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  • Podkast Arelativno je usmerjen v raziskovanje podjetniških zgodb, poslovnih (ne)uspehov in osebne rasti. Skozi pristne pogovore z gosti odkrivamo edinstvene perspektive in izkušnje, ki oblikujejo naše poslovne poti in osebni razvoj.

  • En famille, entre amis, en covoiturage, sur la route ou même sur un parking, les conversations en voiture sont uniques. Nous, Mallaury et Candice, sommes très heureuses de vous accueillir dans notre podcast pour des trajets courts ou longs ! On souhaite partager avec vous une ambiance posée, explorer des sujets variés, papoter entre cops quoi ! Alors installez-vous bien et bienvenue en tout intimité dans notre Car Talk !

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  • Po vseh slovenskih regijah in krajih iščemo in predstavljamo lokalne junake, ki zavzeto, nadpovprečno in predano opravljajo svoje delo ali prostočasno dejavnost

  • Tools to Manifest Your Dream Life is your guide to unlocking the power within. Each episode equips you with practical tools and actionable strategies to turn your desires into reality. We'll explore powerful techniques, delve into the psychology of manifestation, and chat with inspiring guests who've used these methods to create their dream lives.
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  • Dive into the mystical world of the zodiac and astrology with 'Starry Insights.' Join us as we unravel the secrets of the stars, decode your birth chart, and explore how celestial bodies influence our lives. Whether you're a seasoned astrologer or a cosmic novice, this podcast will illuminate the path to self-discovery through the language of the cosmos.

  • On this podcast we aim to create a safe and growth-oriented space where we can learn about and explore Human Design with people from all walks of life! Kayla Mason is an Intuitive Human Design Coach with KaylaCare, and Megan Smith is her good friend, client, and fellow Human Design Enthusiast! Together they encourage deep, meaningful, and revelation-inspiring conversations with a wide variety of guests!

  • Are you ready to supercharge your Slovenian listening comprehension?

    Our podcast is the perfect tool for you. Studies show that the key to mastering a second language is through repetition and active processing.

    That's why each episode of our podcast features a story in Slovenian, followed by a sentence-by-sentence retelling that alternates between Slovenian and English.

    This approach not only allows you to fully understand and absorb the vocabulary and grammar but also provides a bilingual support to aid your listening comprehension. But we don't stop there.

    Research in sociolinguistics highlights the importance of culture in language learning, which is why we provide a list of vocabulary words and a transcript of the audio to help you understand the cultural context of the story. And for your convenience, we also include a transcript of the audio to help you refer back to any parts you may have struggled with.

    Our podcast is not just for language learners, it's also for travelers or people who wants to connect with their roots. Are you planning a trip to Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, or Ljubljana Castle? Maybe you want to speak Slovenian with your grandparents from Ljubljana?

    Our podcast will provide you with the cultural and linguistic background necessary to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and life of Slovenia, the primary country where Slovenian is fluently spoken. Our podcast is based on the latest research in linguistics, sociolinguistics,
    psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and education to provide the most effective method for mastering Slovenian listening comprehension.

    Don't miss this opportunity, give our podcast a try and see the results for yourself. Izboljšajte svoje razumevanje poslušanja z našimi slovenskimi zgodbami danes!

  • I’m an average guy training and motivating myself and anyone listening to become better. I find and share inspiring quotes and speeches biweekly in bite sized episodes to help you stay motivated and inspired to reach your goal

  • As a spiritual life coach and dream doula, I share wisdom and interview real people about real issues. Join us as we talk about mindfulness, the mind body connection and how creativity is a necessity.

  • The Overthinker’s Guide to Joy is your go-to resource for every day tips and tricks on how to manage your stress and overthinking brain. If you are looking for easy ways to reduce your stress, improve your healthy and find more joy in your life, this is the podcast for you. Certified Life Coach, Jackie de Crinis gives you easily-digestible concepts that will help you feel calmer and more joyful in your life. If you would like even more ways to reduce your stress and create more joy, you can sign up for her newsletter at https://jackiedecrinis.com.

  • The Everyday Stoic is hosted by William Mulligan, Author of the book "The Everyday Stoic : The Simple Rules for a Good Life". He is also widely recognised as one of the Mulligan Brothers a network of social pages and films with the missions of inspiring change around the world.

  • 🎥Video Podcast
    🤯💭Exceed beyond closed minds
    🌏❗️A modern Muslim view of this DEEP world
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  • Listen as yoga, meditation, & Reiki teacher Heather Larson helps you relax, make time for yourself, learn to meditate, and reap the benefits of meditation. Use the weekly guided meditation to learn different techniques and build the habit of meditating.

  • Podkast Digitrajno izobraževanje naslavlja pomembno tematiko v izobraževanju naših otrok, da jih lahko kot starši, učitelji in družba opremimo za polno življenje v digitalni dobi in prihodnost v družbi znanja.
    Vsebino omogoča Ministrstvo za vzgojo in izobraževanje s pomočjo sredstev mehanizma Načrta za okrevanje in odpornost in Next Generation EU.
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  • 🎙️ Introducing "The Career Suite" Podcast: Driving Goals, Careers, and Futures Forward

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  • Willkommen bei GenM – dem Mindset-Podcast der die Sicht auf das Leben neu definiert. Mindset, Empowerment, Entertainment – Daily Talk mit der Mindset Generation. Begib dich auf eine Reise in die Wohnzimmer-Geschichten von inspirierenden Studenten und ihren Interview-Gästen. Erfahre, wie du dich von deinem Kopf-Kino befreist und alltägliche Konflikte, die uns auf- und klein halten, lösen kannst. In unserem Wohnzimmer erzählen wir motivierende Geschichten, in denen positive Sichtweisen auf das Leben im Fokus stehen. Gänsehautmomente, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Bewusstseinserweiterungen!

  • At the mention of relationship, everyone thinks it has to do with the romantically involvement but NO.As you listen and follow my episodes,you will learn what relationship is all about ,how it affects our choices and how our choices can determine our relationships.

  • Go Getter Entrepreneur, your new fav business podcast with Rachel Marie, founder and visionary behind Go Getter Girl Company. Rachel speaks on all female founder things: building dreams and brands, entrepreneurship & taking action daily.Through her experiences, she has created a life for herself as an e-commerce brand owner and innovator, author, handbag designer, coach, and podcaster, and has been an integral part of thousands of female founder success stories. She invites you to your next chapter —Where it all begins.See you inside for RAW, RELATABLE & REAL Founder Confessions.

  • "Grill" is an engaging and multifaceted podcast series dedicated to the art and culture of grilling. Spanning 15 episodes, this series dives deep into the world of grilling, offering listeners a comprehensive exploration of culinary techniques, cultural traditions, and the latest innovations in grilling. Each episode focuses on a unique aspect of grilling, from its historical roots and scientific principles to vegetarian options, seasonal recipes, and sustainable practices. Featuring a diverse array of guest speakers, including world-renowned chefs, food scientists, nutritionists, and grilling enthusiasts, "Grill" provides a rich tapestry of stories, tips, and insights. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a curious newcomer, this podcast promises to ignite your passion for grilling, equip you with expert knowledge, and inspire your culinary adventures. With its blend of educational content, expert interviews, and listener interactions, "Grill" is the ultimate companion for anyone looking to elevate their grilling game and discover the joy and community that comes with cooking over an open flame.