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  • The world’s top scientists explain the latest health, nutrition, and gut health research and translate it into practical advice to improve your health & weight. Join ZOE Science & Nutrition, on a journey of scientific discovery. Hosted by Jonathan Wolf.

  • Un podcast dรฉdiรฉ ร  la protection de la planรจte !

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  • The “Good Witch of Hollywood,” Patti is a Psychic-Medium and “Good Witch” best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel’s #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES. She is the international best selling author of OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD: TIPS, TRICKS, & TECHNIQUES TO BALANCE, EMPOWER, & CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE. Patti’s body of work includes appearances on MASTER CHEF, AMERICAS GOT TALENT, graced numerous magazine covers and conducted seances on radio, film, and TV.

  • This award-winning podcast brings Scripps Research discoveries to life, exploring the personal stories of the people behind the science on their quest to solve humanity’s biggest biomedical problems.

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  • Through conversations with top thinkers in the social sciences and beyond, economist Shruti Rajagopalan explores the ideas that will propel India forward.

  • Steve Hsu is Professor of Theoretical Physics and Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering at Michigan State University. Join him for wide-ranging conversations with leading writers, scientists, technologists, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, and more.

  • For all the science to satisfy your gut, Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes brings you Digestible: A podcast breaking down the trends of the nutraceuticals industry.

  • Welcome to Source for Science, the official podcast series of the Society of Family Planning. This series will cover the latest in abortion and contraception science and clinical care. Visit our website at to learn more about our work and become a member.

  • Looking for our Spanish Podcast? Listen here:

    David S. Vogel is a world-renowned data scientist and predictive modeler. He has won the prestigious KDD Cup several times and the Heritage Health Prize in 2013. His wife, Thais Lopez Vogel, an attorney, manages VoLo Foundation. Together, they are raising six kids. David's research led them to become aware of the devastating economic impact of human reliance on uncapped fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases. They knew they had to do something - for their kids and future generations.

    VoLo Foundation exists to be the bridge between the science community and everyone else. The Foundation's work accelerates change and global impact by supporting science-based climate change solutions, enhancing education, and improving health.

    Climate Correction™ is the premier climate solutions event in the Southeast. The mainstage event brings top minds in climate solutions to one stage. Now, their cutting-edge research and solutions-focused education are available for streaming all year long on VoLo's Climate Correction Podcast.

    Podcast Host Shannon Maganiezin is part of VoLo's robust and talented Communications team. She previously hosted GIVE - A Philanthropy Podcast.

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  • A podcast that‘s all about our planets most precious non renewable resource, water. Lila is our resident marine scientist and Carly know‘s all about hydrology. Dive in and learn about what makes water so important.

  • The FDA Office of Minority Health and Health Equity Forum podcast series is a platform for experts to come together and have meaningful conversations around health topics that impact the lives and well-being of diverse communities. The series will also help to raise awareness about health issues and disparities impacting the health of diverse populations including minority consumers/patients and spark conversations of your own.

  • This podcast series, sponsored by LifeSci Partners, brings the listener right into the mindset, and motivations of some of the top players in the healthcare biotechnology industry.

  • Join Dinosaur Ranger Anthony, the host of the Dinosaur Review for Kids, as he reviews dinosaur species on a scale of 1 to 10 stars... aka fossils! On every tenth podcast the top two species from the previous nine episodes will go 1 on 1 inside the Prehistoric Cage Match. Who will ultimately be named the king of the Mesozoic Era? Listen now!

  • Presented by Illinois Medical Oncology Society

  • Nel mondo ci sono circa 50 mila ricercatori italiani “expat”. C’è chi ha lasciato l’Italia perché non trovava prospettive nel sistema universitario, c’è chi ha scelto un’università o un laboratorio di ricerca perché coerente con la propria specializzazione. Chi è partito per caso, chi per necessità.
    In questo podcast, realizzato in collaborazione con Intesa Sanpaolo On Air, raccontiamo ogni settimana l’esperienza quotidiana di un ricercatore italiano all’estero: chi sono, dove sono, cosa studiano, cosa insegnano. Perché hanno scelto di lasciare l’Italia, se intendono tornarci, le difficoltà che si incontrano al rientro. Cosa significa la passione per la ricerca, la sorpresa e la felicità della scoperta, il riconoscimento internazionale.
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  • Host Miriam Frankel delves into some of the great mysteries still puzzling the world's top physicists in this new series from The Conversation. This podcast will take you on a mind-blowing journey from the smallest to the largest conundrums, exploring curled-up dimensions, consciousness and parallel universes on the way.

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  • JAMA Health Forum is a peer-reviewed, open-access JAMA Network journal focused on health policy. The journal publishes original research, evidence-based reports, and opinion about national and global health policy; innovative approaches to health care delivery; and health care economics, access, quality, safety, equity, and reform. The podcast highlights new articles and their authors as well as the latest news in health policy for a broad audience interested in improving health and health care in the United States and globally.

  • Over the Counter is a weekly podcast from Drug Topics, featuring insights from industry experts on the latest news, trends, and innovations in pharmacy.

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