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  • Delve deep into the labyrinth of the human mind with Professor Steven Pinker as he demystifies the complexities of the human condition using the tools offered by cognitive psychology. Steven is a world-renowned Cognitive Psychologist, Linguist and Professor who has taught at Harvard, MIT & Stanford Universities, and has made it to Time Magazines’ 100 Most Influential People in the World Today. Calling Professor Pinker a Titan in his field would definitely be an understatement!
    In this 20 chapter Videobook series, watch Professor Pinker hand you the key that will open your mind to the inner workings of the human psyche. Buckle up for a mind-bending journey into evolutionary psychology, the language of the brain and more..

  • Power to the Patients is a LinkedIn Live and podcast series hosted by Power where clinical research leaders across sponsors, sites, CROs, and patient advocacy groups discuss patient centricity in clinical trials. We explore the bottlenecks in today's systems, challenge the status quo and talk about future opportunities for innovation.

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  • Psihologija kakva jeste, a ne kakvu zamišljate. Kako je praktikujemo, kako istražujemo psihološke fenomene i šta psihološka nauka sve (ne) zna. U ekipi nema psihologa, sve su psihološkinje.

  • Welcome to the BRRRAKE F1 Podcast with Blake Hinsey.

    Making the world of Formula 1 and Motorsport easy to Understand

    Sharing insights into the data and engineering behind racing!

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  • Nauka govori je projekat usmjeren na povećanje naučne pismenosti kroz dijeljenje informacija, lekcija, razgovora i zanimljivosti o nauci, naučnicima/ama i uticaju nauke na svijet - društvo, ekonomiju, politiku i vice versa.
    Science Speaks is a project aimed at increasing scientific literacy through the sharing of information, lessons, conversations and interesting facts about science, scientists and the impact of science on the world - society, economy, politics and vice versa.

  • Welcome to "The Science of Performance," hosted by the trailblazing Dan Feeney, BOA Sr. Director of Partner Product Design and Innovation and supported by the Freetrail Network, this captivating podcast takes you on a journey into peak performance in trail running.

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  • Welcome digital economists! If you are in digital marketing, eCommerce, social media, startups, scale-ups, blockchain, IoT, ICT, digital platforms, analytics, etc. - listen to some of the very best in the game. After 18 years in Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Dino’s assembled an unmatched team of digital space experts ready to discuss the most complex digital challenges. Various industries, expertise, and a lot of screw-ups along the way. We have it all here - without censorship. If you can't fix the brakes, make the horn louder. Enjoy!

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  • Carpe Noctem je podkast o svetlosti i tami. Da bi objasnili pojam svetlosti i promovisali prirodnu tamu pričamo o preosvetljenim gradovima, strahu od tame, sijalicama, bogovima, insektima, i o još mnogo čemu. Naši gosti u pola sata objašnjavaju koncepte svetlosti i tame kroz književnost, arhitekturu, psihologiju ili neku drugu oblast u kojoj su stručni. Mi ćemo se, kao udruženje koje se bavi svetlosnim zagađenjem, uvek truditi da vas do kraja epizode preselimo na mračnu stranu.

  • Hot Take is a holistic, irreverent, honest look at the climate crisis and all the ways media and society are talking—and not talking—about it. Hosted by real-life friends Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt—an essayist and a journalist— Hot Take offers a unique perspective on the issue of climate change. With a breath of fresh humanity and humor, conversation moves swiftly from cackling about the bad week an oil company had, to speaking seriously and passionately about the unequal distribution of climate impacts and our own experiences of climate grief. And then washing it down with a round of dad jokes!

    Every week, we’ll connect you with the latest climate news and with the journalists and storytellers trying to make sense of this complex issue to help you see the world through climate-colored glasses.

    New episodes every Friday.

  • The "In the Rhythm" podcast, proudly presented by Biosense Webster, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson, is a platform where you can hear from your peers and key opinion leaders in Electrophysiology. Our goal is to create a space where Electrophysiologists can have meaningful conversations about the most pressing issues facing the profession today.

  • 'Le Scienze nella vita di tutti i giorni’ è il podcast di divulgazione scientifica di Geopop, curato da Andrea Moccia.
    Ogni settimana, attraverso episodi della durata media tra i 5 e i 10 minuti, parleremo di energia, geopolitica, ambiente, tecnologia, fenomeni naturali, curiosità, ricostruzione di disastri e approfondimenti sull’attualità. Tutti temi legati, in un modo o nell'altro, alla nostra quotidianità - perché sì, le scienze sono nella vita di tutti i giorni!
    Geopop è un progetto già presente sui social con circa 7 milioni di followers, il cui obiettivo principale è stimolare la curiosità e la passione per la conoscenza.
    Benvenuti a bordo!

  • Želite li naučiti kako biti organizirani i efikasniji? Brain Books podcast će vam predstaviti najbolje knjige koje će vam pomoći u tome.
    U ovom podcastu analiziramo knjige koje vam mogu pomoci da postanete najbolja verzija samog sebe.

  • Этот подкаст охарактеризует временной период и прояснит, что происходит с общим фоном и вами лично. Поможет правильно сориентироваться и настроиться на нужную частоту.🙏

  • The Broken Science Initiative is calling attention to the current state of modern science. It’s broken. It’s void of validation. Its deductivist approach stimulates results that cannot be replicated and its scientists are stuck in a publish or perish purgatory, finding “significance” at all costs.

    On The BSI Podcast, we're giving listeners access to our bank of lectures, interviews, and other deep-dive conversations exploring the faults of post-modern science.

  • "Qu'est-ce que la sociologie de la musique ? En quoi consiste-t-elle ? Qu'est-ce qu'elle étudie ?"

    MOSSIC est un projet de podcast présenté par Thibault Chebchoub, étudiant à l'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales de Paris.
    À chaque épisode, une réflexion est consacrée à un phénomène sociologique lié à l'univers de la musique. S'interroger sur le fait musical revient également à entreprendre l'examen de faits sociaux.
    Au travers de cette série, c'est notre imaginaire de l'objet "musique", son lexique et son appréciation qui sont commentés et questionnés.
    Vous pourrez y entendre la participation de quelques artistes comme Isaac Delusion, Cléa Vincent, ou Irène Drésel présents sur le plateau au cours des émissions !

    Un podcast réalisé et produit grâce au média Radio Néo, par le biais de l'émission "CHAOS, la quotidienne".

    Présentation des chroniques : Thibault Chebchoub
    Animation : Haekel Bekka
    Réalisation et coordination : Thomas et Laura.

  • Udruga Penkala pokrenula je prvi hrvatskih znanstveni podcast s ciljem dijeljenja znanja i informacija, ali i iskustava i životnih priča naših istraživača/ica i znanstvenika/ica u akademiji i industriji, vani ili u Hrvatskoj.

  • Research Integrity Matters. Every researcher probably agrees. But what is research integrity exactly? How do we foster research integrity on the micro and macro level? In this podcast, Gowri Gopalakrishna and Marino van Zelst, discuss research integrity from a multidisciplinary view with guests that study research integrity or work in this area on a daily basis.

  • Interviews about stuff we all know and love, with a side helping of sustainability. Let's celebrate the brands and people on a mission to waste less, buy better and inspire change.