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  • The NFPA Podcast is the place for safety professionals to stay up to speed on the fast-paced world of electrical, fire, and life safety. Hear in-depth conversations with people out in the field about how they are confronting new challenges and staying on top of emerging technologies to keep the world safe. Listen the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.

    Email [email protected] to send feedback or recommend a topic for future episodes.

  • Primer podcast boliviano sobre actualidad política, coyuntura social, aplicación de políticas públicas y desarrollo socioeconómico. Nuestro objetivo es que los políticos nos dejen de “mamar” por lo que analizamos lo que sucede en el país para decirles: Esto No Es Chacota!

  • Welcome to Kind to Your Mind, a campaign provided by the Councils an NHS in Cheshire and Merseyside. Being Kind to Your Mind has never been so important. In these challenging and unusual times, it’s understandable if you are experiencing a sense of stress or anxiety, maybe eating more, struggling to sleep, drinking excess alcohol or lacking motivation. In this series you will find a range of useful resources to help you through.

  • De los gestores urbanos para el entorno digital, llega un espacio que abre el debate acerca de las ciudades y sus problemรกticas, conรฉctate con ideas inteligentes, datos innovadores y curiosidades de las principales polis del planeta. El tabloide UR, porque entre todos construimos ciudad. URosarioRadio Presenta โ€ฆ El Tabloide UR un espacio de opiniรณn.. de gestores urbanos
    Conducen Natalia Torres, Juliรกn Arenas y Yasmina Barrios.