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  • We don't need to tell you that getting outdoors has the power to bring you back to a better you – it's an energizing and transformative experience. We all know the benefits of Nature, so we're not here to tell you why or how it makes us better—we're here to bring the outdoors to you, wherever you are. We bottled up the sounds and sensations of hitting the trail, sitting by the creek, and making it to the top of the mountain, in a microcast - so you can get a little nature whenever you need it. If you don't have a car, don't have the time, or don't know where to start—don't worry, you're still in the right place. Whatever you're doing—taking a walk around your block, stuck at your desk, or in the park, Take In the Outdoors with Nature Valley is the easiest way to get the energy of the outdoors into your day. Each episode is snackable and designed specifically to help you recharge, get you motivated, or get you focused, in the form of a walk, a hike, or a moment to recharge...all while immersing you in the genuine sounds of the outdoors.

  • The Tech Transfer IP Forum is devoted to providing in-depth analysis of intellectual property issues related to university and non-profit technology transfer. The forum will focus on life sciences, including biotechnology, chemical, medical device, pharmaceutical, and agricultural-related inventions, and will deliver updates on current domestic and international patent law relevant to technology transfer through blog posts, webinars and podcasts.

  • "What's Next at 3M” is the podcast that gives listeners the inside story on some of the biggest projects and coolest innovations happening right now at 3M – straight from the people driving them

  • We will talk about scorpions and how they are used.

  • An advocacy project established by five eager young women of Miriam College. Catch your favorite bestays every Friday for their episode! 🎙

  • Listen as host Katie Berlin, DVM, talks with industry leaders about relevant clinic topics in veterinary medicine.

  • Take a leap with me on this new journey of hope for the environment, conservation, science, art, experiences and more.

  • This podcast is a series of discussions between 2 experts on the latest developments and updates covering topics related to DOACs

    This podcast is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

  • Hosted by Pinoy science journalist Mikael Angelo Francisco, the Ask Theory Podcast shines the spotlight on Pinoy scientific brilliance. Each episode of Ask Theory features a Pinoy scientist from one of the various scientific disciplines. In a very casual Taglish conversation, guests explain what they do in simple terms, as well as share their fascinating stories: how they got into science, the challenges they face, what motivates them to pursue their fields, what future scientists from the Philippines can look forward to, and so much more.

    Music: Miles From Home by Glitch

  • Discussions on the various ways that fungi influence ecology and human culture and how they can be leveraged to address challenges of the modern world. Topics include mushroom cultivation, soil health, bioremediation, medicinal mushrooms and more.

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  • All about Philippines, current events, culture, people, lifestyle, medical practice, religion, history and more.


  • About science , hypothesis type qns , instresting facts , general knowledge

  • The Hot Pursuit is hosted by a law student who founded the company Busy Book. This podcast is aimed to give law students something to listen to when they are tired of all the shit in law school. At the same time, our goal is to widen the accessibility of law and jurisprudence, giving easy to understand explanations of the same for the general consumption of the public.

  • Brian Moon and Laura Militello interview leading NDM researchers who study and support people who make decisions under stress.

  • A wicked pissah podcast about the latest and greatest scientific research in and around the city of Boston.

  • Hear to random forests recorded by different people around the world. Find your solace by escaping into forests with these sounds during this pandemic.
    Also plant some trees.

  • Peter Scott-Morgan intends to defy his fatal diagnosis and live on as a cyborg.

    Peter is extraordinary. A robotics scientist, an acclaimed business process expert and an accomplished author. Peter and his partner, Francis, were also the first same-sex couple to be legally married in the UK.

    In 2017, Peter discovered he had a Motor Neurone Disease (MND). From the very start, he saw this terminal diagnosis as an opportunity to put his fascination with robotics and science fiction into practice and become the world's first human cyborg. 

    This three-part podcast documents Peter's curious journey, which could have profound implications for many people who suffer from conditions like MND. It opens up that big question: What does it mean to be human if you can continuously improve your 'quality of life'? 

    Peter has a looming problem. "It's like trying to build a lifeboat after the ship has already started sinking." The increasingly debilitating effects of his diagnosis are closing in on his ambition. He encounters restrictive attitudes towards his new disability and the challenge of recruiting some of the world's greatest minds, including IBM and Microsoft, to engage with his very personal problem. "We have to pull a number of rabbits out of a hat." 

    What keeps Peter going is surprising. Living as a gay man, for forty years, has prepared him for this pioneering mission, despite the scepticism and prejudice he will encounter. "What makes you a man is what's up here" Peter remarks as he raises a feeble hand to head height.

    Peter 2.0 was created by sifting through over 100 hours of footage from a Channel 4 documentary, Peter The Human Guinea. The podcast reached the Top Ten in Apple Podcast's Science list, was selected for the coveted New and Noteworthy recommendation and was shortlisted for a Rose D'or and won silver for Smartest Podcast at British Podcast Awards in 2021.

    In the first three episodes, we'll explain Peter's journey to his ground-breaking transformation. The rest of the season follows Peter adapting to his new life as a cyborg.

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    written and presented by Chris Durlacher

    production team: Agata Mastalerz and Helen McAuly Stewart

    music composer: Sandy Nuttgens

    producer: Bernard P Achampong

    assistant producer: Rhys Gunter

    executive producer: Pat Younge

    An Unedited production for Cardiff Productions. The podcast was made possible with funding from the Wellcome.

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  • Doctors and students share their stories about first-time medical experiences.