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  • Millist trenni rasedana teha võib? Mida rasedana süüa ei tohi? Millal kõhutita süda lööma hakkab? Kõikidele nendele ja veel sadadele teistele küsimustele, mis lapseootel naisi ja nende kaaslaseid vaevata võivad, saab vastused Pere ja Kodu uuest podcastide sarjast „9 kuud“

  • As a registered dietitian I bring you cutting-edge, practical advice and de-bunk myths to help you re-wire your gut health.

  • Join Victoria Welsby, TEDx speaker, best-selling author and certified Fierce Fatty as she teaches you how to love your fat body without going on yet another ever again. 95-99% of diets fail, it’s not your fault you’ve never succeeded at losing weight! Wear the damn bikini, rock that crop top, embrace that curvy body. Break down limiting negative self-beliefs and root out the reasons why you think your plus-size body is not ok. Episodes topics include - fatphobia, diet culture, intuitive eating, how to be confident, dating while plus-size, health at every size, overcoming stigma and shame and taking over the world one fatty at a time!

  • The Freemelon Podcast deals with raw truth and natural moral sciences as applied to the understanding of the human body, health, vitality and a working understanding of the laws that govern their highest function. This is the offical podcast affiliated with the youtube channel "The Freemelon Society"

  • Laura Milkins is an interdisciplinary artist living in Tucson, AZ. Her work explores vulnerability, intimacy, and cultural norms, using variety of media: online-interactive performance, video, drawing, painting, and live radio/podcasting. Through storytelling, her work focuses on community and social interactions, and the role that technology plays in both. She investigates the ways that technology connects and disconnects people in their daily lives.
    Her performance projects are designed to open a dialog about how community both online and in person can be integrated with technology to create safety and sense of belonging.

  • We are both in the early stages of our careers as art therapists. We want to strengthen our connection with our art therapy colleagues, so we started a podcast. In this podcast, we interview a variety of art therapists to build community, share knowledge and join in the efforts to bring art therapy into the digital age. We are thrilled to bring you this content and can't wait for your thoughts and feedback.

    WHAT IS ART THERAPY? Visit the American Art Therapy Association first to learn more at https://arttherapy.org/about-art-therapy/.

    Janet & Lindsay

  • This podcast contains clinical facts about biochemistry .it will reduce the labour about going through books in hectic schedule .

  • Envie d’une douce voix qui te murmure …
    … des mots doux,
    d’autres un peu plus dirty, voire, carrément …

    Envie d’écouter mes fantasmes, qui sont peut-être aussi les tiens.

    Sur mon podcast, tu trouveras des histoires coquines, lentement susurrées façon ASMR ou narrées d’une voix plus affirmée, pour te guider vers le plaisir.
    Des lectures érotiques. Des chroniques ? Je te laisse venir, et me découvrir.
    Un effeuillage, de ton coté, comme du mien.


  • The take control podcast is hosted by gastroenterologist specialist dietitian Kirsten Jackson and provides advice for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Each week you can expect to find an expert interview, IBS success story or tips and tricks from Kirsten. While the low FODMAP diet is covered, this is not the only solution for IBS management. Instead, the Take Control holistic method of targeting nutrition, sleep, movement and mental wellbeing will be presented in a format where the concept of TMI just doesn’t exist.

  • Welcome to my podcast! Here I’ll be speaking about many different topics like spirituality, life advice and more. I hope you guys enjoy!

  • This show is about spirituality. My partner uses hypnosis to bring me into a healing Theta state where I can connect with my higher self. What ensues is an incredible conversation about higher realms, energy work, and ancient wisdom, as well as a slew of advice from celestial beings and practical meditations.

  • Interviewing the best in the industry from coaches to qualified medical professionals and highly requested guests to give you the most evidence-based information to achieve your goal physique.

  • The Speed Talks Podcast aspires to help athletes and coaches accelerate their dreams through discussions around speed development. Weekly topics, guests, and q&a all centered around the science behind speed.

  • Meelelahutuslik meditsiiniline podcast, kus Brent ja Oliver arutavad olulisi ja ebaolulisi teemasid.

  • The Fit Vegan Podcast is a space where you can come too for tips, tricks, inspiration to help you life your best life and THRIVE on a plant-based lifestyle. From what you are feeding your body to what you are feeding your brain, we cover it all.

  • Kiire Elumuutuse Podcast aitab Sinu elus luua kiireid muutuseid just selles valdkonnas, milles muutuseid oluliseks pead. Räägime rahast, armastusest, tööst ja tervisest.

  • Jess, lapsed! Ja täiskasvanud - ja kõik need, kes ei tunne end ei täiskasvanu ega lapsena, kes on või ei ole lapsevanemad! Võtame siin taskuhäälingus ette kõiksugu kasvamise ja kasvatamisega seotud teemasid, näpistame neid pisut, kaasame erinevaid hääli ja mõttekäike, anname just kui niidiotsa kätte - ja jätame sind siis mõtisklema.

    Kui soovid “Jess, lapsed!” taskuhäälingut ja kontot toetada - patreon.com/jesslapsed ootab sind avasüli! Patroonidele on saadaval ka iga taskuhäälingu osa täispikkuses loetavana ning vaimse tervise ja teadveloleva vanemluse ampsud. Lisaks muidugi ka südamerahu vanemahariduse edendamisest! Aitäh sulle!

  • Tervist! - tegemist on tervisesaatega, mida iseloomustavad märksõnad „tõenduspõhine“ ja „praktiline“. Saadet juhib arstiharidusega ajakirjanik – Maalehe tervisetoimetaja Aive Mõttus. Saade on suunatud kõigile, kes oma tervisest hoolivad ning ise selle heaks panustada soovivad, teismeealistest kuni eakateni.

  • Õnn on maailma kõige ägedam emotsioon, aga kuidas seda rohkem kogeda? Ajakirjanik Marii Karell küsib inspireerivatelt Eesti inimestelt, kuidas nemad endal tuju hea ja füüsilise ning vaimse tervise korras hoiavad. Podcasti toetab Eesti Loto. NB! Uus episood igal kolmapäeval.

  • Pearaadios räägime vaimsest tervisest ja selle hoidmisest.
    Saatejuhtideks on Eestis tuntud inimesed (enamjaolt mõnes teises valdkonnas kui vaimne tervis). Külalisteks on vaimse tervise spetsialistid ja koolitajad.
    Räägime lihtsalt ja ausalt erinevatest vaimse tervisega seotud muredest ja väljakutsetest ning sellest, kuidas toetada iseennast ja oma lähedasi vaimse tervise murede korral, mis on vaimse tervise esmaabi ja mida saab igaüks meist oma vaimse tervise toetamiseks teha? Räägime depressioonist, ärevushäiretest, liigsest stressist ja läbipõlemisest, sõltuvustest, söömishäiretest ja paljust muust. Uuri vaimse tervise kohta ka: peaasi.ee