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  • Welcome! I am a student pilot on my way to becoming a professional pilot! This podcast will go through my journey on this road from zero time and into my professional career! Join in and follow me on this exciting path!

  • The primary podcast for all things Aviation Photography! Made by an Aviation Photographer for Aviation Photographers! This podcast will dive into the world of aviation photography by interviewing spotters from around the world, and getting to know them on a more personal level. Question or profile suggestions for the show? Send an email to [email protected] or, send a DM on twitter at Instagram @boispotter. Make sure to check out our Facebook page, the Aviation Spotters Podcast and feel free to send a message to us there as well! Know someone who you think will enjoy the show but doesn't have access to the normal streaming services? Point them to the Aviation Spotters Podcast Youtube page!

  • Welcome to Q-rious, a podcast where we share interesting trivia and have conversations on various topics under the sun.

    Disclaimer: Any opinion expressed on this podcast is personal and does not intend to offend or harm anyone. The podcast is non-monetized and intended to be a fun trivia platform.

  • God, Dicks & Puns is an Actual Play podcast covering the adventure published in Paizoโ€™s Anniversary Edition of the infamous Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. In us, you will find 5 geeks who enjoy devoting a bit too much of their time in a small and uncomplicated game called Pathfinder. That being said, no good Table Top gaming session is good without its fair share of stupid jokes, bad puns and intense moments. God, Dicks & Puns delivers this through the immersive, silly and sometimes gory playstyle of the team. So sit back, enjoy and relax as we take you into this fantasy world

  • Different games to do in doors most you might have heard of before

  • Come join Gator as he plays through popular RPGs such as Shadowrun and Starfinder!

    A special thanks to the Topps Corporation for continuing the Shadowrun Fifth Edition role-playing game as well as the amazing people in r/RunnerHub, r/ShadowPoint, r/ShadowHaven, and r/ShadowNet.
    Another nod to Paizo for creating something unique in their Starfinder products.

  • ANWAR A.K.A Anak Warnet yap! Udah jarang banget pasti denger kata ini sekarang, nah jadi untuk tetap mengenang moso joyo ne anak warnet, gua bikin podcast ini yang ngebahas apa aja seputar keseruan Anak Warnet khususnya pada jaman - jaman gua masih suka ke warnet beberapa tahun lalu, oke segitu aja deskripsi singkatnye sisanya tonton yeee.. eh dengerin maksudnye..

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  • Interesting. I am still scratching my head on this one. I am just a simple guy that loves video games and wants to talk every second every hour every day about it. I love platinum trophies and my gamepass collection. This is me just trying to start talking out into the ether of the internet instead of a blank wall! Hope you like it and do leave your feedback!

  • At the outer edges of space, where Union is but a whisper, humanity scrapes together a living amongst the stars. This is the story of four Lancers, talented pilots of mechanized chassis from all corners of the known universe, thrown together by circumstance and destiny...and credits. Follow Matcha, Moxie, Roadkill, and Silver led by Reed, your game master, through the Lancer system, a mud n’ laser style anime mecha RPG. I hope they brought some printers with them, because this is Bring Your Own Mech: a biweekly actual play Lancer podcast, and batteries are not included!

  • DISCLAIMER: This is a 100% fan-produced, non-profit podcast based in The Orpheus Protocol universe. To listen to the main podcast, please visit this link:

    The dealings of a global megacorporation whose intent is inscrutable send tremors through corporate and financial highways, requiring the intervention of the secretive and enigmatic ORPHEUS organisation.

    Applied Materials is a campaign set in the Orpheus Protocol universe, a modern eldritch horror tabletop role-playing game. Content warnings: body horror, gore, violence, the occult, eldritch horror.

  • Here on Chillcast, I'll talk about a different variety of things. Here are the categories that my podcast will be based on: news and updates on the newest video games coming out for consoles, interesting, crazy, or shocking stories that I find, some slice of life discussions/ hobbies, and I'll give my opinion on some specific things that I choose, or maybe a topic that I choose. Please check out my website if you're wanting to find out more information about Chillcast.

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  • Un podcast no alivio mi frustración ùnú y dar mis opiniones acerca de temas

  • Desperate Attune is an actual play podcast devoted to fiction first gaming, collaborative worldbuilding, and complex character drama.
    Our current campaign is ’A Candle, a Blaze’, using Blades in the Dark and set in the demon-haunted city of U’duasha.
    Desperate Attune is hosted by Soumithri (tree), with Emma, Zoheb (Klow), Prince and Aadiyat (Soap) as players.
    Twitter: @DesperateAttune

  • Sudoku and the Brain means that I will discuss the effects sudoku has on the mind

  • A discussion on auto safety issues and technological developments, in hopes of providing consumers and enthusiasts with a better understanding of modern vehicles, safety systems, and current issues in the auto industry.

  • Your number-one podcast on everything news related in the world of open-wheel racing. Including Formula One, IndyCar, Formula E, Super Formula, and all the top Feeder series from around the globe.

    Every Monday at 1:00 PM CEST.

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  • This is a podcast series by Mark-It, the strategy consulting society of Hansraj College. In this podcast we invite guests from all walks of life to have an informal chat about anything and everything; nothing is off-limits here.