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  • The CleanTechies Podcast was created by Silas Mähner to host conversations with CleanTech / ClimateTech enthusiasts, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates, and inventors. -Our goal is to have conversations that will help raise awareness about the newest technologies being developed to help reverse climate change. If you want to be part of the CleanTech revolution join our Slack Channel | https://join.slack.com/t/cleantechies/shared_invite/zt-pd2drz6d-N~9nURU5JlyMXv2ZiO5bAQ If you'd like to come on the show or have recommendations please connect with Silas over LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/silasmahner/ Silas is a Renewables, ClimateTech, and ESG headhunter and the Founder of ErthTechLabs; a consultancy working with early-stage ClimateTech founders to connect with Capital, Co-Founders, and Advisors. He grew up in a very anti-climate-change part of the country in rural Wisconsin. When he got out on his own he realized the incredible benefits of ClimateTechnologies in addition to the realities of Climate Change. He then launched CleanTechies in 2021 to help raise awareness of the various benefits of ClimateTechnology.

  • Access to culture has never seemed easier with the switch to digital. Yet, at the same time, it has also become totally different from in the analogue days. We don‘t own our books, movies or music as we did before. This podcast is a journey to discover how culture is captured behind the copyright walls.

  • I love talking about diversity and inclusion - and that’s exactly what I do in this podcast, ‘The Inclusive Growth Show’. Each week, I interview diversity and inclusion experts, thought leaders and senior business leaders making an impact in the working world - all to help you cultivate your own culture of inclusive growth!

  • Nur an wenigen Dutzend Übergangsstellen ist das deutsche Internet mit dem der Nachbarländer verbunden. Die unterirdischen Kabel an Autobahnparkplätzen, Brücken, Wiesen und Wäldern sind unspektakulär und essentiell zugleich. Wir recherchieren und besuchen die wichtigsten und ödesten Grenz-Orte, an denen ihr virtuell schon oftmals wart. Mit Kamera, Mikrofon und einem großen Herz fürs Netz.

    Wir wollen wissen, wo unsere Daten gespeichert sind. Wir wollen verstehen, wie die Wertschöpfung der Internet-Industrie funktioniert. Wir wollen freilegen, wie viel kohlenstoffliche Geopolitik mit Trassenverläufen verbunden ist, wenn beispielsweise Rechenzenten im hohen Norden weitaus energieffizienter arbeiten. Und ein Bewusstsein schaffen für die unsichtbare Omnipräsenz und Relevanz der Internet-Infrastruktur.

    Seit dem Jahr 2012 arbeiten wir daran, die meist unsichtbare Netz-Infrastruktur mit unseren Kameras und Mikrofonen sinnlich greifbar zu machen. Bisher haben wir unabhängig voneinander die Spielarten Dokumentarfotografie und Radio-Feature verfolgt. Dabei herausgekommen sind die Projekte »Das Internet als Ort« und »Wo das Internet lebt«.

    Heinrich ist Fotograf und Mitglied der Agentur Ostkreuz. Moritz ist freier Audiojournalist, vorwiegend für die Programme der Deutschlandfunk-Familie.

    Unterstützen: steadyhq.com/internetexplorers

  • What is a BIL Talk?

    It is a moment of sharing, between a "speaker" and an audience, a life story, an idea, a vision.

    The content offered will vary around entrepreneurship, personal development and technology.

    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Willkommen zum offiziellen Podcast von ChinaHandys.net! Alle zwei Wochen am Sonntag sprechen Jonas, Joscha, Benjamin und Gäste über die aktuellsten Entwicklungen in der Welt der Smartphones und Gadgets aus Fernost und darüber hinaus! Welche Testgeräte sind aktuell bei uns eingetroffen? Was ist unsere Meinung zu neu vorgestellten Smartphones, Tablets und Laptops? All das erfahrt ihr bei uns!

  • The Business of Cyber helps security, digital technology, and business leaders understand cybersecurity from a business point of view. Now that cyber is a top concern for business leaders and Board members, cyber needs to be viewed as a business risk. We interview business and security leaders to learn how they communicate effectively and discover how the security ecosystem is developing.

  • В подкаста за дигитален маркетинг и реклама научвате на-важното за:

    ✔️ Маркетинг чрез съдържание

    ✔️ Fintech, крипто активи, инструменти и стартъпи

    ✔️ Пазари, производство и статистика

    ✔️ Полезни съвети от експерти

    ✔️ Продукти - технологии, мобилни и web приложения

  • Български подкаст за технологиите от света. Коментираме новините и значението им за бъдещето на технологичните компании, продукти и услуги, които ползваме ежедневно.

  • Подкастът на GameIndustry.bg, съсредоточен върху гейм индустрията в България и в световен мащаб

  • Най-интересното от света на технологиите, игрите и развлекателната индустрия, вече можете да проследите в HiCast - специален седмичен подкаст на технологичното лайфстайл списание HiComm.

    HiCast достига до вас благодарение на приятелите ни от PokerStars - продуктова iGaming компания, която обединява световноизвестните брандове PokerStars, PokerStars Casino and PokerStars Sports. Международната компания предлага кариера в сферата на технологиите, дигиталния маркетинг и комуникацията с клиенти.

  • Един подкаст за технологии, ИТ новини, анализи и дискусии. Един подкаст за всеки, който иска да знае какво се случва в най-бързо развиващия се сектор и да е в крак с последните тенденции и иновации.
    С участие на редакторите на Digitalk.bg.

    Водещ: Майя Бойчева-Манолчева
    Монтаж: Тихомир Колев

    Подкастът ICTalks е носител на приза за журналистически принос в "Наградите на БАИТ" за 2020 г.

  • Aprende sobre el mundo de la programación y tecnología a través de un podcast interactivo donde hacemos entrevistas, preguntas en vivo y diverso contenido para que puedas conocer el mundo de la programación y crecer en el también. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/codealo/support

  • Du interessierst dich für die Vielseitigkeit des Handwerks? Wolltest schon immer mal wissen, was Handwerker antreibt und motiviert oder bist auf der Suche nach deinem Traumberuf?
    Dann hör rein in unsere Folgen Treffpunkt Werkstatt und lerne gemeinsam mit Hanna und Jan interessante Persönlichkeiten aus dem und um das Handwerk kennen!

  • Immer die neusten Informationen zu SmartHome Themen. Praxisbeispiele/Anwenderbeispiele, mögliche Probleme und die passende, professionelle Lösung.

  • "Send It" is a crypto podcast created and hosted by members of the OKX Insights team — Maxwell Koopsen, Hunain Naseer, Adam James and Olivia Capozzalo.

    Bantering about top stories in crypto and bringing you timely insights and analysis — NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Bitcoin market moves and anything else you may have missed. Sometimes we have special guests; from your favorite voices in crypto to some people you've never heard of before.

    Episodes every other Friday.

    Original theme music created by Andrei Klimov of the band Moqumentary

    OKX Insights is the research and analysis team at OKX, a top global cryptocurrency exchange and DeFi ecosystem.

    Please note, this podcast is not intended to be investment, trading or financial advice.

  • Covers all things related to the TRS-80 Microcomputer line.

  • CYBERSECURITY Breakfast Podcast is a monthly series that tackles trending cybersecurity topics. A panel of national and international experts from various field of activities discuss their views and experiences.

  • The Ask A CISO podcast is brought to you by Horangi Cyber Security, Asia's leader in cloud security. Every week, we chat with prominent CISOs and industry veterans from all over the world to get their insights into the most pressing cybersecurity issues today and tomorrow's challenges.

    For more information, visit Horangi at https://www.horangi.com.

  • Welcome to Let's Talk Product, a podcast by Propeller about building software products and startups. On this show, host Leen Ashqar speaks to founders and builders who have been through it themselves to uncover the practical and tactical advice needed to build better products out of the Middle East. They cover everything related to building tech products - from creating a customer-centric culture to achieving and maintaining product-market fit. If you're a founder, product manager, or someone working in tech, this show is for you!

    Let's Talk Product is produced by Propeller, a seed-stage, MENA-focused venture capital firm. If your startup is looking for an early-stage investor, make sure to get in touch, we'd love to talk. Learn more at: www.propellerinc.me.