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  • Join Victoria Welsby, TEDx speaker, best-selling author and certified Fierce Fatty as she teaches you how to love your fat body without going on yet another ever again. 95-99% of diets fail, it’s not your fault you’ve never succeeded at losing weight! Wear the damn bikini, rock that crop top, embrace that curvy body. Break down limiting negative self-beliefs and root out the reasons why you think your plus-size body is not ok. Episodes topics include - fatphobia, diet culture, intuitive eating, how to be confident, dating while plus-size, health at every size, overcoming stigma and shame and taking over the world one fatty at a time!

  • Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Rootimentary Islam
    Rootimentry Islam is a week show that is about the fundamentals of this great Deen, Islam. During the episodes we will discuss the basic for new and future Muslims.
    If you have any questions feel free to email us @ haqqdawahmedia@gmail.com

  • Roosa Raadio hariduse taskuhääling. Minu podcast portreteerib inimesi haridusmaastikul. Inimesi, kes inspireerivad ja teevad oma tööd kire ja armastusega.Talleta olevikku, et nautida minevikku! Roosa Raadio by Varuskpedagogik

  • A new podcast from V Magazine.

    The concept is like the inverse of Masterclass. Instead of famous teachers, we have famous students (the guests) coming on to connect with a specialist in an area of interest. Some of music and fashion's biggest names will join host Mathias Rosenzweig to interview experts on subjects like forensic science, the psychology behind online trolling, alien life, and more.

    Episodes will be released every other Friday.

    Produced and edited by Ryan Killian Krause

  • An academic librarian and a computer scientist talk about supporting academic research from totally different perspectives. We lift the lid and chat about how it all works under the hood, demystifying some of the things that go on in the background to make the academic machine work, from tackling the world of information and managing the tidal wave of Big Data through to developments in scholarly communications to research assessment.

  • Saa tuttavaks Lauret Uustalu ja Elis Liivaruga, särtsakad entusiastid, kes juhivad Ausad Naised podcasti. Astusime välja ja Ausad Mehed podcasti inspiratsioonil jagame kuulajatele ausat, autentset ja ehedat olemist, mis inspireeriks ka teisi hingelisi olema oma elus teadlikum, tundma elu täisväärtuslikku naudingut ja liikuma enesearengu radadel.
    Selleks, et meiega koos saaks nii nutta, kui naerda, oleme alati samm mugavustsoonist väljas seda koos täieliku läbipaistvusega.

  • We are both in the early stages of our careers as art therapists. We want to strengthen our connection with our art therapy colleagues, so we started a podcast. In this podcast, we interview a variety of art therapists to build community, share knowledge and join in the efforts to bring art therapy into the digital age. We are thrilled to bring you this content and can't wait for your thoughts and feedback.

    WHAT IS ART THERAPY? Visit the American Art Therapy Association first to learn more at https://arttherapy.org/about-art-therapy/.

    Janet & Lindsay

  • HARD TO SWALLOW PILL: If your spiritual practice helps distract you from being human, it's not a spiritual practice.

    Welcome to the place and the people who can give you the tools and insight you need to actually deal with being human--because that is what Creation intended for you.

    Join professional Akashic Records reader and Soul Blueprint healer, Julia Wesley of Divine Realignment, as she interviews experts in the fields of mediumship, the Akash, psychology, relationships, and so much more to figure out how to be God as Human. (That's not nearly as impossible as it seems. Promise.)

  • Exploring the koan of life. An ongoing conversation about what it means to take ownership of life, and make it our own.

    Formerly the Being Better Podcast.

  • Paljude jaoks on käes küsimuste, valikute ja otsuste aeg. Kuhu ülikooli Sa edasi lähed? Mida õppima? Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli podcastide seeria aitab Sul otsustada ja nii mõnelegi suurele küsimusele vastuse leida.

  • Interviews with Scholars of China about their New Books
    Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/chinese-studies

  • News in Easy Spanish, Every Day! Read the Articles at holaquepasa.com

  • Kiire Elumuutuse Podcast aitab Sinu elus luua kiireid muutuseid just selles valdkonnas, milles muutuseid oluliseks pead. Räägime rahast, armastusest, tööst ja tervisest.

  • With the wide product breadth Parker Hannifin has to offer, wrapping your head around everything motion systems and controls can be daunting. Join two of Parker Hydraulic Valve Division's young engineers, Brian Baranek and Mitch Eichler, as they try to de-mystify everything hydraulic valves and their applications. Tune in as they review products, discuss applications, interview market experts, unveil division programs and showcase Parker promotions and partners. If you are looking for a reliable source for hydraulic valves, laughs, learning, load sense and giveaways-- this podcast is for you!

  • Welcome to The Alan Watts Audio Experience; a podcast by fans for fans of Alan Watts!Alan Watts was one of the most popular philosophers of the 20th century and his popularity continues to exponentially increase long after his death in 1973.This podcast is a collection of some of Watts' most famous and profound discussions and teachings.Please subscribe, leave a review & share it with those you love so that they too will reap the benefits of his profound wisdom.Support his work here: https://www.alanwatts.org/Podcast contact: alanwattsaudioexperience@gmail.comMuch love!

  • The surface level of the wellness world is often a high gloss, picture perfect representation of balanced living. Adam and Holly Husler dig under that shiny surface and discover that the balanced-state is often a fleeting moment, with the rest of life being an ever-changing obstacle course of; struggles, opportunities, sweat and hard work.

    Though honest conversations, we track our guests' unique paths to success, how they navigate changing tides and the continuous search for their own version of happiness.

    @adamhusler and @iamhollyhusler are a London-based couple, leading yoga classes, trainings and sound journeys around the world.


  • Are you a badass woman trying to figure out how this thing called “adulting” works? Do you also feel like school didn’t properly prepare you for important things like managing your money, how to maintain long-distance friendships, building your professional brand or how to find community in a new city?
    On the Femme Hive Podcast, Thamina Stoll, a 2017 college grad, gender equality activist and Sales professional at a global technology company who suffered from post-graduation depression, is having genuine conversations with a diverse group of women to discuss the struggles of adulthood and establishing a new sense of post-college identity. Join Thamina on this journey to empower young women who are - just like herself - still in search of a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

  • Welcome to The Catherine B. Roy Show, business and personal growth podcast exploring what it truly means to turn your passion into profitable business and providing practical steps on how to do what you love and make your dream life and business flourish. This is a show filled with inspiration, positivity, practical tools and tips. This is the place where you will meet EXTRAORDINARY high achievers, Nobel Peace Price, EMMY and Oscar awarded scientists and artists, NFL players, thought leaders, HR experts, PR experts, sales experts, bestselling authors, coaches, consultants, therapists, 6,7 and 8 figures business owners, public speakers and many more brilliant hearts and minds who share one mission: To make this world a better place. Expect the unexpected! Expect the real deal!

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