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  • Welcome to Self® is a podcast for women business owners. It is a place where you can come and learn about the practices that will assist you as a business owner, get tips on how to engage in your business in a way that is sustainable for you, realise that you’re not alone in the ways that you struggle, and have your curiosity piqued on various topics as I chat to wonderful guests and bring you solo episodes.

    This is a place to remember that you are human first and have different tasks in your business and different roles in your life that need your attention and for that you need to take care of yourself in the best way you can. This is a place of nourishment, growth and helpful information. A place where you can learn ways to assist you and your business to thrive.

    I’m your host Dr Hayley D Quinn, fellow human, business owner, and coach for women like you who want to increase your own self-care and self-compassion, change the relationship you have with yourselves and your business and elevate your business to a new level so you can live the full and meaningful life you desire.

  • Sparking Regional Joy, a podcast inspired by the pages of DOWNTOWN Magazine. Editor-in-Chief and Host Anna Davis explores the incredible people, places and businesses featured in the magazine, bringing their stories to life. Candid conversations and inspiring stories with opinion makers, influencers and people who are breaking barriers and leaving their mark in regional Australia.

  • One leadership question per episode, backed by tools to help you achieve more. We help you tackle the $hit no one talks about when it comes to leading teams, scaling teams and building growing businesses.

  • Bridging the gap between legal studies and legal practice, the Clayton Utz Insider is your destination to learn about the latest trends in the legal market and delve into the fascinating work lawyers do. Hosted by Clayton Utz graduates, our conversations with lawyers across our practice areas nationally will give you an insight into Clayton Utz, our areas of practice and the meaningful work we do.

  • Digitally Diverse is a weekly podcast hosted by Ellen Bennett, where we do a deep dive into the journeys of the movers and shakers in the design and tech industry.

    Digitally Diverse is proudly brought to you by NTP, a community-first tech recruitment agency.

  • After getting out the gate in 2020 and 2021 respectively, Tamara Smith and Elli Schroeder navigate the nuances of progressing your career with purpose.

    Starting their careers at one of the largest consulting firms globally, the girls know what it is to be filled with ambition and drive to succeed while feeling completely ill-equipped to do so. Join us as our curious minds seek to understand HOW to build our careers (in practical ways - you’re welcome!) from some of the world’s most influential businesswomen.

    As the founders of In Her Hands, KPMG Australia, (find out more here) Tam and Elli know what it is to live vulnerably, candidly sharing their own career challenges, questions, and insecurities in order to equip and empower a generation of women to progress their career with purpose. The OTG podcast will be no different!

  • We’re here to empower you to unlock your why, stand out in your industry and unleash your full potential, because you deserve to be heardOur vision is to bring together likeminded Women (and men!) and have real conversations around Recruitment, Leadership & ConnectionWe believe, when likeminded women come together, that’s when the magic happens Recruither, the community and podcast for women in leadership and recruitment ✨We're your corporate besties, having real conversations with leaders in their space

  • A podcast hosted by Business Coach, Glenn Haworth. Each episode, Glenn interviews business owners to hear their story, exploring topics relating to business, mindset and marketing.

  • Real Agent brings you the very best operators & icons of the residential real estate industry to deliver the highest value conversations possible and practical takeaways for agents to improve and grow their business.

  • The official Crop Opti podcast - discusses all the topics relevant to you out on the farm.

  • Join us for conversations with experts and thought-leaders on how to tap into storytelling, technology, best practices and latest trends to augment your communications and fundraising, maximize your resources, develop and deliver new programs, and generate revenue… so you can create a better world for all of us.

  • Animal Amicus is the definitive podcast for those interested in landmark animal cases and how they’ve shaped the law. Join Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Nicole Pallotta and David Rosengard as they expertly examine the often-tenuous relationship between animals and the legal system—and what advocates are doing to secure more positive outcomes.

  • For students to listen to their school novel while reading during remote learning

  • In this episode we have a special guest to talk to, Ponyboy Curtis!

  • Macro analysis and mining insights for resource speculators. Join analyst Shae Russell and a range of mining experts each week as she covers what rocks are making news, which company has sunk some rigs into the ground and the commodities moving markets.

  • Imagine a food & drink consumer packaged goods industry (CPG) where both small and large players co-habitat, consumers have choice, there’s integrity in what they’re buying and they experience innovative, sustainable products. Hosted by founder, award-winning coach, consultant & advocate Chelsea Ford, in this weekly podcast you'll hear interviews with incredible founders and hard-to-reach industry specialists, and practical, actionable content that directly supports your food & drink CPG business to grow, become more profitable and thrive. Learn more at

  • We speak with outstanding leaders from Australia and around the world to inspire you on your own leadership journey.

  • The podcast takes you on a journey into the world of Airbnb hosting. We are your hosts, Ray and Silvia.

  • The Bossy Bitch podcast with business mentor Elsa Mitchell explores all the remote corners of Australia chatting to women in business and discovering their hidden success stories.

    Join entrepreneur and born and bred country gal Elsa, as she shares her own business triumphs and tribulations alongside inspiring Aussie women. 

    If you're into the weird and wacky, having a laugh and don't mind a bit of bad language whilst learning, being inspired and delving into how to grow a successful business with someone who's doing it and doing it well, then come see the world through my lens. 

  • A 6-day transformative challenge to embody your authentic self, and catapult your business success.