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  • Green Talking: the podcast helping you learn English for Good!

    This is the only podcast designed for English language learners, to help you find out more about sustainability and loads of projects creating positive impact across the globe. We help you improve your English by talking about a range of environmental and social issues such as food, fashion, digital waste and sustainable cities. Each episode is linked to a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.

    We want to help you improve your English language skills, and at the same time, learn about the importance of creating a better world, and what we all can do to contribute.

    This podcast is hosted by Jennifer Ramsay, founder of Green Talk, and Cassie Howe. To learn more about Green Talk visit

  • O Tudo sobre Futebol Americano é um podcast que falará da essência deste desporto. Cobertura completa da NFL, iremos igualmente falar do lado estratégico, do lado táctico e do lado mais técnico do jogo. Podem também esperar conversas informais com alguns intervenientes deste desporto, em Portugal e pelo mundo.

    Num jogo de progressão de terreno, onde a estratégia é fundamental nós iremos focar-nos nas pequenas coisas e naquilo que pode fazer a diferença. Com André Amorim, Nuno Félix e Pedro Fernandes.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald “The Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing.”

    Imagine being able to earn passive income, long-term equity, and achieve financial freedom while gaining total freedom from your business or a job. That’s what Lifestyle Investing is all about.

    Justin Donald has mastered the low-risk cash flow investment principles he shares with entrepreneurs around the world. These principles center on creating passive income and significant wealth while liberating yourself from a day-to-day job so you never run out of money.

    His innovative mindset principles and 10 commandments of Lifestyle Investing have released scores of entrepreneurs from the “golden handcuffs” that came with running life-consuming enterprises.

    This show focuses on showing today’s entrepreneurs and business executives how to think and invest to limit risk, maximize repeatable returns, and achieve retirement goals through his proven passive income cash flow strategies.

    Justin’s principles enable you to move from an “earned income” career to support your lifestyle with passive cash flow investments including real estate, operating companies, debt, equity, and franchises that give you the absolute freedom to live the life you truly desire.

  • في هادا البودكاست نتكلم على رواد الأعمال و المشاريع القائمة في ليبيا

  • Meet inspirational men and women committed to making us grow. They choose to leverage the knowledge in their hands to open new perspectives, to offer solutions to societal and business challenges. Be transported by their conviction and passion so that we too, can find ways to act today, for the future. Because purpose drives impact. Because tomorrow is our business.

    Every month, this podcast showcases stories of people who choose to have an impact on others’ lives. 

    Narrated by Aniza Pourtauborde, HEC Paris

    Directed By Maud Clerc, HEC Paris

    Produced by HEC Paris x Double Monde

    Original Music by Dom Hutton

  • スモールビジネスやフリーランスの方、小規模企業の経営者、副業に取り組む方、スタートアップ関連の方などに向け「少ないリソースで最大の効果を上げる」ためのwebマーケティング方法を中心に発信をしています。


    感想はぜひ #まほウェブ #まほウェブradio でつぶやいて下さい。

  • Potentialist Show is a talk show where we sit down with founders and investors to talk about their stories and secrets to succeed in the international startup world. 

Often, we hosted a live, in-person talk show with guests, however, now we focus on podcast-like 1on1 talk show as we want to deliver the experience everywhere in the world.
    The Show has been around since June 2018 and was hosted in multiple countries including US, Japan and Korea. The latest series started on October 19th, 2020 with focus on stories behind viral growth ventures and how to invest in them.

  • 021 Station - Nhà ga của những ý tưởng tin vào những câu chuyện chân thá»±c phía sau thành công của những nhà sáng lập và khởi nghiệp tại Việt Nam, trên hành trình gây dá»±ng công ty từ con số 0.

    Phát sóng vào các sáng thứ 3 cách tuần.

  • THE STARTUP PODCASTは、スタートアップのスタートアップによるスタートアップのためのポッドキャストです。
    パーソナリティは株式会社no new folk studio CEO菊川裕也と株式会社Empath CSO 山崎はずむ。旬な起業家や投資家の方々をお招きして本音でトークします。ぜひポッドキャストをフォローしてお楽しみください。

    ご意見やご感想、リクエストは へお送りください。

  • The Ladies, Let’s Talk About Sex Podcast strives to empower and destigmatize conversations surrounding gender, race and sexuality. This is accomplished by our weekly guests sharing personal and professional stories that demonstrate the trials and tribulations of female identifying individuals, and how these experiences have shaped their sexuality, career, and lifestyle. We believe that power lies within education, and our podcast aims to highlight a variety of stories through informal, fun, and educational conversations!

  • DIAMOND ハーバード・ビジネス・レビューがお送りするpodcastプログラム。経営者や研究者、社会起業家、芸術家、宗教家など様々な分野のリーダーをお招きして、ゲストの「人生の旅路」についてインタビューを行います。華道家の山崎繭加さんとDHBR編集部が豊かな人生を送るためのヒントを探ります。

  • 人生とは、挑戦の連続である。自らの意志で挑む大きな挑戦。日常の中で思いがけず訪れる小さな挑戦。 私たちの人生は、日々、挑戦であふれている。今日の挑戦者は、どんな景色を見ているのだろうか。

  • 資本主義の仕組みから、投資や経済情報、考え方について発信しています。複数の収入源を持って、資本主義を自由に生きていくヒントになればうれしいです!人生困難な場面は、幾度となく訪れるけど、楽しみながら乗り越えていける力を一緒勉強しましょう💪






  • シードVCのSkyland Venturesパートナーの木下慶彦のStartup Podcastです。スタートアップやVCをゲストにコンテンツ配信して行きます。

  • Thinking about moving to China and work as an English teacher, but uncertain where to begin? Or, already here, but having difficulties dealing with your daily life? Then this podcast is for you. It hopes to give you a current, comprehensive and objective view of the English-teaching environment in China. It also provides you with some practical pointers on how to better manage your job and life in the Middle Kingdom.

  • Listen in on some really intimate conversations as artists, creators, influencers, business leaders, and more share their journeys with Phil Terrill (host). These stories will pivot off of his "4F Model" progression framework presented in the book, Collision Course.

  • A show for real estate investors who want to learn how to increase and KEEP their profits. Money management is the missing ingredient to financial freedom! The Profit First R.E.I. Podcast gives you the tools needed to manage your money in a way that actually works. Profit isn't a result... it's a habit!

  • The Human Side of Money delivers actionable ideas and strategies to equip financial advisors with the skill set they need to master the human side of money.

    Whether you've been providing financial advice for 40 days or 40 years, it's evident that technology is shifting your value away from simply picking investments and providing financial plans.

    The future of advice will hinge on your ability to guide clients through the process, unearth their values and emotions around money, and ultimately, change their behavior for the better.

    Join your host, Brendan Frazier, as he interviews fellow financial advisors, industry consultants, and experts in the fields of behavioral finance, psychology and communication as they share everything you need to know to master the human side of money!