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  • Welcome to Pharma Launch Secrets, a podcast by Evermed. We host honest, direct, actionable conversations with world-leading pharma launch experts that will help you stay up to date with trends and strategies to help you launch your product successfully.

  • Podkast Vzeto na znanje odpira vrata Kemijskega inštituta v Ljubljani in zvedavo gleda čez rame znanstvenic in znanstvenikov. Hkrati se zazira navzven: z izbranimi gosti razpravljamo tudi o znanosti nasploh, o njenih postopkih in orodjih ter o njeni vlogi v družbi. Prav tako se odzivamo na aktualna vprašanja, ki nam jih zastavljajo trenutne razmere.

    Podkast jemljemo na znanje vsak mesec z malo tekočine.

    Pogovore vodi Pia Nikolič.

  • A new podcast challenging the current narrative in longevity.

    The field has a perception problem; it is usually framed negatively, and its potential is misunderstood. And, what does living the so-called 150-year life mean for society?

    In this podcast series, we explore the various objections to longevity for you to make your own decision. Let’

  • The longest running (and most popular) science podcast for those of us who got kicked out of class for throwing pencils at the ceiling. Adam and Noah are skeptical twin brothers whose separate journeys through professional science and engineering led them to a ridiculous notion: that reality is strange and barely understood. Unfortunately they just didn't have the attention span to listen to any science podcasts without wanting to gouge their eyes out with a spoon.

    If you've ever wanted to listen to more podcasts about cosmic quandaries, evolutionary mysteries, and giant creatures living underneath the ice of rogue planets but just can't stand academic rambling delivered with a nasally voice, then this podcast is for you.

  • Welcome to being in love with the universe . Let's turn science into a delicious smoothie, okay? Let's add fun, curiosity, rationality, rigour, and blend it into one great milkshake. Contact: 'sitzbefly' on Instagram; to get in touch with our research platform Naxxatra, apply here:

  • Bringing unprecedented accessibility to graduate research.

    New interviews on graduate research released monthly, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked!

    Abstract thrives on feedback, so spread the love and send your thoughts and ideas to [email protected]!

  • Skate, Surf, Bikes, Music, Changes, History, Cinema, SF,

  • Interviews with professional winemakers focused on how they developed their personal aesthetic; what were the mentors, fellow winemakers, great wines and vineyards that shaped their personal style. I also interview some of the innovators that are changing the way we make wine and grow grapes

  • This Green Earth is a weekly, hour-long program that focuses on the environment and environmentalism. Co-hosts Christopher Cherniak and Nell Larson explore the science, politics, economics and ethics behind the environment, natural resources and sustainability. The program includes interviews with local and national experts in the fields of water resources, air quality, environmental policy, fossil and renewable fuels, climate, conservation, ecosystems, agriculture, aquaculture and sustainability.

  • Mit grenzenloser Neugier blicken die talentiertesten Forscher*innen aus Berlin und Oxford auf die großen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit. In diesem Podcast erzählen sie von ihrer Arbeit, von kleinen und großen Projekten, die Grenzen überschreiten und neue Einblicke in unsere Welt eröffnen. Nicht nur in Europa, sondern global. Was können Roboter von Papageien lernen? Wie bereiten wir uns auf die nächste Pandemie vor? Und vor allem: wie können wir all diese Fragen gemeinsam beantworten?  

    In BE:CURIOUS gehen wir auf eine Reise, in der Forscher*innen in Oxford und Berlin gemeinsam den Herausforderungen und Themen unserer Zeit begegnen. 

    BE:CURIOUS ist eine gemeinsame Produktion der Universität Oxford und der Berlin University Alliance. Tiefe Einblicke in komplexe Themen, gemacht für alle, die von ihrer Umwelt fasziniert sind und mehr über andere Welten erfahren möchten. 

    With boundless curiosity, the most talented researchers from Berlin and Oxford look at the great challenges of our time. In this podcast, they talk about their work, about small and large projects that cross borders and open up new insights into our world. Not only in Europe, but globally. What can robots learn from parrots? How do we prepare for the next pandemic? And, most importantly, how can we answer all these questions together?  

    In BE:CURIOUS, we go on a journey in which researchers in Oxford and Berlin jointly confront the challenges and issues of our time.  

    BE:CURIOUS is the joint podcast of the University of Oxford and the Berlin University Alliance. Insights and deep dives into complex topics, made for all who are fascinated by their environment and want to learn more about other worlds.

  • Maths is often dreaded as a subject by most of the students. Here is an attempt to simplify various topics in Mathematics and help reduce Maths Phobia.

  • Talks about Global Warming and how we can help stop it

  • Questions abound in this time of great uncertainty.

    This podcast's goal is to bridge the gap between student inquiry and the world class expertise available from Notre Dame's economics and business faculty in real time.

    Each podcast episode will focus on a student submitted question. Using students' questions as the vehicle for inquiry, we will find ND's leading experts on the subjects and have concise discussions with them regarding current issues.

  • The science of aging is moving rapidly and making progress at defeating age-related diseases and aging itself. Live Longer World takes you right where the action is happening! Through conversations with scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and other advocates revolutionizing the field of longevity science, we tell you how you can be disease-free, reverse aging, and maximize longevity in the future.

  • Welcome to Drawing Blood, the podcast about art, science, and the macabre, hosted by Emma Merkling and Christy Slobogin.

  • The Horse's Advocate radio show is all about helping horse owners find the missing horse owner's manual of owning and caring for horses. Hosted by Geoff Tucker, DVM (aka "Doc T"), he brings to you wisdom from almost 50 years with horses. But beware - some of this stuff is NOT what you might expect. When the "box to think outside of" was built, he was never included and remained outside! The goal of this show is to Help Horses Thrive In A Human World.

  • Vjerojatno ste svi čuli, a mnogi i slušali, legendarnu radio emisiju Andromeda, koja više od dva desetljeća ide na Drugom programu Hrvatskoga radija, svakoga utorka od 20:00 - 22:00 sata uz stručne suradnike Antu Radonića i Korada Korlevića, a pod budnom paskom Dubravke Družinec Ricijaš.

  • Anything and everything to do with the production, consumption, and appreciation of everyone's favorite lunchtime fruit.