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  • Звуковая дорожка одноименного YouTube канала об играх.

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  • Translation is the process of turning basic scientific research into therapies that cure disease, new sources of energy that heal the planet, and other things that move the world forward.

    The Translation podcast takes a deep dive into scientific advancements with a huge potential to improve society. We talk directly with the people advancing the science with their own hands and minds, and focus on how we can translate the science from the bench to the benefit of all.

    Initially centered on biology and synthetic biology, we’ll talk with the most promising young scientists in the field. We aim to demystify the science for a general audience and to shine a light on how great science turns into great business. We hope these discussions will inspire scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors to help commercialize breakthrough research.

    If you’re an author of an upcoming paper in bio or know of any interesting papers dropping soon and want to hear from the authors, drop us an email at translation@fifty.vc.

  • With the wide product breadth Parker Hannifin has to offer, wrapping your head around everything motion systems and controls can be daunting. Join two of Parker Hydraulic Valve Division's young engineers, Brian Baranek and Mitch Eichler, as they try to de-mystify everything hydraulic valves and their applications. Tune in as they review products, discuss applications, interview market experts, unveil division programs and showcase Parker promotions and partners. If you are looking for a reliable source for hydraulic valves, laughs, learning, load sense and giveaways-- this podcast is for you!

  • An interactive live show about bitcoin, distributed systems, privacy, and open source software.

    Streamed live every tuesday at 2100 UTC: https://twitch.tv/citadeldispatch.

  • TalTech Digital Health podcast is for current and future health care change managers and healthcare enthusiasts in general. We talk about digitalisation of healthcare, which goes hand-in-hand with smart change management. We ask, how to implement positive change in healthcare? We discuss change at system, organisation and individual level. Our guests are innovators, clinicians, scientists, regulators from the digital society of Estonia and around the world. The podcast is hosted by Priit Kruus and is in both, Estonian and English, depending on the scope of the topic.

  • Internetiturunduse ja e-kaubanduse grupi AMAd järelkuulamiseks.

  • Cybersecurity careers, education, resources, and more with Gotham Sharma.

  • MINDED is an outlet for people who want to learn from industry and creative leaders that have an innate drive for excellence. Our guests set themselves apart by challenging the norm and pushing ideas forward. In a never-ending pursuit to succeed, we thrive to have an in-depth conversation about life, business and the world we live in.

  • 101 с вами ADM,
    тут я говорю о технологиях и играх. Отвечаю на вопросы и делюсь своими мыслями об той или иной идеи в мире игр и технологий.

  • A Bitcoin Maximalist take on the scams, ponzis, & bad ideas in the world of crypto. Doing the dirty work so that you don't have to.

  • Apple Kultus on podcast, kus Andres Kostiv, Ahti Kaskpeit ja Rein Repson arutavad kõigest Apple universumis.

    Apple Kultus on Marathon Studios originaal produktsioon.

  • A monthly chat between a journalist and an expert on a defined topic, mostly on ethical and legal issues connected to data protection and ICT. The show is part of the EU funded project Panelfit: www.panelfit.eu

  • To Catch A Hacker is an audio series about cybercrime, what really happens, how we find the people behind the crimes, and how they are brought to justice. Each season follows the story of a cybercrime and tracks the case until it is solved. But these cases are the success stories. We know one in four American households are victimized by cybercrime. Most never report what happened to the police. Of the tiny fraction that ARE reported, only 3 in 1000 incidents ever see an arrest. This makes cybercrime the most prevalent form of crime in America, with the lowest enforcement rate. In looking at the solved cases, we’ll see where we’re falling short in addressing the realities of cybercrime and why catching the cyber criminal is so rare.

    Host Mieke Eoyang is the former Senior Vice President for Third Way's National Security Program. She's committed to closing the credibility gap between Democrats and Republicans on security issues and crafting a national security strategy that is both tough and smart. Mieke has worked on every major national security issue—from foreign policy to cybercrime to impeachment—while still making time to mentor the next generation of women in national security.


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  • EBSi Majandusstuudio on neljaosaline saatesari, mille debattides osalevad tuntud eksperdid, kes otsivad lahendusi kriisi käigus esile kerkinud majandusprobleemidele. 


    Neljal järjestikusel neljapäeval 2020. aasta mais-juunis on fookuses üks majanduse tulipunktis olev teema, mille üle diskuteerivad EBSis praktiseerivad lektorid koos EBSi vilistlaste ja ettevõtjatega.


    Saate moderaator on EBSi äriarenduse ja väliskoostöö prorektor Toomas Danneberg.

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  • Saade kõigile tehnikahuvilistele. Räägime värsketest tehnikauudistest, arutame päevakajalistel ja praktilistel teemadel ning jagame hüva nõu nii nutividinate kui ka suurte kodumasinate kohta.

  • Kaheksa- ja üheksakümnendate Eesti it-lugu läbi tol ajal toimetanud inimeste silmade

  • A podcast by Canon Australia, where we speak to Australia’s most inspiring photographers, filmmakers and cinematographers to find out what makes them tick, and hear about the tools they use for their craft. Hosted by Photographer and Creative Director, Jarrad Seng.