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  • Let Mr R.'s voice guide you into the world of material handling. Every month we will lead you to discover the new trends and curiosities of the materials handling sector. And what are you expecting? Happy listening

  • Want to know why more than 250,000 people and hundreds of businesses call the Town of Babylon home? Then look no further… ‘Economically Speaking’ is your window into the business community right in your local neighborhood. Hosted by Babylon Industrial Development Agency CEO, Tom Dolan, this informational podcast serves to educate and communicate the latest economic development news in the town and surrounding region.

    This podcast will discuss housing, jobs, workforce development, real estate, economic inclusion, energy resources, business planning, transportation, small business loans, COVID impacts, and much more. Hear directly from our region’s experts about how we must tackle the Town’s challenges, opportunities, resource availability, and experiences. So here’s your look into the role of the IDA and our goal of helping the community grow.

  • The Build Your Coaching Business Around the 9to5 podcast by Certified Coach, Pamella Pritchard, is for Coaches, Healers and Lightworkers who are building their dream life & coaching business around the 9to5 with simplicity, clarity and confidence.
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  • Private Practice Profits is for doctors and health & wellness practitioners and discusses powerful strategies to increase private practice profits (and have fun while doing it)! Presented by

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: Direction is a digital content publisher, set up to help you acquire critical skills you need to succeed in today's competitive workplace. Our mission is to help you unlock your full potential by enabling you to learn with focus and purpose. At Skills Direction, we believe that everyone has the potential to be successful, and we are committed to providing you with the resources you need to reach your goals.

  • A podcast that specifically explores the world of becoming a solo brand designer and creating brand identities and brand stories that resonate deeply with founders and their audiences. Rachel dives deep into topics such as the personality of brand, purposeful design, running a small business, working with clients, mindset and speaking on her journey to a life of creative freedom.

  • The Reading Revolution is a bi-weekly podcast exploring the world of literacy and its influencers and advocates of childhood reading brought to you by If you would like to be a guest on the Reading Revolution, have an idea for an episode, or would like to ask a question, drop us a line at [email protected].

  • Hire Learning with Oz Rashid is a series of raw, honest, and entertaining conversations with top-performing business leaders across an array of industries that focus on the one thing every business leader has to play a part in: building high performing teams. The reality is that making the right or wrong decisions when hiring not only impacts you as a leader - it affects every aspect of the business.

    The goal of the show is to help business leaders learn new ways of approaching the way they identify and engage top talent, and have fun while listening.

  • Algunas técnicas para trabajar la actitud positiva antes de una disertación

  • Welcome to the "Lady Boss Growth Podcast," where entrepreneur, Stacy Orndorff, spills the beans on how she turned her coffee and food truck into a six-figure success story!

    Joined by her co-host and daughter, Katibree Orndorff, they're here to unlock the secrets to growth and empowerment. Get ready for a journey through the caffeinated world of entrepreneurship as Stacy and Katibree share insider tips, tricks, and strategies to help you carve your path to success.

    But that's not all—join them on their epic "Coffee Crawls" across the nation, where they explore and share their favorite coffee shops and food trucks. With a passion for brand and process strategy, Stacy and Katibree are here to elevate your entrepreneurial game while sharing their top products and experiences along the way.

    So grab your favorite brew, and let's embark on this adventure together! ☕️✨

  • Stories of lawyers who've moved on from law

  • Welcome to the Christian Work from Home Mom Podcast!

    Hi, I’m Amy J. Arthur, Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, and I’m on a mission to empower Christian moms to discover work-from-home opportunities that align with their family and financial goals.

    Ever feel overwhelmed searching for legitimate work-from-home jobs, sacrificing precious family time in the process? What if you could follow a simple roadmap to start making money quickly? That’s precisely what this podcast is about!

    In each episode, we dive into the world of flexible work-from-home options, side jobs, and effective strategies to boost your income. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom with small kids or navigating the school-age season, there’s a path for you.

    Join me on the Christian Work from Home Mom Podcast, where we explore the intersection of faith, family, and freelancing. Let’s unlock the secrets to balancing your role as a mom with a rewarding and flexible career.

    Ready to embark on this journey together? Let’s do this!

    Amy J. Arthur

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  • Un podcast qui répond aux questions concernant les finances, les bâtiments et l'immobilier. On discute de plusieurs sujets et on vulgarise les éléments importants. Ce podcast est dédié à tout le monde, autant les professionnels que le propriétaire d'une maison qui veut l'entretenir, mais aussi pour tout ceux qui aime en apprendre davantage sur le sujet. Bien sûr, nos invités sont des experts de leur domaine.

  • Sharing my views about my investing experiences in stock, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. #crypto #bitcoin #podcasting #finance #ethereum #blockchain #cardano #ckb #shibainu #shib #safemoon #matic #cryptocurrency #community #shitcoins #investing

  • Oklahoma Attorneys Colleen McCarty and Leslie Briggs dig deep into Oklahoma’s criminal legal system, telling true stories you won’t believe—and exposing the legal realities of a system that sends more people to prison than almost anywhere in the world. This so called “victim centered system” often leaves victims of violence to fend for themselves, then punishes them when they do just that.

  • Für Menschen, die Ihr Business entwickeln wollen.
    Für Menschen, die an Persönlichkeitsentwicklung interessiert sind.
    Für Menschen, die aus den 70ern, 80ern oder 90ern sind.
    Und für Ältere.
    ... und für Jüngere. :-)
    Wenn du dich manchmal einsam fühlst und dich fragst, ob du auf diesem Planeten, in deiner Umgebung, in deiner Firma und ganz allein der Einzige bist, der sich "solche" Fragen stellt, dann ist das genau der richtige Podcast für dich.
    Markus stellt sich dieselben Fragen. Und er beantwortet sie für sich und für dich in seinen Episoden über Mindset, Unternehmertum, Spiritualität und die Hürden des Alltags.
    Jede Episode ist ein Mix aus persönlichen Anekdoten, praktischen Tipps und inspirierenden Geschichten. Mein Ziel? Dich zu motivieren, deine authentische Stimme zu finden und zu nutzen, um nicht nur erfolgreich zu sein, sondern auch wahrhaftig zu leben. So kannst du zuerst deine Welt besser machen. Dann die in deinem Umfeld. Und so weiter.
    Ich möchte, dass du etwas Bleibendes von Wert erschaffst.
    Markus Coenen ist Unternehmer, AutorenCoach, WirkungsFährmann. Er ist Gründer der Yes!-People, Redner, Autor und Content-Creator.

  • Join us for your monthly dose of creativity, as we get LOUD and meet the boldest and brightest talent in the creative sector.