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  • Why is agroecology not possible without feminism? What does feminism have to do with the food you eat? Agroecology is gaining steam as the way forward to sustainable, just and healthy food systems, however, there is still ample confusion about why the feminist perspective is important, how it aligns with agroecology and what it has to offer to food system transformation. It is often confused with gender equity, whereas feminist values include but go far beyond gender. 

    In this podcast activists, researchers and practitioners who dedicate their lives to feminism and agroecology share how women (and others) are invisibly sustaining the food system, what it means to place ‘life’, rather than profit, in the centre of the food system, and what food systems would look like if they were based on feminist values. We explore how the oppression of women forms part of systemic oppression against anyone who falls out of the white, heterosexual, cis-male box, what decolonial and indigenous feminisms offer to the agroecology movement, and how to strengthen that movement from a feminist perspective. 

    This podcast is a collaboration between The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) and CIDSE. Its production was co-funded by the European Commission.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • The Kinky Hedon Podcast explores Black Sex Culture, Black Sex Ed, and the Lifestyle as it pertains to kinks, fetishes, and paraphilias within the Black Community. We will be talking to anyone no matter how they identify; queer, straight, non-binary, or otherwise because everyone has their own unique experiences.

    Join us as we learn and educate one another. @TheKinkyHedonPodcast

  • Welcome to Live Life in Motion. A podcast designed to motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Episodes will feature guests from all walks of life, including experts in the field of mental and physical well-being.

    We will share stories from individuals that have overcome adversity and pushed forward in life, as well as insights on the tools and techniques that helped them excel.

    Each of us is destined for success and here you will learn how to unlock your untapped potential.

    Click subscribe and start living life to the fullest. Check us out on Instagram @LiveLifeinMotion

  • How do I awaken and align with my purpose in the world? How do I trust and follow my intuition for more clarity in life? How do I understand the underlying themes that affect my life, career/business, health, relationships with myself and others?

    Imagine gaining clarity of your own blueprint for living a life of happiness, health, success and fulfillment in life, career/business and relationships? Imagine feeling confident in who you are as a unique individual. Imagine experiencing more energy, vitality, focus and desire while doing the things that are aligned with YOU.

    The Designed to AWAKEN Podcast is related to spiritual awakening and exploration of the mind, body and spirit in a holistic manner. Designed to AWAKEN is packed with real life experience and support to take the confusion out of learning and integrating your own unique design into your life and to awaken in the process.

    Danielle Golie is passionate about awakening to her authentic self and aligning with her purpose in the world. She is ready to share everything she has learned along her own journey of spiritual awakening and soul alignment so you too can experience more joy, ease and fulfillment in the pursuit of your own purposeFULL life.

    If you are ready to unlock the parts of your life that are inauthentic to you so that you can experience more confidence and clarity in why you are here at this time in humanity. Then it's time to ask yourself the question "How am I designed to awaken?"

    Host Danielle Golie brings her unique perspective on learning and self exploration of the Human Design System and how you too can contemplate your own design as well for more fulfilling relationships and life. To inspiring you to let go of resistance, past conditioning, and align with your authentic and awakened self!

    Along with sharing her life lessons, she interviews other aligned women who will share their journey and perspective of how aligning with their design and soul has been the pivot point in their lives, health, relationships, career or business. It's YOUR turn to let go of feeling unseen and unheard and be inspired to awaken, align and share your unique self in the world. The world is waiting for YOU!

  • Your person is waiting to meet you and Jackie Loor will help you find them.

    Jackie is a female empowerment love coach who founded Empowered Women’s Guide where she helps women find the love they deserve.

    In the Crazy Love or Nothing Podcast you will hear Jackie’s hilariously unfiltered stories, her empowering advice and interviews that will inspire you to take action.

    This podcast will change your life.

    New episodes of the Crazy Love or Nothing Podcast drop every Monday and Thursday.

    To learn more about Jackie, or to submit a topic or question, check out https://www.jackieloor.com/

  • So many of us have been through life-altering things that have affected us in so many ways. Join me as we discuss what trauma is, how it impacts us, and what we can do to heal, build resiliency, and grow!! I'm Kerri Walker and I'm a Certified Trauma Support Specialist with lots and lots of lived experience with Trauma! I've been working in the field of Intimate Partner Violence for over 12 years, and for 8 of those with survivors who've experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury. Yeah, I'm a survivor of those both too! Let's do this together!!

  • Dýrheimar halda úti hlaðvarpi sem fjallar um hin ýmsu málefni tengd hundum og köttum með áherslur samfélagsins í forgrunni. Fjallað er um það sem eigendur þurfa til að annast dýrin sín með öruggum hætti, tryggt velferð þeirra og heilsu, bæði andlega og líkamlega.

  • This podcast is a passion project through which expats, digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs and everything in-between can share their stories and insights about living and working overseas.

  • A podcast featuring Lynn Foulke and Roger Kaimukilwa, Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Safaris With A Heart, a travel/charity venture. Also featured are Safaris With A Heart travelers who share their personal high-adventure stories and meaningful experiences found amidst the beauty and splendor of Tanzania, the jewel of East Africa. Immerse yourself in the stories and dialog for a strong sense of all that awaits you. National Park Animal Photo Safaris, the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, Olduvai Gorge, Zanzibar Island, cultural immersion experiences and more. Safaris With A Heart brings Tanzania to LIFE for you!

  • قبلہ اول کی خونچکاں تاریخ کوسنئے معراج ربانی کی آوازمیں نہایت ہے دل کودہلادینے والی تقریرضرورسنیں .

  • Side Checks is a twice-weekly business podcast all about side hustle development and management. Show host and side hustle connoisseur, Amy Schmidt, covers topics like strategic growth, sales, marketing, time management, and what a “healthy hustle” looks like.

    In addition to having open and honest conversations about her own experience with side hustling, Amy regularly invites other fellow side hustlers, business owners, and experts onto the podcast to share their own stories and career advice!

    Side Checks is designed for anyone who is curious about making money as a side hustler, landing the ultimate job security and growing their income and career in a more fulfilling way!

  • In this show I interview entrepreneurs who are the best in their field, with the goal to help you to understand the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and to inspire you to start your business and to realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur yourself. I was personally always interested in entrepreneurship – I created a startup with friends at university, I followed the trajectory of interesting entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, and I took in a lot of information about the topic, but I ever actually started a business by myself. So, I am curious about what separates entrepreneurs that take the risk of starting a business, from people that just dream about it, but never really act upon their ideas. By finding this out, I want to inspire you to finally take the leap to start your own business as well! I truly hope you will enjoy the show and that it helps you with insights and inspirations for starting your own company!

  • Welcome to our podcast! We have a combined lived experience of more than 35 years inside of the Texas prison system and we are spilling all of the details!

    About Us:
    Jennifer (Toonche) is the Project Director for Lioness: Justice Impacted Women’s Alliance. She is a formerly incarcerated woman with a passion for criminal justice reform. Jennifer has been published in The Texas Observer, The Marshall Project and The Guardian. She aspires to use her lived experiences to bring attention to the often-forgotten voices of other system-impacted individuals.

    Marci Marie is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Lioness and a social media influencer and content creator who has more than 250k followers on TikTok. She focuses on healing with her family and community as she advocates for those most affected by the criminal justice system.

  • Dr. Auður H. Ingólfsdóttur stýrir hlaðvarpi um hvernig hægt er að bæta eigin lífsgæði á sama tíma og tekin eru skref til góðs fyrir umhverfi og samfélag.

    Í Transformia hlaðvarpinu fáum við til okkar viðmælendur sem hafa velt fyrir sér samfélagslegum áskorunum, kynnumst bakgrunni þeirra og hvernig þeir finna leiðir til að rækta eigin garð á sama tíma og þeir leggja sitt af mörkum til betra og sjálfbærara samfélags.

  • A variety show, where we dive deep into various topics each week. Join Jonathan as he welcomes a new guest every week.

  • The Modern Lending Podcast is designed to equip the local Mortgage Professional with the tools to evolve their businesses into the digital lending era.

  • https://www.fjordavaktin.is/
    Fjórða vaktin er hlaðvarp þar sem rýnt er í málefni líðandi stundar út frá femínísku sjónarhorni. Til þess að hlusta þarftu að kaupa áskrift. Engar áhyggjur, þér verður leiðbeint áfram.