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  • Inside the Minds of Authors features popular and up-and-coming authors and their books. Our goal is to introduce listeners to passionate authors who are committed to their craft and their readers.

    Each episode starts with a short reading from the feature book. Follow by an exciting conversation with the author. We explore what drives them to write and those burning questions that keep us turning the pages.

    Whether you are an avid reader or an aspiring author, Inside the Minds of Authors has something for everyone. New episodes airing Monday nights.

  • Relates to relationship, family and self situations in life. Inspirational on giving advice. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/floridagirlfm/support

  • This podcast if for anyone who has felt the sting of betrayal and is ready to find hope and healing. I will share my story as well as the lessons I have learned to help you navigate the minefield that is betrayal. Recovery is not some far off destination that one day you'll reach, but rather a commitment within yourself to find everyday. Start today and join me as we discuss the good the bad and the next steps. It doesn't matter where you are on your journey, all that matters is realizing that through small and simple steps, great things come to pass. I see greatness within you, all that is required is for you to have a desire to reach it. You can feel better, you can heal and peace is possible. Join me and let me show you how.

  • Hosted by author, journalist and 5D word nerd, Dani Katz, WORD UP explores how language is programming our minds, our culture and our world, and โ€“ most importantly โ€“ how to transform ourselves and society for the infinitely more wonderful with our every word. Empowerment tools abound, along with reframes, upgrades, solutions and propaganda breakdowns, plus a generous smattering of cultural criticism, sprinkled with deep-diving, edge-pushing, solutions-based conversations with original thinkers, visionary weirdos and rebel badasses making the world more wonderful.

  • Life change podcast for those who want to change their life by changing their thoughts, behaviours, emotions.

  • The Be Inspired Mama Podcast is a community for women who are ready to transform struggles into victories by taking action.Iโ€™m on a mission to help moms get unstuck so they can positively impact generations of children to come.On this show I will interview top-notch health & wellness experts to give you the best holistic tools and strategies for living a vibrant life. Prepare to be inspired!

  • For all women with a desire to achieve greater and best potential. I want to help you build confidence, self-respect, and faith in yourself, so you can live life to the fullest. Your body is a written book of your emotions. How to discover connection through dance, all based on Christian values. I want to help you on this journey. Through my stories and the stories of special guests, come to the life you want to live."

  • Amish community and their societal norms and values/beliefs.

  • Basic tips, advise and so much more from your average teenage girl!

  • Donna & Nadine had been spinning ideas on how we could EMPOWER everybody. How were we going to do it? Who would be our audience? What topics would we discuss? Where could we channel our messages through?
    We‘ve decided to brand our channel ”Teach People How to Treat You”. This catch all tag line is meant to be multi dimensional instead of one. We want to share with our audience how acting/reacting differently in all kinds of life‘s situations can bring positive rather than negative outcomes. In life, love, work, family..........

  • Perfectionism is a highly misunderstood concept. This mindset and lifestyle is often pursued in an attempt to save ourselves from negative life experiences such as awkwardness, embarrassment, and shame.

    This podcast delves into the negative impacts of perfectionism and how and why it damages individuals, relationships, and families.

    With 8 years of perfectionism research and a couple decades of life experience, co-hosts Anna and Alysha take you through the different ways you can recognize, cope with, and heal from perfectionism through their mindset of connectionism. @poppingperfectionism

  • Welcome to WSG's podcasts 'Women, Let's Talk!'. We are going to be discussing about issues that women face generally on a daily basis and self improvement. Follows us on Instagram @womenssupportgroup_ A new episode will be uploaded every friday. Do connect with us with topics and suggestions via Instagram.

  • The Kula is a positive, welcoming and supportive Yoga focused community. It was set up by Adriene Mishler. This show focuses on a diverse range of community members to discuss their yoga journey, how they came across Adriene and the impact that being active in the kula, yoga and Adriene has had on their lives.

  • We talk about recharging your life either through counseling, coaching, divorce meditation or anger Management education. We talk about what there is to recharge, what it means to recharge and how to recharge. We talk together and with other people who can be a resource in recharging!

  • Explore Amish lifestyle like never before

  • Welcome to the "I Come First" Podcast, where putting yourself first is not selfish - it’s self-care, and it is essential.
    Yes, you heard me right, we are flippin’ the script!
    Are you tired of being the superhero for everyone else while your own needs take a backseat? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, resentful, and burnt out, wondering where in the world your own spark went?
    If you're nodding along to that, then buckle up sister, because you found your tribe!
    Hi I'm Amie Barsky, nervous system and trauma master coach and breathwork facilitator, here to guide you on a journey of self-care and empowerment.
    From a young age, I bought into the belief that being the 'good girl,' meant putting myself last. I also followed the rules - convinced that the only way to success was constant hustling, pushing, proving, and people-pleasing.
    I tried to live up to those unrealistic standards & it left me in overdrive, battling overwhelm, anxiety, spouts of depression and disconnection from my true self.
    I have supported hundreds of women worldwide as they break free from similar cycles, and now it’s your turn!
    This is the podcast for ambitious women who are tired of feeling overworked, underappreciated and are done putting themselves last! This is a sanctuary where I'll share my entire journey as a roadmap to help you break free from the pressure of societal norms, understand your nervous system and reconnect to your fierce inner strength.
    Join us on this wild ride as we rewrite the rules, and share the secrets to putting yourself first. Each week, we’ll be sharing practical tools, advice, inspiring stories and unstoppable energy.
    Let’s make “I Come First” your daily mantra and reclaim your zest for life!

  • The Apollo Book Summaries offers concise summaries of critical entrepreneurial and self-help books in under 10 minutes, plus free quizzes and activities for deeper engagement. Transform your mindset and skills on the go. Learn Fast, Remember Forever.

  • Welcome to the "NewLaw Podcast for Entrepreneurial Lawyers with Ali Katz," where we empower you to transform your law practice into a business you truly love. Join us on a journey that will guide you to the depths of understanding why you went to law school, and how to turn your law degree into your most valuable asset.

    In each episode, Ali Katz takes you behind the scenes into real life coaching of lawyers who are doing it, they have invested and are taking action, and getting coaching from Ali and her team of Law Business Mentors each step of the way.

    Whether you're a seasoned law entrepreneur or just beginning to explore the possibilities of going out on your own, this podcast will serve as your compass, lighting up the path to building your business as an entrepreneurial lawyer in ways that take you beyond what you ever could have expected.

    Discover practical insights, expert advice, and inspirational stories designed to awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and ignite your journey from law school to passing the bar and using your law degree to build a business you love.

    From strategic business development to cultivating a mindset of abundance and doing the healing work to resolve anything and everything in the way of the life of your dreams, the "NewLaw Podcast" offers invaluable guidance simply not available anywhere else.

    Tune in and let's redefine what it means to be an entrepreneurial lawyer in today's ever-evolving legal and business landscape.

  • Ready to keep improving your Spanish? Say "hola" to Basic Spanish Conversations!

    If you're eager to take your Spanish skills beyond the basics, then you're in the right spot ๐Ÿš€

    Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by lengthy Spanish conversations. Our podcast is tailored specifically for upper-beginner students like you, offering short and sweet audio snippets that make learning Spanish enjoyable and accessible.

    I'm your host, Marco Fierro, and I'm excited to be your companion on this language-learning journey.

    With over a decade of experience teaching Spanish, I'm here to help you boost your confidence and fluency one conversation at a time.

    ๐ŸŽง So, grab your headphones, hit play, and let's dive into the wonderful world of Spanish together!

    For more information visit our website

    Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/basic-spanish-conversations--6124549/support.