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  • Sariwain natin ang nakakaiyak, nakakakilig, nakakatawa, at nakaka-inlove na mga kwentong pagibig, pagkasawi, at pagtatagumpay dito sa #DearMOR. Linggo-linggo tayong maantig sa mga kwento ng ating mga kaMORKada.

    Ikaw? Anong kwento mo?

  • What are the real stories behind the most misunderstood and abused ideas in politics? From Conspiracy Theory to Woke to Centrism and beyond, Ian Dunt and Dorian Lynskey dig into the astonishing secret histories of concepts you thought you knew.
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    From Podmasters, the makers of Oh God, What Now? and The Bunker.

  • Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona started one of the first local podcasts back in 2018. From debates about trashy reality shows to talking about the importance of voter registration, they have cultivated quite an engaged community who have dubbed them their /podparents/. Jim and Saab may be the ones doing the talking but they definitely make their listeners feel heard.

  • Honest unfiltered conversations about mental health are hard to come by these days. It’s about time we change that and get candid. 

    Join me, Liza Soberano, as I journey with people from all walks of life to talk about their mental and behavioural health, and break the stigma surrounding these essential aspects of our wellbeing.

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  • somewhere between the Goblin and the Girlboss lie Podmothers sephy & wing: sleepy, spicy, and occasionally insightful, ‘Goes Without Saying’ turns up the volume on the conversations that are often left unsaid… from anxious spiraling to social media struggles, dating, exploration, and the tensions of your twenties: sephy & wing have entered the chat. 

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  • This podcast is for audience 18 years old and above.

    Listen to my podcast at your own discretion.

    This is a compilation of Pinoy M2M erotic stories.

  • Linya-Linya founder, Creative Director and former Presidential Speechwriter Ali Sangalang hosts this pun-filled variety podcast show on Filipino life, arts & culture. With solo segments and various guests mula sa iba’t ibang linya ng buhay– matututo ka, matutuwa, at matatawa. BOOM! Best pakinggan habang naghuhugas ng pinggan. Listen up, yo!

  • Pinoy Horror Stories. Mga totoong kuwentong kababalaghan mula sa mga taong nagpadala ng kanilang mga kuwento. Multo, aswang, engkanto at iba pa! Siguradong titindig ang inyong mga balahibo sa aming mga kuwento.

    Share your scary experience. Email us at [email protected]

    Tagalog horror stories. Sitio bangungot / Kwentong Takipsilim. #pampatuloghorrorstories #tagaloghorrorstories #tagalogstories

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  • They're not doctors, they're no sex therapists. They are just two friends who are so well-experienced in dating, love and sex ... especially sex! Let's get introduced to the newest and hottest podcast to hit town, and the people behind it, Dusco and Clara.

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  • If you’re curious about new ideas, advice that might work in your life, a fresh perspective of how to look at things or check where you’re at in your life, this podcast is for YOU. Paano Ba ‘To: The Podcast, created and hosted by Bianca Gonzalez, produced by ANIMA Podcasts.

  • Un débat de société où des experts reconnus abordent une question de société et confrontent leurs points de vue. Présenté par Romain Auzouy. Préparation : Florence Pons. *** Diffusions chaque semaine du lundi au jeudi à 17h30 TU vers toutes cibles.

  • Welcome to Batang 90's Pop! Ang official Batang 90's podcast!

    If you're in need of that 90's nostalgia fix or you're just curious kung bakit ganyan ang pag-uugali ng titos and titas nyo, then tune in to the show that discusses those themes and topics that shaped these 90's kids to who they are today. Current events affecting us 90s kids, pop culture, people, events and other 90's stuff, you name it and we'll cover it!

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  • Leni Robredo wears many hats: mom and wife, human rights lawyer, public servant, 14th Vice President of the Philippines, head of Angat Buhay. In this space, get to know her better simply as Leni—in relaxed, casual conversations, where she shares her stories, listens and laughs with guests, offers advice, and brings hope through the honesty, lightness, and depth of insight she’s become known for.

  • This is a monthly podcast produced by the UST Center for Creative Writing and Literary Studies (CCWLS). It features Filipino writers and literary enthusiasts.
    E-mail: [email protected].

  • Hugot Radio: Your go-to Filipino Podcast on Love and Life, crowned with the People's Choice Award! As pioneers in heartfelt storytelling, we inspire those with broken hearts to rediscover life. Remember our tagline: Always believe in love and keep the flame burning. Join us on the forefront of emotional connection - the pioneer Hugot Radio in the Philippines.

  • A Glimpse of the Kingdom is a podcast dedicated to Christian thinking on various topics such as Christian doctrine, apologetics, healthy relationships, and various Bible studies. For more, see

  • Welcome to the Para Normal Podcast! A podcast created by like minded individuals who are fascinated by ghouls, ghosts, and all things supernatural. Topics range from aliens, possessions, to all the other mysteries of life. We are all from the Philippines, and we tend to focus on local lore and beliefs. We have guests who mostly have first hand stories of the truly bizarre.

    Keep tuned in and follow us on our Facebook Page (@paranormalsph), twitter (@para_normalpod) and YouTube (

  • Silly Gang Sa Gabi is a collection of funny late night conversations among ageing millennials, Jed, Isha, and Mike. They will keep you company as they talk about life, adulting, the society, and pop culture, all wrapped in comedy! Usapang anything and everything millennial, not under the sun but under the moon! New episode every Wednesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and YouTube. | Silly Gang Sa Gabi is part of the BUNK Collective. Discover more podcasts at and connect with us through social media @thebunkph | Support this podcast through to receive special perks! | For inquiries, e-mail us at [email protected]

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  • Women talk. And it gets real. There will be drama. There will be truth. There will be questions. There may be some tears and more laughs. This is what happens when women talk. Hosted by Delamar Arias, Monica Francesca Tobias, and Gelli Victor. Produced by Jude Rocha.

  • It’s easy to feel trapped in our society. In today’s world of unlimited digital information and social media, it’s harder than ever to rise above the noise and not get sucked into the average life. The reality is most people are indeed ‘average’ and want to keep you stuck in mediocrity, just like them. The good news is, you can escape this trap and step into a life without limits. You can experience freedom, fulfillment and live with purpose.

    In Expanding Boundaries with Michael McLeish, you’ll discover how to build that life. You’ll discover tried and true wisdom, game changing mindset hacks, and practical advice that will help you level up your life in ways you never thought possible.

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