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  • Если со словосочетанием «90-е годы» у вас ассоциируются лишь бандиты и «новые русские», то наша серия подкастов «Анекдот категории РФ» поможет подтянуть ваши исторические знания об этой сложной эпохе.

  • Чувствительность к эмоциям и состояниям - это базовый навык и вход для того, чтобы идти дальше и глубже в любой практике, найти и установить контакт с другими и с собой.Мы не эксперты, а строим среду с доверием для исследования себя и взаимодействия другими.


    Обсуждаем и проверяем теории, пробуем практики, делимся опытом и наблюдениями. Оставить отзывы, задать вопросы, записаться в группу https://t.me/granularity_bot

  • Saa tuttavaks Elis Liivaruga, särtsakas enesearengu entusiast, kes juhib Ausad Naised podcasti. Ausad Mehed podcasti inspiratsioonil jagan kuulajatele ausat, autentset ja ehedat olemist, mis inspireeriks ka teisi hingelisi olema oma elus teadlikum, tundma elu täisväärtuslikku naudingut ja liikuma enesearengu radadel.
    Selleks, et minuga koos saaks nii nutta, kui naerda, olen alati samm mugavustsoonist väljas seda koos täieliku läbipaistvusega.

  • For Spanish Beginners – Daily News Articles in Easy Spanish at www.holaquepasa.com

  • Hier lernst du Deutsch auf eine spielerische und effektive Art und Weise.

    Mein Name ist Maximilian und ich liebe Sprachen. Ich möchte dir auf diesem Kanal effektive und spannende Methoden beibringen, wie du problemlos dein Niveau im Deutschen stark verbessern kannst. Wir machen hier Conversation Simulations und interaktive Geschichten!

    Lerne Deutsch mit mir mithilfe von Geschichten und interaktiven Dialogen!


    Homepage: http://languagehackswithmax.com/
    Impressum: maximilianwittmann.de/impressum/
    Datenschutz: maximilianwittmann.de/datenschutzerklaerung/

  • ADHD Refresh is all about changing your perspective on ADHD so you can transform from a Made-For-More Entrepreneur into a Powerful CEO!

  • We cover all things about the Sigma Male mindset & lifestyle.In society we have a social hierarchy. Think of it as a pyramid with the Alpha male at the top. Beta males beneath the Alpha. But then we have the lone wolf of society which is the Sigma male. Sigma is the introverted Alpha. Sigma exists outside of the social hierarchy pyramid. And this is because the Sigma chooses not to participate in the social pyramid. The Sigma is the guy that always does his own thing. Although the Sigma exists outside of the pyramid, he is equal to the Alpha in social ranking and attractiveness to women. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/john-ban/support

  • Edmund Burke’i Selts on kodanikeühendus, mille liikmed peavad oluliseks lääne tsivilisatsiooni alusväärtusi – üksikisiku vabadust ja vastutust, turumajandust ning riigivõimule seatud konstitutsioonilisi piiranguid. Seltsi liikmed astuvad vastu ohule, mida kujutavad endast nii poliitilise spektri vasak- kui paremtiivalt pärit totalitaarsed ideoloogiad. Oma seisukohtade tutvustamiseks ja selgitamiseks annab selts välja oma raamatusarja, korraldab loenguid ja kasutab muid haritud avalikkuseni jõudmise vahendeid.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Learn Mandarin Chinese with fun and engaging stories. Practice your listening with a weekly story, entirely in Chinese. Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced covering all levels of the HSK.
    Get daily stories tailored to your level by subscribing to maayot.com

  • If you have dreams, big dreams, and you see them moving further and further away from you the older you get and the more time that goes by, then you'll want to step closer. Maybe you have even invested in coaches, in programs, in retreats...and yet you still feel really rough around the edges and can't seem to stay in your personal power during stressful times. Fear drives your decision making. Okay, okay, I'll stop. If this turns out to be a freakishly accurate description of you and your life, I've got you. I understand. Truly. All my experience, too...until I was introduced to Internal Family Systems on this very podcast. My whole life changed. If you are looking for life-changing transformation then get your AirPods charged, and let's go. I've got a map, a method, and whole bunch of motivational fuel. Start walking, I've got A LOT to share with you.

  • Join Vinny Welsby (they/them), TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and certified Fierce Fatty as they teach you how to love your fat body without going on yet another ever again. 95-99% of diets fail, it’s not your fault you’ve never succeeded at losing weight! Wear the damn bikini, rock that crop top, and embrace that curvy body. Break down limiting negative self-beliefs and root out the reasons why you think your plus-size body is not ok. Episodes topics include - fatphobia, diet culture, intuitive eating, how to be confident, dating while plus-size, health at every size, overcoming stigma and shame, and taking over the world one fatty at a time!

  • You're not crazy, or hysterical. You have emotions. I can help you deal with them.

    Hi! I'm Amanda. I am a Certified Life Coach and I know a few things about being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Helping women who have been diagnosed with BPD learn the skill Self-Love is something that I was CALLED to do. Years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I remember the air stopped moving when I received that diagnosis. I had intense and immediate SHAME in being labeled with a personality disorder. It rocked me to my core.

    “Sorry, Amanda. It turns out you’re definitely not like other people at all - you have an incurable personality DISORDER. All those years you didn’t fit in IS actually because you don’t fit in.”

    Through years of meds, therapy and drinking myself into a stupor while riding the emotional rollercoaster of my brain, I finally stumbled upon Life Coaching.

    Through coaching, I learned how to meet myself where I was at. I learned how to treat myself FIRST with love and respect and caring. I learned how to rewrite the story I told about myself and others. And in doing that, I changed my relationship with everybody and everything else.

    I am a Certified Life Coach and I help my clients shake the stigma of BPD and live lives they never knew were possible for them.

    I lead a life I once could only DREAM about. One where I get to be married to a wonderful man, one where I have a beautiful and loving and stable relationship with my children. I have an incredible career and live in a magical house tucked up into the mountains where I’ve always dreamed of living.

    I’m called to help other women who have been through my hell create the same kind of success. So listen in, I'm sharing everything here.

    Click here to find out more: amandahess.ca

  • Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Rootimentary Islam
    Rootimentry Islam is a week show that is about the fundamentals of this great Deen, Islam. During the episodes we will discuss the basic for new and future Muslims.
    If you have any questions feel free to email us @ [email protected]

  • Minu podcast portreteerib inimesi haridusmaastikul. Inimesi, kes inspireerivad ja teevad oma tööd kire ja armastusega. Mina usun, et kui me õpime teisi tundma, siis me õpime ka ennast paremini tundma. Varusk ja Vinitšenko Õpetajate Tuba on Roosa Raadio minipodcast, mis kutsub ülesse kaasa mõtlema/rääkima hariduse teemadel. Roosa Raadio by Varuskpedagogik

  • Taskuhääling õppijale, õpetajale ja lapsevanemale.

    Tallinna Ülikool kutsus ellu podcasti ehk taskuhäälingu "Haridus eetris", et kõneleda kõikvõimalikel õppimist ja õpetamist puudutavatel teemadel. Alustatakse kõige väikesematest lastest, nende psühholoogiast, ema ja isa rollist väikelapse kujunemisel, edasi räägitakse keelest ja kõnest, digioskustest ja -ohtudest, aga ka lapse inforuumi kujunemisest ja kujundajatest. Ülikooli teadlased, õppejõud ja vilistlased jagavad nõuandeid, kuidas sooritada eesti keele ja matemaatika riigieksameid, milliste meetodite abil õppida kõige paremini võõrkeeli

  • A new podcast from V Magazine.

    The concept is like the inverse of Masterclass. Instead of famous teachers, we have famous students (the guests) coming on to connect with a specialist in an area of interest. Some of music and fashion's biggest names will join host Mathias Rosenzweig to interview experts on subjects like forensic science, the psychology behind online trolling, alien life, and more.

    Episodes will be released every other Wednesday.

    Produced and edited by Ryan Killian Krause

  • Discussions about career and personal growth with women breaking stereotypes in STEM and beyond. No sugar coating, no curation - just vulnerable conversations and actionable advice.

  • Near Death Experience stories from people who have seen the other side and come back.

  • An academic librarian and a computer scientist talk about supporting academic research from totally different perspectives. We lift the lid and chat about how it all works under the hood, demystifying some of the things that go on in the background to make the academic machine work, from tackling the world of information and managing the tidal wave of Big Data through to developments in scholarly communications to research assessment.