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  • What’s happening in Your Newcastle? Lord Mayor City of Newcastle, Nuatali Nelmes, takes five with City leaders as well as prominent and everyday Novocastrians to discover events, projects and initiatives in your backyard.
    Together we explore how the City of Newcastle is evolving into a smart, liveable, sustainable global City and find out how you can have your say on matters important to you.


  • Have you ever wondered how food in Europe is produced or where it comes from? Each Thursday, ‘Food for Europe’ will bring you stories, analysis, and in-depth interviews on agriculture, rural development, and the developments that are transforming the way we shop, eat and cultivate our precious, scattered farmland.

    Brought to you by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, the podcast will shed light on the most important European policies for food and agriculture and discuss the ambitions to become a greener and more sustainable Europe.
    © European Union, 2021

  • The Practice of Learning Teams is a podcast of the broadcast that can be heard on Safety FM. The show is an ongoing discussion about building a better community of practice for people and organizations who want to improve safety, quality and operational excellence using Learning Teams. The hosts of the podcast Brent Sutton, Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson explore through conversation, diversity of thought and reflection the organizational challenges and learning opportunities that can be identified and improved on by using Learning Teams for Everyday Work, Management of Change and Events or Incidents.

  • Too long; didn't read (TLDR) [auspol] is a podcast for the folks interested in the happenings of government, but not keen on wading through 100 page long policy documents to get the low down.

    Hosted by Rhi Tuntevski and co-host Annabelle Wilson, TLDR is about having conversations that equip you with fresh perspectives and cold hard facts on the intricacies of government policy.

    TLDR is a non-partisan podcast.

  • What does Australia's next generation of young leaders have to say about the future of India- Australia relations in a post-covid world? And, how do Indian scholars, scientists, practitioners and students factor in? You're listening to Shared Visions the podcast that spotlights the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan and gets to the heart of these questions.

  • This series explores South Australia’s Red Meat and Wool sector; speaking with livestock producers, technology providers and more about how they can work with producers to strengthen their business to grow more prosperous regions. It showcases success stories from the ground, and how they’ve benefited from changing their farm’s business model with the adoption of technology, infrastructure or best practice. These talks are part of the Red Meat and Wool Growth Program an initiative of Primary Industries and Regions SA and supported by Meat & Livestock Australia, SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds, and SheepConnect SA.

  • A development program designed and sponsored by the NSW Public Service Commission for NSW Government HR leaders and practitioners. The program presents an exciting opportunity to learn from HR experts and business leaders from across the public and private sector through a series of podcasts

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  • O podcast conta histórias sobre a Justiça Restaurativa, que tem um novo olhar sobre os conflitos. As necessidades da vítima são o ponto de partida; além da obrigação e da responsabilidade do ofensor em corrigir a situação. Na Justiça Restaurativa, a comunidade também tem seu papel e se torna protagonista para a solução. O objetivo maior não é a punição, mas, sim, a reparação dos danos, a restauração de relacionamentos e o fortalecimento da comunidade. É o que chamamos de corresponsabilização. Esse podcast aborda casos que poderiam terminar com “condenações” ou “absolvições”, mas têm finais bem diferentes. Te convidamos a ouvir e descobrir histórias transformadoras da Justiça Restaurativa, com episódios trimestrais.

  • A podcast where we discuss government, politics, self sufficiency, medical information, and most of all, all things liberty.

  • Actionable insights, mini execution plans, and game-changing secrets for leaders and executives who want to transform their organisation and inspire people to work in new ways

  • Through conversation with experts in technology, law and military affairs, this series explores how new military technology and international law interact. Produced by Dr Simon McKenzie at The University of Queensland School of Law.

  • In Safe Hands, is an instructional podcast brought to you by the Victorian Building Authority.

    The podcast series contains three episodes covering essential safety measures from legislation to enforcement aimed at building owners and managers.


    More information

    VBA website

    VBA Essential Safety Measures Guide

    VBA Essential Safety easures Maintenance Manual

  • Welcome to the Agriculture Victoria ‘AgVic Talk’ podcast series. Follow along as we bring you stories, advice and information from around the state. In our first series we will be covering contemporary problems and solutions for bushfire recovery, drought and dry seasons, weather and climate as well as hearing some stories from inspiring young farmers.

  • Welcome to Order in the House! Your one stop shop for all things Aussie politics. We don’t care who you vote for, as long as it’s an informed vote.

  • ‘Government Policy Articulated’ is a podcast in which the voice (‘Randal Stewart’) reads high-profile and controversial reports. Reports from Government Inquiries, Special Commissions, Royal Commissions and Parliamentary Inquiries in Australia are read. Topics include COVID-19 on cruise ships, deaths in Aged Care facilities, Bushfires and other natural disasters, alleged military killings in Afghanistan and many more. This podcast makes the information in these reports available to a wider public.

  • Nicola Charles talks life, politics, society & media

  • Join IPAA ACT and guests for a deep dive into what makes the Australian public sector tick.

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  • This podcast series will feature prominent political leaders, thought leaders, and experts who understand why the Australian people have lost their power and influence in Parliament, many who are driven to resisting further decline in Australia's democratic system and those fighting for reform and a better, fairer way to make decisions that shape our collective future.

    Independents CAN is on a mission to get more independent Australian voices elected to represent the people of Australia, and are working towards the goal of forcing the major parties to form government with community leaders bound to represent the interests of Australians above all else.

    Independents can wish to ensure the Australian people have a more direct and active role in shaping the future direction of their country.

  • The Australian Institute of Criminology's podcast series. In this series, we want to share with you some of the latest research on a range of contemporary crime and justice issues affecting Australia. We'll talk about some of the research we’re doing at the Institute, but also explore some of the research we’re funding our academic partners to undertake in universities across Australia.

  • Sharing knowledge and experience with North Coast landholders to support farm productivity and healthy environments.


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