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  • Velkommen til den mest fantastiske klub for os med ADHD! 

    Her går den evige jagt på dopamin gennem lynudredninger og sjove anekdoter, krydret med et strejf af kendisstøv. 


    Vi har stiftet en klub, hvor du uden filter kan være dig selv - sammen med andre, der er lige så "fucked up". Her er ADHD ikke en hæmsko! Dette er stedet, hvor kaos er det nye sort. 

    Så stig ombord på vanvidstoget, der kører mod en dopaminfest!


    Velkommen til Dopaminklubben

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  • Halacha means “To Go” or “The Way We Should Go”. We live halacha on a daily basis, but may not understand the breadth and detail of many halachos so critically relevant to our everyday lives. Take some time with Rabbi Eli Reingold, a widely respected posek and rosh kollel, to explore halacha with context, comprehensiveness, and clarity.

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  • Gennem en række podcasts ønsker Dansk Skoleidræt at sætte spot på idrætsfaget.

  • I Rådtilvin.dks podcast taler vært Poul Erik Bermann med forskellige personligheder inden for vinens verden. Vores mission er at give danskerne bedre vinoplevelser.

  • The PhD Pod is a podcast by UCAPS, the PhD association from the University of Copenhagen.
    Together with our guests we explore all kinds of interesting science topics - ranging from permafrost, to plant-based meat to church history. Apart from that the we also chat about PhD life - what it takes to get a PhD, the challenges of doing fieldwork and the importance of work-life balance. We bring the people behind the science to the foreground - listen in!

    The podcast is hosted by Sebastian Zastruzny and Johanna Einsiedler. Production is by Penille Jensen and Jennifer Moussa. Editing by Simon Ullrich.

  • Are you ready to break free from mental barriers and journey beyond the shadow of trauma?

    As a trauma healing author and traumatic brain injury survivor, Laura provides you with a weekly dose of relatable, no-nonsense methods for healing the mind, body, and all things trauma-related. This is for anyone who’s ready to stretch their boundaries and make real progress in their healing.

  • Parenting is hard. Technology can make it tricky. This podcast helps bring these areas together to help all families create healthy screen habits.

  • Being a highly effective coach and transformational practitioner, who can go deep with clients and help them create change in their lives, is an ongoing learning process. There are so many different client situations, and so many complex issues that can come up. If you’ve been looking for tools, wisdom and deeper conversations about how to be a better coach & practitioner, The Coaching R(e)volution Podcast is for you! Your host, Joanna Lindenbaum, has dedicated the last two decades to training thousands of coaches and transformational practitioners to be the best in their industries and to go deep with clients in ethical and trauma-informed ways. In the podcast, Joanna breaks down big ideas about human behavior, what it takes to co-create real change with clients, and how to show up as a better and better coach. All of this so that you can turn your clients into raving fans who re-sign with you over and over again, send referrals your way, and help you grow your reputation. Get ready not only for practical tips on your client work, but also to learn a lot about yourself. Because after all, the best coaches and practitioners are also always doing their own inner work as well!

  • I Led, ledere, ledelse kan du få viden, inspiration og en dybere indsigt i ledergerningen, lederrollen og lederfaget.

    I podcasten kan du møde faglige eksperter fra Absalons Center for ledelse og organisering og spændende praktikere og samarbejdspartnere, som dykker ned i spændingsfeltet mellem teori og praksis og kommer med konkrete eksempler, som kan inspirere dig i din hverdag.

    Er du i tvivl om, hvordan du kommer i gang med at lytte på mobil eller tablet? Tjek vores podcastguide her.

    Led, ledere, ledelse er produceret af Professionshøjskolen Absalon.

  • The Million Dollar Coach Business Podcast is a top-rated podcast for coaches who want to grow and scale to six, multi-six, and seven figures in revenue and beyond. Hosted by Amanda Karlstad - High Level Master Business Coach and Mentor, top-rated podcast host, and business scaling expert - you will hear proven online business growth and scaling strategies along with powerful teachings on success mindset, leadership, emotional intelligence, and cutting edge coaching techniques that will help you step into your million dollar identity.

    This podcast is for you if you find yourself asking:

    How do I scale my six, multi-six and seven figure coaching business?

    What are the best scaling strategies for coaches?

    Why can’t I break through my limiting beliefs?

    What are the coaching techniques that will take me to the next level?

    How do I cultivate a success mindset?

    If you’re ready to break through your limitations and create real and lasting transformation from the inside out, Amanda is bringing you expert guidance and proven strategies for doing so each week.

    Tune in to gain practical insights that will help you step into the million dollar level of yourself and your business.

  • Our podcast isn't like the others - it’s a vibe. Do you ever felt like being overwhelmed by strategies and growing your business? This podcast will change how you think about “doing it right” - promised!

    This business podcast for visionary women who want more than just running a business. You want to leave a legacy and a business you love living. And it can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelming - like being a circus director surrounded by lions and monkeys.

    Let’s meet at the bar of circus directors, take a sip of champagne and talk about the journey, the challenges, the dreams and benefits - like friends in a mastermind, ready to share ideas and learn from each other, building frameworks…

    For us, growing Business is not only about the money and the fame… We know you not only want to work less but also make a bigger impact. And that's precisely what we focus on at Champagne Circus. We offer you not just inspiration, but concrete steps to achieve your goals.

    In each episode, we bring experts, business rockstars, entrepreneurial role models and successful female entrepreneurs, together to provide you with the best strategies and secrets for your success. From their business models, entrepreneurial and personal growth journey but also personal lifestyle - we cover it all because Holistic Growth is a leading principle for me.

    Welcome to Champagne Circus Podcast - Business with a female twist!

    Connect further on Social Media @yve.stoffel

  • Tag de meningsfulde valg, mens du stadig opnår dine mål i livet

    Det er en af pointerne i denne podcast, med den succesfulde Serieiværksætter & innovatør Lasse Wiwe.

    Han dykker dybt sammen med nogen af de mennesker han selv er fascineret af, for at uddanne, inspirere & styrke dig til at frigøre dit bedste, mest autentiske jeg.

    En podcast om personlig & professionel udvikling.

    Livet og forretning handler ikke om at have mest,det handler om at have nok, både økonomisk & personligt.

    Du skal høre med hvis du føler du har mere i dig, end det du i øjeblikket præsterer.

    Mere på: www.lassewiwe.com

  • Welcome to Founder's Podcast.

    I'm your host, Ash, and this is a show where I interview proven founders and industry experts who share their stories, strategies, and insights to help you build, launch, and grow your SaaS business.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • EnergyOutLoud is an insightful podcast exploring the latest in energy technology, market developments, and industry trends. Featuring interviews with experts and thought leaders, it's a must-listen for energy professionals and enthusiasts alike.


    With so much competition in the workplace, one thing alone can make the difference between failure and success. YOUR MINDSET.

    How do you handle adversity, setbacks, failures, and challenging moments? A poor mindset will yield poor results – even if you are the best and most qualified in the room.

    Adversely, a good attitude will yield good results. Having a winning mentality, one that is built to withstand the ups and downs of life will keep you on track to increase your chances of success – even if you aren’t the best and most qualified in the room.

    Tune into ‘The Sentinel Mindset’, where we look in the mirror to make real changes, talk to top level guests and explore what it takes to achieve greatness in your craft.

  • Her er gode råd gratis! Spørg om alt og få et godt råd med på vejen. Jeg er ikke ekspert i alt, men lover jeg tænker mig godt om inden jeg svarer

  • Stories of sex from Erica and Michael, living in Japan, create an open discussion of all things sex, culture and relationships.

  • Your happiness matters.
    Lucy Talks is all about finding meaning, self-belief and connection while embracing the seasons of life.
    Let's feel empowered to reimagine their own lives and the world we live in and take inspired action.

    New episodes every Monday morning to set you up for the week ahead.

    Follow @lucytalks_ on Instagram for more!

  • Practical psychic/soul lessons and empowerment. Join Constance Messmer as she shares her experiences and expertise in all areas spiritual and mystical. It is with the senses of your soul that you are better able to navigate your life and world, bringing fullness into everyday living. Learn skills to enhance your connection to yourself, others, our world, and the higher realms. For best results, listen chronologically. These cumulative self-help sessions are meant to empower you to live fully alive by discerning and honoring the deeper truths of your own soul's awareness'. Thanks for Tuning In!