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  • Hello, I am a marital therapist, communications trainer and author. I have thirty-five years helping couples and individuals make better relationships. I have written twenty-plus self-help books which include the international best-sellers ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’ and ‘How can I ever trust you again?’ My books have been translated into twenty languages. I trained with RELATE the UK’s largest counselling charity.

    Perhaps it has been turning sixty but I have become interested in spiritual as well as psychological questions. Who am I? What are my values – as opposed to my parents, my teachers and the wider society? What makes my life meaningful? What do I believe about life, the universe and everything? Although my clients might come to me because of destructive arguments, falling out of love and infidelity, they are also interested in having more meaningful relationships and a more meaningful life.

    So what is the meaningful life? Why do we so easily lose our way and get lost in depression, anxiety, doubt, addictions and obsessions: the swamplands of the soul? One thing I know for sure is that there is not one answer. Each of us has to find out for ourselves what makes our life meaningful. But we can learn from each other, share our experiences of how to navigate the journey, how to endure and learn from the swamp, and finally how to find solid ground.

    I have decided to use my original training in radio and journalism to interview witnesses for what makes life meaningful. Each week, I invite someone who is a therapist, academic, self-help coach or who has an enlightening personal story to share their knowledge or experiences. I hope our discussions will help you discover what makes your life meaningful and find more purpose and contentment.

  • A podcast exploring the inner workings of our brains, mental health, & disabilities and how film & television portray them.

    Each episode, hosted by sisters Heather & Sarah Taylor, has an expert talk about a specific facet of our brains. Guests include therapists, scientists, and those with lived experiences and they share facts, insights, and how-tos with our listeners. We then discuss TV series and films that capture this specific aspect of our brains and tell it as it really is.

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  • لأن الروح جميلة و متميزة و نقيّة بتكوينها، و لأن شوائب الدنيا من الترومات، الأنماط المكتسبة، العادات، التجارب المؤلمة، المشاعر المخدرة لعبت دورا في تلطيخ هذه الروح و التعتيم عليها بطلاء من التخدير تارة، و الانكار تارات، قررت أن أتكلم معكم بتجرد، لنتشارك مواضيع عميقة و حساسة جدا قد لا يجرؤ لسانكم على التحاور مع أحد عنها!
    و لأنني أدرك مدى تعطشنا و احتياجنا للشعور بالأمان، للشعور بأن هناك من يفهمنا، يرانا، يشعر بنا و يشاركنا تجاربنا، بتسليط الضوء داخل عتمة نفوسنا على خيالات مواضيعنا الحساسة، و التي كنا قد أخفيناها حتى عن ادراكنا، و ذلك لنخترق بعد اللاوعي الى الوعي، و حاجز الغرور نحو حلاوة الروح!

  • This show gives spiritual tools to find balance in a chaotic age, including sleep! It's humor with heart. I give breathwork tools from my Toltec lucid dreaming practice, talk about dreams and share answers to questions my lucid dreaming students ask me. I read short stories, self-help books and shamanic texts. This podcast is meant to enlighten and enliven you, inspire or calm you down.
    It's a tour into ancient precious knowledge. See you soon!

  • Sleep hypnosis and all things meditation when it comes to relaxing you and putting you to sleep peacefully every single night. Join Mr. J Black from YouTube's Meditation Station channel as you drift off tonight.

  • NOW IN IT'S FOURTH SEASON WITH OVER 200 EPISODES! A Podcast about authenticity and the wonderful humans in our kinky world.

    Presented by Dating Kinky and Powered by Clips4Sale

    A fun and frank discussion about how people connect with each other and to their own authentic selves,. While many of our guests come from the sex positive and non traditional relationship world, the program is about the humans behind the character and the stories of how people find their authentic selves through an atmosphere of expectations, exaggerations, and challenges. The show is the Official Podcast of Fetishcon. Please subscribe at your favorite podcast outlet and thanks for taking the journey with us!

  • Metafizzical Life is a podcast that aims to guide listeners in exploring breath work, meditation, and hypnosis for cultivating mindfulness and finding inner stillness. The host, Fiona, offers a supportive environment for individuals to enhance their well-being through developing a strong body, a clear mind, a healthy spirit, and a peaceful soul. Donations are also welcomed to support the podcast.


  • Welcome to the orange shoe podcast. Here we will dive into multiple health and fitness-related topics such as nutrition, stress, sleep, daily movement, and habit forming

    We will also have some fun introducing you to some of the great people that make up our amazing orange shoe community!

    Use the link below to send me a question! Would love to hear from you.


  • Drs. Andrew Heller and Marisa Brunetti get together to discuss clinical and not so clinical issues facing veterinarians.

  • Are you ready for a momlife that feels good and feels like you?

    Welcome to Mama Simpatico. This is where I empower busy, stressed, and struggling moms, like you, with strategies for creating a momlife that feels good and is aligned with who you are.

    I am Lacie Newton. I'm your host and creator behind the offerings from Mama Simpatico. I'm a momlife coach, but most of all, I am a mom of two who learned the most valuable skills in life after beginning my momlife journey. Now I feel fore like myself than I did even before having kids.

    I'm on a mission to bring new kinds of support to momlife... support that is easy to access and made for the messy lives of moms. And support that will give you the tools and strategies to make momlife less stressful and more joyful.

  • The Shoulder Physio Podcast is a podcast dedicated to exploring meaningful topics in musculoskeletal health care.

  • Hey there, I’m Dr. Kyle Farr, DNP, NP-C. Im a Board-certified Nurse Practitioner and the founder of Kyle Farr Aesthetics in Plymouth, Michigan. I practice full-time in aesthetic medicine and this is The Aesthetically Honest Podcast!

    The Aesthetically Honest Podcast is born from my drive to bring AUTHENTIC and HONEST insight into the aesthetic industry. It’s a collection of topics that truly has something for everyone. It will spark interest in the first-time aesthetic patient to the most experienced injector.

    How did this all come about?

    It came from my experiences renting a tiny salon suite on a week-to-week back in 2014 to inject a little bit of tox and dermal filler. That side hustle organically evolved into being the founder of one of the most well-respected medical spas in Metro Detroit.

    It came from my passion for education and mentoring others that would spill over and help me become one of the most utilized trainers with major aesthetic companies. From there, I built and developed the widely successful aesthetic training and mentoring program I have today. It also brought numerous opportunities to speak and teach at national conferences and seminars nationwide.

    It came from how I would quickly learn how hard it may be to realize the aesthetic industry is, quite frankly, full of so much bullshit.

    The Aesthetically Honest podcast came from all those experiences and much more that I want to share. The aesthetic industry sometimes seems impervious not only to providers, especially newbies, but clients as well. It’s hard to know what’s authentic and what’s not. However, authenticity is one of my core intrinsic values, something I won’t ever compromise.

    Join me for these honest conversations about all things related to aesthetic medicine. I’ll share my experience, knowledge, and the mistakes I have made with you; and have others join us as well. I invite you to collaborate and grow with me; we all have something to learn from one another.

  • Rachael Wonderlin tackles common challenges in dementia caregiving and seeks to make everyone a better care partner and professional by promoting education and empathy. Rachael has a Master’s in Gerontology and owns Dementia By Day, a dementia care consulting firm. She is the author of 3 books with Johns Hopkins University Press. You can find her on Instagram @dementiabyday and download her “16 Things I’d Want If I Got Dementia” list from rachaelwonderlin.com

  • Welcome to the Roundtable. A space created for authentic sharing of struggles and triumphs that we ALL face in our day to day lives. Our episodes will include dialogue with individuals from all walks of life with a space for them to share THEIR story. We will also discuss spirituality, the metaphysics of human reality, psychology, fitness and everything in between. We're here to connect our pieces of the puzzle of life, one BE-U-TIFUL soul at a time!

  • Hardcore Professional Bodybuilding


    Hosted by IFBB Pro Robin Strand and IFBB Pro Morgan MacDonald.

  • Have you ever wondered what’s going on up there in that old brain of yours while you’re busy experiencing life in the world? Well you’ve come to the right place! Your Brain Explained is a new kind of show that’s a cross between TED Radio Hour and psychedelic Bill Nye, hosted by acclaimed psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and psychedelic researcher, Dr. Dave Rabin MD, PhD. This show looks under the hood of Dr. Dave's personal journey to understand consciousness and how our brains and bodies do what they do to help us live the good life. Dr. Dave hosts conversations with leading minds across all fields to explore the intersection of technology, consciousness, spirituality, and medicine. Each episode will focus on a specific topic ranging from sleep, mental health, meditation, and wearables to psychedelics, AI, extreme human performance and everything in between. We’ll get jiggy with the discoverable nature of life itself and leave you and your brain with the delightful tingle of knowing just a little bit more about yourself with each show. Dive in with us. It’s comfortable inside!

  • Being vulnerable and sharing our authentic selves leads to connection and fulfillment; however, those processes aren’t always easy. Tyler uses NUDE as a public diary with the intention of liberating herself and her listeners from limiting beliefs and behaviors. Stay lifted, stay in love. Keep the vibes going by donating to the creator via Cash App $tythewordsmith. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thenudepod/support

  • A lot of time is spent talking about change without making much progress on our goal. This podcast is designed to give you a strategy for implementing the change needed. Stop putting so much effort into planning and let’s start doing!

    The mini-series titled Faculty Development in 3 Minutes or FD3, is designed to give YOU strategies on important Faculty Development topics, all in 3 short minutes.

  • The Be Ultra Podcast provides tips and motivation to improve your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. We explore ways to tap into your inner greatness to become the inspiration you were born to be.

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