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  • We live stuck in a world of darkness oftentimes because we don't know how to come out of it. Many people today are struggling with their own darknesses, whether it may be depression, abuse, or any kind of hurt they may have experienced inside of their heart. One sure thing is that when we struggle with this darkness we can never overcome it. Only the light can defeat the darkness. Join me as we discover the true hope inside the bible that can transform our wounded hearts into one filled with promises of a bright and happy future.

  • This is a podcast just on everyday life and topics. It’ll be mostly me just laughing and talking with guest from time to time

  • Practice Makes is the podcast for the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities Reimagining Performance Network (https://www.torch.ox.ac.uk/reimagining-performance-network). Each episode stages a discussion between a leading performance scholar and a theatre practitioner – actors, playwrights, directors and more — to crack open the connections between theatre research and performance in practice. Presented by Helen Dallas and Madeleine Saidenberg, two Oxford DPhil students who research theatre and have worked as directors, writers, and dramaturgs, the podcast explores current questions in theatre scholarship in Oxford and beyond, from academic and practice-based perspectives.

  • This podcast is all about being a young addict in recovery. I am completely transparent about my experiences in active addiction and in recovery and talk about everything from the struggles... to the triumphs... to the gruesome details. I'm 23 years old and my clean date is 10-17-2018. I have a minor in substance use disorders so you're not only getting candid experience, but also some facts I've learned along the way.

    My goal is to break the stigma of addiction and educate others on what life looks like as a [young] recovering addict. When I was in my active addiction, I had no idea what was wrong with me or why I would do things I knew were wrong, without a second thought. I had no answer as to why I was continuously hurting others around me or why I was choosing drugs over everyone and everything. I genuinely thought I was just a terrible person. Today, I have an answer AND I’ve found a solution. I hope you hear something you relate with or learn something you didn't know before. If this is not for you, I hope you can pass this podcast along to someone you know who is struggling. Thanks for checking my podcast out (:

  • "Chaucer for Beginners" is a captivating conversational podcast series that delves into the life and enduring legacy of the renowned 14th century writer Geoffrey Chaucer. Hosted by a Chaucer expert, the series provides students with a comprehensive understanding of Chaucer's life and times, exploring the reasons behind the enduring relevance of his masterpiece, the Canterbury Tales.
    In an enlightening conversation, interviewer Karen Carey engages with Professor Marion Turner, an esteemed Chaucer scholar and the J.R.R. Tolkien Professor of English Literature and Language at the University of Oxford. Marion’s research interests lie in late medieval secular literature and history, and she has published very widely on Chaucer, including four books and many articles. The podcast unfolds with an introduction to Chaucer's life and historical context, gradually transitioning to a detailed discussion of the Canterbury Tales, focusing on two pivotal tales, namely The Miller’s Tale and the Wife of Bath.

    The series concludes by examining Chaucer's innovative use of language and form, culminating in a final episode that reflects on his lasting literary legacy. This podcast serves as an invaluable resource for those students seeking a nuanced understanding of Chaucer and his timeless contributions to literature. Produced by Peter Robinson and Karen Carey.

    Album Cover Image of The Wife Of Bath taken from Canterbury Tales - Caxton's 1483 edn. St John's College A.2.5 and MS 266

  • りょうりしながら、日本語(にほんご)を聞(き)きます。

    N5とN4のぶんぽうや ことばで、はなします。(ときどきN3)

    #日本語 #にほんご #Japanese #Bahasa Jepang  #聴解  #ちょうかい  #Listening #JLPT #N4 #N5  #Japanese podcast for beginners #easy listening in Japanese

  • 你好,我是 Utala, 曾经的我在关系里非常的糟,无论是和家人,伴侣,孩子,同事或是朋友的关系,都让我喘不过气来。





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  • Hi, my name is Luke and I do voices! I’ve always been fascinated by voice actors and I’d always wanted to be one so practiced and practiced for years to get where I am. But don’t worry you won’t have to, because you’ll learn what I’ve learned right here. I’ll teach you how to do the voices of cartoon characters to live people. So sit back, put on your headphones, and get comfortable because these are The Voices of Luke A Ziegler and how to do them!

  • ရွှေ့ပြောင်းလုပ်သား သက်တမ်းတိုး

  • Изучать испанский язык самостоятельно возможно. Более того, это можно делать с удовольствием!

    Автор подкаста - преподаватель испанского с большой практикой, переводчик, лингвист, доктор наук, профессор университета, член Европейской Академии преподавателей испанского языка AEPE, автор книг, монографий, статей и пособий. Мои ученики живут в России, Испании, Франции, Аргентине, Панаме, Мексике, Кубе...

    Мы не будем механически заучивать слова и правила.

    В этом подкасте мы познакомимся с техникой изучения языка через чтение.

    Чтение — один из способов прокачать испанский и при этом получить удовольствие от восприятия оригинальных книг.

    Я читаю, сначала медленно, перевожу и комментирую интересные лингвистические моменты, полезную лексику и выражения, затем повторяю побыстрее.

    Я ориентируюсь на начинающих и продолжающих, на тех, у кого просто нет времени заниматься самостоятельно.

    Все что от вас требуется - только слушать!

    Начнем мы с несложных забавных рассказов, построенных у учетом освоения или повторения грамматических тем и лексики. На телеграм-канале можно найти все материалы и задать вопросы: https://t.me/ispanskij_prokachaj

    Жду Вас на занятиях. Удачи!!

    The author of the podcast is a Spanish teacher with great practice, translator, linguist, doctor of sciences, university professor, member of the European Academy of Spanish Teachers AEPE, author of books, monographs, articles and manuals. My students live in Russia, Spain, France, Argentina, Panama, Mexico, Cuba...
    The podcast is addressed to Russian speakers who want to learn Spanish. We will get acquainted with the technique of learning the language through reading. I read, at first slowly, translate into Russian and comment on interesting linguistic moments, useful vocabulary and expressions, then repeat quickly.
    I focus on beginners and continuers, on those who simply do not have time to study on their own.
    All that is required of you is only to listen!
    We will start with simple funny stories built with the mastery or repetition of grammatical themes and vocabulary. On the telegram channel, you can find all the materials and ask questions.

  • Hello and welcome to Kjin's podcast! 🥳 Are you interested in listening to Korean podcasts but find it challenging due to vocabulary and grammar issues? Well, this podcast is tailored just for you! It provides helpful vocabulary and grammar tips for beginners. The content is designed to be easy to follow and covers a wide range of engaging topics! 😊

    Watch this podcast on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@koreanbuddykjin

  • Interested in science and the people behind the science? Looking for an informative, entertaining, thought-provoking and accessible read? Join Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft and her guests as they discuss their favourite popular science books, share their love of science and the books they consider most enjoyable and that offer something to everyone. Episodes will be published fortnightly.

    Professor Ashcroft is Professor of Physiology at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Trinity College Oxford. Her own books include Life at the Extremes: the science of survival and The Spark of Life: electricity in the human body.

  • The COVID pandemic exposed the extent to which sleep is entwined with social conditions - sleep is highly dynamic and very little about sleep is unchangeable. For example, changed social conditions over the past 100 years appear to have had a marked impact upon key elements of sleep. Studies on circadian rhythms and sleep, along with historical insights, have shown that such changed societal conditions have resulted in a detachment of these key biological rhythms from the geophysical cycle of light and dark, with major deleterious effects upon human functioning, wellbeing, and creativity.
    Rhythmicity is not only at the heart of sleep and chronobiology, but is also fundamental to the humanities.
    The network is led by Dr Sebastian Klinger (Modern Languages), Professor Sally Shuttleworth (English), Professor Russell Foster (Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute) and Dr Alessandra Aloisi (Medieval and Modern Languages).

  • I’m Hannah Moore, a Certified Financial Planner™ on a mission to change the way people think and talk about money.

    As a CFP® professional, I’ve worked with countless clients from all across the financial spectrum — from those nearing retirement to young professionals who are just starting out on their financial journey. I run a successful financial planning firm outside of Dallas, TX and have also been recognized in my industry as one of Investment News’ 40 Under 40 and one of Investopedia’s Top 100 Financial Advisors since 2019.

    Over my decade-plus experience, I’ve helped individuals, couples, and families understand their money in meaningful ways. I believe that it’s time to change the way we think about our money — and the way we talk about financial planning. Let’s get started.

  • Energetic Intelligence™ for Entrepreneurs is THE podcast to help you create soul-inspired success without sacrificing revenue, relationships, or the REAL you as you grow your business.

    The show will be integrating science with woo and cover topics like spirituality, mindset, biz strategies, relationship dynamics, bio-hacks, human design, emotions, and more all from the perspective of “It’s great to have someone show you what worked for them, but it’s better to have someone show you what will work for you!”

    Host Beth Perry is an award winning coach and best selling author.

  • InshaAllah, here we share all the Bangla dubbed lectures of Ustad Nouman Ali Khan. নোমান আলী খানের বাংলায় ডাবিংকৃত বক্তব্যগুলো অডিও ফরমেটে এখানে শেয়ার করা হবে, ইনশাআল্লাহ। #"নোমান আলী খান বাংলা অডিও" #"নোমান আলী খান বাংলা mp3"

  • Guided Meditations, Solfeggio Frequencies, and ASMR Binaural Beats Base 12 Combined" is an innovative auditory experience designed for deep relaxation and meditation.

    Guided meditations offer structured relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Solfeggio frequencies are specific sound tones believed to promote healing and well-being, each frequency targeting different aspects of human wellness.

    ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) triggers tingling sensations through certain sounds, enhancing relaxation. Combined with binaural beats, which use slightly different frequencies in each ear to create a third tone, this blend induces a state of calm and meditation.

    The Base 12 system in this context suggests a harmonized composition, enhancing the overall experience. This combination is ideal for those seeking comprehensive relaxation and mental clarity

  • Date Better with Heather is a show where your favorite celebrities teach you how to date & navigate modern romance. This show is hosted by Heather Hopkins, CEO and Founder of Hulah — the dating app where women endorse better guys to date!
    Each episode, Heather invites leading relationship experts, influencers, and special guests to explore the latest trends in dating, discuss the intricacies of finding love in the modern world, and uncover the secrets to forming genuine connections in the digital age.
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