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  • Stay up to date on pharmaceutical science, with Professor Gino Martini, Chief Scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

    Every month, Professor Martini will take you through the latest issues, innovations and developments in PharmSci and research.

    You can join Professor Martini by listening below, and you'll soon be able to subscribe using any popular podcast service.

  • In each episode of The Robot Brains podcast, renowned artificial intelligence researcher, professor and entrepreneur Pieter Abbeel meets the brilliant minds attempting to build robots with brains. Pieter is joined by leading experts in AI Robotics from all over the world as he explores how far humanity has come in its mission to create conscious computers, mindful machines and rational robots. Host: Pieter Abbeel | Executive Producers: Ricardo Reyes & Henry Tobias Jones | Audio Production: Kieron Matthew Banerji | Title Music: Alejandro Del Pozo

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  • Why you do what you do! Exploring our loves, our fears, our habits and hopes, Dessa takes a deeply personal look at what lies behind our thoughts and behavior. Can a better understanding of human nature help us be more generous with other people’s weird behavior and even our own?Deeply Human is a BBC World Service and American Public Media coproduction with iHeartMedia.

  • Ever wondered if the presentation of scientific history and academia today has as much integrity as the scientific procedure?

    As two young scientists, we aim to bring to light how the field has been, and still is, embedded in systemic racism and consider how we can improve representation in science.

    Catch us live on CamFM every Sunday at 7pm and catch up on all other platforms from Monday.

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @onintegritypod and Instagram @onintegritypodcast.

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    Hosts: @ellagracehenry and @Tjlxo_
    Artwork: @journeymanlondon

  • Global Caveat is the podcast that explores the vast field of global health. Global health scientists Diana Klatt and Susanna Park discuss topics, such as research and fieldwork, with each other and guests to examine the connection between health and the sciences and how we have to work together for health, humanity, and the earth.

    Episodes are not endorsements for organizations discussed on the show.
    Music by Hawt Coco. Produced by Global Caveat, Inc.

  • Digital Health + Neurotech conferences at Stanford, Harvard and MIT

  • What are the limits to what’s knowable — and how does our thinking about big questions in science and technology evolve over time? Take an audio journey with Knowable Magazine from Annual Reviews as we explore puzzles as diverse as the existence of black holes and how to build an artificial heart — with plenty of surprises along the way.

  • Join Leo for discussions with people involved in athletics, cognitive enhancement, and longevity.

  • Kita akan bicara tentang alam, pertahanan, sejarah masa lalu yang bakalan membuat kita paham kalau yang selama ini kita kira membosankan ternyata bermanfaat. Kayanya sih random... Tapi coba dengerin dulu aja ya. Terima kasih udah rela mengorbankan kuota.

  • Back from the Brink is South East Queensland's first ever series that delves into conservation stories from the incredible biodiversity hot-spot we have on our doorstep. From hammerhead sharks to giant orchids, the series showcases our region's most threatened species, what is happening to them and the remarkable people working tirelessly to save them from extinction.

  • Eliza, a qualified relationship therapist and sexologist joins Neel, a comedian to talk about all things sex and gender related. With topics ranging from biology to dating to cultural norms, nothing is off limits on this podcast.

  • Science in 5 is WHO’s conversations in science. Listen to WHO experts explaining science related to COVID-19.

  • The main goal of SSFM is to discuss and bring forward arguments and questions, and from the discussion, bring forth answers from the Quran and the Sunnah, heard or unheard before, to satisfy all queries, theories and curiosities InshaaAllah

  • FDA CMC regulations and guidance simplified through examination, real life experiences and risk-based advice. This podcast hopes to educate sponsors and individuals on agency related regulatory CMC matters. We will focus on the critical CMC issues and build programs that enhance drug development. CMC topics will include Regulatory Starting Materials, API and Drug Product Process, Formulation Development, Supply Chains, Analytical Controls. Advocating and interpreting CMC Strategy, directing CMC Operations and Quality Assurance oversight in conjunction with developing CMC submission content that represents the best interests of emerging biotech. NOT INTENDED TO BE PRESCRIPTIVE ADVICE BUT RATHER INTERPRETATION THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. Since 2007 we have provided our partners with innovative strategies and exceptional advice intended to enhance program development, product approval, and marketing presence.

  • Are you ready to escape the matrix and lead your most conscious life? Confronting the truth can be a deep, twisted, insightful, and sometimes painful journey. But with the state of our world today, it is one we must embark on to save the planet and ourselves.

    On this podcast, we will continue that journey together with your host Steph L Dickson. We’ll be talking about climate change and consciousness, sustainability and spirituality. Taking fascinating, yet sometimes complicated topics and breaking them down into digestible and actionable chunks, so that we can live wide awake.

  • Un podcast destiné aux passionnés de nature et d'environnement. Animé par Lucile Torregrossa.

  • The OHDSI Podcast will explore different aspects of the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) community, from recent publications to community efforts designed to collaboratively generate real-world evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care.

  • Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. It is a multidisciplinary branch of biology that combines physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, mathematical modeling, and psychology to understand the fundamental and emergent properties of neurons and neural circuits.

  • “The sun is but a morning star.” Walden’s famous last line points eastward to the sunrise; but Henry David Thoreau also wrote of the west, the sunset, and day’s end. To mark Thoreau’s bicentennial year, this conference poses the question: How can we read Thoreau from the sundown side, the far west of his imagination? Can we see, in the awakening light of the sunset, another anticipation of the dawn? The conference was held at The Huntington April 7–8, 2017.