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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • Holà tout le monde !

    On se présente, on est Sophie et Lisa, deux meufs de la vingtaine qui passent leur temps à discuter de la vie et qui ont décidé de créer un podcast pour capturer ces conversations.

    Pourquoi MAPS ? Parce qu’on n’insinue pas apporter la vérité sur le monde ; on souhaite juste en donner notre compréhension, notre carte de lecture, comment on s’y situe et on s’y sent. 

    Il s’agira de partager nos regards, nos réflexions, nos interrogations, nos contradictions, nos doutes sur diverses thématiques. 

    Si ça vous intéresse, on pourra se retrouver tous les derniers dimanches de chaque mois !

    Jusqu’à là, prenez soin de vous :)

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  • The Beyond the Sirens: Paramedics and End-of-Life Care podcast series has been designed to start a journey together, to spark innovative ideas, provide support for and raise awareness of the holistic and complex requirements of end-of-life care. It is the start of a process, and we would love your input and feedback on what we have put together, for consideration for future podcasts we aim to create.

    Our ultimate aim is to benefit the patient by providing a tool that supports you in what you need to make the most appropriate decisions to aid those dying, and to understand the positive impact this has on those left behind to grieve.

    We have brought together the expertise of those people who have a long-standing wealth of experience in end-of-life care. We also felt it was equally important to hear about real life examples from those in the field just like yourselves, and how they have dealt with situations you yourself may come across.

    The hosts for this series are:

    Mary Buttle

    A Clinical Nurse Specialist with an extensive career in Oncology and Palliative and End of Life Care. Mary attained a Honours degree in adult palliative and end of life care and has been delivering education and training in this speciality for over 6 years. Previously an Education Lead at the End-of-Life Partnership, delivering training to Paramedics from North West Ambulance Service

    Theresa Taylor, Practice Education End of Life Partnership

    Works as a practice educator for the End-of-Life Partnership based in Crewe. A registered nurse by background, Tess worked in palliative and end of life care as a specialist nurse and educator for over 20 years. She attained a degree in Palliative Care , an MSc in Pain Management, and has a huge passion for supporting paramedics through education. She feels privileged to be able to do this through the End of Life Care Training for North West Ambulance Service and through teaching paramedics at Stafford University.

  • Join me and my "audio" journal entries. 

    Listen in as I navigate through life, experiencing the good - the bad - the ugly - and everything in between. 

    Sharing nuggets of wisdom and life-hack snippets as I learn and as I grow.

    Not a life coach - not a celebrity with celebrity friends. Just a Welsh girl - hustling alone in the Middle East. 

    Expect daily doses of personal development - entrepreneurship - manifestations - positivity - dating dramas - spirituality - synchronicities - book wisdom - daily rituals ...... and plenty of other madness that crosses my path. 

    Love Abbie

  • A podcast about sustainability, circular economics and the triple bottom line. Hosted by Physicist and Namene Solar's School Program Manager, Francesca Shirley -- Conversations with experts to share their knowledge, projects and stories about positive news and ways WE CAN BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE (:
    ***Solutions For Climate Revolution is also a School Program helping young people in the UK donate solar lights to young people in Africa who have to use kerosene lamps***

  • Delve into the stories of sporting champions, corporate visionaries, and everyday parents who redefine leadership. 

    In each episode, I explore the journeys of leaders who have undergone profound transformations, emerging stronger and wiser. From overcoming challenges to embracing change, our guests share insights and lessons learned along their paths to success.

    Tune in and discover what it takes to lead with authenticity and courage in every aspect of life.

  • Copinghagen Podcast

    Welcome to The Copinghagen Podcast, where we delve into ancient wisdom and Stoic philosophy to guide you through the maze of modern life. Join us as we explore psychology and draw from real-life experiences, to help you navigate the complexities of today's world with clarity and resilience. 

  • Forget fairy castles and white doves, darling! Pop the bubbly and grab a pasty because you're invited to the dreamiest podcast where weddings and Cornwall collide! Hosted by the effervescent Francesca from Manhay Farm, where laughter bubbles like champagne and wedding dreams bloom like wildflowers, this podcast is your secret guide to crafting a Cornish celebration as unique and delicious as a cream tea after midnight.

    Each episode is a treasure trove of inspiration:
    · Meet incredible local suppliers who'll bring your vision to life, from bespoke catering legends to local florists weaving flowers into fairy-tale bouquets.
    · Plan like a pro: Get expert tips and tricks from wedding planners and other industry insiders on navigating the world of Cornish weddings, from mastering the lingo ("oggy" anyone?) to planning for the ever-changing weather.
    · Laugh, cry, and be inspired by real-life couples who have thrown the rulebook out the window and created weddings as unique as your love story

    Whether you're dreaming of a beachside bash with live music and a bonfire or a cosy pub ceremony followed by a ceilidh under the stars, Pasties & Prosecco will ignite your imagination and show you how to weave the magic of Cornwall into your wedding day.
    So, raise a glass (of prosecco, of course!) and prepare to plan your dream wedding.

    Cornwall awaits, and Pasties & Prosecco is your guide.

    Subscribe now and head to Blog | Manhay Farm Weddings & Events (weddingcornwall.co.uk) to get the show notes, information on all our guests and more planning tips. Let the Cornish wedding adventure begin!

  • Welcome to "CEO and The Founder," a powerful, real-world investment podcast brought to you by The Unique Property Group where your hosts, Lewis Hall and Christian Woollard, delve into the dynamic roles and collaborative synergy between CEOs and founders. Join us as we explore how distinct leadership styles, skills, and visions can work collaboratively to drive business growth and success.

    Each episode features insightful discussions with this pair of seasoned entrepreneurs. We unpack the unique challenges and triumphs experienced at the helm of a business, highlighting how opposing skillsets can complement each other in the business world. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a current business owner, or simply intrigued by leadership, "CEO and The Founder" provides valuable lessons on effective partnership and strategic management.

    This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, business development, leadership dynamics, and the secrets behind successful business partnerships.

    Follow and subscribe to "CEO and The Founder" for your weekly dose of leadership insights and strategies that could redefine how you think about running and growing a business.

  • A podcast from LSE Law bringing together academic voices and experts to consider the legal questions of today.

  • This episode was talking about how i have finally started me podcast and planning to stay consistent with my podcast and youtube channels

  • Welcome to Mental Models Daily, your go-to podcast for practical insights into the world of mental models. Each day, we break down a new mental model to help you think more clearly, make better decisions, and navigate the complexities of life with ease. From probabilistic thinking and first principles to the Pareto principle and the Eisenhower matrix, we explore a wide range of concepts that will sharpen your mind and enhance your problem-solving skills. Join us for daily episodes that will transform the way you approach challenges and opportunities. Tune in, learn, and elevate your thinking!

  • A podcast for people who want to learn how to manage their anger and live more peacefully. Join Clare, a Behaviour Change Coach, who using NLP will share tips, strategies and stories to help you cope with your emotions and improve the way you express yourself and deal with conflict in healthy ways.

  • your attitude in school can make or break you grade

  • Welcome to the Frontline Security Podcast. Here we will be interviewing some of the key players within the security industry. Carl will be talking with CEO's, campaigners and security professionals who work in all sorts of areas within the security industry.

  • Song, in its many forms, surrounds us - and may have been a feature of life since the very beginnings of human history. It is practiced in every society in the world, its importance undiminished in modern times. The tracks on this album focus on English Folk singing, the traditions behind the songs, and the stories behind the traditions. Performances from folk singer Norma Waterson complete the fascinating journey through English folk heritage. This material is drawn from The Open University course AA317 Words and music.

  • Matt Ward has been recording voiceovers and the spoken word since 1993, and now runs Audio Editing Secrets, a live online training course in how to make podcasts. In this podcast he talks to other podcast makers about their podcasts and how they create them. He talks through their process and workflow, how they have set up their recording space, what equipment they use, and then give them the opportunity to delve into his 30+ years of sound engineering experience to help them solve issues they have with their production. A must-listen for any aspiring podcasters and those wanting to improve their production values.

    Visit our website at https://audioeditingsecrets.com, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn @audioeditingsecrets, and on X @audioeditingsx

  • A podcast dedicated to self-improvement and personal growth. Join me as I document my own journey, sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between. Through words of affirmation and encouragement, I aim to inspire and uplift. Together, we'll build a supportive community of like-minded individuals, all striving to become the best versions of ourselves. No step is too small,No goal is too big.

  • The ultimate destination for builders, homeowners, architects, engineers, planners, and developers alike.

    Think of this as the open network for everything related to domestic construction and residential property development. We're here to solve problems, connect people, and enhance outcomes for the built environment industry.

    Join our Senior Construction Manager, Michael Parinchy, as he jumps into in-depth discussions covering technical details, building regulations, planning policies, and construction contracts as well as exploring the dynamics between clients, builders, architects, and planners.

    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/probuild360/

    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100053477236125&ref=aymt_homepage_panel

    WEBSITE: https://probuild360.co.uk/

  • Going through a break-up? Having a hard time in life? Feeling like things seem to be just one bad trip after another? Mia has created the perfect podcast for you. Come sit and listen to a raw and real podcast full of advice and life stories.

  • Welcome to The Culture Shift, the podcast that empowers people leaders to drive impactful change in their workplace. Join host Vicki Baars, a transformation specialist in equality, diversity, and inclusion, as she delves deep into the fascinating world of workplace culture.

    In each episode, Vicki sits down with a diverse array of incredible guests, including members of the Culture Shift team and industry experts, to explore a wide range of topics.

    From fostering inclusive environments to driving innovation and navigating the ever-changing landscape of modern organizations, The Culture Shift provides the knowledge, tools, and inspiration you need to create more inclusive workplace wellbeing and tackle workplace bullying. Our thought-provoking conversations challenge conventional thinking and spark new ideas, all while guiding you on a journey to make a lasting impact in your organization.

    Whether you're a seasoned HR professional or a curious individual looking to make a difference, The Culture Shift is for you.

    Join us on this transformative journey, where we believe that every workplace can be a force for positive change. Together, we can reshape the culture and create workplaces that thrive on equality, respect, and belonging. Welcome to The Culture Shift!

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