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  • A podcast about sustainable living! Here we chat about permaculture, zero waste living, self-sufficiency & sustainability. Simple tips on how to create new habits for a greener home and kinder future for our planet.Hosted by Connie Cao IG: @connieandlunaW:

  • Spaghettification: A podcast where science and astronomy meets beer and light-hearted humour. Two hosts from different worlds collide in an explosion of enthusiasm in the field of astronomy. One, an astrophysicist, the other a backyard astronomer, look to share with you their passion for all things astronomy and craft beer.

  • Farming Together, brought to you by Southern Cross University. A conversation between host Farming Together Program manager Amanda Scott and the farmer, fisher and forestry groups which were supported by the University’s program.
    You will hear how groups worked collaboratively to build stronger, more resilient farming communities in the face of increasingly complex environmental, economic and social challenges.

  • Helping you understand chemistry topics from A-Level and Advanced Higher.

    If you want to demystify chemistry, yearn for a simpler explanation and want to hear all the tips that will help you at exam time you're at the right place.
    I'm a chemistry tutor who is used to explaining chemistry in simpler terms, and I love to use an analogy to help with the understanding.

    Each episode tackles a topic, explaining it as simply as possible - well it is chemistry! The end of episode summary will make sure you have useful takeaways to help you on your way.
    There's a download available to accompany many of the episodes too.

  • EQ хөгжүүлдэг подкаст. Өөрийн болон бусдын сэтгэл зүйг ойлгоход тань тус болох зүйлсийг ярина. Нийгмийн үзэгдэл, хүний оюун санааг хувьслын онолын үүднээс тайлбарласан орчин үеийн шинжлэх ухааны ололтуудаас хүргэнэ.

  • Kiwi veterinarians Esther Fan and Marcus Taylor bring you bite-sized pieces of clinically relevant knowledge to your every day nurse – followed by a few fond (or not-so-fond) memories of their adventures so far.

  • يدرس هذا البودكاست الظواهر الإنسانية النفسية والاجتماعية ليصل إلى لبها.. ومخها. يعزف الأوتار العلمية لعلوم المخ والأعصاب منطلقا من تخصص مقدمه، إلا أنه لا يتردد في العزف على أوتار الفلسفة والأدب وعلوم النفس والاجتماع، ليقدم في كل مرة صورة كاملة وممتعة عن تجارب نمر بها جميعا.

  • Διακεκριμένοι επιστήμονες μιλούν για τις συναρπαστικές εξελίξεις σε όλα τα μέτωπα της ερευνητικής γνώσης

  • Want more New Scientist Weekly? Every week we get to speak to some of the most influential and interesting people on the cutting edge of science, but we only ever get to share a fraction of our conversations with them. That’s why we’ve created New Scientist Weekly Extra. Tune in for the full edit of the most engrossing interviews from our flagship show.

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  • In 60 seconds of straight talk, Dr Norman Swan keeps you up to date with the latest in medical research.

  • Welcome to the Insights in Clinical Nutrition Podcast - brought to you by AuSPEN and Fresenius Kabi. We are your hosts – Brydie & Emily, Accredited Practising Dietitians from Australia. This podcast takes you on a deep dive into evidence-based nutrition and what it means to be a nutrition professional. We don’t have all the answers, so in each episode, we will deliver insightful conversations with nutrition leaders, who help us navigate the ever-changing world of clinical nutrition. Together, we will find the answers to your questions, shine a spotlight on our nutrition colleagues and help you create an impact in your nutrition career. In our first season, we will introduce you to the experts behind AuSPEN (the Australasian Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition), hear their stories and learn from their expertise. Email: Website:

  • Just 2 friends passionate about everything obstetrics! Join us weekly to laugh and learn about the field.

  • GP Lyf Hacks is a podcast created by RACGP National GP of the Year, Dr David Lam, Dr Nathan Lam and Dr Esther Lam. It dissects good evidence-based healthcare principles into memorable bite-size chunks for GP registrars, Resident Medical Officers and Medical Interns alike.

  • The facts are clear - the planet is heating up because of the carbon dioxide emissions humans are putting into the atmosphere.

    Even if we stopped all CO2 emissions today, we would still need to remove carbon we've already put in the atmosphere to hit global temperature targets.

    Join Emily Swaddle and Tom Previte as they explore the world of carbon removal. What is it? Why is it necessary? How does it work? Who is doing what already? And what's next for this critical pillar in reversing climate change?

    We’ll be diving into the problems and solutions involving:

    How and when to plant treesSoil and innovative farming practicesCutting edge carbon removal technology

    We will look at the challenge of attaining widespread adoption of carbon removal technologies and practices, and how to make governments and corporations turn carbon removal into a reality.

    Along the way we'll be speaking to the world-leading scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs who are working to make carbon removal a widespread reality.

    To follow all of our research on carbon removal, head to

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  • **Next episode Monday 31 Jan**

    What drives someone to track kiwis in the rain, chase lions up trees, or jump on dugongs? And with so many species out there, does it matters if a few of them go the way of the Dodo?

    Join Gabriel and Alex talking with incredible conservationists and asking them the big questions: Should we bother saving a population of 400 black cockatoos? Why do all your favourite moments from researching big cats always involve them trying to eat you? How are flightless kiwis so hard to catch?!

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  • Clear as Quantum is an EQUS podcast about quantum science and the exciting technologies that are getting ready to unleash a quantum revolution. In this “spooky podcast at a distance” we’ll try to dust the cobwebs out of the quantum physics realm that's entangling our lives. Over the course of 10 episodes you’ll hear from some of Australia’s leading quantum scientists, and learn things worth knowing about.

  • The UFOs of Oz podcast provides listeners expert commentary and interviews on the UFO/UAP phenomenon overseas and in Australia. Host Brett Moffatt and his guests will expand your knowledge and awareness of the latest research and developments as they happen. Unidentified aerial phenomena have swept the globe capturing the imaginations and attention of world powers, the military, scientists, and popular culture. Join us as we dissect the science facts from science fiction in this compelling offering into the world of UFOs/UAPs, in Australia and across the globe.

  • Hosted by Dr Jen Martin and Dr Michael Wheeler, Let’s Talk SciComm is a podcast from the University of Melbourne’s Science Communication Teaching Program. Listen for advice, tips and interviews about how to communicate science in effective and engaging ways.
    Show notes, transcripts and more info:

  • Weekly interviews with eye witness telling their encounters with the Sasquatch.