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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Welcome to Hacks and Flaks, the only series where you'll get the inside scoop on how journalist hacks and the flaks of government work behind the scenes to decide which stories, you'll be reading with your morning coffee and perhaps more importantly, how they keep certain headlines off the front pages.
     What happens if a public figure is the subject of a salacious story? When does a scandal make or break a career? And how do you really know what is or isn't fake news?
    All these subjects and a whole lot more will be explored by host Petrie Hosken and a regular panel of hacks and flaks, ready to spill the beans, and tell us how the sausage gets made.

    email: [email protected]

    Host: Petrie Hosken
    Panel: Giles Kenningham, Andrew MacDougall and Michael Booker.
    Produced by Amanda Redman
    Brought to you by Trafalgar Strategy

  • Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods. Drones and related technologies are helping to reshape the way we prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex incidents and disasters. Immerse yourself into the conversation with Christopher Todd, a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and FAA-certified remote pilot, as he features new industry-leading subject matter experts to discuss the use of Drones for Good on Taming Disaster™!

  • A podcast by Lawford Parish Council. Our podcast, as the name suggests is all about the parish of Lawford & surrounding area. Lawford is a village in the Tendring district of northeast Essex with a population of circa 5000. Lawford is a very vibrant community with a primary school, a church, a football club, lots of community groups etc etc In Lawford the podcast, we will look to keep those in the community and beyond up to speed with the local goings-on. The podcast will also shine a light on some of the amazing & interesting characters in our community.

  • From the creators of The Local Directory Magazine comes a new podcast, talking about the great things the Isle of Wight has to offer. For more information, or to take part, email [email protected]

  • Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell, hosts of Britain's biggest podcast (The Rest Is Politics), have joined forces once again for their new interview podcast, โ€˜Leadingโ€™.

    Every Monday, Rory and Alastair interrogate, converse with, and interview some of the world's biggest names - from both inside and outside of politics - about life, leadership, or leading the way in their chosen field.

    Whether they're sports stars, thought-leaders, presidents or internationally-recognised religious figures, Alastair and Rory lift the lid on the motivation, philosophy and secrets behind their career.

    Tune in to 'Leading' now to hear essential conversation from some of the world's most enthralling individuals. 

    Goalhanger Podcasts

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • This podcast explores the policing and crime issues facing Hertfordshire.It is hosted by Philip Ross who will be Labour's Police & Crime Commissioner candidate for the election in May 2021.*** Not a police podcast, but discusses issues for Hertfordshire

  • This Is Social Work is a podcast from Social Work England, the specialist regulator for social work across England. Hosted by our very own regional engagement leads, we’ll be exploring the profession in more depth with a range of guests with lived and learned experiences of social work.

  • Kalibu ku k podcast we talk about spor,politics,entertainment,comedy .......

  • In a crucial year for global health and for Africa-EU relations, DSW talks to leading African researchers about their work advancing global health, and how the EU can support their efforts to eradicate poverty-related and neglected tropical diseases.

  • The Farming Advice Service podcast brings you insight from our team of expert advisors on a range of cross compliance, best practice and sustainable farming issues.

  • Audio files covering a range of topics for the Judiciary of England and Wales

  • A podcast about understanding

    how politics is supposed to work, why it isnโ€™t working as well as it should be, and what we might be able to do about it. 

    Because, by understanding a little bit more about how things are supposed to work, and why they are a bit messed up, we might be able to get things to work a bit better. Perhaps even a lot better.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Who gives a fuck just listen to all the stupid shit going on in america today and be mesmerized by the speed in which the American I.Q. falls.

  • A Punjabi among Pashtuns, a Christian in Muslims. Air force to Civil Services, From anti smuggling on Afghan Iran borders to tons of white powder and dollars in drug enforcement to the heart breaking poverty in refugee camps. From border markets selling AK47s, double barrel anti aircraft (dushaka) and Stinger missiles to launches loaded with liquor in a country with prohibition, to the board rooms of IMF, The World Bank and corridors of World Trade Organization in Geneva.
    Red carpets of movie premiers, writing, directing and acting to driving long haul in North America.
    I have seen it all.

  • I’m Matt Stadlen and for almost 20 years I’ve been talking to and interviewing public figures from around the world. In this series I’ll be interviewing famous names from every walk of life and with a big range of views, politics and perspectives. Every guest will get 20 questions, and I hope that you’ll have a better sense of each of them by the end of their interview.

  • The Current is a new podcast brought to you by EWEC (Emirates Water and Electricity Company). In this quarterly series, we speak to a range of energy experts within EWEC to discuss the company’s successes and innovations, offering brief insights in to the power and water sector in the UAE, as the country pursues its 2050 energy strategy and net zero goal. Hosted by Taryam Al Subaihi – Corporate Communications Executive Director at EWEC, the podcast delves into EWEC’s role in the drive for sustainability in an animated and fastโ€paced discussion.

  • Here, we’ll explore the world of politics and policy and focus on how
    tech companies can navigate the politics of disruption.

  • Welcome to Building sustainably: the road to net zero, a podcast by RPS. Achieving net zero requires a transformational shift in the way we plan, design, and build. But as the 2050 target edges closer, significant challenges lie ahead. In this podcast series, we aim to tackle the key issues head-on. We’ll explore real-life case studies and provide actionable advice on how to define, design, and manage net zero projects and programmes.

    In this series, we focus on the decarbonisation challenge facing owners and operators of large property estates. A challenge compounded by ageing infrastructure, limited funding, and competing pressures.

  • Two men talking politics.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • We explore the wonders of Universal Basic Income. Let's combat poverty and inequality one episode at a time. Let's Try UBI. Powered by the Citizen's Basic Income Trust in the UK.