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  • Women are waking up and remembering birth. Each week Freya Light chats to inspiring guests in Australia who will share their positive birth stories and wisdom with us. Listen to real women share their experiences having hospital births, homebirths, freebirths, water births and vbacs. We will also hear from doulas, midwives and birth keepers. Whether you’re a new mother, pregnant or trying to conceive, or preparing after birth trauma this podcast will help to inspire you to remember how powerful your body is, to trust in physiological birth and to feel confident to have your own natural and empowering pregnancy and delivery.

  • The Talking DLD Podcast brought to you by The DLD Project aims to connect families, educators, and health professionals through motivational and at times, game-changing conversations about all things DLD. We will share parent perspectives, engage health professionals, educators and academics to share their findings and experiences and we'll also ask the tough questions of those who are in a position to improve the lives of people with DLD, today.

    Our vision is a world where people with DLD are recognised, understood, and empowered to live their best life. For evidence-based DLD information, resources, and training head to thedldproject.com.

  • Why do some friendships last, while others don't? And most importantly, is there actually a way to make it last?

    Welcome to Grounded! We are Anna and April, two ride-or-die friends from Adelaide, Australia. Join us in our podcast, where you'll be sitting with us by the beach or in the car, and you'll hear nothing but what we're committed to: building a world full of authentic and lasting friendships, who together makes a real difference in the world!

  • Belly and Beyond is a podcast brought to you by Caitlin Robertson. It is a space for mums or soon to be mums to be INSPIRED, EDUCATED and EMPOWERED to have CHOICES! Mothers connecting back to their roots and being exposed to ancient wisdom with modern day education. What if we were supported differently, given more options and allowed the space to figure out what is best for ourselves and our families? The aim is to speak truth into the many motherhood myths and old culture that’s left mums feeling lost and confused. Belly and Beyond is an anchor of support to mothers looking for an EMPOWERED path.

  • Ever wish you had someone to help you with the mental aspects of dance? That's exactly what you get when you tune in to the Passion for Dance podcast... a sport psychology expert who understands the dance industry.

    Welcome to a Passion for Dance Podcast where your host Dr. Chelsea will bring the science of sport psychology into the dance studio. Each week you will hear tips and strategies around topics like confidence, growth mindset, resilience, motivation, and happiness… all the tools the help you thrive and become the best version of yourself (on and off the dance floor!)

    Dance teaches us to push through the pain to reach our goals, and we are used to criticism, tears, bleeding toes, and sore muscles. The show must go on no matter what right? But what if there were another way? Being a dancer teaches us important life skills, but that doesn't mean we have to be broken in order to build ourselves back up. Dance can teach us about self-discipline, teamwork, confidence, grit, and resilience without destroying a dancer’s self-esteem.

    The path to personal growth is full of joy, self-discovery, and challenging roadblocks, but we don’t have to figure it out alone.

    So if you are a dance educator, studio teacher, or school coach, what do you say? Are you ready to share your passion for dance with the world?

  • Join me, your host Chloe Corcoran, every week as I get naked about real life things. We were all born naked. Everyday we get up and 'get dressed', we put on our faces for the world, we fit into boxes, we follow the trends, we lose ourselves or maybe we didn't know who we were to begin with. This podcast is for those who are ready to uncover their limiting beliefs and the blocks that holding them back, to truly create a life of magic and fun.There is absolutely no topic off limits in this poddy! We are going to be diving deep into manifesting, limiting beliefs, goal setting, love, relationships, self acceptance, meditation, dating and so much more.After my spiritual awakening transformed my entire life, I knew I had to learn everything I could about the Law of Attraction so I could create a community and teach as many people as possible all about the life-changing metaphysics at play here. We are simply souls having a temporary human experience, and here is a little bit about mine so far. May this podcast inspire and empower you to take (uncomfortable yet aligned) action towards your dreams.

  • A raw podcast about intersectionality, hosted by Liel K. Bridgford.

  • Our whole lives, we are told “Cautionary Tales” to keep us safe from trouble. But how many cautionary tales do you live by? Are there other things in this world we should be aware of beyond the obvious? This is the podcast where Harper and Tony Brueski explores true cautionary tales and what happens to those who did not heed the warning and learned the hard way. 

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  • The MTPConnect Podcast Series connects with the people and the issues behind Australia’s growing medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals sector.

  • Welcome to the Monash Musculoskeletal Research Unit (MMRU) podcast where we discuss and translate the latest musculoskeletal research to help you keep up to date and improve patient outcomes.

    Tune in for an insiders view on a variety of musculoskeletal research topics including methodology, critical appraisal, interpretation and clinical application of findings.

    Hosted by Dr Luke Perraton; @lukeperraton, Associate Professor Peter Malliaras @drpetemalliaras, Patrick Vallance; @pat_vallance and the MMRU team.

    New episodes fortnightly.
    Join the discussion @MonashMRU.

  • Out For You explores the highs and lows of being out in the workplace, and features insights, tips and tricks from some incredible members of our community about how you can be out and proud as your authentic self in the workplace. Each episode features insights, stories and reflections from a guest on part of what it means to be out and proud in the workplace.

  • In this podcast series where we want to interview some of the synonymous names of the spearfishing world. Those that have developed and shaped the sport and have excelled in chasing their targeted species. Those committed few who have traveled further dived deeper and planned for longer the hunt, the journey, and capture of those lifetime fish.

  • Imagine a slumber party with your witchiest best friend playing with an old ouija board or a magic eight ball - that's Your Woo Best Friend.

    A mix of cosmic ideas and practical, actionable advice, a no b.s. approach to spirituality, to support you in living a high vibrational, empowered, and transformative life.

    On our show we feature solo episodes with stories, ideas, tips and musings I've collected and downloaded along the way and interviews with radically magical and incredibly inspirational guests. We'll bask in the light and dabble in the dark.

    I'm your host Andi, founder of Oui, We - a platform for modern mysticism and conscious living. I'm a soul strategist, a wellness, beauty & conscious business expert, a manifestation teacher, and a Kundalini and Shamanic studies student. Join me in conversations about modalities that some might find taboo but that I personally find a great magic in.

  • Welcome to the Be Fit Bites Podcast. 28 bite sized episodes to educate and guide you through the Be Fit Food 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Delve into the Be Ft Food philosophy, our programs & our customer's results.

  • Let’s Talk Thyroid is a podcast where we explore different aspects of living a healthy thyroid lifestyle positively & practically to help you thrive and not just survive. I bring together my experiences as a Hashimoto's patient, interviews with real people thriving with thyroid issues and experts to give us the low down on different aspects of living a healthy thyroid lifestyle. Expect discussions on diet, energy, gut health, stress, holistic approaches, essential oils, sleep, relationships and more. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered or you have a positive thyroid story to share, contact me via …. hello@annabelbateman.com

  • The PlantPod is a wellness podcast dedicated to opening up conversations about physical, mental and spiritual health. Each week, your host Carleigh Bodrug, founder of the popular plant-based food blog PlantYou, sits down with experts to explore a range of topics such as dietary health, meditation, skincare, veganism and more.

  • Many of us believe that our genes doom us to disorders that run in our families. But as Dr. Lynch reveals in the Dirty Genes Podcast, YOU can influence your own genetic destiny.

    Your genes don't determine your destiny. They determine your susceptibility.

    There's no reason to biohack your way into health. That's inefficient, expensive, and unnecessary. Your body wants to be nurtured. Not hacked.

    Instead of biohacking, learn how your genes work. Understand what makes them dirty, and then give them what they need so they can perform. So you can perform.

    What are Dirty Genes?

    A dirty gene is one that is unable to perform at its best. It's slacking. It's struggling. It's burdened.

    You have 18,000 genes. Many of them are dirty right now. These dirty genes are causing you troubles every day (that you may not even be aware of!).

    Each week, on the Dirty Genes Podcast, Dr. Lynch will show you how genes get dirty so you can clean yours up.

    What can you expect from the Dirty Genes Podcast?


    Dr. Lynch is not one to mince words or dance around a subject. He gets right to the point.

    Here are the different types of episodes you'll find on the Dirty Genes Podcast.


    Do you want to get healthy but find yourself strapped for time? These shorter episodes average only 10 to 15 minutes. Designed to help you apply what you're learning, each episode hones in on one specific topic. Dr. Lynch has repeatedly seen people succeed when they learn in frequent, shorter bursts. These relatable, bite-sized tidbits will give you the confidence you need to make targeted changes in your life. After all, it's the application of information that gets you results!

    Hero Stories

    Thousands of people worldwide have transformed their health using Dr. Lynch's education programs, genetic testing, and Seeking Health supplements. Hear their struggles, what worked for them, and what didn't. When did their 'switch' flip, and how did they start feeling great again? These real-life hero stories will inspire and motivate you. You’ll also hear from people who are still struggling. No matter what they've tried, they're still stuck. Listen along while Dr. Lynch guides them to overcome genetic health obstacles.

    Expert Interviews

    When someone truly impresses Dr. Lynch with their ability to teach, you'll find them here on the Dirty Genes Podcast.

    Who is your host, Dr. Ben Lynch?

    Simply put, a guy who wants you to have the health information you need to take care of yourself. He wants to prevent you from going to the hospital — and help you live a life of freedom. Health is freedom. You don't realize that until you lose it.

    In terms of education, he received a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington while rowing on the Husky Crew Team. After traveling around 50 countries, running his own business, and getting married, he received a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. He maintains his license to practice as a primary care physician in the state of Washington.

    Dr. Lynch is the author of Dirty Genes. This Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, and Amazon best-selling book has been translated into multiple languages globally. If you love what you hear on the Dirty Genes Podcast, you'll want to pick up a copy of Dirty Genes, too!

    Dr. Lynch lives in Kirkland, WA, with his three boys, Tasman, Mathew, and Theodor, and his beautiful wife of more than 20 years, Nadia. His family also lives with animal rescues: two cats, Hazel and Kiwi, and one pup, Victor.

    When he's not working, you'll find Dr. Lynch kayaking, wake surfing, hiking, working in the yard, fixing something the kids broke, or traveling with his family.

    Now stop reading and start listening! ;)

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    Welcome to the Dirty Genes Podcast.

  • Voice Of A Veteran was founded by Heston Russell, a former Special Forces Commander, in order to provide a platform to discuss those conversations that we have been hiding from. Vulnerability, Authenticity, Courage & Character - all will be tested as listeners are taken through experiences from Special Forces missions around the world, to contemplating suicide and deconstructing the physical, mental and emotional resilience that has enabled each guest to succeed and fail in their lives.If you are struggling with purpose, identity, or understanding of how to unlock your true potential; you’ll hear from people who have achieved greatness or fallen from such a height - then tune in to take away the lessons on offer. #VOAV

  • Hosted by fiercely infertile Cassie Silver, What To Expect When You're Injecting takes listeners on a journey through the world of infertility, sharing stories from men and women, as well as her own. Nothing is off limits in this uncensored podcast, as the Australian media identity explores the highs and lows of infertility and everything in between... your legs (literally). A seamless mix of storytelling and education, the raw conversations are set to provide comfort to anyone on the rollercoaster ride to conceiving. Plus, we'll have a laugh where it's most inappropriate and ask experts the questions we've all Googled. Doctors and donors, surrogates and semen, miscarriages and milestones. For men and women, who love men or women- if you're creating life with a bit of science and a lot of love, this is for you. Join the community @injecting_to_be_expecting

  • The Dr. John Berardi Show is a podcast that seeks important lessons in a seemingly unlikely place, amid competing points of view. In each episode, we look at fascinating—sometimes controversial—topics through the minds of divergent thinkers, searching for common ground, uncommon wisdom, and insight into how to live a better life.