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  • What's it like to run a YouTube channel for over 13 years? What's it like to create new videos on a weekly basis? What's the story behind each video? No Cameras Allowed is the autobiographical behind-the-scenes journey of one of the longest running tech YouTube channels of all time: Computer Clan.

    Join Ken (and his alter ego, Krazy Ken) as they dive in to the rarely told stories behind the Computer Clan's epic creations—and the not-so-epic ones.

  • DevCast is the official podcast of Developer Student Clubs Loyola that features the stories of student leaders and professionals in the Google community. It discusses their successes, challenges, and valuable insights in their journey towards pursuing their passions in the field of technology.

  • The Tech Transfer IP Forum is devoted to providing in-depth analysis of intellectual property issues related to university and non-profit technology transfer. The forum will focus on life sciences, including biotechnology, chemical, medical device, pharmaceutical, and agricultural-related inventions, and will deliver updates on current domestic and international patent law relevant to technology transfer through blog posts, webinars and podcasts.

  • In Conversation With… is an interview series where Bullpen's founder, Clint Vojdinoski, navigates through the startup and emerging tech ecosystems, with a keen eye on the sports, fitness and gaming company ecosystems, by talking to the people who are building companies and developing fascinating technologies.

    The mantra running through the series is simple: "You should know about them." You should know about these companies, these startups, these founders.

  • In our everyday lives we take a lot of the things that professional engineers and surveyors do for granted. Professional engineers and surveyors are constantly working to help protect the safety and welfare of the public. In this podcast series, NCEES highlights the work of licensed professionals within the engineer and surveying fields. The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing professional licensure for engineers and surveyors. Since its founding in 1920, NCEES has focused on providing services to advance licensure and facilitate mobility.

  • ASTP is Europe's premier association knowledge transfer professionals. We have two decades of experience in educating, connecting and advocating for the profession

  • Top Shot, NFTs, and a whole lot of other good stuff. If you're interested in the new digital collectible world, tune in.

  • A podcast about tech, travel, and more!

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  • I will talk about fnaf theories and how Scott got this far

  • Powered by the Filecoin Foundation, The Future Rules is hosted by Forkast.News Editor-in-Chief Angie Lau, alongside top legal mind in blockchain and Filecoin Foundation Board Chair, Marta Belcher. Together with some of the most renowned names in the industry as their special guests they dive into the future and the ethical issues that technology will raise, and how to address them today before they determine our tomorrow. From NFTs, to CBDCs and beyond, the team explores issues of civil liberties, law, compliance, human rights, and regulation that will shape the world to come.

  • Pilled digs into how and why people first got hooked onto crypto — cryptopilled, if you will. We chat about the latest trends in the space, what people are building & what they’ve been fired up about lately โœจ

  • Programa de recomendaciones sobre videojuegos, cine, series, tecnología, cómics y todo lo que caiga en nuestras manos ociosas a nivel usuario. Suscríbete a este daily, un podcast que se sube a diario entre semana.

  • Running an MSP or IT Service Provider is incredibly hard ๐Ÿ˜–

    (yet also VERY rewarding at the same time ๐Ÿ˜)

    Join Richard, Pete, Scott, and Nigel for this light-hearted, entertaining show full of lessons, mistakes, stories, & craziness from the trenches of running and selling our own MSPs.

    Each week, we'll dig into the latest MSP news of the week and we'll then deep dive into a HOT topic that's super relevant to the MSP space.

    (including Marketing, Sales, Pricing, Packaging, People, Service Delivery, Mindset, and more).

  • Anablock podcast series are exploration of enterprise software, technology, ideas, science, business and strategy. With each episode, we are providing you with exciting content to learn from about business and technology.

    This podcast is brought to you by Anablock. Anablock is a system integrator and Salesforce partner. Our team supports organizations to implement, customize, and optimize their Salesforce applications and make the best out of it.

  • Because no one pictures themselves working at a call center, First Contact: Stories of the Call Center is a monthly podcast about how tech leaders and entrepreneurs found their way into the call center industry.

  • The Transcending CRM Podcast, hosted by JP Owens, will feature Salesforce success stories to inspire Trailblazers. Our stories will primarily focus on Financial Services (lean towards Banking and Lending) use cases that highlight individuals and organizations who have transformed their careers and businesses leveraging the Salesforce platform. We may explore other technologies outside of Salesforce and even discuss other industry stories.

  • Peter Scott-Morgan intends to defy his fatal diagnosis and live on as a cyborg.

    Peter is extraordinary. A robotics scientist, an acclaimed business process expert and an accomplished author. Peter and his partner, Francis, were also the first same-sex couple to be legally married in the UK.

    In 2017, Peter discovered he had a Motor Neurone Disease (MND). From the very start, he saw this terminal diagnosis as an opportunity to put his fascination with robotics and science fiction into practice and become the world's first human cyborg. 

    This three-part podcast documents Peter's curious journey, which could have profound implications for many people who suffer from conditions like MND. It opens up that big question: What does it mean to be human if you can continuously improve your 'quality of life'? 

    Peter has a looming problem. "It's like trying to build a lifeboat after the ship has already started sinking." The increasingly debilitating effects of his diagnosis are closing in on his ambition. He encounters restrictive attitudes towards his new disability and the challenge of recruiting some of the world's greatest minds, including IBM and Microsoft, to engage with his very personal problem. "We have to pull a number of rabbits out of a hat." 

    What keeps Peter going is surprising. Living as a gay man, for forty years, has prepared him for this pioneering mission, despite the scepticism and prejudice he will encounter. "What makes you a man is what's up here" Peter remarks as he raises a feeble hand to head height.

    Peter 2.0 was created by sifting through over 100 hours of footage from a Channel 4 documentary, Peter The Human Guinea. The podcast reached the Top Ten in Apple Podcast's Science list, was selected for the coveted New and Noteworthy recommendation and was shortlisted for a Rose D'or and won silver for Smartest Podcast at British Podcast Awards in 2021.

    In the first three episodes, we'll explain Peter's journey to his ground-breaking transformation. The rest of the season follows Peter adapting to his new life as a cyborg.

    For more information on Peter's progress visit https://www.scottmorganfoundation.org/


    written and presented by Chris Durlacher

    production team: Agata Mastalerz and Helen McAuly Stewart

    music composer: Sandy Nuttgens

    producer: Bernard P Achampong

    assistant producer: Rhys Gunter

    executive producer: Pat Younge

    An Unedited production for Cardiff Productions. The podcast was made possible with funding from the Wellcome.

    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Welcome to Built Different, a podcast by boots-on-the-ground workers who are built different and like to get the job done. We’re here to listen, question the status quo, and continue to find better ways to build the world.

  • Dev ‘n Life is a podcast by two friends who record their casual conversations about software development, technology, and personal growth. Follow along as Rob and JD discuss their ideas and views on technology and life as they maintain their long-distance friendship.

  • This podcast series offers listeners with an understanding about big data algorithms and data privacy on the internet and the world wide web. Three university students provide relevant examples of how our data is being monitored and tracked online.