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  • Hosted by Aaron Johnson and Xhensila Pisha of the Structured Finance team, our new Securitization Spotlight podcast series brings you the insight you need to keep on top of corporate and consumer debt securitization markets. From the impact of an evolving regulatory landscape and the ongoing recovery from the pandemic, to the ongoing effects of lower-for-longer interest rates and investors’ growing focus on ESG considerations, Aaron, Xhen and their guests will deliver the analysis that matters.

  • On WE’RE IN!, you'll hear from the newsmakers and innovators who are making waves and driving the cyber security industry forward. We talk to them about their stories, the future of the industry, their best practices, and more.

  • Kvartalet är en ny rapportpodd från Fråga Lou AB för dig som gillar fastigheter och i synnerhet fastighetsaktier. Här ges vd:ar i börsnoterade svenska fastighetsbolag möjlighet att i intervjuform kommentera sina bolags aktuella kvartalsrapporter och diskutera sin syn på läget framgent. Intervjuerna genomförs av Sverrir Thór och rapporterna analyseras av Niclas Höglund. Kvartalet görs i samarbete med de aktuella bolagen.

  • Are you struggling to find your purpose in life? Do you feel like something is missing and you need some guidance? Do you often feel unfulfilled with what you're doing on a day to day basis? Well, I'm here to tell you, you don't have to feel that way anymore. I'm here to help you through your journey in life. To gain clarity, find purpose and passion.

    My name is Jose Miguel Longo. I'm a gay Hispanic, a husband, dog Daddy, an advocate for social justice, DEI, an ally for all LGBTQ+, a career and life coach a millennial born in 1983.

    I have spent my time since the age of 14, working my way around the world of work. I know my God given talents are to help those around me to gain clarity in their lives while finding their passion and purpose. For the last decade, I've spent my time coaching college students and alums from all three generations X, Y and Z and designing their career stories and mapping what they're wanting to do in their lives.
    The podcast Coaching For Millennials is a how to guide for all things career life and a sprinkle of everything in between is an all-inclusive space for meaningful conversations on topics happening in our world right now. It is a space for people to go on a holistic journey and uncovering their passion and purpose.

    I'm here for all generations, no matter what you identify as if you're seeking to transition from a career industry or job to another or ready to transform your life completely. I got you boo. Whatever the fantasy you're trying to create. Let me make it happen. If you're ready to start the journey to explore your passion and purpose, get focused on gaining clarity to transform you to a place that will fuel you and inspire you and sprinkle some joy and laughter in between. It's time to dive into Coaching For Millennials!

    Visit our website:

  • Le podcast du cabinet Vogel & VogelL'actualité du droit économique - Concurrence Distribution Consommation Marché intérieur

  • Fehlendes Selbstvertrauen, selbst gemachter Druck, Zweifel an den eigenen Fähigkeiten: Viele Frauen mit Verantwortung wissen vom Kopf her, dass sie schon viel erreicht haben, aber sind sich trotzdem unsicher, ob sie gut genug sind.

    Die gute Nachricht: Das lässt sich ändern.

    Stell dir vor, ...

    * du könntest selbstbewusst sagen: Ich bin gut genug!

    * du würdest deine Aufgaben im Job mit Selbstvertrauen statt Druck erledigen.

    * du könntest nach Feierabend abschalten und würdest nachts wieder durchschlafen

    * du würdest genau wissen, was dir gut tut

    Du möchtest, dass das nicht länger eine Vorstellung bleibt?

    Wunderbar. In meinem Podcast zeige ich dir, wie´s geht.

    Was du jetzt brauchst sind praxisnahe Tipps und Übungen, die du leicht in deinen Tagesablauf integrieren kannst.

    Dann schaffst auch du es, morgens gut gelaunt in den Tag zu starten und wieder frei zu atmen.

  • Lieu d'échanges entre orthophonistes. Les thèmes sont divers : administratif, parentalité, genre, formation, etc. Bref ! Tout ce qui fait de notre métier, notre métier tout simplement.

  • In this podcast, “Data Dan” Petrie puts two Titans of Finance to the test to learn the secrets of winning in today's markets. Join us in 'IC Your Trade' to prepare your game plan for your next trade.

    The podcast is produced by Bloomberg Media Studios in partnership with IC Markets.

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  • tastytrade host Tony Battista provides 2 options trade ideas for you to consider.

  • [Formateur, Enseignant, Coach] Vous avez exploré une solution qui a changé votre vie et vous voulez la transmettre en coaching, en programmes en ligne ou en séminaires... Seulement voilà, vous n'êtes pas le seul !!!
    Comment vous démarquer dans la masse ?
    Comment proposer à vos clients une expérience unique, confortable, rapide et fun ?
    Comment générer les revenus que vous méritez grâce à des services qui ont un top impact et changer la donne ?
    Le kiff pédagogique est ZE solution pour proposer à chacun de vos clients un parcours personnalisé et efficace... même si vous n'avez pas 4 bras !!!

  • Can You Hear Us? is a podcast by Monica Abad Yang, Madiera Dennison, Ana Carolina Muñoz-Morales and Kiana Shahbazi in partnership with the LSE’s first society dedicated to Women of Colour in Consulting (WoCo), created by the 2020/21 Cohort.

    The podcast is the first initiative of its kind at the School’s Department of International Development and has the overall aim to prioritise BIPOC women and femmes' specific experiences and narratives by creating a space where we can discuss a multitude of topics that affect us as women, women of colour (WOC) and women in professional spaces such as: Colourism or Work Life Balance.

    The name Can You Hear Us? originates from the COVID-19 pandemic as it is commonly repeated on Zoom but also symbolically reflects the work left to do to empower WOC.

    Tune in for a new episode every other Thursday.

  • Der Podcast mit Tim Schmaddebeck richtet sich an ambitionierte Ingenieure, die Wert auf ihre persönliche Entwicklung legen und ihr volles Potenzial entfalten wollen.

    Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Führung, Zeitmanagement, Selbstmanagement, Unternehmensführung, Management, Motivation, Karriere, Coaching, Soft Skills, Sozialkompetenzen, Emotionale Intelligenz, Mitarbeiterführung, Effizienz, Erfolg, Mindset, Effektivität, Fokus, Produktivität, Auftreten, Ziele, Gewohnheiten, Selbstreflexion, Persönlichkeit, Maschinenbau, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Elektrotechnik, Ingenieurwesen uvm.

  • "Antitrust Code” is a podcast series that aims to decode antitrust law and policy. Concurrences guests discuss the latest news and topical issues in competition law and economics around the world.

  • Tash talks is a podcast for female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale, profit, and master their business.

  • Un podcast quotidien pour mieux gérér son budget et ses finances personnelles.

  • To commemorate the 10th anniversary of our Tuck graduation, we thought we’d create some virtual excitement in the time leading up to what would have been our reunion. So listen along as we chat with a different T'11 classmate each episode to reminisce about Hanover, learn what they've been up to since Tuck, and just have some fun.

  • Take a good look into how financial service businesses are authorised in the DIFC and the ADGM.

    We also assist you with setting up funds and obtaining financial licenses in Luxembourg.

    Get in touch should you wish to engage 10 Leaves to work on your licensing application!

  • Go behind the scenes of some of the most interesting topics at the intersection of finance, law, and public policy. Hosted by Lee Reiners, executive director of the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University School of Law.

  • Are you ready for the next wave of disruption in procurement? Join Sourcing Industry Group CEO Dawn Tiura, CSP, CSMP, C3PRMP, for conversations on the sourcing industry landscape with innovators who embrace technology to improve, influence and inspire procurement professionals.

  • With the Hello Tomorrow audio series, explore the fields of expertise of Orange Luxembourg: from supporting startups to 5G, through the latest trends in connectivity, telephony or esports, get a glimpse of tomorrow's world.

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