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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • For long-form interviews, news, and commentary about the WordPress ecosystem. This is the companion show to The WP Minute, your favorite 5-minutes of WordPress news every week.

  • Special guests to chat all things EV and low emission transport. We champion good mental health in our industry and we welcome anyone who feels the need to chat. The EV Café is YOUR EV community resource, a place to share and learn.

  • The latest tech news, advice, and tools are aimed at a specific audience, which includes computer repair shops, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), vendors, and distributors. These resources can provide valuable information on the latest trends, software, and hardware in the tech industry, as well as tips and strategies for running a successful computer repair or MSP business. They can also include information on new products and services from vendors and distributors, and provide ways for these businesses to connect with each other and find new #news #computerrepair #MSPS #vendors #distributors #trends #software #hardware #tips #strategies #business #products #services #networking.

  • Uncaged is a podcast for people who desire to live as the fullest, most audacious expression of who they truly are.
    If you're fed up of settling for mediocrity and are ready to live with passion, power and purpose, this is the show for you.
    Join me each week as I'll be sharing my own wisdom alongside that of carefully curated experts, all with the aim of educating and inspiring you on your quest to break free from the cage of convention and live life uncaged.

  • إدارة بوست Edarapost بودكاست يتناول موضوعات في بيئة العمل والإدارة من الواقع المعاش، في طرح أكثر عمقًا ودراسة.
    يعدها ويقدمها د.عبدالعزيز القدسي دكتوراه إدارة الأعمال والسلوك التنظيمي

  • Welcome to "The Single Source", a podcast series brought to you by global financial service provider, Apex Group. The Single Source hosts a diverse mix of industry veterans, rising stars, finance experts and investment enthusiasts, to discuss all things financial services, as well as the things that really matter to Apex; because we are more than just a financial services provider, and are here to drive positive change for a more sustainable future in the industry.

  • Tom Flowers Cricket Coaching was set up in 2015 with the aim of bringing high quality cricket coaching to Leicestershire, Rutland and the East Midlands.

    Since then, founder of TFCC Tom Flowers, has assembled a highly qualified team that deliver coaching at over 30 different clubs and schools across the region, all with a passion for one thing – improving local cricket.

    In this podcast feed, discover insights into the game, topical news, coaching tips, the weekly take away, archive recordings and more. The 'Life of a Cricket Coach' will step inside the coaches mind and provide the insights of Level 4 coach and our founder Tom Flowers as he takes you through the day to day of goings on for a cricket coaching business here in the East Midlands.

  • A podcast which explores the challenges incumbent financial service brands face when looking to deliver a customer experience which is comparable if not better than the experiences provided by the launch of challenger brands. Each episode will involve a deep dive interview with client-side marketers and industry experts. And will explore a different aspect of what goes on behind the scenes when looking to deliver a great digital experience such as design, marketing, UX, technology, data, processes, culture and people management and how each works in tandem.This podcast is for anyone working in financial services who are looking for expert advice and practical insights from their industry peers.

  • Pilot Career News is the go-to source for information on becoming a commercial pilot, plus news, scholarships, Approved Training Organisations and our series of Pilot Careers Live events -

  • This is Marketing Slice, the podcast that gives you marketing insights, hints and tips that you can action immediately. Over the course of this podcast, the team here at Hurree will be taking you through a deep dive of the marketing that will deliver results right now. These podcasts are complemented by a whole host of other guides, videos, blogs and infographics that can be found at

  • Anything surveying, surveying training, FRICS, MRICS, APC, RICS, CPD, hot topics, industry guests, Chartered Surveyor, surveyors, soft skills, current affairs. James Baker FRICS Invise, Jon Lever FRICS DeLever, Built Environment, Land and Property.

  • Life Leadership - with Leila Singh - All things Coaching, Career & Personal BrandingThis podcast is for ambitious career professionals wanting to create a life of choice & freedom, to BE DO & HAVE more, through overcoming limitations, developing new insights & redefining their success, in work, health, relationships & much more. Life Leadership: Creating a life of freedom, choice, & new possibilities! As well as exploring common challenges that my clients overcome, aspects of career advancement & personal branding, I will continue to interview leaders in tech on their career journey!

  • Freelance Feels explores wellbeing and mental health for self-employed people. It's an informal chat about all the emotions of being freelance. The logo is a cactus because 'Freelancers are like cacti: We can survive tough conditions but we still need love and water'.
    Host Jenny Stallard - an experienced lifestyle journalist and founder of Freelance Feels - chats to guests about their freelance journey, their challenges, triumphs and advice.

  • You won’t go five posts in your explore page without seeing something about a boss babe or online business brand and that is simply because women are rising up to take up space. Actually, we’re making room. You can become a brand of your own, turn your expertise into a successful business and thrive in the freedom and respect that your success will bring you.But the entrepreneur road can be lonely, and sometimes overwhelming. I know because i have toed it. And gatekeeping season is over.Welcome to She’s the Brand, a space for you, the ambitious, smart woman who knows she’s ready for more and is willing to go after it unapologetically. I’m Paula, a lawyer and Personal Branding expert who realized after seven years pursuing a law degree and actually getting called to the bar that she was more interested in entrepreneurship and branding. I built a personal brand that let me live life on my own terms and that led me to launching this podcast. To help your very own power personal brand! If you have ever felt out of place among successful women because they were putting themselves out there and you weren't, been held back by the feeling that you were not qualified for your dream, seen the boss babes killing it on Instagram and thought “this is what i want", imagined yourself in a purple suit on a stage giving an inspiring speech (okay the purple suit was my own imagination), felt unworthy of the life you really want because people who look like you don’t have things like that, I know how you feel because I've been there. And I want you to get out.This podcast will help you figure out what your purpose is, overcome the fear of trying, become a brave woman who shows up for herself, and build a brand than makes the world take notice. You will connect with other like minded ambitious women and take ACTION! It’s not too late, you're not left behind and you will head out there and let them know “SHE’S THE BRAND”.

  • In-depth discussions on private wealth matters from Saffery Champness LLP.

  • The Etch Podcast gives you an inside look at the strategy, design leadership and innovation from experts across different industries who are actually doing it.

    Etch is a unique network of agencies, consultancies and experts that aims to provide more value to businesses than traditional agency models, by taking a people centred approach to all that we deliver. Our team is made up of hand-picked experts with unique backgrounds and experiences, located in London, Southampton UK and Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Every month, the Institute of Leadership & Management's CEO, John Mark Williams, is joined by senior leaders from around the world to discuss their real-life experiences of everyday leadership practice, challenge outdated leadership practices and offer a fresh take on the issues that today's leaders face.New episodes go live on the last Thursday of every month. Subscribe through any major podcast platform.

  • Insights from world-leading workplace health experts covering mental health, diversity, inclusion, culture, learning and more. Actionable advice on developing effective wellbeing strategies packed into bite-sized episodes to fit around your day. Hosted by Harry Bliss, co-founder of Champion Health.

  • Leadership advice for world-class leadership experts. Hosted by veteran leadership expert Chip Wilson and Randy Lane.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.