organic farming inputs, bio-intensive pest controls, pro-environmental fertilizers and plant foods, composting, weed and disease control, as well as preventive management. When the proper nutrients and minerals are made available to the soil, it will provide the food that gives life to the plant and ultimately to us.

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  • A series of podcasts on innovative research methods in criminology. The series is funded by University of Hull with the support of Research England’s Enhancing Research Culture fund. Each episode focuses on an innovative method and interviews researchers who have used these methods.

  • Goalie Science is a podcast by goalies for goalies. The podcast covers hockey rehab, performance and science, and is hosted by former professional hockey goaltender Jamie Phillips, and Dr. Ben Csiernik. Listen in each week as we discuss the latest science and news in the hockey world, and cover in depth topics for athletes, parents, and coaches.

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  • Историки идей Тимур Атнашев и Михаил Велижев говорят с гостями о новых ярких книгах — и обо всём, что лежит вокруг их сюжетов

    Философ Александр Пятигорский однажды заметил, что обсуждение книг, может быть, даже важнее, чем их чтение. Именно разговор создает школу мысли, рождает споры, заставляет оттачивать аргументы, искать новые способы понимания. Разговор о книгах — удовольствие и отдельный вид искусства, главная практика европейской культуры, но, помимо этого, еще и терапия — способ сказать и услышать важное о себе и обществе, откликнуться на понимание другого. В этом подкасте редакторы серии «Интеллектуальная история» Тимур Атнашев и Михаил Велижев, а также их гости — исследователи, авторы и увлеченные читатели — занимаются именно этим: обсуждают книги и рассказывают, как формируются идеи, овладевающие умами людей.

    Ведущие подкаста — PhD, историки и редакторы серии «Интеллектуальная история» издательства «НЛО» Тимур Атнашев и Михаил Велижев.

  • Immer wieder ergeben Befragungen, dass ein Großteil der Deutschen keinen Schimmer von wirtschaftlichen Zusammenhängen hat. Sowohl bei volkswirtschaftlichen, wirtschaftspolitischen aber auch betriebswirtschaftlichen und unternehmerischen Themen herrscht gefährliches Halbwissen!
    Damit wollen wir Schluß machen!
    In jeder Folge behandeln wir wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Themen sowohl theoretisch, als auch tagesaktuell, aber immer mit Humor um das Verständnis für diese Themen zu erweitern.

    Die Inhalte können überdies hilfreich beim Bestehen einer IHK- Fachwirteprüfung oder Klausuren an der Hochschule sein.

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