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  • Line Edit, supported by the John Templeton Foundation and hosted by long-time editor James Ryerson, is a show about writing short pieces for wide audiences about the big questions. Ryerson has been an editor at the New York Times since 2003, and before that, edited pieces for Legal Affairs, Lingua Franca, and Feed. On each episode of Line Edit, Ryerson sits down with an academic to discuss the life cycle of a popular piece they've published, from conception to pitching, writing, editing, publication, and response. Along the way, they'll discuss advice for academics looking to communicate their work to the public, and dive into the details of the academic's background, current, and future work.

  • A podcast about the use of scientific discoveries and of technology applications. We provide the best information on projects participated by Chelonia and many more.

  • CORE knowledge is a podcast devoted to exploring the many facets and immense potential of an old, but newly revivied energy source; Geothermal. The aim is to engage the energy, policy making and the investment communities in order to spur innovation in the geothermal space and also bring awareness to the immense potential it has to be a baseload energy source for the future.

  • Voices: The EISA Podcast is the official broadcast of EISA, the European International Studies Association. This space for cutting-edge research in the discipline of International Relations is the audible companion to EISA. Apart from our flagship conference, the EISA organises a range of innovative events and activities for scholars and students working in the field of International Studies. This podcast sets the stage for deeper insights into award-winning papers, books and theses, as much as it provides a room for the critical engagement with key concepts in political and sociological thought. Voices: The EISA Podcast traces how these concepts have been taken up in the discipline of IR. It interrogates their emergence, their gendered and racialized omissions, and their relevance to current debates and analyses. Through our erudite interview guests, a wide range of critical reading, and reflections on our everyday experiences, Voices: The EISA Podcast helps to think through core IR concepts.

  • The official podcast of the Privatdozent newsletter. Audio versions of popular essays, read to you by Steve King.Subscribe and get each new episode delivered automatically to your preferred podcast app.

  • This initial series showcases ASHG members from various career stages discussing their professional paths and providing insight and reflection on careers in genetics.

    Please note that this content was recorded in early 2020, before the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or unhealthy due to current effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • In this podcast we ask „What is wrong with (maritime) trade?”. It is hosted by Julia Hörnig, Assistant Professor for Commercial Law, as well as the Commercial Law Department at the Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam – the Capital of Trade and Transport in Europe. In monthly episodes current obstacles of international trade will be discussed. Why do we need paperless trade? Which impact has it on the environment? How does a port authority chase ships that emit more carbon than allowed? Can or should there be such thing like force majeure in times where climate is changing and weather incidents are more severe? Are seafarers sufficiently protected? We will discuss these questions and others form a legal and interdisciplinary point of view. The podcast will allow you to get to know the legal framework as well as practical obstacles, different discipline discovered. Furthermore, you will learn about our ideas and recommendations how these obstacles may be solved.

  • Hydrogen is a gaseous element, colorless,tasteless,and odorless, the lightest known substance.

  • «Детали» – еженедельный телевизионный проект Русской службы «Голоса Америки», в котором ведущий Андрей Деркач рассказывает о научных открытиях и высокотехнологичных разработках в таких сферах, как медицина, космос, информационные технологии. Корреспонденты программы на себе испытывают новинки рынка

  • Ilzes un Artūra podkāsts, diskusija vai pat strīds, kurā debatējam par būtiskiem jautājumiem no pretējām pusēm. Pieraksties šeit:

  • "Родина слонов" - финалист премии "За верность науке" 2017 и 2018 гг. в номинации "Лучшая радиопрограмма о науке". "Родина слонов" - это авторская программа Михаила Родина, выходящая на радио "Говорит Москва" каждую субботу и воскресенье в 13:00. Вместе с гостями мы развенчиваем исторические мифы, рассказываем о фактах, давно очевидных для учёных, но по разным причинам неизвестных обывателю.

    Мы уже забыли, что история - это не только интересная, но ещё и достаточно строгая наука, дело больших профессионалов. Это наука, подкреплённая физическими, химическими и математическими методами, а не шуточками и измышлениями профанов. Причём, многие недавние открытия историков поражают воображение. Но, как и в любой серьёзной науке, они не разрушают картину мира, а дополняют её.
    В нашей студии профессионалы расскажут именно о таких исследованиях. О тех удивительных знаниях, которые учёные получили в последние годы, месяцы и даже дни.

    Поддержите "Родину слонов":

    Кнопка «Поддержать проект». Она находится под аватаркой группы.




  • Science, pop culture and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up! New episodes premiere Monday nights at 7pm ET.

  • Экология - одна из самых популяризированных наук 21 века. Однако, популярность носит и отрицательный характер: многие факты искажаются, превращаются в мифы. Почему мы спасаем пластик а не деревья? Почему электромобиль вреднее обычного? Почему мы вообще до сих пор используем нефть? Что такое долгосрочное развитие? Ответы на эти и другие вопросы Ты найдешь в этом подкасте, а после уже сможешь называть себя реальным Эко Сапиенсом (эко-разумным). Цени мир вокруг себя!

  • Raidījumu cikls "Radio vilks dabā" aicina klausītājus pievērsties aktivitātēm dabā un īpaši veselīgai, aktīvai, kā arī atbildīgai atpūtai svaigā gaisā

  • If you want to learn something about sharks watch this and soon there will be another one

  • Mike Murray from the Delta College Planetarium takes a look at what's up in the night sky. Things are happening all the time in the backyard universe, and many of them don't require a telescope to see and enjoy.