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  • Zvuk misli je podkast Instituta za filozofiju i društvenu teoriju, Univerziteta u Beogradu. Osnovna ideja Zvuka misli je da regionalnoj javnosti na neposredan način ponudi niz upućenih i kvalitetnih razgovora na poljima teorije, filozofije i društveno-humanističkih nauka. Fokus razgovora će svakom prilikom biti usmeren na rad, angažman i interesovanja sagovornika/ca, te aktuelna (svetska i regionalna) dešavanja i prilike, ili još trendove u nauci i teoriji. Kroz ovako usmerene razgovore, publici će biti pruženi svaki put različiti i zanimljivi, relevantni i naučno potrkrepljeni teorijski uvidi o brojnim relevantnim temama. Slušaćemo kako koncepti rezonuju, kako se komponuju teorije i istraživanja, te kako misli nastaju, migriraju i menjaju seu savremenom svetu. Fenomeni kao što su društvo i subjektivnost,znanje i mišlenje, moral i etika, politika i političko, ideologija, umetnost, kultura, obrazovanje, ekonomija i mnogi drugi, biće promatrani kroz nenametljivu, a opet sveprisutnu prizmu angažovanosti i angažovanja. Konačno, horizont Zvuka misli je takođe promocija i podstrek angažovane svesti, misli i delovanja, posredstvom jednog pristupačnog i efektnog medija kao što je podkast.  

  • Every Plant Has A Story is where we collect and share and discover the stories, lessons and passion behind the people who are always growing more. The podcast is directed by Shane Maloy & produced by Gabriella Plants.

  • On Psych Flow, we take a look at everyday phenomena and occurrences through a Psychological and Neuroscientific lense. Show host Sara; a Master's student with a background in Psychology, and Neuroscience, and special interests in social discussions will co-host with friends and opinionated guests who have experience in relevant fields in order to provide you with intriguing discussions every week!

  • THINGS HIDDEN podcast and A Neighbor's Choice radio show are the two main audio programs of David Gornoski.

    THINGS HIDDEN is a deep-dive weekly podcast into the inscrutable world of mythology and current events guided by the Mimetic theory of Rene Girard and grounded in the personhood revolution of Jesus.

    Hosted by writer and speaker David Gornoski, A Neighbor’s Choice Radio Show examines the role of violence and religion in society. From victims of state violence against nonviolent behaviors to public figures and contrarian voices, the conversations that unfold create an illuminating and sometimes strange journey for listeners.

  • A place for authors from the journal Forensic Anthropology to talk a little more in-depth about their articles and also to stimulate research ideas amongst the field at large. Hosted by Dr. Michael Kenyhercz.

  • Miloš je hemato-onkolog u neimenovanoj instituticiji blizu Vašingtona.
    Nebojša specijalizira hemato-onkologiju na toj istoj instituciji.
    Zabranjeno im je da pričaju o poslu. Sve ostale teme su dozvoljene.
    UPOZORENJE: Često govorimo o stvarima u koje se ne razumemo.

  • We help to spread successful innovations in healthcare - improving health and generating economic growth.

    Our region is the North West Coast - Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria and we also work with our 14 fellow Academic Health Science Networks across England, to speed up the spread of products which are proved to have an impact.

  • "The Components of the Immune System." Harris Goldstein, M.D., director, Einstein-Montefiore Center for AIDS Research, professor of pediatrics and microbiology & immunology and the Charles Michael Chair in Autoimmune Diseases, delivers a lecture course in basic immunology organized by the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH) at the Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa. The goal of this lecture series is to provide HIV investigators with a comprehensive course in immunology.

  • Marko Lukić i privedeni gosti razgovaraju o bitnim i manje bitnim (ne)akademskim temama.

  • Have you ever wanted to explore a distant planet? In this exciting album, Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon, is revealed live before our eyes for the first time. In January 2005 the Huygens probe parachuted down from its mother ship, Cassini, through Titan’s murky atmosphere to rest on its mysterious frozen landscape. Equipped with an impressive array of scientific instruments, producing an incredible series of images, scientists now have a glimpse of what Earth may have been like before life evolved. The Cassini-Huygens achievement was humankind’s first landing on a body in the Outer Solar System, and its extraordinary results will be studied in the world’s leading scientific journals for years to come.

  • Named “TOP 20 PHILOSOPHY PODCAST” for 2021!

    Lively podcast conversation about the philosophy and ethics of decisions made in what-if short story examples across genres.

    Or, put another way, approachable examples of ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, utilitarianism, aesthetics, moral relativism, and political and economic philosophy.

  • Podkast o prirodi, ekologiji i zaštiti životne sredine.


    Tea Danilović - urednik i autor

    Dragoslava Stamenović - autor

    Milica Bojović - autor

  • From the natural world to outer space, Inverse offers timely journalism and interesting points of view for people who want to know what's next. Health research, updates on SpaceX and NASA, sleep psychology, pseudo-science debunks, nightmarish robots, advancing A.I., shifting cultures, more sustainable energy, and those never-ending studies on caffeine and beer: The Abstract delivers weird facts straight to your brain, three times a week, two stories at a time.

  • Our lives have changed with the coronavirus crisis. But have they changed forever? European Investment Bank experts examine the implications of the COVID-19 crisis for sectors from education and digitalisation to urban mobility and medicine—and for your everyday life.

  • Conversations with inspirational people fighting to save animals and and the environment

    Harry Eckman is the CEO of Change For Animals Foundation and Matthew Payne is the Education Insights Officer for a leading dog charity.

  • We know drunk-driving causes death on the roads, but how does taking drugs like cannabis affect your driving skills? This album offers a chance to see how psychologists perform experiments which measure how much cannabis distorts a normal state of consciousness. Tracks 5-8 explore human inventiveness, pointing out that nothing in the world could have been made without the human capacity for imagination. Evolutionary anthropologists use the example of tool-making, showing that humans started to develop this brain capacity 50,000 years ago. Scientists can demonstrate that musicians and artists use an unusual amount of imagination for their creativity; and, lastly, the audio tracks 9-11 look at the complex topic of human consciousness. This material forms part of The Open University course DSE212 Exploring Psychology.

  • The conference will represent a unique forum to discuss the most recent and unpublished findings on the basic biology of replication fork perturbation and repair as well as on our current understanding of how replicative stress drives cancer and aging. Session topics will include: Basic mechanisms at the replication fork, Replication-repair interface, Replication fork remodeling, Structural and single molecule analysis of replication/repair, Replication-transcription interface, Replication-recombination interface Chromatin, replication and genome maintenance, Difficult-to-replicate loci and telomers, Replication stress in cancer onset and therapy.

  • Oncology experts summarize current and emerging issues in cancer management for patients and caregivers. Information from the Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE) helps people to become informed partners in their care.