Skönlitteratur – Australien – Nya podcasts

  • The deliberately unofficial and uncanon D&D Forgotten Realms actual play podcast based in Adelaide, Australia.

  • In this series, I and fellow narcissism educators discuss and share our own personal journeys with the narcissists and narcissistic abuse in our own lives.

  • Gone Bush- Blue Mountains is a 7 part brand-crafted comedy from Dweezl Productions.
    Written by Brett Danalake and Iain Triffitt, based on their play.
    Directed by Malcolm Frawley. Produced by Beth Champion

  • An actual play podcast all about short runtimes, fun role play and great sound design.

  • رادیو مُفاجاتکه‌پاره‌هایی از مرگ‌های ناگهانیما اینجا، از مرگ‌های مشکوک، ناگهانی و شوکه‌کننده حرف می‌زنیم و قصه‌ی آدم‌هایی رو می‌گیم که مرگ ناگهانی‌شون جامعه‌ای رو در بهت فرو بردبه‌روایتمریم اسکویی، سجاد صداقت، محسن بوالحسنی

  • Observable Radio is a found footage anthology podcast of retro sci-fi and analog horror from Cameron Suey and Phil van Hest.
    When he discovers something beneath the static of the worlds’s communication network, an unnamed Observer begins to catalog and record the strange signals that should not exist…
    Observable Radio is listener supported. To find out how you can contribute, and learn more about the production, join us on

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • When multiple residents of an Australian country town report seeing a strange object in the night sky, skeptical local cop Kyle Grinham takes upon himself to investigate. But as he does, Kyle stirs up all kinds of secrets in this sleepy coastal village - some of which are his own.

    Show notes and more info @ Hovering

  • Three half decent authors talk genre fiction, from crime and military thrillers to fantasy and sci fi. Subscribe, rate and review or our publishers will beat us with sticks.
    Uploads every Monday morning. Music by Lachlan James.

  • Hi sweet thing! Welcome to Flirties ~ a collection of short, tender audio stories for hopeless romantics, horny hearts and anyone in need of some loving sounds. All the stories you’ll hear in this podcast come from real fantasies that were anonymously sent to me by friends and strangers. I hope they leave you feeling tickled. 

    You can send me your own fantasy at and come find me @flirtysounds. 


    Mia Moonlight xx

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Response Team Omnicron is the story of the titular crew as they respond to a distress call from the Evergreen colony on the planet Hercynia. When the landing goes awry, the ground team must help solve the problems of the blossoming colony on Landmark Colonial's behalf. But with the history of Hercynia, is everything quite as simple as Landmark is making it out to be?
    Played in the Lancer TTRPG system using the No Room for a Wallflower campaign module, both by Massif Press.

    First Strike:
    J.R. :

    Storytold, Edited and Produced by Fen:

    Where to find Lancer & the No Room for a Wallflower Campaign:

  • Life is finally looking up for 28 year old Shayla -- She’s got a great boyfriend and is about to start her dream writing job. But when it all falls apart in the space of one day, Shayla finds herself heartbroken and struggling to make ends meet. After a chance encounter with the world’s most popular K-pop idol, Youngjae, she decides to chase the fantasy and heads for South Korea in the hopes of kindling a relationship with the star.

    There are a lot of ups —beautiful city, amazing food, dynamic culture and K-pop music everywhere, plus a new friend in Dal, an ex-idol with a chip on his shoulder who owns the 7-11 she lives above. But there are also downs — culture clashes, difficulty with the language, and Youngjae is a lot more popular than she realized. She likely isn’t going to just bump into on the streets of Seoul!

    Moving to Korea might have been a mistake, but Shayla’s committed to see it through. With time running out on her 90-day visa she enlists an exasperated Dal to help her reconnect with Youngjae, but will their friendship become something more as he helps her chase her Y/N dreams?

    Starring Susan Wokoma and Daniel Henney, with MeeWha Alana Lee, Amerjit Deu, Edward Hong, Joomin Hwang, Seong-Jae Kong, Hester Jean Lee, Jennifer Kim, Shawn Kim (aka Kim Goo), Lorna Laidlaw, Elsie Lovelock, Jessica Lee, Rae Lim, Helen Madelyn Kim, Eurie Nam, Jun Noh, J Sebastian Lee, Jennifer Sun Bell, Minje Sung, Marta Svetek, George Weightman, Clare Wille, MiJi Yi and June Yoon

    Now available in Dolby Atmos on Audible.

  • You, Fred & the Road Ahead is a new Australian musical audio drama written by Chloe Towan.In a retro-futuristic Australia, stuffy and insecure Marlow arrives on the wrong side of the country and it seems her only ticket home to Melbourne may be the charismatic, music-loving outcast Finnegan. In order to get back home, Finnegan and Marlow must confront extreme weather, corrupt mining magnates, extremist cults and - above all - their own pasts. Will they ever return to Melbourne or should they have both stayed solo?Starring Liliana Braumberger and Chloe Towan.

  • Welcome to Galactic Horrors! 🌌👽

    Delve deep into the eerie abyss of space with us as we explore chilling tales from the cosmos. From alien encounters on distant planets to malevolent AI controlling massive starships, Galactic Horrors is your ultimate destination for all things Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi Creepypasta.

    Everyday, we bring to life the most spine-chilling stories Whether you're a hard-core science fiction enthusiast or just someone looking for a thrill that's out of this world, you're in the right place!

  • When Sergeant Tarkov is sent on a mission by the Office of Naval Intelligence to retrieve a package during Operation: DEVIL FREEDOM, he finds himself at the mercy of an entity that none can come close to understanding.

  • Fantasy AUDIOBOOK with Full Cast Narration.

    5 episodes per week.

    60 hours of content already written with 1.5 to 2 hours published weekly.Novel has over 3 million views on Royal Road and 1000s of reviews.Each episode is produced by the author and the characters reflect my visionThe entire multiple book series will be published a hundred percent for free.


    The fate of humanity did not rest on Tom, but it sure felt like it. Then again, despite their numbers all the chosen felt the same way.

    The trial, the tutorial, or whatever you wanted to name it, was over. After forty long solitary years spent mastering the system, Tom, with his abilities reset was going to have to do it all again to save humanity.

    The cost of failure would have an unimaginable impact on his friends and family. His sacrifices had propelled him into the top million, giving him the opportunity to make a difference. And he had a risky plan to do so.

    Against their will, humanity had been chosen, and all Tom could do was to work with the system.

    Universe spanning gods ran a regular competition on a world called Existentia where they pitted seven species from different universes all of whom have dominated their home planet against each other.

    But a straight-out fight would be too simple. Existentia is a living, breathing, impossibly large, magical world with existing empires, secrets, dungeons and trials. The seven races in the current iteration of the competition have their own unique advantages to exploit, but first they have to survive long enough to show their worth.

    Fate points is a third person single POV litrpg with a unique system and mechanics and strong, complicated side-characters.

    Voices are AI powered but you can barely tell.

    If you want to support me advanced chapters are available on patreon

    Or if you want to tip me/ buy me a coffee you can do it via Ko-fi

  • Audible’s bold new addition to the Sherlock Holmes universe, Moriarty: The Devils Game, dares to ask: What if Holmes’ most villainous nemesis was actually an innocent man?

    Featuring Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) in a riveting lead performance, Moriarty turns one of literature’s most famous rivalries on its head, recasting Professor James Moriarty as a desperate fugitive framed for murder–and hunted by dark forces who will stop at nothing to exploit his brilliance.

    Moriarty finds the professor on the heels of an earth-shattering mathematical breakthrough–a formula so powerful, it can predict the future–and at the scene of a gruesome murder he must solve to prove his innocence. With London’s sprawling underworld as their battleground, Moriarty and Holmes match their peerless intellects to gain the ever-shifting upper hand. But as their duel escalates, so does the deadly cost of pursuing the truth. “What will it take to get your justice?” Dr. Watson asks an utterly ensnared Moriarty, “And if you do get it… what will you become?”

    Vividly brought to life by a sensational cast and meticulously crafted sound design, Moriarty is a heart-pounding series filled with biting wit and shocking twists at every turn.

    Listen closely–and assume nothing. The game is afoot.

  • Relax to Mysteries read in the soothing style of a bedtime story

    Mysteries at Midnight is a Podcast exclusively dedicated to classic mystery stories featuring the likes of Agatha Christie's Poirot, Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown, as well as a whole array of other classic short story and novel mysteries.

    So, whether you want to sleep to a classic bedtime story or simply listen, Mysteries at Midnight is the Podcast for you.

    Brought to you by Sleep Cove the number one Sleep Podcast globally. So please get comfortable as Christopher reads a mystery.

  • Handsome Molly is an epic adventure-romance story set on the West Coast in the near future. The world – ravaged by climate change and disease – is running on empty. Government and infrastructure are collapsing, and crime syndicates run the cities. Still traumatized by her father’s recent death, 14-year-old Molly Masamoto leaves the relative safety of her isolated Gulf Island. She embarks on a perilous journey into this dystopian landscape to bring medical help to her community. Armed with only her precious fiddle, “Jewels,” she must learn how to survive in the harsh outside world, who to trust, and ultimately – how to forgive herself.

    Handsome Molly is an 8-episode podcast series for teens – based on the novel Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony. Brought to you by The Chop Theatre and JAR Audio.