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  • We help entrepreneurs find focus for personal, professional, business, and financial success.

    George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster are the co-founders of BIGG Success. George is a serial business owner who also teaches Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Illinois. Mary-Lynn is a veteran radio show host turned entrepreneur.

    We believe entrepreneurship isn't just an occupation; it's also a way of thinking which helps you take control, make better decisions, and reach your goals faster, whether or not you own a business.

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  • Bienvenu dans ce podcast de développement personnel qui vous accompagne dans la rencontre de Soi, qui vous aide à accroître votre liberté intérieure, à mobiliser vos pleines capacités, dans un esprit d’équilibre physique et mental.

    Je m’appelle Romain, je suis un ancien sportif de haut niveau (cavalier professionnel), et je suis coach et manager. Ma mission est de partager ce que j'ai expérimenté, de vous aider à vous libérer, à être aligné, ancré, et à vous réaliser pleinement grâce au développement personnel, et autres outils & exercices de mieux être. Libérons vos talents en conscience !

  • Un mélange de coaching, de développement personnel et de spiritualité ! Un contenu gratuit et plein de conseils pour avancer sereinement sur le chemin de l'épanouissement personnel !

  • School is a confusing time for everyone and we know getting good grades is only scratching the surface of the problems students face. Join Ella, the founder of Stylish Study, every week for a new episode that’ll guide you through how to manage your school struggles from revision & productivity to applications & confidence, we’ll cover it all. If you’re a struggling student & need some guidance from someone who’s been through it all, this show is for you.

    A few years ago, I was a student just like you, scraping passes but wishing I could get the best grades. After a results day spent crying after missing my targets by 4 grades I revolutionised the way I worked. By the end of my A levels I achieved A*AA. I set up Stylish Study to share with you everything I had learnt.

  • A new format starting in September 2020! Starting on episode 102, the Life Of The School podcast is a panel of 4 biology teachers (Aaron Mathieu, Lee Ferguson, Tanea Hibler, and Ryan Lacson) discussing various issues that they are facing in our classroom. The first 100 episodes of the podcast were in an interview format where Aaron interviewed different life science teachers and talk about his or her path to the classroom, work in the classroom, and hopes and dreams for the future.

  • Grammy award winner and legendary global deejay producer Louie Vega's Dance Ritual every Friday showcasing exclusive productions and all things House from around the globe!

  • This podcast explores PE practitioners' views of research. I set out to achieve this by discussing the previous week's PEPRN Blog with pre-service and in-service physical education teachers and physical eduction teacher education (PETE) practitioners. The aim of the podcast is to better understand the impact and the take home messages that emerge from research on practice in PE.

  • Les Papotages de C. est le podcast du blog Digressions et il est animé par C. Befoune. Ici on parle sans aucun froufrou, on apprend à naviguer dans la vie d'adulte et on brise les codes d'un monde où tout semble préformaté.

    Pour poursuivre la discussion, visitez le blog mesdigressions.com ou envoyez un mail à l'adresse mesdigressions@gmail.com.

  • Lan-Lan Smith, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet Haematology, and the journal’s authors explore their research and its impact on people’s health, health care, and health policy in this regular podcast.

  • يختلف تعريف النجاح من شخص لآخر. فقد يعتبره البعض ملازمًا لتحصيل المال أو الراتب العالي. بينما يرى الآخرون نجاحهم مقرونًا بالشهادات العلمية. وقد يكون نجاح الأهل مرتبطًا بنجاح أبنائهم في الدراسة.
    ولا يختلف الكنديون من أصول عربية في تعريفهم للنجاح عن باقي الجاليات المكوّنة للفسيفساء الثقافية الكندية.
    وقد بلغ عدد الكنديين الذين يصرّحون بأنّهم من أصول عربية ما يقرب من 1.000.000 شخص في عام 2016 أي بنسبية لا تتجاوز 3 % من إجمالي عدد السكان، وفقًا لبيانات وكالة الإحصاء الكندية.
    وفي سلسلة البودكاست هذه، تحدّث القسم العربي لراديو كندا الدولي مع عيّنة من الكنديين العرب الذين حقّقوا نجاحات في ميادين مختلفة كالسياسة، والإدارة وريادة الأعمال والعلوم والبحوث الجامعية والفنون.

  • Welcome to the Listen Up Ladies Podcast. A podcast by Rachel & Sarah, two Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist’s who share a passion for pelvic health, pain with sex and talking shit...literally.

  • It will help drive growth in the lives of individuals

  • تجربه های من در مورد توسعه شخصی و این که چطوری زندگی خودمون و اطرافیانمون و به جای گهواره تا گور از زمین به اسمان ببریم.

  • Not your ordinary airy-fairy "your grandma says hi" psychic, Cindy Goldenberg shares her incredible insights and outrageous experiences in a salty and refreshing way.

    Unafraid, unapologetic, and to the point, Cindy's hormonal impatience creates a more honest way to look at ourselves and others with compassion and purpose.

  • Welcome to the RU Writing Podcast! The podcast where Rowan University Writing Arts interns explore all things writing!

  • History After Hours is a podcast led by history teachers. We discuss random topics including current events, music, sports, and everything in between.

  • A Podcast that explores how people share their passions with the world so as to inspire others to do the same.

  • In this podcast we will discuss all things GCSE, including revision and exam techniques.

  • Perspectives on everything legal, from constitutional issues to human rights.