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  • It’s time to hit the road with Amy + Jack on their ‘most bodacious’ all Aussie accounting TECH adventures! Run your own accounting firm? Maybe thinking of starting one? Want to get the best advice on what tech to use, as well as how to implement it well?Well - Amy & Jack will be tapping into their extensive knowledge in the space to give you ALL the tips & tricks to fast track your technology skillset. So pour a bevvy of choice and join them around the accounting campfire for a good ole’ chat. And remember be excellent to each other accounting community humans and party on dudes!

  • A Podcast on digitising enterprise asset management, developing Intelligent Interactions and building systems of intelligence for assts operations. For industry professionals who work in the EAM, and Facilities Management across transportation, the public sector, utilities, manufacturing and large enterprises.We want to tie the global challenges we all share to the world of enterprise asset management and how we can all make change for the better to build a more sustainable collective future.This series is bought to you by IBM Maximo, for more on getting the most from the world's leading asset management system, visit www.certussolutions.com and to join a community of EAM professionals, download the Industry Innovators Community app in your app store.

  • Welcome to Boots Off Log On, a podcast where we talk all things farm business. With rapid progression within the industry, farm businesses are expected to comply with ever-changing legislation, implement HR policies and deal with legal issues. We want to impart relevant information and knowledge that will provide ease of mind and help improve the overall health of farm businesses.

    Whether you are a generational farmer or paving your own way in the industry, this is the podcast for you. We will focus on all things agribusiness, from finance to management, compliance, innovations, heartwarming personal stories and triumphs of all that have been where you are.

    We aim to bring insights advice, tips, tricks and wisdom from the leaders in the industry. So join us on this journey and letโ€™s highlight the beauty of being a part of the Australian Ag industry.

  • Listen in to our latest community calls to hear updates from the Be My Eyes team, stories from our global community, community events, webinars and more.

  • Vision for life Through technology. Where I Jerry Feliz, Help guide you through technology questions relating to the accessibility/

  • Through casual conversation with a wide cross-section of inspirational people, provide a forum for water interested individuals to learn, be motivated, and develop to their full potential.

  • There are tens of thousands of business books published every year, and it's impossible to keep up. You read what you can, we'll share what we can on here, and we'll all get better in the process.

  • Few careers have the kind of daily worldwide impact as software engineering. It shapes the interactions that billions of people have online across so many moments of their days. So, how do software engineers keep ahead of the world's increasing reliance on IT solutions?

    Welcome to SEEK Bytes, a podcast for software engineers, by software engineers who work at SEEK, an Australian-founded leader in online employment marketplaces. Each fortnight, our team of hosts and guests will explore internationally topical issues, interview experts in their field and share practical insights and tips relevant to you and what you love to do.

    Software engineering impacts everyone. Join us as we deep dive into your IT career and celebrate the influence that software engineering has in an online world.

    SEEK is a market leader in online employment marketplaces that span ten countries across Asia Pacific and Latin America.
    Visit SEEK at seek.com

  • UNSW’s Engineering the Future podcast is a space for thought-provoking conversations about the bold ideas that will impact society over the next two decades.

    From exciting developments in nuclear technology and major transformations in the mining industry, through to the universal impact of Artificial Intelligence, we speak with leading academics and industry leaders about the technological marvels that will define our future.

    Together, we’ll discover how world-changing action starts with fearless thinking in innovative engineering.

  • Meet The Cyber Siblings. Entertaining, practical tips and insights on everything cyber. Bite-sized on the go to enjoy with your cup of coffee or chai.

    Co-hosted by Anu & Sumeet, both award winners, global keynote speakers and lifelong learners.

    ๐Ÿ‘‰ Connect and follow Sumeet at www.learningnibbler.com
    ๐Ÿ‘‰ Connect and follow Anu at www.cyberuntangler.com
    ๐Ÿ‘‰ Want to learn cyber with practical skills and experience? Visit Arascina® – Cyber for non-techies at www.arascina.com

  • Welcome to Hacking Health, the podcast showcases future-focused health experts, thought leaders, and change-makers who share a common goal of making health accessible to everyone. By collaborating, we can accelerate our journey towards the future. Hacking Health provides actionable insights for entrepreneurs and business owners, offering success stories, governance tips, and legal guidance. Join us as we delve into the realm of HealthTech and MedTech and all that is Hacking Health.

  • In CISO Edge, the Gartner Cybersecurity Podcast, VP Analyst Chris Mixter engages Gartner experts and progressive CISOs to help cybersecurity leaders cut through the noise and focus their energy on work that creates value for the enterprise.

  • The world is at a pivotal moment. Geopolitical clashes have spawned an intense race for technology leadership. Industries are being reshaped. Globalization is being reimagined. GeoTech Wars is a podcast hosted by CSIS’s H. Andrew Schwartz and Kirti Gupta to discern, unite, and act on the Tech Wars our geopolitical axis, our economy, and our security are spinning on.

  • This is The Nature Positive Network. A podcast where biodiversity, business and tech collaborate for nature positivity. We are wildlife scientists, ecologists, and conservationists using our powers in tech and entrepreneurship for good. And we are not alone. Our mission is to uncover the people and businesses contributing to biodiversity regeneration and showcase the technology helping us get there.

  • The unlikely combination of a Rabbi and an Engineer have teamed up to talk all things Religion, Technology and Current Affairs! Rabbi Daniel and Nat Lockshin chat about how these worlds merge and are inspired by Judaism! Also includes a weekly Parsha thought by the Rabbi!

  • Breaking the Binary is a podcast from Women and Gender Diverse People in Technology hosted by Arden Jarrett and Sarah Frazer, dedicated to highlighting the experiences of women and gender-diverse individuals in the tech industry. Each episode features a new guest who shares their journey through the tech space, from getting started, to what they’ve learned along the way and all the ups and downs throughout. With a mission to provide a platform for underrepresented voices in the industry, the podcast aims to inspire listeners to pursue their passions in technology, promote diversity and inclusion in the field and have a little fun along the way.

  • Welcome to the Urban Life Enabled podcast, the podcast exploring what’s now, and what’s next on sustainably shaping our streets, parks, places and spaces, and how technology and data supports this. Episode by episode, we will work to unravel some of the common, and more emerging digital and data enablers that are powering life in our communities and cities. We will cover themes around connecting, activating and measuring.

    The Urban Life Enabled podcast is powered by ENE.HUB. More information is available at www.life-enabled.com

  • We are a custom PC business based in South East Melbourne , Victoria. We run a youtube channel filled with all sorts of tips, how to's, reviews and guides. We will generally discuss anything that is tech, gaming and PC related.

  • Informing and entertaining you with the latest on electric vehicles in Australia and around the world

  • Ben Lee explores the possibility of a sustainable future as an artist in the music industry in a rapidly changing landscape.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.