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  • Nasz podcast to projekt studentów dla każdego kto chce poszerzać swoje horyzonty. Stworzony z inicjatywy członków Parlamentu Studenckiego Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Poznaniu. Poruszamy kwestie związane z biznesem, kulturą oraz nauką. Ideą, która nam przyświeca jest czerpanie wiedzy od praktyków i ukazywanie świata oczami ekspertów w swojej dziedzinie - naszych gości. Dzięki nam poszerzysz swoją wiedzę praktycznie w każdej płaszczyźnie, a dodatkowo dowiesz się czegoś nowego. Ciekawostki, fakty, mity - wszystko to usłyszysz w STUDYjnie.

  • SBJ I Factor features impactful interviews with SBJ award winners. You’ll recognize guests from Forty Under Forty, Game Changers, New Voices, and the Sports Business Awards. Discover how our guests found success and overcame failure while navigating their careers – not only individually, but as a team.

  • On SBJ Presents, you'll hear sponsored content from sports business organizations. These companies are pioneering the tools and products to help sports business organizations overcome the issues facing the industry. Expect quality conversations and resourceful solutions from our partners.

  • Bienvenue dans #nofilter by Nu Skin ! #no filter c'est le podcast créer par Nu Skin. Dans ce podcast, nous laissons tomber le voile, retirons les filtres et nous vous révélons tout sur les personnes qui travaillent chez Nu Skin, dans l'ombre de nos produits.

  • Es hagelt Milliardenbewertungen für deutsche Start-ups: Immer mehr machen sich einen relevanten Namen in Europa und darüber hinaus. mm-Redakteurin Christina Kyriasoglou hat in Ihrem Podcast die wichtigsten Gründer, Investorinnen und Manager aus der Start-up-Szene zu Gast und informiert und diskutiert mit ihnen und ihrem Kollegen Mark Böschen, welche Chancen die wichtigsten digitalen Hoffnungsträger der deutschen Wirtschaft wirklich haben, an die Weltspitze vorzustoßen.

  • In this podcast series from EY, we explore how organisations can innovate to respond to the post pandemic challenges and opportunities.

  • Mein Name ist Joel, bin 17 Jahre alt, Schüler in der 12. Klasse. Es gibt viele Jugendliche, wie mich, die davon träumen, mit einer eigene Idee den Wirtschaftsraum Deutschland erfolgreich zu stärken, etwas gegen die großen Herausforderungen unserer Gesellschaft zu unternehmen. Und genau ihr als junge Entrepreneure müsst gestärkt werden!
    In meinem Podcast unterhalte ich mich mit erfolgreichen Gründern über ihre herausforderndsten Probleme und Fails und was für Learnings sie daraus ziehen konnten und immer noch können!
    Ein wichtiger Bestandteil sind auch die wertvollen Ratschläge der Gründer.

  • Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Invites is a podcast featuring inspirational conversations with exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators about the strategies they used, lessons they learned, and what makes them stand out.

  • I often wonder if I'm an anomaly. Is working a 15 hour day, coming up against barriers, making mistakes but constantly striving for excellence and differentiation normal?

    I am Oliver Bruce, a founder and media entrepreneur. I started this podcast during the pandemic to speak candidly to other founder entrepreneurs in order to seek some solace and understanding into what makes an 'entrepreneur' and to reaffirm a few questions of mine.

    I was amazed at the calibre of individuals that wanted to chat and how what's perceived in the public-eye as 'success' was a long, tough and arduous journey often time and time again.

    So often being at the 'top' can be lonely. Over 4 series now I have spoken to business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs from start-ups to multi-billion pound businesses across the globe in an effort to understand what makes them tick, how they motivate themselves and their biggest regrets, mistakes and barriers.

    I hope those that listen to this podcast find some inspiration, reignite a hidden passion or continue to strive for excellence in their business, career or daily lives!

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  • I have one question for you, "What Are You Made Of?"

    Join me as I share my stories and past experiences that I use to break through barriers and take things to the next level in my life.

    Along the way we will also hear from guests about their stories, in the hope to help you uncover your past life events that you can use on your journey to answer the question, What Are You Made Of?

    This show is for those looking for an edge and something that can get them moving at moments where they need inspiration.

    Although this podcast will be plenty entertaining, the content will be worth millions due to the tried and true nature of it.

  • Pour être heureux il faut être soi. J'ai dû me défaire de ma timidité et faire grandir mon estime de moi pour enfin me réaliser pleinement. Ma mission est de vous inspirer et de vous motiver pour que vous puissiez ne jamais laisser s'éteindre la petite flamme qui brille en vous. A très vite !

  • Impact investing is a driving force in the transition to a more inclusive and sustainable world. In this podcast series, we discuss the shortcomings of our current economic system and explore how the financial sector can play a crucial role in providing the capital needed to realise real and profound change. Inside Impact Investing is brought to you by Triodos Investment Management, a globally active pioneer in impact investing.

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  • Are you in business or ministry with your spouse? What does it take to build a successful business or ministry, without sacrificing your marriage? You can build something you love with the one you love!

    Join Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe, authors, speakers, and the founders of, as they share their candid conversations with the power couples who’ve built profitable businesses and impactful ministries, while remaining happily married through it all.

    Each week on the podcast, Jackie and Stephana will sit down with a couple who has built a successful business, brand, or nonprofit. They’ll also interview couples who run impactful ministries or have planted churches.

    Their stories will encourage and inspire you to take action. You’ll learn practical strategies to build a business that supports your marriage and grow a marriage that supports your business. And you’ll see what opportunities are available for you today, and the steps you can take to launch, relaunch, or even start over.

    If you’re an entrepreneur, married to an entrepreneur, in business with your spouse, in ministry together, are a church planter, or run a nonprofit or charitable organization, this podcast is for you! Each episode you’ll get a ton of value, enjoy a little bit of laughter, and receive uber inspiration in your entrepreneurial journey.

    Like many couples, Jackie and Stephana have experienced the ups and downs of marriage and parenting. They’ve also experienced the challenges, lessons learned, and thrill of entrepreneurship in all but two years of their marriage, as they started their first business in January 2003, just 18 months after getting married in June 2001. Jackie is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.

    After giving birth to three kiddos, serving in marriage ministry for years, and launching several businesses of varying success (real talk!), they are still happily married and are dedicated to help as many couples, like you, do the same.

    Your dream marriage and your dream to impact the world don’t have to pull from one another. In fact, they can and should work together in a way that positively impacts your marriage and your work!

    The How We Built This (and Stayed Happily Married) Podcast will show you it is possible to build a profitable business or an impactful ministry today — and there is no person better to build it with than your spouse.

    For show notes, or more curated resources to help you thrive in your marriage and business, go to

  • Um podcast sobre tudo e nada. Onde o importante é partilhar. Partilhar e falar. Porque a falar é que a gente se entende

  • The Law of Code podcast focuses on the legal framework being built around blockchains, crypto, NFTs, and DAOs. We’ll look at crypto regulations, rights surrounding NFTs, as well as the legislation impacting blockchain.

    You’ll hear from the top lawyers, lawmakers, and entrepreneurs in the space – we’ll touch on best practices countries are implementing, new regulations, and share ideas on the best path forward.

  • Le podcast pour développer ses ventes et son business.

    Un vendredi sur deux, Laetitia partage ici son expérience et des tips à activer et à s’approprier pour vendre plus au quotidien.

    Pendant 7 ans, Laetitia est head of sales associée dans une start-up. Elle construit, organise, développe une équipe commerciale, mais aussi définit des stratégies pour évangéliser et placer son produit comme leader de son marché.

    A la fin de son aventure, elle décide de compiler tout ce qu’elle a appris “the hard way” pour rendre les compétences commerciales accessibles au plus grand nombre.

  • Il podcast rivolto a chi desidera restare aggiornato sulle ultime notizie dai mercati finanziari raccontate da Alberto Tocchio, Responsabile delle gestioni collettive di Kairos.
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  • If you’ve ever Googled “how to make money from home?” you’re in the right place. Welcome to Free Mama Radio, where we answer all of your questions about how to find a legitimate work from home career, how to balance your work and your family without all of the overwhelm, how to get paid to do something you really love, and how to earn more while working less in the process. We believe you can have it all, and this podcast will show you how!

    As with all things, there’s a smart way and a not-so-smart way to start your own business. Free Mama Radio is packed with current and practical advice for anyone who is ready to take control of their financial situation while making an impact in the world, starting in your own home. Each week you’ll discover how to build your dream business, make over your mindset, work from home with kids, and MORE. You are in for a treat, because our guests include some of the best in the industry!

    Your host, Lauren Golden, is on a mission to help moms ditch the 9-5 and live a totally awesome, guilt-free life! After suffering a miscarriage that changed everything, she built a full-time income as a part-time freelancer and now she is on a mission to help other mamas do the same. In the process, she’s grown a million dollar brand, written a best-selling book, and retired her husband while raising their three young children.

    Are you ready to work from home and spend more time with your family? Awesome! It’s YOUR time, Mama! So get inspired, learn from the experts and most importantly, take action! Because we believe that no mother should have to choose between family and finances.

  • The Motivated podcast has emerged as the #1 podcast dedicated to the topic of motivation, which is hosted by Dalia Strum who is an educator on Digital Marketing and Business Strategy at The Fashion Institute of Technology and Pablo Henderson, the VP of Marketing at Equinox Hotels. We feature impressive thought leaders and industry experts where we discuss what they’re working on, some of the strategies they’re deploying, how they continuously shift their mindset and most importantly how they’re keeping themselves as well as the people around them motivated.

  • Wie gelingt eine digitale Transformation und was ist das eigentlich?

    'Changing out loud' möchte mit praktischen Methoden, Tools, Vorgehensweisen und Ansätze für eine digitale Transformation liefern, die Unternehmern, Organisationsentwicklern und interessierten Menschen Inspiration sowie praktische Anleitungen liefert.

    Wir stellen regelmäßig zwei verschiedene Formate vor. Das erste Format sind kleinere Lernnuggets (N). In diesen Lern-Häppchen werden konkrete Methoden, Tools, Vorgehensweisen in kurzer Form vorgestellt. Im zweiten Format interviewen wir Gäste vertiefend zu ihren Transformationsvorhaben oder zu grundsätzlichen Transformations-Konzepten (#).