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  • Im Pflegecoachy-Podcast finden pflegende Angehörige pflegebedürtiger Menschen Hilfe. Im Podcast geht es um alle Themen rund um die Pflege und die Pflegeversicherung. Dabei stellen wir die oft so verwirrenden Gesetze und Verordnungen, die Leistungen und die notwendigen Dinge einfach und umsetzungsorientiert dar. Hier findest Du auch immer wieder Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitungen, "Mutmacher-Episoden", Interviews, Reportagen - auf jeden Fall Inhalte, die Dir als pflegender Angehöriger helfen!

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  • A weekly mixshow by open-format Dallas based DJ Dom Nagella. Taking his signature style and fusing it into today’s top hits, classic throwbacks and party remixes creating a fresh new flavor. // Connect on Social: @DomNagella

  • Hi, I’m coach Kela Smith, CEO of The Hormone Puzzle Society a women’s health hub for fertility, hormones, and the business of coaching, the creator of the Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E method and your host for this show. I started my journey a little over 7 years ago when my husband and I started trying and couldn’t get pregnant, fed up with traditional medicine, I knew there had to be a better way and that has become my mission ever since. I was finally able to reverse my infertility naturally through my method and now I want to help you do the same. What is the Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E? Proper whole food nutrition, understanding supplements, zapping stress, Zzzzz’s, love and encouragement and exercise/environment. All the pieces and steps I took to put my hormone puzzle back together and to get pregnant naturally. I want to welcome you to my show where I hope you get education, inspiration, and have a whole lot of fun. To learn more about me and my programs, visit www.coachkela.com or check me out on social. I can’t wait to help you decode your hormone puzzle one piece and one expert at a time.

  • This podcast is about quickly reminding ourselves to be positive, to release stress and focus on the good.

  • Daily calm for sleep and meditation. Join the millions experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety.

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  • Real Talk with Janina Vela is a podcast series by Globe Self-Space dedicated to cultivating open, honest conversations, covering topics on self-care and personal development.

    Join us every Wednesday as we’ll help you create a meaningful relationship with yourself, connect to the wisdom within, and live an authentic life.

  • Real Talk is a podcast based on an in-person program where doctors, APs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals share stories about their real, human experiences working in medicine. It's vulnerability and joy in medicine at its best.

  • Join Motivational Speaker and Health Advocate Shane Schulz, as he uses his experiences and strength to start your day in a positive way!

    A Higher way of thinking
    Leading us to a Higher Level of Living!

    Using the "Optimal Frame of Mind" Shane's message will empower you to take on life's challenges as they are, but more importantly, as you are right now!

  • Welcome to The Bright Eyes Podcast: Advice for Healthy Vision for All Ages. Your hosts are Dr. Nate Bonilla-Warford & Dr. Beth Knighton, residency-trained optometrists, that provide eye exams for glasses and contacts, and specialty services including vision therapy, myopia control, orthokeratology, and sports vision training. Bright Eyes Family Vision Care provides eye care to all ages. Bright Eyes Kids is just for children 18 and under. Their mission to empower patients by providing the best in friendly, professional, and individualized eye care.

  • Life is tough. Sometimes it’s hard to overcome the struggles that seem like a mountain in front of you. On Finding Freedom, we believe that sharing your story can be a powerful tool for others to find healing. We will be exploring many topics such as addiction, faith, depression, anxiety, and much more. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I’ve helped many overcome situations, and if there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that people have power in their stories. Join us as we dive deep and explore the untold stories that can help so many find healing!

  • Here, I will explain my struggles with self love. It’s a journey that takes time to learn from. Do you struggle?

  • Managing health extends beyond hospital doors. In an age where technology innovations are king, providers and patients are all asking the same question, "Why is this so hard!?". Until it's Fixed tackles the current problems, tough questions and highlights how health care technology is reshaping the health care system.

  • Dr. Doni Wilson struggled for decades to solve her numerous health issues and heal her body. With focused determination, she healed herself and in doing so, discovered the Dr. Doni Stress Recovery Protocol ™. On this show, you’re going to hear from Doctors, nutritionists, and experts along with Dr. Doni who will give practical advice and wisdom to help you heal your body. This is How Humans Heal!

  • Hi everyone. This series is going to be about my depression and anxiety and DPDR (detachment symptoms) struggles in order to help myself and of course to help others who suffer from the same conditions. I would be happy to connect with people and hopefully give some ideas and tips to overcome our personal hard situations.

  • A podcast where selections of the Bible are being read to help you fall asleep. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ambermarie_l/support

  • Sales is not just a profession it’s a life skill because we’re all selling our way through life.

    My goal is to help you become a Top Producer both professionally & personally. To do that you’ve got to take the skills we learn by profession & apply those to your personal life as well.

    Your supplements to success are the Vitamin C’s: Communication, Connection, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous Learning, Coachability, & handling Criticism.

    Sales is Life. Life is Sales. Welcome to The Sales Life.

  • We are more connected than ever to technology, and more disconnected from nature than ever. Yet history shows, many of the greatest leaders, inventors and artists made nature a habit to find energy, clarity, and innovation, creating their very own Nature Advantage.

    Darren Virassammy speaks with modern day living legends to explore how they collaborate with nature to cultivate excellence in their work, life and organizations. Darren speaks with Grammy Award Winning Musicians, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Authors, Guinness Book Record Holders, Entrepreneurs, Business leaders and so many more…

    Guests include Victor Wooten, Mike Michalowicz, Joseph McClendon III, Jen Gottlieb, Anne Lorimor, Dov Baron and many more. They share their simple secrets that you can utilize immediately to create your very own Nature Advantage.

  • This podcast is all about mental health, mindset, self love, growing confidence, knowing your worth and becoming your best self!

  • Welcome to Go with Flow: Yoga Conversations with Ben & Rianna. We are two yoga teachers from Manila who sit down every week to talk about anything and everything yoga.

  • BDSM? Polyamory? Toxic relationships? Cheating????!!! Nothing is too taboo for Now Open: The Podcast! Listen as two women (and one random dude, we don't know how he got here) talk about sex, relationships, love, and everything else that gets your tingly bits going.

    Now Open PH is a sex education platform from the Philippines, by and for the Filipino youth.

    FB: facebook.com/NowOpenPH
    Twitter: witter.com/NowOpenPH
    YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCCrroFtac3LTuFcgNXRO7lg