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  • An unorthodox and unscripted podcast for creatives to freely express themselves, and uplift one another.

  • Vinnuskúraspjall við Iðnaðarmenn , fólk í framkvæmdum og fyrirtæki.

  • Alfonso Peccatiello’s “Boiler Room” is your access to the greatest minds in finance. Tune in every Tuesday and Friday to gain insights into the macro forces driving the economy, and hear how industry-leading investors are navigating markets.

  • Konur í tækni er hlaðvarp Vertonet, samtaka kvenna í upplýsingatækni á Íslandi.
    Í þáttunum kynnumst við konum sem starfa við upplýsingatækni og þeim leiðum sem þær hafa þurft að taka til að njóta velgengni í starfi. Umsjón með þáttunum hefur Hildur Óskarsdóttir.

    Við hlustum:
    [email protected]

    Þátturinn er í boði Geko - Specialists in Innovation Talent

  • Stöðutakan er vikulegur þáttur um viðskipti og efnahagsmál í umsjón Þórðar Gunnarssonar. Þátturinn er aðgengilegur á öllum helstu hlaðvarpsveitum og í mynd á

  • Welcome to Tomorrow, a podcast from the global team of economists, strategists, sector advisors and foresight experts of the Allianz Group, led by Ludovic Subran. In each episode, we’ll be talking about our latest analyses of economic and capital market developments, as well as our views on trends affecting risk management.

  • Geet sits down with some of the most amazing humans he knows - scientists, artists, writers, journalists, chefs, fellow entrepreneurs, MMA fighters, adventurers, athletes and anyone that inspires him.
    Cover Art by Laura (

  • Humana’s Chief Nursing Office represents a community of nearly 10,000 nurses, care managers and social workers at Humana, promoting a culture that values and supports clinical professionals and impacts health outcomes.

  • Hear first hand from audit insiders on the latest trends, news and technology and what you need to consider to transform and elevate your audit & advisory practice today.

  • Girl on FIRE is a podcast helping women navigate their way through financial independence and retiring early. We talk about how to invest, what to invest in and how to grow your wealth so that you can continue living a life you love without going broke - even in retirement. We also discuss the unique issues and challenges that we face as women when building real wealth. Weekly episodes are hosted by budgeting and personal finance expert, Priya Karan. With over a decade of experience working as a finance professional, she's sharing what she learns on her own journey to FIRE. Finally, an investing podcast for women, by women!

  • We’re all in a moment. And, we’re asking the big questions. Especially about work. Should I join The Great Resignation? Should I stay and just keep on, keeping on. Or, reimagine, reinvent, maybe even start my own thing? Can I really expect more than just a paycheck and stability from work? How do I navigate the overwhelm, burnout, and work-life-bleed that’s turned work-from-home into never-stop-working? What about purpose, joy, excitement, time to breathe, and live? What about that nagging tension between money and meaning, the desire to feel secure and the quest to do something that makes you come alive - that sparks you?
    These are the questions we’ll be diving into on the SPARKED podcast. Every week, we invite a listener to share what’s going on in their work & life, then pose a specific question. Then, our host, award-winning author, advisor, and founder, Jonathan Fields, and a rotating lineup of wise mentors from the SPARKED Braintrust will share insights, ideas, strategies, resources and tips to help us all better align what we do with who we are, so we can find and do more of what makes us come alive.

  • History of Business is a bi-weekly show hosted by serial entrepreneur and history geek, Andrea Conway, with her husband and business partner, Mark Conway. Tune in every other week, as they nerd out on real-life stories of businesses from ancient history to the modern day. Whether you are a history nerd, business guru, or entrepreneur—or if anything "Ancient Egypt" or “Stock Market” turns you on, then this podcast is for you!

  • Revolution of One is about the change that begins with you.

    There is nothing more powerful than individual people who are free to set their own path and take charge of their own lives. But we also recognize that simply being free to make your own choices is not enough. Just knowing where you want to go doesn't give you everything you need to get there.

    That's why Revolution of One is so important.

    Revolution of One will help you bring your dreams into reality with practical, actionable advice based on our nearly 75 years of experience in economics and entrepreneurship education. We will show you how to think like an entrepreneur, how to find meaning in your work at every stage of your career, and how to unlock incredible opportunities for personal and financial success by focusing on creating value for everyone around you.

    Our mission is to convince as many people as we can that they have the permission and the power to be the dominant creative force in their own lives.

    Join the Revolution and get ready to be inspired.

  • Beyond Fear is a consulting firm that focuses on equity and belonging. This podcast connects our community members with our blogging and other programming.

  • Hosted by The Energy Queen Sarah Ashley! "She Leads With Light Podcast" is for the woman who desires to be everything she is here to be. To bust through any limits she's created, to rise up and create this life her way!

  • The Heart & Hustle Podcast is a peek into the world of both Michaela and Tom. In their upside-down and often times inside-out world that they live in, they are going to talk about the the Heart & Hustle of running a company focused on PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY and partnering with hundreds of organizations to help them achieve their goals in HR and IT! They will be interviewing many industry leaders and doing a ton of Q&A!As with everything with Michaela & Tom, there is a twist. You will be on a wild journey into the lives of these two!

  • Í Pyngjunni eru ársreikningar fyrirtækja skoðaðir og ræddir. Athugið að öll gögn sem stuðst er við eru opinberar upplýsingar. Þáttastjórnendur eru Arnar Þór Ólafsson og Ingvi Þór Georgsson

  • Join Katie Boyd as she empowers you to take control