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  • Philippe Gaulier is a master of clown and a professor of Theatre. He has been teaching for over 50 years, 40 of them at his Theatre school Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Etampes near Paris, France. You can read more about the school here:

    The interview was recorded in September 2021 over the course of a few days, in Philippe's home. There are five parts to the interview. A new part is released each Sunday evening.


    We start with stories of Philippe's early life, and his theatre training.


    Philippe talks about his show 'Les Assiettes' and his time as a teacher at L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq


    We discuss how Philippe teaches students at his school, and he shares some advice for what makes a good performer.


    Philippe continues with advice on performing. He also talks about writers he admires, and we discuss the world of Bouffon.


    The final part of the series covers the topic that Philippe is perhaps best known for, Clown.

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  • The North Pole, Christmas HQ where the busy little elves are busy all year round preparing for that one special day of the year.

    Short, funny episodes to bring some Christmas cheer.

  • Pumped is a podcast that explores the challenges of the Fourth Trimester and onwards in Motherhood. Everyone is SO fixated on birth (fair enough, it’s intense) but we unpack EVERYTHING that comes thereafter in a safe, humorous and fun space. Hold onto your Maxi-pads ladies, nothing is off limits!

  • Humorous, uncensored talk with recovered members of Alcoholics Anonymous discussing sobriety, spirituality and more.

  • Comedian and Nurse Georgie Carroll digs around infectious nurses folds to see what they are packing, hopefully it's viral. Welcome to The Swab. 

  • A true crime podcast, Stories of Solved, Unsolved and Spooky crimes and mysteries. Interactive content, listener stories Facebook private group.Murder, Hauntings, Ghosts, Paranormal, Serial Killers and so much more

  • Fumble Through is an RPG podcast created by a party of leading industry experts, comedians, and combat tacticians. Created amongst the plagued apocalyptic remnants of 2020 as an outlet for stress boredom and pent up creativity. Join these five geeks on this adventure and hopefully many more!

  • 幻淫旅團是由團長、西索、窩金三位共同主持的一個電台。







  • Dart Sultan (Shit Memes) and Robbie Armfield shoot the breeze. Soon to be the biggest podcast in Australasia. Follow: @dartsultan_ @robbiearmfield Email us at

  • MEDIOCRE is a new podcast by exotic dancer, model, accountant and amateur psychic, Tanya Hennessy. Don't expect anything great from this podcast - She believes in under promising and under delivering. Listen in for philosophical questions, existential crises and LOLs about IBS, together with additional bits. Fun times. Featuring Tanya's friend, Adam Cubito. New episodes weekly - maybe - probably not.


  • A podcast not about meatballs, brought to you by us, the Sooshi Mango boys, Carlo Salanitri, Joe Salanitri and Andrew Manfre.

    We're going to have special guests, sport stars, movie stars, all the stars. Comedy segments, prank calls, and we're going to be talking a lot of shit.

  • Sci Fight is a quarterly science comedy debate, with your definitely qualified host, Alanta Colley (citation needed). Sci Fight brings together science folk and comedy folk, and makes them debate the big issues in a silly way.

  • Looking for something to keep your mind off the tedium of everyday life? Need a story to share over a beer with a mate? Hosts Aaron and John share a new story each fortnight, with obscure, weird, and under appreciated stories from around the world, hopefully with a few laughs in between.

  • From Funny Uber Rides to podCARst! Join me as I enjoy a mixture of banter and deep & meaningful conversations with my passengers!

  • Cancelled is Mamamia’s podcast all about the ridiculousness of cancel culture. Join Jessie & Clare Stephens every Tuesday as they deep dive into the story of a celebrity’s cancellation and ultimately ask who’s in, who’s out and who cares?

  • Become the most sought after player on the trivia circuit.
    Expanding your horizons one question at a time.

  • This is a podcast for a generation of frustrated renters doing their best to keep the lights on. Hosted in an inner city bedroom by flatmates/besties Marty and Nat, each week they’ll uncover the good, the bad and the juiciest stories of shared living. From dodgy landlords to dead plants, from pillow pooping pets to housemates that never flush. Ongoing house issues will be resolved while also delving into their guests. Join them as they hear about dreaded fridge thieves, a naked sleepwalker, passive aggressive group chats, dysfunctional cleaning rosters and disgruntled neighbours. Plus, why did Marty use Nat’s toothbrush two weeks ago? It’s a housewarming party, one guest at a time and it’s all on a quest to find out what we’re all like to live with...Come on in, doors open. 

  • Reuben struggles to host a podcast and takes it out on the audience. Quite frankly they had it coming.

    Angry, awkward and off-beat, this is a minor re-imagining of the single-host comedy podcast.

  • He is the most controversial reality TV contestant of all time… They tried to silence him, now he's back, and this time, there’s no producers, no scripts and no rules!

  • Reviewing, rating and ranking all the Kings and Emperors of France from Clovis to Napoleon III. Each episode, Ben recounts the story of a monarch to Eliza, then together they decide on how to score them in 5 categories. But who will they select as the crème de la crème, and who will they send to the Guillotine? Proudly inspired by the Rex Factor podcast. Join the angry mob on our Facebook Group (Battle Royale Podcast), Twitter (@battleroyalepod) or Instagram (@battleroyalepodcast) and check out supplemental material on our Wordpress page: you want to support the podcast, you can give us a small donation on Ko-fi!