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  • Opustite se, zatvorite oči, ispraznite svoj um, i dozvolite da vas plima strave, misterije i čarobnih dimenzija ponese u svet snova, ili da iste proživimo i osetimo zajedno. Uživajte. Strašne priče, creepypaste, kao i autentični i istiniti paranormalni dogadjaji, bića, i iskustva. Kroz sve to, i još mnogo više, ovde ćemo prolaziti zajedno.

  • Past Life Regression is a form of hypnotherapy that takes an individual back through time to their previous lives, or incarnations, by accessing memories in the subconscious mind. Join your host, Mayra Rath, as she guides her global clientele through their remarkable soul journeys. Support this podcast:

  • In this podcast, you will listen to stories of wisdom from the orient where the storytellers usually were the fools, the jokers and the wise.

  • Welcome to One Whole Being Meditations with Sound Healing.

    My name is Martin and I'm a Holistic Counsellor.

    These gentle and nourishing meditations are created and shared with love. They are heartfelt invitations to relax, let go and feel better.

    For many years, I suffered from depression. I went on a deep healing journey to discover ways to let go and find peace. Thankfully, I found simple practices and transformational tools that guided me to the peace and freedom that my heart yearned for. This inspired me to become a Holistic Healer - to empower others to let go, feel better and live with an open heart.

    You do not need any beliefs, previous experience or prior knowledge to benefit from these healing sessions. They can help you let go of heavy emotions. They can help you find peace from the negativity of your mind. And they can inspire you to live with an open, loving and courageous heart,

    If you need a 1-1 holistic healing session with me, go to

    There you can also pick up a copy of my book and access the full library of meditations, sound healings and practices.

    Wishing you the best,

    Martin @ One Whole Being

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: Communications on multiple Frequencies, Of Divine Intervention, and talks about Everyday Life. New episode every Wednesday night at 7pm PST. If you are not following please subscribe like. If you don’t have an app to listen, Please go to check out the other shows.or subscribe to get behind the scenes.Stop by and Become a Patron!

  • This podcast will include but not limited to black power, black unity, black love, how to be a submissive to a black man, day to day topics, vaginal health, sex and spirituality.

  • This podcast is for queens who want to get into the flow of attracting with the power of feminine spirituality. I’ll teach you how to play with the energetics of pleasure, inspired (in-spirit) action, and soul-level alignment. All episodes are recorded live, unedited, and intuitively channeled by your host, Hilay.Subscribe & tune in with me weekly bb!Connect with me on Instagram: resources link: to work with me 1:1:

  • Deep Soul Awakenings, a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the darker aspects of healing and spirituality: • Childhood/Adolescent Trauma• Addiction/Codependency • Narcissistic Abuse• Depression • Anxiety • The Dark Night of the SoulAnd Much Much More. Disclaimer: The topics discussed will be spiritual in nature. We will be sharing experiences and information we have learned. The advice we are giving is based on things that have been beneficial to us and others in our tribe. We are NOT in any way encouraging anyone to not seek treatment or therapy. Please take only what resonates. Support this podcast:

  • what does witchcraft look like to a non practitioner, how do they relate, counter one another and meet in the middle. Zoe and Andrew discuss different witchcraft topics, some broad and some super deep dived to look at how they relate and differ especially as a married couple!
    This podcast is all things witchy with a sprinkle of bad dad jokes, disc golf and whatever other random things Andrew decides to throw in

  • Marriage is hard.

    And you know what makes marriage easier? Marrying someone from a different culture. Ha!

    Can you relate?

    You aren’t alone. We believe there is hope, help, and healing available for your marriage.

  • A curious discussion about everything connected to spirituality. Two laypersons, Clint Hufft and Wendy Dahl, explore religions, theologies, philosophies, cultures and traditions and how they influence today's world

  • How do we imitate Jesus and immerse ourselves in the reality of life? We discuss seeking a more just and fraternal society as Protagonists of Change to fight apathy and to offer a Christian response to the social and political trouble emerging in our world.

  • This is Rabbi G and Welcome to Harvard, G-d, and Gen Z. The goal of this podcast is to discuss life’s big questions with some of America’s brightest young minds.We will discuss Harvard’s continued sway on the imagination as the peak of success. We will discuss how to get there and what it is like when you do. We will then shift to discuss if and in what ways meaning and G-d are relevant features of gen z? What better place than Harvard for discussing these issues with the thought leaders of tomorrow.

  • Ek wissel hier gedagtes oor my verstaan van waaroor dit werklik gaan in Bybelse dissipelskap. Ongelukkig is daar baie verskillende en soms verwarrende gedagtes daaroor. Daarom probeer ek meer klaarheid gee waaroor dit in werklikheid na my mening gaan.

  • Na ovom mjestu mozete poslusati poruke i propovijedi iz adventisticke crkve u Parizu.

  • Audible devotions for your day every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Join us as we rejoice in His grace, knowing from His Word that He loves us and forgives us, and confident that He is with us every step of the way – on this side of heaven. Devotions for real life.

  • Thank you for visiting Hillside Bible's Podcast. Whether you are just checking us out or are seriously looking for a place with genuine help, hope and meaning for life, we have a place for you. We are committed to teaching and living God's Truth in today's world, and hope you will sense Christ's love and presence as you get to know us.

  • It’s Your Ego-Stupid! is a show lovingly intended for spiritual, intelligent, and imperfect people like you, me, and everyone. People, who may at times be led into what I call “ego stupidity,” a lesser version of themselves, and a lesser version of life. The show draws upon my forty years working as a psychologist in the clinical, university, public school, and private practice settings, to put forth a vision and message that heightens the listener’s awareness of the intense link between our ego and Spirit, our humanity and divinity, and the synergy that can lead to the best version of ourselves and life. From this vantage point, the show offers a unique and different perspective in which raising and integrating awareness of both human and spiritual consciousness is encountered.

    It’s Your Ego-Stupid! will offer a much deeper understanding of what ego is, what it can be doing to a person’s life to weaken one’s human and spiritual wellness, and how the listener can heal in each of these areas if needed. A central focus of the show involves coming to know that ego is an energy operating within us which when unhealthy and imbalanced in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability can have harmful effects on a person’s life. Particularly, in important areas involving the ability to love oneself and others, forming close relationships, achieving and experiencing a sense of meaning in one’s life, experiencing genuine happiness, and many more. Which also has a “ripple effect” on one’s spiritual wellness.

    It’s Your Ego-Stupid! will follow a general format of looking at signs of difficulty in an important life area, such as those mentioned earlier, reflections of ego stupidity at work, insights pertaining to ego energy fueling the difficulty, and ego’s impact on spiritual wellness.

    The core healing message that will be woven into the programs involves a concept I discuss in my books called “ego medicine.” This involves:

    1) Understanding what ego is and isn’t,

    2) Tuning into one’s ego energy, and

    3) Replacing ego rooted non-reality based thoughts with those which are connected to human and Divine Truth.