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  • Erinnert ihr euch noch an das Kribbeln im Bauch, das man hatte wenn man einen Tag vor Weihnachten ins Bett gegangen ist? An die Freude die man hatte, als man wusste dass man nach der Schule mit Mama Kekse backen durfte? An das Wunschliste schreiben? An die Weihnachtslieder von Rolf Zukowski, die ihr schon spätestens im
    Herbst habt angefangen zu hören, und euch die Weihnachtszeit gewünscht habt? Wenn ihr das alles kennt, dann seid ihr hier genau richtig. Der erste Weihnachtspodcast mit Herz, für jung und alt. Ich bin der größte Weihnachtsfan, und möchte zusammen mit euch von Folge zu Folge, der Weihnachtszeit entgegenfiebern. Ich möchte euch allen den Zauber von Weihnachten wieder näher bringen und gerade in dieser tristen Zeit ein Licht anmachen! Believe in the magic of Christmas ๐Ÿ’ซ

  • I'm Nico. Welcome to the Stupid Hearts Club Podcast. Allow me tell you a little about the show....

    In Summer 2021 after having such lovely feedback from Matt Morgans gorgeous Patrons I decided to start my very own podcast. It started out exclusively here on Patreon, but now it's out in the wild for everyone to hear! I initially called it GSOH and I (usually) delivered one podcast per week. It has become a really cool thing in my life and my community of patrons are legends who give lots of me ace feedback and love. And it helps me support my creative endeavours during the peaks and troughs of the TV comedy world, (script writing is my main 'job').

    Since then I have doing lots of music with the name Stupid Hearts Club, and as I am going to be out and about trying to pull people into enjoying all of 'my stuff' I thought I would re-brand (puke) my podcast as Stupid Hearts Club too in the hope of pulling in the odd new listener. Is that YOU? If so Hello, come in, sit down.

    You might be wondering what having a 'Stupid Heart' is. Well it can mean many things. It might mean you have a silly sense of humour, and like titting about and being naughty. (which is what this show is) It might mean that you are a hopeless romantic fool despite all the terrible evidence that love is a cruel joke that pokes you in your stupid heart (which is what all my songs are). Either way everyone with a stupid heart is welcome here.

    The podcast itself will still be me having a laugh with another person I have met along the way, whether they are funny, interesting, daft, or just plain adorable. But I won't just chat to comedy people anymore. And I will *usually* put a little Stupid Hearts Club tune or cover at the end of the episode.

    I'll shut up now. But whatever you are here for, thanks for coming along!

    Stupid Hearts Club Forever Baby!

  • A podcast where minds meld. Eugene Khoza tackles complex topics such as race, spirituality, sex and politics with guests.

    Eugene Khoza is one of the top South African comedians, radio and television personalities. He was the co-host of the SABC1 sports magazine show countdown from 2008-2010. He was the host alongside Trevor Noah of the reality competition THE AXE Sweet Life from March to May 2009. In addition, Eugene was a writer and cast member of the talk show, Tonight with Trevor Noah and appeared in various sketches.

  • Food is a DRUG!! And that's not funny. But my life and struggles as a food addict are quite hysterical. I find COMEDY the best way to heal and grow from the DAMAGE that being a food addict has done to me and my family. If you're a person that doesn't UNDERSTAND addiction, TUNE IN!! I make UNmanageability look very easy and funny. This is a comedy podcast, I am not selling anything, but my SOUL. I can bet you what's in my pocket (probably just sweaty pennies) that you know someone that has food issues and YOU probably have them yourself. So get down off your High Horse and LISTEN!!

  • Those who have been married for several years know from experience that all marriages have their ups and downs. But lately, is your marriage experiencing a new down?  Does your wife seem depressed, distant, and openly disrespectful of you? You want to make things better but are unsure how.  Let’s examine some of the signs of a disrespectful wife. #podcast #comedy #motivation

  • Un podcast en el que cinco notas hablan de cosas de las que saben lo justo durante demasiado tiempo.🎬 Cine📺 Series🎮 Videojuegos🦹 CรณmicsHecho por profesionales en circuito cerrado, no lo intentรฉis en vuestras casas.

  • Mhux Xandir Malta is a unique look at the news in the greatest and most important country in the world. Malta.

    With access to the countryโ€™s movers and shakers, The MXM team are not afraid to ask the tough questions. Even if the answers leave them scratching their heads.

    Mhux Xandir Malta is a Repubblika production. 

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  • Good Heavens.

    It's The Stepmates Podcast.

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  • Three friends. Two are drunk. One is sober. What could go wrong?

  • It’s always a bueno sort of time...kinda

  • Joe and Pat are two guys talking about their past childhood memories in the form of crime and horror movies. The build up to the Crimes are so good it makes you forget how bad the solution is.

  • Two brothers talk a little bit about everything that happens every week.

  • Content by men for women to get inside the mind of the opposite sex! Think a modern day "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" where we'll be discussing everything from dating, text translating and tribal knowledge. In addition to the podcast, MaleRoom is an interactive video series, text hotline & "MaleRoom Live" events. Guests will be various types of men from celebrities, influencers and everyday guys on each episode who will join a roundtable with Mindie Kaplan (formerly of the Chicago Sun Times) to put these guys in the hot seat & get all the dirt!

  • Real stories, from real people, doing real drugs. Hosted by Alia Janine, How to Do Drugs is a podcast not just about doing drugs, but why people do them. What motivates drug use, what makes people abuse drugs, how some people function daily on drugs, what drugs can be helpful, which ones are not helpful, what real addiction and recovery looks like, and so much more. People need to be more open and honest about drugs to help with the stigma of addiction, recovery, and recreational use. This podcast is to help start those conversations.

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  • Chill Pill is a platform where we talk about random things/ events/ moments and try to entertain people.
    We have tried to open up and be as natural as we are, therefore this show might contain languages and materials that may not be appropriate for all the audience, hence tagged as 18+ content.
    We hope to get remarkable feedback as that's going to help us grow more.

  • Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are on a whistle stop tour of the weirdest corners of the universe. They’ll be stopping to learn about the craziest true crime cases in history, spooky paranormal activities, truly bonkers internet mythology, very convincing cults and much much more. So don't be a killer or join a cult... just be a Queen.

  • Book- Understanding the Bible made Easy: Bible Study Guide for beginners Click here to get yours -*Click the link to receive two free audiobooks from Audible:*Follow the link to connect with us:
    Welcome to the Old Time Radio shows Mystery TheaterPodcast. We bring you the best radio plays and programs of mystery, intrigue, horror, sci-fi, and comedy from the Golden Age of Radio. And along the way, we will share some of the history and information about the programs, cast, writers, and more.*Follow the link to connect with us:

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