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  • The Chancery Court had jurisdiction over all matters of equity, including administration of estates, the guardianship of orphans, and disputed property disbursement. In Dickens’ time, some cases could take years to be settled, changing the lives of those involved.

    Esther Summerson, a young woman raised in a tough and unloving atmosphere, is unexpectedly requested to be a companion to two teenage orphans, Richard Carstone and Ada Clare, for whom the court has appointed as guardian, John Jarndyce. They take up residence at Mr. Jarndyce’s home, Bleak House. The story of their lives and fortunes is the main thrust of the novel, and is related at times through the eyes of Esther, whose gentle point of view gives the reader a different and more intimate perspective.

    Richard is sure his fortune is ‘just around the corner’ when the case of Jarndyce-v-Jarndyce, of which he and Ada will be beneficiaries, is settled. He tries his hand at a career or two, but he becomes obsessed with hastening the probate of the willed fortune he feels must soon be theirs. Further difficulties arise when he and Ada fall in love, while he, penniless, continues the quest to bring his case to justice.

    A scriber of legal documents dies, and from his death, questions arise which unearth secrets that the Jarndyce’s neighbour, Lady Dedlock, has kept hidden for years. Inspector Bucket enters the case, and begins investigating the disappearance of Lady Dedlock. In the dirt poor part of London comes a young boy called Joe who claims to ‘know noffink’ but who has witnessed something very important.

    Several other colorful characters are wound into the story. Nearly insane Miss Flite, who for years has attended court every day, with her little folder of documents, is ever hopeful of a settlement. Mr. Boythorn is a boisterous friend of Jarndyce who has a vendetta with Sir Leicester Dedlock. The Jellyby Family, invariably on the verge of a disaster, is neglected by their Mother who is obsessed with an overseas project. The Smallweed family is mean and avaricious – squeezing money from poor clients. Mr. Skimpole is the childlike captivating friend of Mr. Jarndyce who sees no harm in living off everybody else. Mr. Guppy fawns after Esther, and plots to steal documents with his friend Weevle. Mr. Woodcourt is a gentle surgeon and family friend, who becomes a hero.

    Since the writing of Bleak House, the property laws of England were changed, and disbursements were thenceforth conducted in court with the object of swiftly coming to a settlement for the benefit of inheritors.

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  • Lit Cit explores the multi-faceted life of a writer in today’s literary community through insightful interviews with authors, editors, agents, and all of the people who help make writing happen. The podcast is produced and run by members of Antioch Los Angeles’ MFA Creative Writing program.

  • Unse pehli mulaqaat, ya unki kahi hui woh akhiri baat,
    Pyar ka wo adhura kissa, ishq ki ravaani hai,
    Pyar ke dhaage mein piroyi hui dil ki baatein,
    jo MNM Talkies ko sunani hai,
    Bas wahi to... Phir Teri Kahani hai!
    ‘Phir Teri Kahani: A Love Story Podcast,’ an MnM Original series of heartfelt and relatable tales of love.

  • Gonu Jha, a sharp-witted courtier in the court of King Hari Singh of Mithila in the 13th century, was well known for his ingenious replies. Popularly called the Birbal of Bihar, he hailed from Bhamora village in Darbangha district. His simplicity and fondness for his dear cow Dhanno will leave you in awe.

  • Ye kahaniyan aapko aapke jeevan ki un galiyon mein le jayengi jinhen aap kahin bahut door peeche chodh aaye hain….Kyunki pehla pyaar kabhi bhulaye nahi bhoolta ️

  • Explore the characters of some popular ancient mythologies.

  • All kinds of weird stories that keeps you waiting till the edge of the story to know what happens to the different characters . The empty voices of my characters will speak tons of emotions that will reach your heart . Stay tuned to my channel . Love you all . 🖤

  • कुछ चिट्ठियां लिखी तो गईं, लेकिन पोस्ट नहीं की गईं। वो चिट्ठियां किसी मेज़ की दराज़ में पड़े पुराने काग़ज़ों के बीच कहीं दबी रह गईं। या फिर किसी किताब के बीच पुराने सूख चुके फूल की भाँति सुशोभित हो गईं या किसी पर्स में चार तहों में सिमट कर रह गईं। वो सारे ख़याल बैरंग चिट्ठी हो गए। ये वही बैरंग चिट्ठियां हैं। ये चिट्ठियां सम्वाद हैं। बीते हुए कल से। आने वाले कल से। ये चिट्ठियां बात करने का ज़रिया हैं।अपने आप से। ये साधन हैं, ख़ुद तक पहुँचने का। अपने भीतर झाँकने का।

  • An outbreak of plague in London forces a gentleman, Lovewit, to flee temporarily to the country, leaving his house under the sole charge of his butler, Jeremy. Jeremy uses the opportunity given to him to use the house as the headquarters for fraudulent acts. He transforms himself into 'Captain Face', and enlists the aid of Subtle, a fellow conman and Dol Common, a prostitute. In The Alchemist, Jonson unashamedly satirizes the follies, vanities and vices of mankind, most notably greed-induced credulity. People of all social classes are subject to Jonson's ruthless, satirical wit. He mocks human weakness and gullibility to advertising and to "miracle cures" with the character of Sir Epicure Mammon, who dreams of drinking the elixir of youth and enjoying fantastic sexual conquests. The Alchemist focuses on what happens when one human being seeks advantage over another. In a big city like London, this process of advantage-seeking is rife. The trio of con-artists - Subtle, Face and Dol - are self-deluding small-timers, ultimately undone by the same human weaknesses they exploit in their victims.

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  • Bolti Kahaniyan is an initiative by Radio Playback India to podcast great short stories and flash fiction by eminent writers across the world, read for you by the best narrators.
    हिंदी की सर्वश्रेष्ठ कहानियाँ, हिंदी के सर्वश्रेष्ठ वाचकों के स्वर में, हिंदी साहित्य के सबसे पुराने पॉडकास्ट समूह "रेडियो प्लेबैक इण्डिया" द्वारा - ریڈیو پلے بیک انڈیا کی پہل بولتے کہانیاں میں ہر ہفتے سنے ایک نیے اور بہترین ہندے / اردو کہانی

  • A series of short stories about a group of virtual world avatars who get together once a month in real life for a meal and a mystery.

  • welcome to our show, UNSOLVED.. the world of crime, thriller and horror are yet to be discover more.. get ready to have an experience which makes you the feel the scenario, just by listening to it. have fun..

  • A Telugu podcast by a millennial which connects the memories with the experiences. Hosted by Areyyavi

    Chai Bisket Podcast Family

    Middle Class Ammai

    Campfire stories :

    Haunted India :

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    [email protected]

  • In a magicked-up New York, resurrected spirit guardian Iris Penner and a rebooted Wild Hunt strive to prevent the End of Days.

    ...Two decades after a narrowly averted apocalypse, the world is threatened by eldritch-stoked climate disasters, a breakdown in general order, and proliferating interdimensional cracks. With no better answers, everyone has retreated deep into magic, regardless of the consequences.

    Iris Penner, who died fighting the averted apocalypse, has returned to life with a mission to prevent the next world-ending event. Helping her are her two channeled spirit allies and a newly remade Wild Hunt. The only problem is that Iris is also prophesied to be the one to trigger the next apocalypse.

    Also, there's a dead, evil ex-boyfriend who just wouldn't stay dead. As if these other challenges aren't already enough.

    Our website is, and our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram handles are @sayonaraville.

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  • भारतीय और अंतरराष्ट्रीय पुस्तकों, कविताओं, कहानियों का पठन और सारांश

    Book Readings & Summaries of Indian & International books, stories and poems

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  • Darr Diary Podcast is the best horror podcast for Hindi Horror Stories. We regularly upload stories on topics like real-life horror stories, urban legends, creepypasta, skinwalker and werewolf sightings, etc.

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  • Storyholics is a platform for original bengali audio stories and music.

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  • Two L.A. slackers take over Hollywood by becoming accidental con artists, all so they can retire at their dream beach house in Malibu. Starring Kristin Couture (Minx, Killer Whales) and Aparna Brielle (Boo, Bitch, A.P. Bio). Created by Raul Vega (Rose Drive). Visit for more info - because your dreams are only a big, fat lie away!