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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Player 1 vs The World’s StrangeCast is a podcast made by fans for Life Is Strange fans.

    StrangeCast is hosted by Player 1 vs The World creator Adnan Riaz and Games and Groceries Podcast's Adam Evalt.

    StrangeCast is a biweekly podcast covering all things relating to Deck Nine's Life Is Strange: True Colors. But Adnan and Adam will also cover other news surrounding Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection, along with discussions about Life Is Strange, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Life Is Strange 2.

  • A Breakdown and spoilercast discussion of DontNod's Life Is Strange game series.

  • Monthly T2RL podcasts, hosted by our team of experts from around the globe, will share the inside scoop into the underlying trends and expectations behind our research and data, offering a platform for travel industry professionals to stay updated on critical developments and trends in travel technology.

    Available wherever you get your podcasts.

    © 2023 T2RL, Travel Technology Research Ltd.

  • In our brand-new podcast series: FlightLOG, we go behind the scenes with the experts from the UK’s largest regional airline. In the first three episodes, we reflect on what makes Loganair so unique from other airlines; the operation, the team and the business. We also consider what the future has in store as Loganair embarks on its flight path to a more inclusive and sustainable future for regional air connectivity.

  • Charlie Lamdin shares his wisdom from 20 years behind the scenes of the moving industry on a mission to make moving easier and help find a home for everyone. Everything bad estate agents don't want you to know (but good agents won't mind you knowing!) to help you get a better chance of securing the home you want.Visit for more.

  • Listen here to learn about seasonal hints and tips from us at Ashbourne Road and District Allotments Derby. We can be a tad outrageous, rude and even a bit naughty, but growing your own flowers, fruit and vegetables from seed should be fun and definitely memorable! We will teach you all you want (and need to know) coming directly from off the plot including chitting and as well as chatting to other unsuspecting folk from around site and beyond. The Plotcast is an Amberland Media production.

  • The podcast where 3 Intersectional Feminists examine gaming through a feminist lens. New episodes every Thursday @7pmJoin us as we explore what life is like for feminist gamers.

  • Welcome to In Our Heads! Every Sunday, tune in as we discuss literally everything. Come have some fun with us and listen to our wild conversations, as we spill the tea on our lives.

  • The Student Guide (previously known as Pick Up The Mic) is an ongoing podcast series, based in the United Kingdom (UK), that explores important themes such as race, and discusses support services available to young people from diverse backgrounds with their development, particularly as they navigate through the impact of the pandemic on employment and education. This podcast is a reflection of all our personal experiences, journeys in life, and backstories.

  • This is a podcast where one veteran game master and one green game master discuss the ins and outs of GM-ing. We give tips on how to be a better GM, or at least how to avoid some pitfalls. The focus isn't on one system of rules but rather general ideas.We are an inclusive podcast. Is means we're very LGBTQ+ friendly, have a feminist approach, speak out on issues such as racism, ableism, and more. If you're not on board with this, don't be an ass and move on to a more suitable podcast.

  • 5 Torches Deep Actual Play podcast.

    My Friday game group play 5 Torches Deep a game that is known as an Old School Renaissance (OSR) style game which means that it plays towards the old style of Dungeons and Dragons and focus mainly on actual dungeon delving. It is a smaller less complicated ruleset that is tremendous fun with a basing in the rules from Dungeons and Dragons 5e

    The system is one where the party are more adventurers than heroes, they are very vulnerable and can die very easy. In the early days of the campaign we lost so many adventurers we created a In Memoriam page to honour the Glorious Dead.

    Find the youtube versions where we play over Roll20 and Discord here:

    Join our Facebook group here:

  • Welcome to the BASC podcast (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation). Each episode will include the latest news, views and content relating to the shooting world. With expert analysis of shooting-related affairs to first-class interviews, the BASC podcast will be a one-shop stop for information and advice.

  • Gaming news, reviews and opinions... and a few disagreements along the way!

  • This, my dear stressed out friends, is your weekly pressure release podcast, where we will be discussing all things culture, entertainment and lifestyle. And trust me, by the time you finished listening to our latest episode, you’ll feel enlightened and a little less stressed. Follow me for more fun tales at and connect with me on social media, links can be found at the website.

  • A Bi-weekly podcast about Cooking, Food and Fun by husband and wife couple Andrew and Katerina.
    Each episode we'll cover a different food or recipe - making, tasting and having a laugh as we go. Tell us what you thought or suggest new topics for us to try!

  • Every Wednesday join Dylan Blight & Ashley Hobley as they discuss the latest releases and hottest news in the PlayStation family.

  • Welcome to the long-awaited and much-requested podcast series Constellation, where the Last Stand Media crew convene in different permutations to talk about anything and everything outside of the scope of our usual, games-centric programming. The only rule? Each host must bring his or her own topic to discuss with the group. That's it! Episodes go live every-other-Monday, and you can get each drop early and ad-free by supporting us on Patreon:

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  • 10 questions. 10 points. 10 minutes.

    Hello, Iโ€™m Carol Vorderman and welcome to Perfect 10, the daily quiz thatโ€™s guaranteed to educate, entertainโ€ฆand irritate! Each day Iโ€™ll have ten questions thatโ€™ll really get your synapses firing and maybe get you groaning when I reveal the answers. 

    Make sure you subscribe, follow and โ€˜likeโ€™ to get our first episode as soon as it drops on Monday January 9th, available through Acast on all major Podcast Channels and our Perfect 10 YouTube Channel. You can then listen or watch every Monday to Friday as well enjoying our 50-minute compilation episode every Sunday which features all 5 weekday episodes. 

    So, why not join us on your commute, coffee break or any spare time, I promise after just 10 minutes youโ€™re going to feel sharper and smarter


    There are 10 points available each day, thatโ€™s 50 in a week and our questions are as followsโ€ฆ



    Is what we call our STARTER FOR A PERFECT 10, hopefully one to get you a point on the board straight away.



    Youโ€™ll hear sounds that relate to a well-known phrase, item or maybe an individual, in this our HEARSAY round. All you have to do is tell us what it is. For example, if you hear the sound of a Captain speaking from the flight deck and then a Pig grunting, youโ€™d get the answer โ€˜Pigs Might Flyโ€™.



    is CAROLATERAL THINKING, so pop your brain into the lateral position and think away!



    is our MEMORY GAME. We play a clip designed to overload you with information, all you have to do is retain as much as possible and answer the question that follows.


    QUESTIONS 5, 6 & 7

    are all about the three Fโ€™s: FRIVOLOUS, FAMILIAR & FUN. Theyโ€™re a mix of observation, common knowledge and everyday teasers.



    is called ONE IN, ONE OUT, where I give you a word and ask you to either change or remove a letter/s to create a new one.



    is one of those tips of the tongue teasers thatโ€™ll have you saying, I KNOW I KNOW THIS!



    is our final question, giving you time to pause and think about our brain melting RIDDLE.


    We hope you enjoy our Perfect 10!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Words about books, boardgames, music, film and videogames by Andy Johnson.

  • Tabletop roleplaying podcast hosted by John and Hannah Large of Red Dice Diaries, providing a mixture of advice, thoughts and inspirations for aspiring GMs and players of RPGs