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  • Join Nice Guy Ty, as he analyzes various events and topics, while providing his witty and insightful perspective. In each episode, Ty talks history with his friends and highlights social theories that will change the way you view history! Grab a drink and join the talk! We look forward to having you!

  • Nature Or Nurture is a weekly show where each week Sammy Petersen interviews fascinating people on the key milestones that made them who they are today.

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  • I am lanky, religious, and maori. And I'm making a podcast! If you are tall, indigenous, religious, or even just curious... have a wee listen and I'll try my best to make it as entertaining as possible...

  • Whatever happened to friendship? 49% of Americans report having three or fewer close friends and 12% have none! Comedians and friendship experts Matt Ritter and Aaron Karo are on a mission to change that. Each year they award a gigantic Man of the Year trophy to one of their childhood friends – a tradition that has kept their crew going strong for 35 years. They want to help you make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and build your own amazing friendship traditions. We all took Sex Ed in school, but there has never been “Friend Ed” – until now!

  • Join me, Lucy Lemon (a full time anonymous Only Fans creator) in discussing an explicit career change, life, work and everything in between. This is my outlet so anything and everything goes.

    Maybe I'll educate or entertain you, maybe I'll turn you on - who knows but I am here for it!!

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  • Listen to Richard Allardice tell true stories, share casual commentary, and list the hilarious – frequently disastrous – minutiae of daily life as a parent, partner, colleague and person in the world. You will laugh.




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  • Join your hosts Joe Christopher and Kari Race as they discuss all the outrageous hits from the 80's! Which songs still hold up today, and which songs should be left in the 80's? We'll cover all the well-known hits from the decade (Ghostbusters, anyone?), and even songs that you haven't heard in 30 years (paging Karla Bonoff). Dust off your Members Only jacket and join us for segments like "Trash or Treasure" and "Songs That Time Forgot!" Chime in on Twitter @hrt80s or on Facebook.

  • MYGAYSPANISH is a Spanish language learning Podcast spoken in everyday, Latin American Spanish. The Spanish is geared towards intermediate and advanced language learners and uses the most common Spanish spoken by friends having a good time. The podcast is 99% in Spanish, so you can lean back and focus on your listening comprehension. The topics are different and eccentric with a focus on humor. The hosts are also funny and good friends who throw shade at one another from time to time, while keeping the podcast and the learning experience full of love. The idea is education through entertainment. We want you to hear a joke and then do everything you can to figure out what it means. We believe this is the most fun way to learn. Think of us as a Spanish language school for the gifted, but run by deviant perras!

    Fredy (Colombian Spanish Teacher) and Rebecca (American Student with Fluency) engage in wild conversations that run around 30 minutes long per episode. From time to time, Fredy will quiz both Rebe (and our listeners) or correct Rebeccaโ€™s mistakes.

    We want to bring more joy to your Spanish learning experience. We hope you love our podcast!

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  • Gil (17) & Wil (46) take turns to debrief on their little and not-so-little niggles in life. Categorized as 'comedy' because 'comedy??' wasn't an option, and 'society & culture' seems like a biiiiig stretch. Trigger warning: Low production values.

  • Gordo Matt and Nathan explore this beautiful Betaverse

  • Air Traffic Out Of Control brings you the wildest air traffic control recordings you will ever hear from airports around the world. Emergency landings, stolen planes and even sightings of guys in jetpacks...we've got it all right from the control tower to your headphones!

  • Back Then When is a brand-new podcast hosted by Keith Lemon and Lucie Cave. In each episode, BAFTA winning TV host and comedian Keith, and award-winning editor and presenter Lucie, are transported back through time... on a bonkers ‘do-you-remember-when-THAT-happened?!’ trip down pop and TV memory lane. Their visits through the decades take them on a nostalgic, mad-cap journey through a time when things were simpler and more fun… like when Peter Andre wrote a song called “Insania” and Posh and Becks got married on purple thrones.

  • Ever thought about hosting a 70s dinner party? How about podcasting it? Well, grab your popcorn, 'cause if you came for messy, then this comedy series delivers!

  • Your podcast to celebrate the pinnacle of your own misdoings.Join Jim Cawthorn as he chats with a few familiar faces and some other great kiwis about their blowouts.

  • Nick “Maverick” Mendez, gets together with friends and special guests to discuss the ups and downs of life, random shenanigans, and to give the good ol’ “knee slapping” you probably need?

  • Crack open the Tia Maria and put on the footy franks, weโ€™re celebrating 20 years since the foxy morons Kath, Kim, Kel, Sharon and Brett hit our screens and wormed their way into our hearts.

    Join moi, Rowdie Walden, and a myriad of special acquaintances on a journey back to Fountain Lakes to unpack the most iconic Australian series of ALL TIME, Kath & Kim.


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  • Comedians Abigoliah Schamaun and Joe Wells are neurodivergent, meaning their brains work differently to how society expects brains to work. Abigoliah has a diagnosis of ADHD and Joe has an Autism diagnosis. In this new podcast they talk to other creative neurodivergent people about their experiences of having differently wired brains.

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  • The Nerd Degree is a monthly comedy panel show performed live at Little Andromeda in Christchurch, New Zealand.